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Dragon's Hoard

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Dragon's Hoard is an individual reward event where Trainers can claim free rewards (like Relics, Food and Gold) a couple of times until they hit a paywall. After paying, more free rewards are again available until the next paywall is encountered. No special actions between claiming the offers are necessary (waiting times etc.).

Dragon's Hoard events are launched frequently, usually once a week. During special events, the rewards sometimes also contain Tickets for that event.


Dragon's Hoard Tier 1.png
Dragon's Hoard Tier 2.png
Dragon's Hoard Tier 3.png
Dragon's Hoard Tier 4.png
Dragon's Hoard Tier 5.png
Dragon's Hoard Tier 6.png
Dragon's Hoard Tier 7.png
Dragon's Hoard Tier 8.png
Dragon's Hoard Tier 9.png
Dragon's Hoard Tier 10.png
Dragon's Hoard Tier 11.png
Dragon's Hoard Tier 12.png
Dragon's Hoard Tier 13.png
Dragon's Hoard Tier 14.png
Dragon's Hoard Tier 15.png
Dragon's Hoard Tier 16.png
Dragon's Hoard Tier 17.png
Dragon's Hoard Tier 18.png
Dragon's Hoard Tier 19.png
Dragon's Hoard Tier 20.png
Dragon's Hoard Tier 21.png
Dragon's Hoard Tier 22.png
Dragon's Hoard Tier 23.png
Dragon's Hoard Tier 24.png
Dragon's Hoard Tier 25.png
Dragon's Hoard Tier 26.png
Dragon's Hoard Tier 27.png



  • Update 7.6: Increased price tiers on offers, though it is unknown if the change is region, server, and/or platform-specific.
  • Update 6.6: Introduced in-game for all players, was available 28 March - 1 April 2022.
  • Update 6.5: Appeared available only to some Trainers for testing, typically paywalled at around the third milestone.
    • There wasn't a particular player selection, it was distributed randomly, to evaluate setup. See page history for first introduction details..

Note: Dragon's Hoard appeared originally only to some Trainers. There wasn't a particular selection, it was distributed randomly, to evaluate the setup.
The first iterations of this event had the following rewards:

Paywall / Free Rewards
Gold Icon.png 300,000 Food Icon.png 30,000 VIP Ticket Icon.png 3
Red Lock Icon.png   Gems Icon.png 125 Stepping Stone Icon.png 1,750 Food Icon.png 300,000
Red Lock Icon.png   Gems Icon.png 200 Enchantment Ticket Icon.png 10 Relic of Hatching Icon.png 5
Red Lock Icon.png   Gems Icon.png 300 Premium Sigil Chest Icon.png 3 Sigil Trinket Icon.png 350
Red Lock Icon.png   Gems Icon.png 500 Stepping Stone Icon.png 8,500 VIP Ticket Icon.png 15
Red Lock Icon.png   Gems Icon.png 750 Enchantment Ticket Icon.png 25 Relic of Hatching Icon.png 8
Red Lock Icon.png   Gems Icon.png 1,000 Premium Sigil Chest Icon.png 8 Relic of Breeding Icon.png 15
Red Lock Icon.png   Gems Icon.png 1,400 Stepping Stone Icon.png 17,000 Double Egg Relic Icon.png 6
Red Lock Icon.png   Gems Icon.png 1,800 Gems Icon.png 1,000 Food Icon.png 2.5M

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