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Pirate Dragon

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Dragons Needed List

Dragons Confirmed Needed/Missed
Counted In-Game, Not Known How/When Available (not made available, auto-generated list from Category:Apolloed Dragons)

See also:

  • Dragons with no events, for dragons with none of the lines populated where obtainment method is unknown/uncertain.

Ancient, Divine, Legendary

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Marine Dragon
Molim Dragon
Ik'ez Dragon
Pokra Dragon
Oyar Dragon
Yamad Dragon
Koth'ez Dragon
Ashkelon Dragon
Zephujin Dragon
Artoba Dragon
Baha'jir Dragon
Ho'mala Dragon
Momo'tu Dragon
Oi'ra Dragon
Solden Dragon
Luzra Dragon
Lysk Dragon
Valkov Dragon
Foroskke Dragon
Puenwyn Dragon
Iosghar Dragon
Iolhan Dragon
Polveles Dragon
Enroja Dragon
Fundiju Dragon
Tezacueva Dragon
Hypnos Dragon
Aphrodite Dragon
Apollo Dragon
Poseidon Dragon
Hermes Dragon
Hades Dragon
Hephaestus Dragon
Zeus Dragon
Chang'e Dragon
Nezha Dragon
Hou Yi Dragon
Pangu Dragon
Erlang Shen Dragon
Taiyi Zhenren Dragon
Ares Dragon
Osiris Dragon
Seth Dragon
Anubis Dragon
Hathor Dragon
Isis Dragon
Ra Dragon
Odin Dragon
Freyja Dragon
Heimdall Dragon
Thor Dragon
Frigg Dragon
Loki Dragon
Chrono Zeus Dragon
Chrono Hades Dragon
Chrono Aphrodite Dragon
Chrono Nezha Dragon
Chrono Pangu Dragon
Chrono Erlang Shen Dragon
Zodiac Dragon
Chrono Seth Dragon
Chrono Isis Dragon
Chrono Apep Dragon
Chrono Loki Dragon
Chrono Odin Dragon
Chrono Frigg Dragon
Ultimate Chronos Dragon
Chrono Chang'e Dragon
Chrono Poseidon Dragon
Chrono Osiris Dragon
Holy Paladin Dragon
Longwang Dragon
Freyr Dragon
Stache Dragon
Guardian Dragon
Verdant Dragon
Rhino Dragon
Orca Dragon
Crumbly Dragon
Plushie Dragon
Briar Dragon
Torch Dragon
Pinata Dragon
Sumo Dragon
Realm Dragon
Apocalypse Dragon
Medusa Dragon
Bone Dragon
Guan Di Dragon
Fairy Dragon
Pixie Dot Dragon
Princess Dragon
Wraith Dragon
Ironfire Dragon
Furnace Dragon
Darkfire Dragon
Deco Dragon
Firestar Dragon
Garden Dragon
Apep Dragon
Fall Dragon
Skully Dragon
Sandshade Dragon
Amazon Dragon
Ribbon Dragon
Scrap Metal Dragon
Laser Dragon
Nidhogg Dragon
Chevalier Dragon
Ice Spike Dragon
Dark Ice Dragon
Lilith Dragon
Aries Dragon
Taurus Dragon
Gemini Alpha Dragon
Cancer Dragon
Murano Dragon
Gemini Beta Dragon
Aloe Dragon
Carmine Dragon
Leo Dragon
Snow Ghost Dragon
Tree Bark Dragon
Virgo Dragon
Heroic Dragon
Libra Dragon
Waterlily Dragon
Red Rib Dragon
Scorpio Dragon
Sagittarius Dragon
River Dragon
Capricorn Dragon
Arcane Dragon
Cherry Ice Dragon
Aquarius Dragon
Fifth Dragon
Rat Dragon
Pisces Dragon
Historical Dragon
Noir Dragon
Steel Ember Dragon
Wasteland Dragon
Lily Gem Dragon
Cartoon Dragon
Horror Dragon
King Dragon
Musical Dragon
Tropic Dragon
Moth Dragon
Archangel Dragon
Autumn Dragon
Berry Dragon
Comet Dragon
Cosmos Dragon
Crystal Dragon
Dark Machine Dragon
Ice Cream Dragon
Lantern Dragon
Love Dragon
Narwhale Dragon
Pixel Dragon
Pixie Dragon
Planet Dragon
Reindeer Dragon
Root Dragon
Siren Dragon
Skeleton Dragon
Titan Dragon
Vortex Dragon
Warlord Dragon
Firestorm Dragon
Yin Yang Dragon
Fairy Dust Dragon
Cleric Dragon
Mineral Dragon
Warlock Dragon
Skullhelm Dragon
Thief Dragon
Death Knight Dragon
Druid Dragon
Soft Dragon
Berry Frost Dragon
Challenger Dragon
Ranger Dragon
Penguin Dragon
Orchid Dragon
The Emperor Dragon
The Fool Dragon
Bounty Hunter Dragon
Peach Dragon
Spicy Dragon
Rose Crystal Dragon
The Magician Dragon
The Empress Dragon
Exoplanet Dragon
Forest Warrior Dragon
Shinobi Dragon
Treestone Dragon


