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Eliza the Masculine

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Eliza is the sister of Olaf, Melvin, and Dunkelviking.

She pretends to be Dunkelviking's long-lost brother, Eli, so she doesn't have to marry Heinrich.

The first appearance of Eliza the Masculine is in Normal Mode at battle 71 (Reflective Pool).


The Trainer interacts with this character in several dialogues, divided into sections below.

Campaign Map

Fourth Island (Alma)Campaign Map Dialogues (edit)

Arya.png The good news is we beat Thunder Wolf, but the bad news is there aren't many dragon trainers out there who could do the same. If we don't stop the Dunkelviking now, he could get exactly what he wants -- Dragolandia and its magical capabilities.
Arya.png More good news... Unbeknownst to the Vikings, Dragolandia's most populated and important Isle -- Crysto -- has been cloaked by magic ever since the Vikings arrived. They don't even know it exists!
Arya.png More bad news...
Dunkelviking.png The Dunkelviking has heard everything you've said?
Dunkelviking.png You've bested me yet again, Dragon Girl. Of course, that won't stop me from finding Crysto.
Arya.png Good luck with that. Only the pure of heart can break the cloaking spell.
Dunkelviking.png Is that so? Good thing Alma Isle is full of Dragolandian Monks. While I go acquaint myself with them, I hope you enjoy the company of my brother Eli.
Eliza the Masculine.png Stop there, dragon trainers! Your journey ends here.
Arya.png Says who?
Eliza the Masculine.png Eli, brother of the great and powerful and wonderful and amazing and brave Dunkelviking.
Arya.png Man, he has self-esteem issues. Speaking of... brother? Eli, you're a lady.
Eliza the Masculine.png If Dunky finds out I'm not his long-lost brother, I'll have to marry that horrible scientist. So I plan to make sure you don't get a chance to spread the word.
Arya.png I would love to gloat about our amazing win, but I'm still kinda stuck on "Dunky."
Eliza the Masculine.png If I see you again, trainers, you're gonna regret it!
Arya.png You know what? I believe you.
Arya.png Hey! Get out of here. Why are you rifling through all these monks' things?!
Brant.png Oh, not you again. Can't a kid try to climb the ladder of success without society constantly holding him back?
Arya.png Huh, you're working for the Dunkelviking again.
Brant.png If you call reading monks' diaries work... and I do. It's pretty dry. Lots of passages about soy. Unfortunately for you, a little battle is just what I need!
Arya.png I think looking for someone pure of heart has made you soft, Brant.
Brant.png Stop it! That's not why I'm crying!
Arya.png Eliza's story saddened me. Maybe she doesn't want to marry Heinrich enough that she'd fight against the Dunkelviking and his archaic rules.
Arya.png Uh oh, Vikings are approaching the monks' meeting hall. We have to stop them!
Arya.png Way to go! But, oh no! Despite our win, it looks like one of the monks is missing!
Arya.png Eliza! I'm so glad we found you. So, right now the Dunkelviking is looking for someone true of heart to break down the spell cloaking Crysto.
Eliza the Masculine.png What did I tell you about saying my name?
Arya.png Help us stop your brother and you could live in a world free of arranged marriages, free of fake names... free of Heinrich.
Eliza the Masculine.png How dare you suggest I turn on my brother! Wretched trainers!
Eliza the Masculine.png You fought bravely, trainers. You might stand a chance against my brother, after all.
Arya.png Are you saying what I think you're saying?
Eliza the Masculine.png I am! My brother can accept his defeat once and for all! Meet me at the Cave of the Beyond. I have a plan!
Arya.png Meet her at the Cave of the Beyond? Easy for Eliza to say! She's not fighting the Dunkelviking's lackeys along the way.
Arya.png Speaking of...
Arya.png One step closer to saving Crysto from Viking invasion!
Brant.png Dragon trainers! Try to pass this bridge and you will face ultimate defeat.
Arya.png Then I guess we're facing ultimate defeat!
Arya.png We faced ultimate defeat... and we won!
Brant.png You know, maybe being a Viking isn't for me. I've started to consider monkhood.
Arya.png We're almost to the Beyond! With Eliza on our side, I'm sure we'll keep Crysto and the people of Dragolandia there safe.
Arya.png Of course, first we have to make it past these wild dragons!
Arya.png As always, you impress me with your constantly improving talent!
Eliza the Masculine.png You made it. Finally, this blasted uncloaking spell can begin!
Arya.png Huh? I guess I should have expected a betrayal... but you should have expected this: I can't perform the spell, Eliza. I don't even know how to use magic.
Eliza the Masculine.png Well, it turns out there's a little loophole in that spell. We've got a monk who'd be happy to uncloak Crysto in exchange for his freedom. Turns out his heart isn't so pure, but we just need that pure heart present in the room--
Arya.png Well, that's definitely not you, Eliza... Oh no! It must be us! We gotta get out of here.
Eliza the Masculine.png Not so fast!
Eliza the Masculine.png Muahahaha!
Arya.png Why are you laughing? You lost!
Eliza the Masculine.png I may have lost, but the spell was cast! Crysto has appeared from the beyond! Muahaha!

