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Bingo Card-Pre 6.2

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Bingo Card-Pre 6.2 was a feature of Dragon Dice Events that was later replaced by the Ancient Market. This information is no longer valid, but is kept for historical purposes. See Dragon Dice Events instead.

Bingo Cards were an additional feature of Dragon Dice Events, before being discontinued in Update 6.6 and being replaced by the Ancient Market.

Bingo Card Basics

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Each Bingo Card is made up of 25 tiles; there are Ancient Tile Icon.png 6 Ancient Tiles, Epic Tile Icon.png 6 Epic Tiles, Rare Tile Icon.png 6 Rare Tiles, and Checkpoint Tile Icon.png 6 Checkpoint Tiles that are all numbered 1 through 6, plus the Start Tile Icon.png Start Tile. The Start Tile is always placed in the center while the remaining tiles are placed randomly. The center tile is acquired by making a roll which allows the trainer to land exactly on the starting tile of the gameboard. All other Bingo tiles are blotted out as the Trainer lands on each specific colored tile with an exact numbered roll matching a square on the days Bingo board. A Bingo is achieved with the blotting out of a complete row/column, diagonal, or the whole card. Each type of bingo is designated a different reward for that card.

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