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Dragon Runner (23/12/11)

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Dragon Runner (23.12.11) Promotion.jpg
Dragon Runner is an Event in which participants guide a Dragon through a running track to the finish line, while avoiding obstacles and collecting items to earn progress rewards.
Started 11 December 2023
Ended 18 December 2023
Duration 7 Days
Type Arcade
Grand Prize Slopestyle Dragon Icon.png Slopestyle Dragon

The event took place during the Luminous Mountain Tyrant event series.


Dragon Runner Events are limited-time competitions in which players guide their Dragon through a three-lane running track to the finish line, while avoiding obstacles and collecting Flower Icon.png Flowers for milestone progress. Running is automatic, the Trainer must tap to shoot and swipe to move one lane at a time.


See PC Controls for information about keyboard controls used on PC.

Once the event begins, the Trainer's Dragon automatically moves forward, meaning the screen must be swiped (or keyboard arrows pressed on PC) to move to the next lane to avoid obstacles (twice to move 2 lanes). Each new "run" attempt costs 1 Energy unit. Some runner obstacles are destructible, the player can click/tap to shoot a fireball to destroy them, while other objects are indestructible and can only be dodged. While the number of fireballs available is unlimited per level, only 3 successive fireballs can appear within a short burst.

Dragon Runner - Checkpoint.pngDragon Runner - Checkpoint (Winter).png

Also scattered within the lanes are Food, Gold, and Flower Icon.png Flowers for collecting, the latter of which accumulates to unlock milestone rewards, and also counts toward the Trainer's leaderboard score. Items collected while running may be lost if an obstacle is hit, at which point the run may be restarted costing 1 Energy unit, or the dragon may be revived, which costs 10 Gems Icon.png Gems. Restarting a run means all Flowers collected during the prior attempt are lost (Food and Gold get saved at the checkpoints) and the current level progress is reset to 1. Alternatively, reviving the dragon allows the attempt to be continued from the point of failure, also keeping any previously collected items. Reviving the running dragon also provides 5 seconds of invincibility, beginning immediately after revival, indicated by the Dragon blinking, during which time obstacles can be passed through; though, when the Dragon stops blinking, invincibility has ended. A progress bar Flag Icon.png appears during a run, indicating the progress towards that run's finish line.

Items and Obstacles

Beneficial Items Obstacles
Item Amount per
Actions Type Item Image (and variations) Description Actions
Flower Icon.png Flower 1 Collect Indestructible Dragon Runner - Rock 1.png Dragon Runner - Rock 2.png Dragon Runner - Rock 3.png Dragon Runner - Rock 4.png Rock Dodge
Dragon Runner - Rock 1a.png Dragon Runner - Rock 2a.png Dragon Runner - Rock 3a.png Dragon Runner - Rock 4a.png
Runner Food Icon.png Food 100 Dragon Runner - Rock 1 (Winter).png Dragon Runner - Rock 2 (Winter).png Dragon Runner - Rock 3 (Winter).png Dragon Runner - Rock 4 (Winter).png
Destructible Dragon Runner - Hay Bale Target.png Dragon Runner - Hay Bale Target (Winter).png Hay Bale Target Shoot or dodge
Gold Icon.png Gold 200 Dragon Runner - Statue.png Dragon Runner - Statue (Winter).png Statue
Dragon Runner - Barrel 1.png Barrel

Win Streak

After two consecutive run completions, a win streak begins (for which there is no timer) and can subsequently be increased, if no losses occur. The win streak, if maintained, acts as a multiplier for collected flowers, starting at 1x increase and increasing by 1x each win, up to a 5x increase.


Dragon Runner - Flag.png

When the running Dragon successfully reaches the finish line (indicated by flags), the attempt is won and rewards are given. Any collected flowers earned during the successful run are multiplied by the win streak (if any) and added to the cumulative total. Totals are tallied for milestone rewards and the leaderboard score.


There are ten difficulty levels, and five run-difficulties, one of which is selected at random just before running starts. Run difficulties include: very easy, easy, medium, hard, and very hard. Each level takes a certain length of time to complete. The odds of a harder difficulty being encountered increases as the level increases, as does the number of obstacles. Furthermore, there are 5 checkpoints per run, crossing a checkpoint awards 10 flowers and increases the Dragon's speed slightly, which also increases the difficulty. Each win leads to the next difficulty level, until the maximum level, while failing a run resets the difficulty to Level 1 again.

Checkpoints Run-Difficulty Odds
Image Flowers
Very Easy Easy Medium Hard Very Hard
1 30 Dragon Runner - Checkpoint (Winter).png 10 Flower Icon.png 10 30.30% 0.00% 0.00% 0.00% 0.00%
2 30 10 22.73% 4.59% 4.59% 0.00% 0.00%
3 45 10 9.09% 6.42% 6.42% 1.19% 0.00%
4 30 10 7.58% 12.84% 12.84% 1.19% 0.00%
5 45 10 4.55% 16.51% 16.51% 2.38% 0.00%
6 45 10 4.55% 13.76% 13.76% 11.90% 0.00%
7 60 10 2.27% 11.01% 11.01% 21.43% 10.64%
8 45 10 2.27% 11.93% 11.93% 15.48% 21.28%
9 30 5 1.52% 4.59% 4.59% 22.62% 25.53%
10 60 5 15.15% 18.35% 18.35% 23.81% 42.55%

Energy Amounts

Starting event energy is 10.

Energy Unlock
Minutes to Regenerate
1 Energy
0 8 Energy (Luminous Mountain - Chapter 2) Icon.png 30

The amount of Food and Gold rewarded depends on the Trainer's Level. See Level Modifier for more information.

1-5 Slopestyle Dragon Icon.png Slopestyle Dragon  Tyrant Ticket (Luminous Mountain - Chapter 2) Icon.png 30
6-10 Premium Sigil Chest Icon.png 5  Tyrant Ticket (Luminous Mountain - Chapter 2) Icon.png 20
11-15 Double Egg Relic Icon.png 3  Enchantment Ticket Icon.png 5
16-50 Food Icon.png 45,000  Relic of Hatching Icon.png 2
51-500 Gold Icon.png 225,000  Food Icon.png 15,000
Sticker - Cry.png
The milestones and rewards were changed mid-event!
This table ← scrolls →. On Computers, hold Shift while scrolling to scroll → horizontally.
Flower Icon.png
Tyrant Ticket (Luminous Mountain - Chapter 2) Icon.png

Tyrant Ticket (Luminous Mountain - Chapter 2) Icon.png

Tyrant Ticket (Luminous Mountain - Chapter 2) Icon.png

Tyrant Ticket (Luminous Mountain - Chapter 2) Icon.png

Tyrant Ticket (Luminous Mountain - Chapter 2) Icon.png

Tyrant Ticket (Luminous Mountain - Chapter 2) Icon.png

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