394 available per 6/2/21

Butterfly Dragon
Frankie Dragon
Pumpkin Dragon
Gobbler Dragon
Elixir Dragon
Calavera Dragon
Tiki Dragon
Midnight Dragon
Quadwing Dragon
Jingle Dragon
Gem Dragon
Holly Dragon
Spruce Dragon
Horn Dragon
Bundt Dragon
Kongming Dragon
Sunrise Dragon
Carnival Dragon
Cupid Dragon
Dainty Dragon
Robocluck Dragon
Shamrock Dragon
Sweet Treat Dragon
Jester Dragon
Panda Dragon
Dice Dragon
Castle Dragon
Echo Dragon
Sentinel Dragon
Unicorn Dragon
Arboreal Dragon
Gorilla Dragon
Sea Turtle Dragon
Leopard Dragon
Polar Bear Dragon
Matriarch Dragon
Champion Dragon
Liberty Dragon
Elephant Dragon
Droid Dragon
Jinqiu Dragon
Bloom Dragon
Box Dragon
Ant Dragon
Hypoestes Dragon
Superhero Dragon
Beetle Dragon
Cockatoo Dragon
Hellfire Dragon
Disco Ball Dragon
Frosty Dragon
Dark Mech Dragon
Fossil Dragon
Firefly Dragon
Bighorn Dragon
Aquatic Dragon
Medalist Dragon
Brunhilda Dragon
Chameleon Dragon
Herald Dragon
Perfume Dragon
Pineapple Dragon
Angler Dragon
Yarn Dragon
Boxer Dragon
Wolf Dragon
Scribble Dragon
Chemistry Dragon
Cheerleader Dragon
Arctic Dragon
School Bus Dragon
Scarecrow Dragon
Hellhound Dragon
Gloom Lady Dragon
Crone Dragon
Cupcake Dragon
Li'l Angel Dragon
Present Dragon
Burger Dragon
Cinder Dragon
Xuanzang Dragon
Posh Dragon
Sage Dragon
Fluffy Dragon
Snowman Dragon
Jiang Dragon
Hearts Dragon
Clover Dragon
Kitty Dragon
Armory Dragon
Pipe Dragon
Rosie Dragon
Enchantress Dragon
Painted Dragon
Blossom Dragon
Wooly Dragon
Sweetie Bunny Dragon
Black Hole Dragon
Turf Dragon
Trickster Dragon
Crash Dragon
Mosaic Dragon
Xylophone Dragon
Block Dragon
Raptor Dragon
Vulture Dragon
Aloha Dragon
Shuriken Dragon
Blazebird Dragon
Circus Dragon
Springtime Dragon
Molten Dragon
Gryphon Dragon
Scarab Dragon
Hellion Dragon
Sunset Dragon
Revelry Dragon
Foxglove Dragon
Memorial Dragon
Patriot Dragon
Blackberry Dragon
Gondola Dragon
Eyeball Dragon
Muerte Dragon
Bell Dragon
Snow Queen Dragon
Frost Fairy Dragon
Snow Sport Dragon
Candy Cane Dragon
Sprite Dragon
Caterpillar Dragon
Vibrant Dragon
Marshmallow Dragon
Ba Jiao Gui Dragon
Glamorous Dragon
Red Talon Dragon
Pansy Flower Dragon
Terracotta Dragon
Armadillo Dragon
Rock Dragon
Petal Dragon
Flutterby Dragon
Professor Dragon
Pitaya Dragon
Bonsai Dragon
Axolotl Dragon
Bubble Dragon
Puzzle Dragon
Doomsday Dragon
Warden Dragon
Neon Dragon
Bludgeon Dragon
Duskwing Dragon
Don Dragon
Dile Dragon
Fennec Dragon
Hippo Dragon
Mau Dragon
Priestess Dragon
Craggy Dragon
Hel Dragon
Red Scale Dragon
Herbalist Dragon
Legion Dragon
Engine Dragon
Fenrir Dragon
Valkyrie Dragon
Azure Dragon
Merchant Dragon
Raincoat Dragon
Chestnut Dragon
Coco Crab Dragon
Eikthyrnir Dragon
Harvest Dragon
Fut San Dragon
Ratatoskr Dragon
Harpy Dragon
Cinnamon Dragon
Violin Dragon
Snowflake Dragon
Snow Globe Dragon
Borealis Dragon
Quartern Dragon
Icefeather Dragon
Snowpelt Dragon
Pigsy Dragon
Jade Dragon
Cyber Dragon
Vivid Dragon
Costume Dragon
Begonia Dragon
Verdrake Dragon
Sovereign Dragon
Burgundy Dragon
Lumiplant Dragon
Steel Bull Dragon
Wood Witch Dragon
Warrior Dragon