Crysto - Side Quest StoryCampaign Map Dialogues (edit)

Eliza the Masculine.png I'd hoped your instinct for self-preservation would keep you from meddling in my brother's plans, Edward Bartholomew Hogvanhog!
Ned.png J-j-just call me, Ned. Every instinct I've got is screaming at me to run away in terror, but I can't let Arya down! Let's f-f-fight!
Eliza the Masculine.png Let me make this easy for you: If you don't turn tail and run home, I'll wake the legendary dragon Amethost and destroy the island!
Ned.png Legend has it that Crysto was formed from crystals growing on Amethost's back. If Eliza wakes him, he'll shake us into oblivion!
Ned.png Waking Amethost is a pretty cool evil plan, Eliza... How did you say you were going to do it?
Eliza the Masculine.png Hah! Do you suppose you can flatter me into divulging secrets? I'm not as weak-minded as those other Viking fools. Now get out of my way!
Ned.png We've got to follow Eliza and figure out her plan for waking Amethost. Let's just hope she doesn't find out about my dad's thesis...
Ned.png What brings you to the Crysto University library, Eliza? Doing some research on waking the legendary dragon?
Eliza the Masculine.png I threatened those puny book-readers with my muscles, but they knew nothing about Amethost. I will formulate a new plan... after this fight!
Ned.png Whew! I'm glad Eliza abandoned that plan. If she'd found my father's thesis on waking Amethost, we would have been in trouble!
Eliza the Masculine.png Aha! I knew I couldn't battle the answer out of you, but if I played dumb you'd let it slip. Now where's the thesis?!
Ned.png I'll never tell... THAT secret! Run! If we let Eliza catch us, then Crysto will be doomed!
Ned.png They framed my father's thesis here on the wall when he got famous. Let's burn it before Eliza finds us!
Eliza the Masculine.png The only thing getting burned, Bartholomew Edward Hogvanhog, is you!
Ned.png Well, Eliza got the key to wake Amethost... Let's hope the college was right when they said my dad was crazy and didn't let him graduate.
Eliza the Masculine.png Perhaps I underestimated you, young Hogvanhog. Swimming out to Amethost's tail to pursue me took courage.
Ned.png Amethost's tail? What are you talking about...? W-w-we're st-st-standing on it?! Forget the thesis, Eliza -- just let us get out of here!
Eliza the Masculine.png You've disproved your father's theory about pulling the dragon's tail to wake it. You tripped all over it in battle and it never moved. Hmm...
Ned.png I'm glad for that! Catching a tiger by the tail would be bad enough, but a dragon the size of an island... that's my worst nightmare!
Ned.png Olaf? What are you doing here on Crysto? I thought you'd left the Vikings to start your perfume business.
Olaf the Pungent.png I'm in the middle of making a delivery to my best customer. Stand aside!
Olaf the Pungent.png You've wasted enough of my time -- if I don't get this to Eliza soon, then I'll have to give it to her for free... and she also might punch me.
Ned.png Eliza?! Could Olaf be delivering something to help her wake the dragon? We've got to stop him!
Ned.png Ha-choo! Ha-chooo! What's that horrible smell, Eliza?!
Eliza the Masculine.png It's a new scent from Olaf's smelling salts line called "Rancid Resurrection." It should be smelly enough to wake the dragon, don't you think?
Eliza the Masculine.png How dare you drink all my smelling salt, Hogvanhog! You'll pay for this... Olaf's listing price, plus the cost of delivery!
Ned.png Hack! Hack! Hack! If I die... please tell Arya I said... I like... her... hair.
Eliza the Masculine.png Mmm, this Twin Arbors sap smells delicious!
Ned.png Where are you going with that sap, Eliza? You aren't planning to feed it to the dragon, right? I won't let you -- it's Arya's favorite!
Eliza the Masculine.png Humph! You may have gotten my jar, but I've got plenty more stashed up ahead!
Eliza the Masculine.png About my stash of sap... I lied, but I bet the dragon would enjoy eating you instead! Now get in its mouth!
Ned.png Ugh! How could I have been such a sap?! We'd better win this battle so I don't end up dragon dinner.
Ned.png Aha! I was too big to fit in the dragon's mouth. I'm glad all my practice balling up into the fetal position came in handy.
Eliza the Masculine.png Grrr! I've tried every theory in your dad's endless and boring thesis, and not one of them has worked!
Ned.png Thank goodness! He really IS crazy! Now hand over that thesis!
Eliza the Masculine.png Wait! There's half a page here: "After much trial and error, this trainer learned how to wake Amethost..." Where's the other half of the page?!
Ned.png Oh right! I forgot; they told my dad he wouldn't graduate because of the thesis, so he ate part of it in protest. I guess all this battling was for nothing...

Illumina - Side Quest StoryCampaign Map Dialogues (edit)

