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Template documentation
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Passed Values

This template passes values to:


  • Link to name from Icon: {{i|Attack}} Attack Icon.png
  • Same but with different width: {{i|Daily Tasks||30}} Daily Tasks Icon.png
  • No link (just icon): {{i|Bronze League|i}} Bronze League Icon.png
  • Link to category: {{i|Common (classification)|1}} Common (classification) Icon.png
  • Text with link too, width: {{i|Daily Tasks|2|10}} Daily Tasks Daily Tasks Icon.png
  • Text, links to category, width: {{i|Boss Dragons|c|10}} Boss Dragons Boss Dragons Icon.png
  • Same with standard width: {{i|Boss Dragons|c}} Boss Dragons Boss Dragons Icon.png
  • Link override: {{i|Clan Event MVP|link|Clans|30}} Clan Event MVP Icon.png
  • Link to a Dragon: {{i|Earth Dragon}} Earth Dragon Icon.png
  • Icon, but no link to a Dragon: {{i|Earth Dragon|i|30}} Earth Dragon Icon.png
    which is same as this: {{di|Earth|in|30}} Earth Dragon Icon.png

Links to an article in the mainspace by its icon. Syntax: {{i|Icon Name (without the word icon)|Autolink to|size|manual link}}. Examples: {{i|Attack}}, {{i|Bronze League||30}}, {{i|Breeding Token|i}}, {{i|Attack|1}}, {{i|Bronze League|2|30}}, {{i|Breeding Token|c|30}}, {{i|Attack|c}}, {{i|Clan Event MVP|link|Clans|30}}. This template passes values to Template:Icon.

  • {{template|Icon}}

Template parameters

Icon Name1

Enter the Icon Name (without the word "Icon", see Category:Images:Icons for a list of available icons/names)

Link Display / link override2

Enter the value for how you want the link displayed. Allowed Values: (blank), 1, i, 2, c, link. blank = link to a page by icon-only, 1 = link to a category by icon-only, i = display an icon only (no link), 2 = link text to page + icon (at the end), c = link text to category + icon (at the end), link = link to {link} by icon-only

Size / linking target3

If you want to override the default icon size, enter a size (width in px) to display the icon at (without including the letters px). If you are overriding the automatic linking, enter the link target here

Icon Width in case of link override4

If you want to override the default link text, enter the width override here in pixel, otherwise leave this blank for the default size.

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