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Ancient Chest (23/06/19)

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Ancient Chest (23.06.19) Promotion.jpg
Open the bottomless Chest with Tickets to claim Dragon parts, Event themed Decorations and other rewards.
Started: 19 June 2023
Ended: 3 July 2023
Duration: 14 Days
Type: Chest Opening
Prize: Orchid Dragon Icon.png Orchid Dragon
The event took place during the Koth'ez Returns Ancient event series.

Trainers received 1 free Chest for every 25 chests opened in this event.

Ancient Chest (Origin of Light).png


Chest Opening Events are events in which a chest can only be opened in exchange for 1 ticket, the tickets being dependent on the chest type — either Tyrant, Ancient, or Divine. Each event has two prize pools, and each time a chest is opened, it gives two cards, one for each prize pool. Chests are always located within a Chest Room, with a themed background. Pressing the ? button in the Chest Room displays chest contents, which are limitless; thus, the Trainer can win the same prizes over and over, including Dragon Pieces for already collected Dragons. Pressing the i button, located on the chest contents screen, displays the average number of each reward given per 100 chests opened.

Between 1 and 10 chests can be opened at the same time, provided the necessary amount of tickets is possessed. The number of tickets currently held appears in a counter Ancient Ticket (Light) Icon.png5+ Button.png (appearance themed to the event) at the top of the screen. A chest (or set of chests) are opened by clicking or tapping on the chest repeatedly, or by pressing the Speed-Up Arrow Icon.png speed-up button to bypass this requirement. If duplicates of a Dragon are obtained, the choice of keeping the duplicate Get Dragon is given, or exchanging it Get Ticket for 1 ticket. The exchange can only take place immediately after a chest is opened, and the duplicate has been obtained. Pressing the X button closes the Chest Room.

Important Icon.png
Important: When Chest Opening Events end, their associated chests and tickets disappear.



Amount Chance
1 Talisman (Springtime Passions) Icon.png 5.0%
3 Talisman (Springtime Passions) Icon.png 45.0%
5 Talisman (Springtime Passions) Icon.png 49.5%
50 Talisman (Springtime Passions) Icon.png 0.5%


The amount of Food or Gold awarded depends on Trainer Level, provided numbers are of the highest Level Modifier. See Level Modifier for more information.

Prize Amount/Card Chance
Orchid Dragon.png
Orchid Dragon
1 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 2.43%
3 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 0.87%
5 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 0.17%
Melusine Dragon.png
Melusine Dragon
4 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 20.87%
8 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 8.70%
15 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 4.35%
Colossus Dragon.png
Colossus Dragon
1 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 26.09%
3 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 13.91%
5 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 6.96%
Chest of Gold.png
450,000 1.22%
Chest of Food.png
52,500 5.74%
Dragon Fury Essence Icon.png
Dragon Fury Essence
1 Bottle 6.96%
VIP Ticket Icon.png
VIP Ticket
1 Ticket 1.74%

Ancient Altar

Ancient Altar (23.06.19) Promotion.jpg

Talisman are a form of currency that can be spent only at the Ancient Altar in exchange for Dragon Pieces.

  • In the last two weeks of the Koth'ez Returns event, 19 June - 3 July, the new Ancient: Gao'vai Dragon the returning Earth Ancient: Fundiju became available.
  • Throughout the entire event, the returning Fire Ancient: Molim was available provided the Talisman Generator was purchased.
Dragon Cost Dragon Pieces Icon.png 1x Cost Dragon Pieces Icon.png Amount needed
19 June - 3 July 2023
Molim Dragon Icon.png Molim Dragon 500 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 2 Talisman (Springtime Passions) Icon.png 1,000 Talisman (Springtime Passions) Icon.png
Gao'vai Dragon Icon.png Gao'vai Dragon 500 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 3 Talisman (Springtime Passions) Icon.png 1,500 Talisman (Springtime Passions) Icon.png
Luzyll Dragon Icon.png Luzyll Dragon 500 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 3 Talisman (Springtime Passions) Icon.png 1,500 Talisman (Springtime Passions) Icon.png
Ho'mala Dragon Icon.png Ho'mala Dragon 500 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 3 Talisman (Springtime Passions) Icon.png 1,500 Talisman (Springtime Passions) Icon.png
Fundiju Dragon Icon.png Fundiju Dragon 500 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 3 Talisman (Springtime Passions) Icon.png 1,500 Talisman (Springtime Passions) Icon.png
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