Ned.png What are YOU doing here, Eliza? You... haven't coincidentally come here for the Festival of Lights, have you?
Eliza the Masculine.png Yes, I thought I'd take in the sights now that my conquest dreams are all over. Any recommendations for places I should visit?
Ned.png There's the Tower of Light of course, and I've heard that a lot of people enjoy the Festival Square... Wait a minute -- I'm just making you a list of places you'll help your mother invade, aren't I?
Eliza the Masculine.png Ah, Nedders, you get smarter every time I see you -- which isn't saying much. Let's make the first stop on my invasion YOUR last stand!
Eliza the Masculine.png *grrr* I guess the first stop on my invasion will have to be this pretty little church instead!
Ned.png Not the church! Come on; we've got to protect those poor people from Eliza!
Ned.png Stop right there, Eliza! We can't let you enter that church!
Eliza the Masculine.png Oh really? Then I suppose my dragons will have to change your mind. ATTACK!
Eliza the Masculine.png What could you POSSIBLY have against letting me light a candle and say a prayer for my mother's victory?!
Ned.png Wait... what? We thought you wanted to take the churchgoers hostage.
Eliza the Masculine.png ME?! Take hostages on the holy island of Illumina? I would NEV-- ... Actually, that's a really good plan. I'll definitely try that one next time!
Ned.png The radiance of this island is making me see EVEN the Vikings in a better light. I don't think anything could ruin my good mood!
Melvin the Malevolent.png Let's see how you feel about that after a humiliating defeat!
Ned.png Nope, seeing your grimace of defeat is doing nothing to wreck my mood, Melvin.
Melvin the Malevolent.png Why couldn't you let me make Mother happy and LOSE?! I'm going to tell her ALL about how you picked on me!
Ned.png That's right, Melvin -- run and tell mommy! ... Wait, if we let him catch up to Gunhilda, then our enemy will be EVEN stronger. Come on; after him!
Ned.png All right, Melvin. That's enough! Time to surrender and leave the island quietly.
Melvin the Malevolent.png Quietly? I never do ANYTHING quietly! Let me show you what happens to anyone who DARES to get between me and Mother!
Melvin the Malevolent.png WAHHH! How could I LOSE? Mother will put me in time-out again for sure!
Ned.png There, there. I'm sure she'll let you out once you finally grow up! Thankfully for us, that should take a while.
Ned.png Heinrich?! Don't tell me YOU'RE here to help Gunhilda's invasion?! I thought you gave all that up when you became a monk.
Heinrich the Hideous.png I can no longer fight for something as petty as conquest, but I CAN still fight for something as noble as love, and my heart has been ensnared by the beauteous Gunhilda. Now let me show you my NEW battle technique. Ommm...
Heinrich the Hideous.png My motivations were pure, but I STILL lost! I guess my efforts would be better suited preparing this empowerment charm for my lady love.
Ned.png EmPOWERment charm?! Anything that makes Gunhilda more powerful is bad news for us. After him!
Heinrich the Hideous.png Have you come to help me with my charm? How kind!
Ned.png If by "help" you mean ruin, then yes! Let's battle!
Heinrich the Hideous.png The energy from that battle was EXACTLY what I needed to power up my empowerment charm. Thanks for your help!
Ned.png What have we DONE?! How much stronger did the charm make Gunhilda?
Heinrich the Hideous.png Stronger? No, no -- an empowerment charm doesn't strengthen the body, it empowers the spirit! Now my sweetheart's confidence will NEVER falter in battle.
Ned.png Huh. I don't see her confidence wavering with or without your empowerment charm, so I guess... no harm done there.
Ned.png *sigh* All right, Brant, what do you want THIS time?!
Brant.png To capture you and earn my rightful place as Gunhilda's newest Viking son, of course! This battle oughta settle it!
Ned.png So, have you changed your mind YET about becoming a Viking?
Brant.png I'll ALWAYS be a Viking at heart, whether or not Gunhilda's clan will have me. In fact, I'll just start my OWN Viking gang. So what do you think, Ned -- want to join? There's plenty of Dragolandia left to conquer!
Ned.png Sure, why not. How about you start by conquering your parent's house, by which I mean -- GO HOME!
Ned.png Dunkelviking! How has your new career as a bard been going?
Dunkelviking.png That name is DEAD to me! Call me "The Battling Bard"! My dream of merging dragon training with music will be realized with THIS battle!
Dunkelviking.png A truly epic defeat -- I will immortalize it in verse! Then, axe in hand, I'll travel the land one battle and one ballad at a time!
Ned.png *sniff* I've never seen him SO happy! It almost makes this whole invasion worthwhile... almost.
Ned.png Thank goodness we're FINALLY done dealing with Gunhilda's goons. I haven't forgotten anyone, have I...?
Olaf the Pungent.png Hands off MY treasure, dragon trainers!
Ned.png How could I have forgotten Olaf, or more specifically, Olaf's stench? Wait... *sniff* Olaf, you actually smell kind of... nice!
Olaf the Pungent.png A minor setback with my current fragrance! As soon as I add some of the sea slugs and slime I found on this treasure chest into the mix, I should be back to my malodorous self! I'll save you a sample.
Ned.png Nah, don't bother. Somehow I don't think Arya is the sea-slug-and-slime type.

Glacios - Side Quest StoryCampaign Map Dialogues (edit)

Arya.png Don't just stand there shivering, Ned! We've got to help Hogwin catch that rascal Rathorn.
Eliza the Masculine.png The only thing you two will be catching is a cold shoulder from my dragons in THIS battle!
Eliza the Masculine.png It's sad how you underestimate me, Nedders. Our fight won't be finished until you and all of Dragolandia kneel before me as your warrior queen! I have a feeling Rathorn will be a powerful ally toward that end.
Arya.png We can't let Eliza team up with Rathorn or we'll have an even MORE powerful enemy on our hands. Hurry up, Nedders... er, I mean Ned.
Ned.png Arya, quit trying to scare me by making those creepy whispering sounds. This place is already spooky enough in the shadow of that old abandoned ship.
Arya.png ... I'm not making any creepy whispering sounds!
Eliza the Masculine.png Sorry, that was just me rehearsing my next battle taunt, but the moment has passed. Let's fight!
Ned.png These trees are enormous; I had no idea anything like them was growing here on Glacios. Dad always said it was just a barren wasteland that not even the dragons liked to visit.
Eliza the Masculine.png Funny, my dragons seem to love it here... Or maybe they just love the opportunity to crush you in battle.
Arya.png You're right, Ned. Hogwin always told me Glacios wasn't worth the trip... but it's not like him to be so disinterested. Could he have been hiding something from us?
Ned.png The only way to find out is by pressing on... but it's pretty slippery here. Maybe you should hold my hand... Okay, or maybe not. There's no need to glare at me like that!
Eliza the Masculine.png I hear the mine up ahead is full of precious stones; I'll bet Rathorn would be glad to have them to power his war machines. That mine will be mine... just as soon as I get rid of you two!
Arya.png We've got Eliza on the run, but we need to stop her from claiming that mine. Come on, Ned; charge!
Ned.png *huff* *puff* Sure, you run on ahead. I'm right behind you... as soon as I catch my breath.
Eliza the Masculine.png Stop following me you two. I already told you, this mine will be mine!
Arya.png Not if it's mine... I mean ours, first!
Eliza the Masculine.png Fine, you can have the mine. Warrior queens are too important to be digging in the dirt anyway. I'm sure there's something ELSE I can do to win Rathorn's favor... like helping him defeat Hogwin.
Arya.png *sigh* I'd admire Eliza's unbreakable spirit more if it wasn't always being used against me. We'd better follow her and keep her out of trouble.
Ned.png But I thought we'd at least stop and pan for gold since we went through all that trouble... No? Okay, next time then.
Arya.png Another mine, Eliza? I thought you'd given up on trying to conquer one for Rathorn.
Eliza the Masculine.png Yes, I see now that I was thinking too small with that plan. I have a feeling he'll be far more impressed if I take you two out of commission by sealing you up in this old abandoned mine shaft!
Eliza the Masculine.png Grrr! Why can't you, for ONCE, just cooperate with my diabolical plans so I can have a turn at winning?!
Ned.png WAIT! Are we taking turns? If so, I would like a turn... at not having you try to take over the world.
Arya.png Give it up, Eliza! There's nowhere left for you to run.
Eliza the Masculine.png Oh, but there will be... as soon as I battle my way through you two!
Eliza the Masculine.png *sigh* All right, fine. I can see I'm not going to emerge victorious here today. But DON'T think that means I'm gone for good! I just need a little time to brainstorm my next diabolical plan... and have something to eat... and maybe a bath.
Ned.png YEAH! That's right! Go take a bath... because you're all washed up.
Arya.png ... Good one, Ned. Remind me to add battle taunts to your list of dragon-training exercises.

