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Revitalize Icon.png

Revitalize can be learned by all Dragons with the Water Element. It is an active defensive skill that recovers lost health.

The amount of regenerated health is not affected by Dark Clouds, Shade of Oneself or Divine Wisdom.

Levels 1-5

Heals allied target for x HP and all other allies for y HP. Skill effectiveness is based on the caster's Dragon's Attack Strength (DAS).

Element Skill Level Description
Water Revitalize Icon.png Level 1 Heals allied target for 100% DAS HP and all other allies for 40% DAS HP.
Level 2 Heals allied target for 110% DAS HP and all other allies for 40% DAS HP.
Level 3 Heals allied target for 120% DAS HP and all other allies for 45% DAS HP.
Level 4 Heals allied target for 130% DAS HP and all other allies for 45% DAS HP.
Level 5 Heals allied target for 140% DAS HP and all other allies for 50% DAS HP.

Level 6

Heals allied target for 150% DAS HP and all other allies for 55% DAS HP and the trained secondary effect occurs:

Element Skill Mastery Description
water Revitalize Icon.png Restorative Recourse Icon.png Restorative Recourse Removes negative effects from allied target Dragon such as Slow Burn, Dark Clouds, Poison, Power of Thunder, Dazzling Aura, Creeping Shadows and Death Mark.
Regeneration Icon.png Regeneration Regenerates allied target for 2 turns by 75% DAS HP each turn. Heals target before damage over time effects apply, such as Slow Burn, Poison and Creeping Shadows. It can be used multiple times by one caster, but only the duration is prolonged. However, it is stackable when used by different casters.


Explosive ResultsDark CloudsStone ShieldRevitalize
PoisonVengeful SwordElectric JoltLife Steal
Solar FlareCreeping ShadowsDeath MarkBloodlust
Divine WisdomDamage LeechDominance

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