Deep Space Dragon
Cherry Dragon
Kelp Dragon
Fluffspot Dragon
Jellyfish Dragon
Blueberry Dragon
Moss Dragon
Colossus Dragon
Splotch Dragon
Jade Warrior Dragon
Singularity Dragon
Cowpoke Dragon
Lightwing Dragon
Budding Dragon
Royal Dragon
Hornbill Dragon
Twilight Dragon
Tundra Dragon
Prickly Pear Dragon
Glacier Dragon
Halcyon Dragon
Glacial Dragon
Ivory Dragon
Cherry Wyrm Dragon
Green Agate Dragon
Marsh Dragon
Bog Dragon
Red Feather Dragon
Leonine Dragon
Scarf Dragon
Green Lion Dragon
Red Lion Dragon
Rose-Wing Dragon
Melusine Dragon
Gentle Dragon
Red Horn Dragon
Bright Dragon
Loyal Dragon
Moose Dragon
Asteroid Dragon
Avalanche Dragon
Longgui Dragon
Glitter Dragon
Valentine Dragon
Nocturne Dragon
Galaxy Dragon
Cinema Dragon
Dark-Tech Dragon
Bionic Dragon
Copper Dragon
Pink Bloom Dragon
Blue Bloom Dragon
Caramel Dragon
Meadow Dragon
Algae Dragon
Alpine Dragon
Skyhorn Dragon
Cockerel Dragon
Data Dragon
Familiar Dragon
Grand Prize Dragon
Rune Tech Dragon
Sweet Dragon
Bromelia Dragon
Deep Light Dragon
Yellow Crown Dragon
Abyss Dragon
Academic Dragon
Ace Dragon
Agave Dragon
Agent Dragon
Alien Dragon
Ash Dragon
Aurora Dragon
Balloon Dragon
Banana Dragon
Black Armor Dragon
Blueflame Dragon
Bronze Dragon
Celestial Dragon
Cherry Blossom Dragon
Clay Dragon
Coral Dragon
Cottontail Dragon
Dracula Dragon
Eagle Dragon
Emerald Dragon
Empress Dragon
Envy Dragon
Faun Dragon
Frostbite Dragon
Gentleman Dragon
Geyser Dragon
Ghost Dragon
Go Green Dragon
Golden Crow Dragon
Golem Dragon
Hammerhead Dragon
Ironcast Dragon
Jelly Dragon
Kangaroo Dragon
Kitsune Dragon
Luck Dragon
Lunar Dragon
Machine Dragon
Machine Snake Dragon
Maple Leaf Dragon
Meteorite Dragon
Monk Dragon
Mountain Dragon
Mutant Dragon
Nurture Dragon
Orange Dragon
Paladin Dragon
Pharaoh Dragon
Phoenix Dragon
Pulsar Dragon
Radiant Dragon
Ragnarok Dragon
Redflower Dragon
Regal Dragon
Robot Dragon
Rocker Dragon
Ruby Dragon
Seahorse Dragon
Shaman Dragon
Slam Dunk Dragon
Sparkler Dragon
Star Stripe Dragon
Stardust Dragon
Steampunk Dragon
Storm Dragon
Swamp Dragon
Tempest Dragon
Tiger Dragon
Torpedo Dragon
Toxic Dragon
Tsunami Dragon
Uncle Sam Dragon
Werewolf Dragon
Zombie Dragon
Wizard Dragon
Wind-Up Dragon
Piggy Bank Dragon
Mentor Dragon
Student Dragon
Chef Dragon
Touchdown Dragon
Tracht Dragon
Handyman Dragon
Heavenly Dragon
Moon Rabbit Dragon
Ceramic Dragon
Cyantail Dragon
Crunchy Dragon
Sea Slug Dragon
Coconut Dragon
Orange Throat Dragon
Razorhelm Dragon
Spotty Dragon
Fall Bounty Dragon
Mountain Lord Dragon ?
Slime Dragon
Sinister Dragon
Potion Dragon
Porcupine Dragon
Spellwork Dragon
Amphibian Dragon
Indigo Dragon
Toucan Dragon
Marine Dragon ?
Purple Thorn Dragon ?
Fire Mage Dragon
Iceberg Dragon
Stocking Dragon
Sweater Dragon
Sixth Dragon
Dreamcatcher Dragon
Diamondscale Dragon
Sunspot Dragon
Oracle Dragon
Jormungand Dragon
Astrologist Dragon
Ox Dragon
Taiga Dragon
Orange-Wing Dragon
Stump Dragon
Citrine Dragon
Leopard-Print Dragon
Greyhorn Dragon
Fjord Dragon
Porcelain Dragon
Malevolent Dragon ?
Veteran Dragon
Bead Dragon ?
PBJ Dragon