Ninth Island (Champion's Island)Campaign Map Dialogues (edit)

Arya.png I know you've been on the lookout for Tyrants, Professor, but there don't seem to be any here...
Professor Hogwin.png You may be right, but -- like anything that suddenly pops out of the ocean -- this island is worth investigating!
Ned.png With mysterious islands come dragons. Of course. *sigh*
Professor Hogwin.png And very unique dragons, at that! A one-of-a-kind ecosystem and rare dragons... I'll have my studying cut out for me!
Arya.png Say, is it just me, or are the dragons here acting a little strange! Why do they wanna fight us so bad?
Professor Hogwin.png Hmm. Perhaps they're trying to protect the island. Let's try to better understand their behavior, shall we?
Ned.png I don't need to "understand" anything about this dragon's behavior! It wants to fight, and I wanna leave!
Ned.png And now they wanna... nibble at my clothes? Hey, guys, wh-what's going on here? Why're the dragons so into me...?
Ned.png Arya...? D-Dad? I think these dragons are-- YAARGH!!!
Professor Hogwin.png B-by the Divines!!! They've taken Ned!!! Don't worry, son; it'll be okay! All dragons are peace-loving creatures! ... Or so I thought...
Arya.png Hang on, Ned! We'll save you as soon as we beat this dragon... and that dragon... and ALL its friends...! Yikes, Professor, there sure are a LOT of dragons!
Professor Hogwin.png And STILL no sign of Ned. Whew -- Arya, I'm getting a little old for this... We might need some help.
Arya.png These dragons are tough, even for me! But I've got an idea, Professor: I think I know somebody who can help us out...
Arya.png How about YOU, Trainer?
Professor Hogwin.png Great idea, Arya! Trainer, it's clear to me you have some seriously impressive skills. Won't you help us find Ned...
Professor Hogwin.png ...and discover the mysteries of this spectacular island?
Arya.png C'mon, Trainer, help me take on these dragons!
Arya.png Nice one! Hehe, it's great to have another powerful trainer around!
Professor Hogwin.png Goodness, I hope Ned is all right... I'm sure the dragons won't harm him; it's just that he's so FRIGHTENED of them...
Arya.png Don't worry, Professor! At the rate we're going, we'll find Ned in no time!
Professor Hogwin.png *sigh* I should have raised Ned to put more trust in dragons. I did everything I could, but... how will he EVER trust them now?
Professor Hogwin.png What's that? I should have more faith in Ned? Perhaps you're right...
Professor Hogwin.png This one looks tough. But I wonder why the Divine Dragons are sending their followers to fight us! Why not just battle us themselves...? Most interesting...
Professor Hogwin.png Great job, everybody! The going is tough, but if we all band together, I daresay we can make it through. In the meantime, I've got some pondering to do...
Olaf the Pungent.png Do my eyes deceive me? Is that Dragon Girl and the loony professor?
Arya.png Your eyes don't deceive you, and neither does my nose! I'm all for a reunion battle, Olaf, but we've got bigger fish to fry and dragons to fight!
Olaf the Pungent.png You and your friends are still as terrifying as ever, I see. I saved myself a few grey hairs getting involved in perfumery instead of conquest!
Arya.png First things first: You need to practice your perfumery. Second, what are you even doing here?!
Olaf the Pungent.png What are we doing here? It's a funny story, actually, but let's take care of these pesky dragons first.
Arya.png ... Hold on, did you say "we"?
Olaf the Pungent.png There, now that that's out of the way, my brothers should all be around here somewhere...
Professor Hogwin.png This is all becoming one big headache!
Arya.png Every smelly Viking dweeb in one place! Well, we'd love to deal with you, but we really don't have time -- Ned's been flown off by dragons!
Melvin the Malevolent.png No need for insults, Dragon Girl -- we're just here to rescue mother. Now, less chat -- more fight!
Arya.png Rescue? What happened to Gunhilda, besides a serious attitude problem?
Melvin the Malevolent.png Enough of YOUR 'tude! Mother's been... *sniff* Get it together, Melvin... You see, strange dragons took her away to this island -- to the icy summit!
Arya.png If the dragons took Gunhilda to the top of the island, there's a good chance Ned is there, too... Come on; let's climb!
Professor Hogwin.png I never expected to fight on the same side as Vikings... but family trumps rivalry, I suppose!
Arya.png Hey, Dunkelviking! How's your music career going? Write any hits? Wait, never mind; tell me after this battle...
Dunkelviking.png No hits yet, Dragon Girl, but this adventure is BOUND to produce a face-melting rock opera!
Arya.png Get ready, everyone... a horde of Divine Dragons want to say hello! Hey, Eliza, we've been through this before, haven't we? Wanna help us out?
Eliza the Masculine.png I am NOT "helping" you, fool! Our allegiances just HAPPENED to cross... AGAIN...
Arya.png You know, I haven't really had a chance to think on it, but doesn't this place look familiar, Professor? It's like Dragolympus, but-- Whoa! Incoming dragons!
Professor Hogwin.png You're right, Arya, and the dragons are the same as well! Hmm... We saved them, so why are they fighting us? How puzzling...
Arya.png Dunkelviking, I thought your mom ruined your career dreams. Why are you trying so hard to save her? Seems like she's not the best parent...
Dunkelviking.png I don't expect an ex-milkmaid to understand my complicated feelings -- but I DO expect you to help me fight off these incoming dragons!
Arya.png So? What's your answer, "Dunky"? I'm curious! It would be way easier for everyone if we let the dragons play volleyball with her for the rest of eternity.
Dunkelviking.png Well, if mother hadn't stalled my bardic dreams, I never would have realized how strongly I wanted to chase them! Also, I mean, she's my mom...
Arya.png Family is complicated, I guess. But you know what's not complicated? Battling dragons! Woo!
Arya.png Ahh, battling's the best -- I almost forget why I'm doing it in the first place! ... Oh, right, Ned!
Arya.png Poor Ned... If the dragons had taken me instead, I probably would've been having a blast! I don't really understand it, but if he's scared, we gotta help him.
Arya.png Hey, dragons! Kidnap me next time! Heh... just kidding. Maybe.
Arya.png Looks like we're almost at a new part of the island. Do you recognize it, Trainer? Well, I know you recognize these feisty dragons!
Arya.png Great job! Hey, we should go head-to-head one of these days!
