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Awakening of the Machine (15/05/13)

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Awakening of the Machine (15.05.13) Promotion.jpg
A great challenge is coming to Dragolandia. Awaken the Machine by completing all goals! He will protect you against the upcoming threats.
Started 13 May 2015
Ended 25 May 2015
Duration 11 Days & 16 Hours
Type Solo
Tiers 5
Grand Prize Machine Dragon Icon.png Machine Dragon


Solo Events are limited-time competitions which each Trainer participates in separately. They are based on completing several tiers, each having three set goals with different requirements, with a different prize awarded upon completing each tier.

Each goal has a number of items that need to be collected to be completed. Items are limited to a set number per a given timeframe. A cooldown period is needed before being able to collect more. Whenever items are received, a notification appears in the middle of the screen. If all the available items for that time period have been collected, the notification indicates how much time is left until the next item can be collected. Each individual item can also be bought in exchange for Gems, through the  Gems Icon.png  /Item   button under each item.


Tier 1 War Dragon Icon.png War Dragon
Tier 2 Armored Dragon Icon.png Armored Dragon
Tier 3 Legendary Habitat
Tier 4 Ironcast Dragon Icon.png Ironcast Dragon
Tier 5 Machine Dragon Icon.png Machine Dragon


Each completed action can result in an item. Some actions have higher chances while others are a bit lower. At the same time, after getting an item, there is an internal cooldown time until the next item can be obtained. The cooldowns vary for each action.

The Recommended column lists the quickest way to fulfill the requirements.

Tier # Item Requirement Recommended Estimated Cooldown Gems to Skip
Tier 1 12 Item - Princess Doll.png Collect Gold Any Habitat 5 minutes 10 per Doll
10 Item - Toy Boat.png Feed Dragons Level 1 Dragons None 10 per Boat
2   Item - Dragon Medalion.png Hatch Dragons Fire Dragon 3 hours 10 per Medalion
Tier 2 12 Item - Shield.png Collect Food Spring Cherry 1 hour 10 per Shield
20 Item - Viking Helmet.png Spend Gold Spiked Cherry None 10 per Helmet
3   Item - Dragonhead Statue.png Breed Dragons Fire Dragons 3 hours 10 per Skull
Tier 3 12 Item - Sword.png Level Up Dragons Hatched Fire None 10 per Sword
20 Item - Axe.png Collect Gold Any Habitat 15 minutes 10 per Axe
5   Item - Viking Doll.png Hatch Dragons Fire Dragon 10 minutes 10 per Viking
Tier 4 12 Item - Dragon Medalion.png Spend Gold Spiked Cherry None 10 per Medalion
5   Item - Toy Boat.png Hatch Dragons Fire Dragon 10 minutes 10 per Boat
25 Item - Viking Helmet.png Collect Food Spiked Cherry 30 minutes 10 per Helmet
Tier 5 35 Item - Princess Doll.png Collect Gold Habitats None 10 per Doll
6   Item - Dragon Medalion.png Breed Dragons Fire Dragons 2 hours 10 per Medalion
20 Item - Sword.png Win in the Arena Easy Battles 20 minutes 10 per Sword
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