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Breeding Blitz (23/09/28)

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Sticker - Cry.png
This Event did not follow the expected Chain Breeding Event (Breeding Blitz) format. There was no chain of 2 breeding pairs provided (4 parents, and 1 offspring, totaling 5 Dragons), as typically defines a Chain Breeding Event (a chain of breeding activity). This resulted in an interface bug where the first generation breeding pair slots appeared but were unoccupied, causing unexplained arrows/lines to originate from these empty slots, confusing some players. Instead, this Event had only a single pairing of Dragons, as though it were a limited time breeding combination rather than a Blitz.
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The parents provided in this event contained wild card Elements (Legendary, Primal, Divine, Ancient, or Tyrant) resulting in an excessive number of potential outcomes. Excessive outcomes can lower the odds of a successful breeding. Odds were not raised in this event.
Additionally, Primal Dragons may not just pass 1 wild card (any) Element, they may additionally pass 1 of its other Elements when breeding. The aforementioned may result in even more outcomes than usual, and it is unclear if Primal was intended to pass 2 Elements.
Breeding Blitz (23.09.28) Promotion.jpg
During the event, you can get the awesome STONE TOTEM DRAGON by using its parents in the Breeding Den!
Started 28 September 2023
Ended 2 October 2023
Duration 4 days
Type Chain Breeding
Grand Prize Stone Totem Dragon Icon.png Stone Totem Dragon

The event took place during the A Stroll About Midgarden Mini Divine event series. Chain Breeding Events are limited-time competitions in which Trainers participate individually. The objective is to breed pairs of Dragons together, sequentially, to obtain the prize Dragon at the end of the chain.


Repeated breedings may be required for any offspring, as outcomes are not guaranteed. Dragons already owned can be used for required breeding parents, they do not have to be bred again. Unlike other limited-time breeding events, Dragons made available through Chain Breeding Events are not typically available to purchase using Gems Icon.png Gems, breeding is the sole method of obtainment during the event.


The Stormswirl Dragon Icon.png Stormswirl Dragon is obtained from the Treasure Hunt (23/09/11) Event.The breeding combination requires breeding the Stormswirl Dragon Icon.png Stormswirl Dragon with the Odin Dragon Icon.png Odin Dragon, the latter of which is obtained from the A Stroll About Midgarden (23/09/22) Event.

Once a successful breeding attempt is made, the Stone Totem Dragon Icon.png Stone Totem Dragon's egg appears between both parents in the Breeding Den. Hatching the prize Dragon is not required during the event, as the breeding result is determined when breeding begins.

Breeding Chain

Stormswirl Dragon.png

Stormswirl Dragon
Treasure Hunt (23/09/11)

Stone Totem Dragon.png

Stone Totem Dragon
Breed External-link-ltr-icon.png

Odin Dragon.png

Odin Dragon
A Stroll About Midgarden (23/09/22)

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