Professor Hogwin.png One more obstacle; and it's our old friend, Arya: the Medusa Dragon! Just because it's not a Divine doesn't make it any less fearsome!
Professor Hogwin.png We're a bit closer now... Hold tight, son -- just remember your happy place and breathe into your paper bag!
Arya.png This place looks familiar, too... Ah, I know -- it's like the Island of New Beginnings, just in miniature! And check it out: The dragons are the same, too!
Arya.png What could it all mean...? Agh, thinking makes my brain hurt -- I'll leave the hardcore thoughts to Professor Hogwin.
Arya.png I remember battling a ton of super-powerful dragons here with Ned. He was scared, but he knew so much about each one! Like, THIS dragon was... Uh...
Arya.png OK, so I can't really memorize facts like Ned... but I remember having a lot of fun with him...!
Arya.png Eliza, you remember when we battled on the Island of New Beginnings, right? I hope you battle a little better today!
Eliza the Masculine.png Grr... Arya, I'm not here for a trip down memory lane -- and I think you'll find I've VASTLY improved!
Arya.png Aww, Eliza, I know Ned and I beat you last time, but we all make mistakes... Except me, when I battle dragons like this!
Eliza the Masculine.png You're getting awfully full of yourself for someone who couldn't rescue her little boyfriend!
Arya.png Huh? Boyfriend? I don't get it!
Professor Hogwin.png That's an awful lot of dragons coming for us! If only I could work out why they seem so intent on battling...
Professor Hogwin.png I might have a theory after a few more battles. Let's keep forging on!
Professor Hogwin.png It's odd. The dragons don't seem aggressive -- just... sporty? It's almost like this is a tournament! Come on now, beasties, let me study you a while longer!
Professor Hogwin.png If we understand these dragons, we don't need to fear them!
Arya.png Olaf, have you gotten over trying to impress your brother, the Dunkelviking? Maybe this next battle will make him love you!
Olaf the Pungent.png I mean, the battle WAS impressive, but ever since Dunky picked up his music career, he's been a lot more... manageable. What's the word? "Nice"?
Dunkelviking.png "Nice"? Did somebody call me "nice"? Olaf, you smelly nut, was that you? Or was I mishearing some approaching dragon's roar...?
Olaf the Pungent.png What? "Nice"? All that lute playing's made you hard of hearing, Dunky. But, hey, did you see how expertly I strategized during that battle? Did you?
Dunkelviking.png Olaf, why don't you go home and let me take on this fight, huh? I know you've got some, uh, perfume-y stuff to do, or something like that...
Olaf the Pungent.png B-but... I CAN fight...!
Olaf the Pungent.png Hey, Trainer, help me take on this super-powerful Bamboo Dragon and I'll give you a free sample of my newest perfume line, OK? Just make sure Dunky's watching...
Olaf the Pungent.png Ha HA! We did it! Take THAT, crippling self-esteem issues! And take THAT, familial expectations!
Dunkelviking.png Er, Olaf, brother... I told you to go home so you could get back to your REAL passion, right? I know you don't like battling like this!
Olaf the Pungent.png Well, I CAN battle, so I WILL battle! Hmph.
Dunkelviking.png Olaf, listen: I like writing songs about adventures; you like making perfume. I don't understand it, but I support it. Just like I support battling these dragons.
Olaf the Pungent.png Does this mean... Dunky, do you love me?!
Dunkelviking.png Of course I love you! You're my brother, you dumb oaf!!!
Arya.png Hmm. Professor, do you think the dragons are trying to get us to work out our emotional baggage by kidnapping our loved ones and battling us?
Professor Hogwin.png It's a good guess, Arya! You're probably not that far off...
Olaf the Pungent.png I DO love making perfume -- well, it's more of a necessity, really -- but... I think I'll stick around and help rescue mother. Do your worst, dragons!
Dunkelviking.png That's awfully... NICE of you, Olaf. (Mighty claws, what a strange word to pronounce!)
Professor Hogwin.png Across this bridge is one of the island's summits. Let's be sure to stop and smell the roses -- and appreciate the view -- before the next battle.
Professor Hogwin.png Yes indeed, nothing more relaxing than that!
Arya.png Don't get TOO into your sightseeing, Professor -- there's a huge gang of dragons headed this way... and it looks like they want to play!
Professor Hogwin.png Well played, dragons, but we've won this round!
Arya.png Wow, we're so high up -- I can see the whole island from here! Heeey, Ned, can you hear me?! Oh, no, but a couple of dragons did.
Arya.png It was worth a shot! I guess we'll have to find Ned the good ol' fashioned dragon-battling way.
Arya.png I remember a lot of these temples from adventuring with Ned. It was so cool fighting the dragons inside! I guess these other dragons will have to do for now...
Professor Hogwin.png Perhaps we could all visit the temples once this adventure is over!
Arya.png What's the matter, Eliza? You've been awfully quiet. Dragon got your tongue? Let's pry it off!
Eliza the Masculine.png I'm FINE, thank you very much! I just don't like remembering my embarrassing defeat at the hands of you and that weakling, Ned!
Arya.png Hey, he's not weak -- he's just gotta work on his self-esteem!
Eliza the Masculine.png Grr... I WON'T let these dragons embarrass me here again! Come on, you scaly ninnies -- let's have a rematch!
Arya.png Eliza sure is fired up! It's even MORE fun to see now that we're on the same side!
Eliza the Masculine.png *blush* Stop having fun this instant!
Arya.png I think I see a familiar dragon face up ahead... But first, time to battle these small fry!
Arya.png Okay! Now, Guan Di Dragon, here we come!
Arya.png Hello again, Guan Di Dragon! Remember me? I fought you with my friend Ned, but I've got a few more friends with me this time around!
Arya.png Thanks for the battle, Guan Di Dragon! I'm your biggest fan!
Eliza the Masculine.png Ack! Here again? I thought I'd left the Golden Pyramid in the past -- literally!
Arya.png But aren't you excited to see the Golden Pyramid again, Eliza? We had such a blast battling dragons in the desert!
Eliza the Masculine.png Heinrich, if you're lurking around here like last time, just watch how I battle these dragons and imagine that happening to your FACE!
Arya.png Don't worry, Eliza; I think we're safe!
Arya.png I know our desert adventure was kind of hectic, Eliza, but wasn't it, y'know, fun in the sun? Didn't we totally beat the heat? Now, let's beat this battle!
