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Breeding Blitz (20/11/02)

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Breeding Blitz (20.11.02) Promotion.jpg
During the event, you can get the awesome LIBRA DRAGON by using its parents in the Breeding Den!
Started 2 November 2020
Ended 9 November 2020
Duration 7 Days
Type Chain Breeding
Grand Prize Libra Dragon Icon.png Libra Dragon


Chain Breeding Events are limited-time competitions in which Trainers participate individually. The objective is to breed pairs of Dragons together, sequentially, to obtain the prize Dragon at the end of the chain. The first pair required is either two specific Dragons, or two Dragons possessing a combination of 4 particular Elements. Once obtained, the offspring from the first pairing must be bred with another specified Dragon in order to acquire the main prize.

Repeated breedings may be required for any offspring, as outcomes are not guaranteed. Dragons already possessed can be used as breeding parents and do not have to be bred again. Unlike other limited-time breeding events, Dragons made available through Chain Breeding Events are not available to purchase using Gems, breeding is the sole method of obtainment during the event.


The first pair of the chain requires breeding any two Dragons that together include Earth, Water, Plant, and Metal Elements, to obtain the Thief Dragon Icon.png Thief Dragon.The second combination requires breeding the Thief Dragon Icon.png Thief Dragon with the Spellwork Dragon Icon.png Spellwork Dragon, the latter of which is obtained from the Magic Challenge (20/11/02) Event.

Once a successful breeding attempt is made, the Libra Dragon Icon.png Libra Dragon's egg appears between both parents in the Breeding Den. Hatching the prize Dragon is not required during the event, as the breeding result is determined when breeding begins.

Note: Although any combination of the required elements can be used, breeding a single-element Dragon with another that has the remainder of the required elements (and no extras/duplicates) can have better odds and/or fewer unintended outcomes.

Breeding Chain

Unknown Dragon.png

Unknown Dragon
Earth Water[1]

Thief Dragon.png

Thief Dragon
Dragon of the Month

Unknown Dragon.png

Unknown Dragon
Plant Metal[1]

Libra Dragon.png

Libra Dragon
Breed External-link-ltr-icon.png

Spellwork Dragon.png

Spellwork Dragon
Magic Challenge (20/11/02)

  1. 1.0 1.1 See the Note section above for breeding odds increase information.
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