Rare, Uncommon, Common

  • 98 Rare
  • 24 Uncommon
  • 53 Common
Runestone Dragon
Avocado Dragon
Fire Dragon
Boiling Dragon
Classical Dragon
Dark Matter Dragon
Demonic Dragon
Dust Dragon
Earth Dragon
Eel Dragon
Energy Dragon
Fungus Dragon
Geiger Dragon
Honey Dragon
Ice Dragon
Jungle Dragon
Lava Dragon
Light Dragon
Lightfish Dragon
Lumino Dragon
Melon Dragon
Metal Dragon
Minotaur Dragon
Missile Dragon
Mist Dragon
Nightmare Dragon
Nightshade Dragon
Obsidian Dragon
Pirate Dragon
Plant Dragon
Plasma Dragon
Rain Dragon
Reaper Dragon
Rogue Dragon
Seed Dragon
Shadow Dragon
Shard Dragon
Smoke Dragon
Snow Dragon
Solar Dragon
Spikey Dragon
Tesla Dragon
Tornado Dragon
Tree Dragon
Venom Dragon
Void Dragon
War Dragon
Water Dragon
Witch Dragon
Wind Dragon
X-Ray Dragon
Yeti Dragon
UV Dragon
Scout Dragon
Rust Dragon
Prairie Dragon
Shooting Star Dragon
Mystic Dragon
Jadeite Dragon
Treater Dragon
Pilgrim Dragon
Digital Dragon
Helper Dragon
Ginger Dragon
Li'l Chick Dragon
Astronaut Dragon
Rock Snake Dragon
Ladybug Dragon
Poison Dragon
Sandcastle Dragon
Sylvan Dragon
Felted Dragon
Masque Dragon
Referee Dragon
Pine Cone Dragon
Sunfeather Dragon
Lilac Dragon
Cave Dragon
Hyena Dragon
Ruby-Back Dragon
Snuggle Dragon
Painting Dragon
Agnes Dragon
Clownfish Dragon
Golden Dragon
Golden Green Dragon
Imperial Dragon
Lightning Dragon
Palette Dragon
Palm Dragon
Soccer Dragon
Summer Dragon
Sunflower Dragon
Tololoche Dragon
Tribal Dragon
Tricolor Dragon ?
Typhoon Dragon
Sulfur Dragon
Hippie Dragon
Submarine Dragon
Peacock Dragon
Fireball Dragon
Jaws Dragon
Leaf Dragon
Meteor Dragon
Mud Dragon
Prickly Dragon
Rainbow Dragon
Razor Dragon
Salamander Dragon
Lynx Dragon
Magnet Dragon
Mercury Dragon
Steel Dragon
Cosplay Dragon
Elemental Dragon
Emperor Dragon
Mech Dragon
Rustwater Dragon
Breeze Rock Dragon
Armored Dragon
Bee Dragon
Brick Dragon
Candy Dragon
Cloud Dragon
Cyborg Dragon
Doom Dragon
Farmer Dragon
Pop Art Dragon
Amber Dragon
Origami Dragon
Owl Dragon
Ceremony Dragon
Goblin Dragon
Crusader Dragon
Genie Dragon
Cookie Dragon
Liquid Fire Dragon
Mummy Dragon
Tick Tock Dragon
Samurai Dragon
Assassin Dragon
Ninja Dragon
Gladiator Dragon
Heliotrope Dragon
Gargoyle Dragon
Rastafari Dragon
Leviathan Dragon
Cappuccino Dragon
Changeling Dragon
Bamboo Dragon
Envoy Dragon
Gazelle Dragon
Elkhound Dragon
Northern Dragon
Runic Dragon
Lilac Horn Dragon
Independence Dragon
Bonewing Dragon
Shale Horn Dragon
Flame Dragon
Slushy Dragon
Laser Hammer Dragon
Neo Bone Dragon
Spinefin Dragon
Heavy Metal Dragon
Shadowpuff Dragon
Hazmat Dragon
Orc Dragon
Skater Dragon
Quake Dragon
Treasure Dragon
Ghouly Dragon
Knight Dragon
Noble Dragon
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