Eliza the Masculine.png It's almost like you WANT me to have fun. What's that all about?
Professor Hogwin.png Arya, I see you and your Trainer friend are getting along quite well with our unlikely Viking teammates. You haven't been... influenced, have you?
Arya.png Professor, the only things that "influence" me are DRAGONS and BATTLES!
Arya.png See? My head is clear, Professor!
Arya.png Besides, those Vikings aren't half bad if you give them a chance to do something... good?
Eliza the Masculine.png Heh, we've fought all of these dragons before -- a few more of them is no big deal! C'mon! Let me at 'em!
Eliza the Masculine.png Thanks, dragons! You've made me THAT much stronger! Wahahaha!
Professor Hogwin.png Whew, it sure is hot on this part of the island! Amazing how multiple climates exist side-by-side in the same small land mass... I've GOT to keep studying!
Professor Hogwin.png Yes, every dragon is perfectly suited to each ecosystem. Fascinating!
Dunkelviking.png Urgh... It's so... HOT. No wonder Heinrich seemed to do so well in the desert -- that lack of hair kept him cool. HEY, dragons! Singe off my beard a little, won't you?
Arya.png Dunkelviking! Dragons don't give out trims or haircuts unless you ask REALLY nicely.
Olaf the Pungent.png Eliza, didn't you have a "thing" going on with Heinrich when we all went to the Golden Pyramid?
Melvin the Malevolent.png No, no, Heinrich had a "thing" going on with mother. That's why she sent him back in time to the desert; probably so that dragons like these could scare him straight.
Eliza the Masculine.png ARRGH! I did not have a THING with Heinrich! And neither did mother!
Eliza the Masculine.png Maybe if you spent time TRAINING instead of gossiping, you'd have beaten that meathead Arya and her Trainer friend back when it counted!
Melvin the Malevolent.png I mean, it's just that we thought you'd be married by now, Eliza. Don't you want to make mother proud when we find her?
Eliza the Masculine.png Hey! Melvin! Shut up! And help us fight this dragon!
Eliza the Masculine.png I'll impress mother with my battle prowess alone, thank you VERY much.
Melvin the Malevolent.png *muttering* I wish I could impress mom with battle prowess alone...
Arya.png Look, Eliza! It's the Golden Pyramid! Aww, I wish somebody had a disposable picture-box so we could pose together! Maybe this dragon knows where to pick one up?
Eliza the Masculine.png Well... Maybe we could get a picture later. I mean... If I feel like it...
Arya.png Remember this dragon, Eliza? Hey, Dile Dragon, you're far from the Dile River! I wonder what could have made it come so far...
Eliza the Masculine.png Something strange is going on here, that's for sure...
Professor Hogwin.png Goodness, Arya! You and Eliza fought with some tough customers... But it seems like you had a great time while you did! That's my protégé for you!
Professor Hogwin.png Now if only I could get Ned to follow Arya's example...
Dunkelviking.png So, you DID have fun when you explored the Golden Pyramid, Eliza?
Eliza the Masculine.png Oh, it was nothing, Dunky. Dragon battles are way more "fun" for me...
Eliza the Masculine.png Actually, yeah, I did have fun. I had a lot of fun kicking Heinrich's butt... battling with Arya...
Eliza the Masculine.png B-but it was all in the name of duty, of course!
Dunkelviking.png Oh, not you too, Eliza! You KNOW you don't need to impress me. I'm not about that life anymore -- it's all rock ballads and friendly battles. Come, sister; aid me!
Eliza the Masculine.png Heh -- a heart-pounding battle, brother! Well done!
Arya.png Looks like you're getting along better with your brothers, Eliza! Let's celebrate with a battle!
Eliza the Masculine.png Hey, my brothers are still a bunch of losers, and don't you forget it! Except for Dunky, of course...
Professor Hogwin.png What do you think of all this "togetherness," Trainer? I wonder if this is what the dragons had in mind... Only one way to find out!
Arya.png Another amazing battle! Go on, show off your war cry!
Eliza the Masculine.png ... Arya, I might need your help on this one. We're talking a SARCOPHAGUS-full of desert Divines!
Arya.png High five, Eliza! We did it! And we got to see all our old Divine friends again!
Eliza the Masculine.png No high fives! ... Okay, maybe one high five. Or two. That's fine.
Professor Hogwin.png What a battle that was! This one should be a piece of cake in comparison, Trainer.
Professor Hogwin.png Just as I suspected. Great job!
Professor Hogwin.png I think I'm starting to put it together -- the secret of this mysterious island and the behavior of the dragons that have come here...
Professor Hogwin.png Your expert battling skills have helped me study the dragons -- so, thank you!
Professor Hogwin.png The temples all over this island suggest ceremonial significance! Then, of course, there's the presence of the Divine Dragons... and others...
Arya.png Taking notes, Professor?
Professor Hogwin.png I don't think the dragons would have gathered here without an important reason... Hello dragon, won't you tell me your secrets?
Professor Hogwin.png Alas! I'll have to keep studying Dragonese...
Arya.png You made that up just now, didn't you Professor?
Arya.png Have you got any ideas about what's going on here, Professor?
Professor Hogwin.png I do! And I'll tell you after this battle!
Professor Hogwin.png I believe that the Divine Dragons have assembled themselves and their strongest disciples... to test us!
Professor Hogwin.png Something very big is about to happen... I'm just not sure exactly what.
Arya.png Apep Dragon! If you like discord so much, then you won't want to hear how we've been kind of getting along with Vikings!
Professor Hogwin.png Even the Apep Dragon didn't seem to be able to cause infighting within our ragtag group. Interesting...
Arya.png We're nearing the summit of the Island! It's getting icy, but all of this fighting makes the cold feel refreshing! Let's battle!
Professor Hogwin.png I do hope that we find Ned soon... Poor boy isn't great with heights...
Melvin the Malevolent.png I think I hear mother! I'd recognize her battle cry anywhere! And if I find her first, I'm sure she'll read me bedtime stories, just like old times!
Eliza the Masculine.png I see the years haven't made you any less ridiculous, Melvin...
Professor Hogwin.png Ned might not be the best battler, but he's smart. Perhaps he's already figured out this island's mysteries... Trainer, please, help us find him!
