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Burning Flame/Sandbox

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This is a page to try things out on. Like practicing using "Edit" mode to insert tables or templates. Don't worry about breaking stuff here. :)

Try doing:

  1. Actions > Edit > Insert > Table.
  2. Actions > Edit > Insert > Template, then search for "di" and then "Add Template". Fill out the information and use that to add a dragon icon! :)
  3. Actions > Edit, then click on the page to insert some text... but instead start typing [[ to insert a link.
memory area
This is the Wiki—created by players to document information about the game; this website has no official link to the game maker/designer (Gameloft).
If you have a problem in the game or a suggestion to change the game, this website is the wrong website to comment on. Only in the Official Gameloft Discord, can Community Managers (like Nesi or Adam) provide help or listen to feedback. Comments made here will not be read by anyone who can change the game because we did not make the game. We cannot change or fix the game, but we can give you helpful links to get you to the right place to comment, for game changes or suggestions! :)
Where to comment:
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Once you have a table inserted here, in "Edit" mode try inserting a table row:

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