Arya.png You've got great stamina, Trainer. Hmm, what's that? I think I hear distant whimpering... Ned?
Eliza the Masculine.png Wait until mother hears about all of our breakthroughs. She'll be so... so...! You know what? Let's not think about it -- we'll just battle this dragon instead.
Olaf the Pungent.png If only she would wear the perfume I made for her -- we would know EXACTLY where she was from miles away! (But nooo, "too sulfurous," she said...)
Arya.png I thought I'd heard the rumble of an avalanche, but it looks like it was the rumble of a pack of dragons! C'mon everyone; less searching and more battling!
Arya.png I never thought I would enjoy fighting alongside Vikings, but... Hey, that was a great show, everyone!
Professor Hogwin.png It does seem like this island has brought out the best in everyone. I hope the same is true with Ned and Gunhilda... It would be nice to put conflicts behind us!
Professor Hogwin.png Fantastic battling, Trainer. It seems like this island has brought out the best in you, as well!
Arya.png Don't worry too much about Ned, Professor. I'm sure when we find him, he'll have already figured out what this island is for -- maybe even without trembling!
Professor Hogwin.png It's true. I'm looking forward to finding Ned and hearing his thoughts! We need to compare notes! Hm, is this what fatherly pride feels like...?
Dunkelviking.png Arya, I don't like to admit it, but you would probably make a good Viking! You're hardy, you're brutal, and you can even make Eliza listen to you!
Arya.png I definitely don't know how to feel about that, so instead, um... Let's battle more dragons!
Eliza the Masculine.png Dunky! Don't tell her stuff like that! Argh! (She WOULD make a decent Viking though...)
Dunkelviking.png These temperature changes aren't good for my vocal chords! And just when I was about to try a yodel to find mother...
Melvin the Malevolent.png I'll try a yodel too! YODELAYHEEHOO-- *COUGH COUGH*
Dunkelviking.png Decent effort!
Arya.png Cheers to us -- and cheers to another great dragon battle!
Arya.png Hey, I think I found some thread from Ned's coat... Not that I usually notice what Ned's wearing. Let's follow this trail!
Professor Hogwin.png Ah, the Eikthyrnir Dragon! If it's here, we must be nearing the Great Tree -- and, hopefully, Ned!
Professor Hogwin.png The Great Tree! There it is, in the distance! Oh, Ned would be so excited to see it...
Arya.png Hey, I see them! I see Ned and Gunhilda, riiight past all of these restless dragons! I guess it's time for a daring rescue! Whee!
Arya.png I thought the Vikings would be happy to see their mom... But they all look nervous!
Professor Hogwin.png Families are complicated, Arya...
Professor Hogwin.png Ned, my boy! We're so glad you're okay! Not that we ever worried; Arya and I both believed in you.
Ned.png Y-you didn't even worry a little bit...?
Ned.png Whew! Dad, Arya... It's so great to see you again!
Ned.png Wait until I show you this tablet that Gunhilda and I put together! And um, maybe let the others fight these dragons.
Professor Hogwin.png Did you say you and Gunhilda -- THE Gunhilda -- actually worked together? I'm stunned... and VERY impressed!
Gunhilda.png What took you so long, useless children? I had to mother this other poor whelp in your absence. Stop hugging me so hard, Melvin!
Melvin the Malevolent.png I found mother! I'm the one that saw her first. Someone write that down!
Professor Hogwin.png Ned and Gunhilda assembled a tablet that foretells an ancient prophecy? You'll have to show me after this battle, son. Your mind works in beautiful ways, my boy!
Ned.png The prophecy's written in an ancient language I've been studying, dad. The studying's been a lot like battling dragons! Just with... more books.
Ned.png Listen, everyone. The prophecy reads: "Champion's Island will rise from the ocean when a great cataclysm is set in motion..."
Ned.png "... The Divines and their flock will arrive here to nest, and gather strong Trainers to put to the test." And speaking of test... here come TONS of dragons! Ack!
Professor Hogwin.png Champions Island, you say? The dragons must be gathering the strongest hearts, minds, and bodies in the land. That must be why we found YOU, Trainer!
Arya.png So the dragons ARE testing us! I knew they had a good reason for all their silliness! The only thing is... What exactly are they testing us for?
Ned.png Arya, do you know what "cataclysm" means...?
Professor Hogwin.png *sigh* I have an idea about this "cataclysm," everyone. I knew it was coming, but I thought we'd have more time...
Professor Hogwin.png I believe that the Tyrants are returning -- sooner than we'd hoped, and STRONGER than ever!
Gunhilda.png Hmm. If the Tyrants are returning at full power, we Vikings might be in danger, too... Well, useless children, we'd best get prepared! Show me your strength!
Professor Hogwin.png Amazing! A lasting truce between Trainers and Vikings?! I never thought I'd see it in my lifetime!
Gunhilda.png *grumble* Don't hold your breath, Hogwin... The enemy of my enemy is my TEMPORARY ally.
Professor Hogwin.png The dragons are testing our strength, but Ned, I believe they also targeted you for your smarts!
Gunhilda.png And ME for my POWER, obviously! En garde, dragon!
Ned.png Jeez, dad, do you really think so...? I don't know how to feel... Maybe good?
Professor Hogwin.png You SHOULD feel good, my boy -- good and smart! You might not be a Dragon Master, but... you're a researcher, a historian! That's something to be proud of.
Eliza the Masculine.png Ugh, enough with the chitchat! Let's keep battling until I'm strong enough to beat Arya ten times over!
Arya.png You're on, Eliza!
Gunhilda.png You've gotten tougher, Eliza, but when are you going to find a good husband?
Eliza the Masculine.png *grumble* Not now, mother...
Arya.png Look! The Great Tree is right in front of us. We're almost at the top of the island... It's been fun, hasn't it? Now c'mon -- one last battle before the end!
Ned.png You know, even though I'm literally shaking in my boots, I almost don't want today to end! ... Haha, who am I kidding -- I WANNA GO HOME!
Arya.png Champion's Island, huh? Once we defeat the Nidhogg Dragon, we'll be champions of this island! What do you say, Trainer? Let's give it our all!
Arya.png We did it, everyone! But if the Tyrants really are returning, we'd better take the dragons' advice and stick around to train some more!
Arya.png If we keep training with these super-powerful dragons, there's nothing we can't do together!


Golden PyramidBoss Challenge (18/07/30) (edit)

Arya.png Well, we've had quite an adventure! I suppose we should get home before poor Ned sends a search party...
Arya.png And it looks like some of our Divine friends want to come with us! Say, Eliza, do you want to come too?
Eliza the Masculine.png No way! Next time we meet, it'll be as rivals, just like normal... Although... maybe we could get lunch next week?
Arya.png Sure! Let's make history!

Golden PyramidBoss Challenge (18/08/13) (edit)

Professor Hogwin.png Arya, what a fascinating place you've discovered! I can hardly wait to observe and research these ancient dragons!
Arya.png Just be polite, Professor -- they've been nice enough to allow us to stick around and play before they send us home!
Arya.png The dragons here really love to battle -- just like me! I bet we can befriend them if we show them a good time!
Eliza the Masculine.png Er... Can I come along, too...?

MidgardenBoss Challenge (18/11/05) (edit)

Arya.png Whoa! Why are the dragons suddenly so rowdy? I thought the Tournament was over!
Professor Hogwin.png They're celebrating! It's been a thousand years since they've encountered humans...
Eliza the Masculine.png Hey, do you two wanna join in the fun and battle it out? I've got to show the rest of the dragons what a powerful Viking REALLY looks like! RRAAHH!

Time Rift IIDivine Allies (19/06/21) (edit)

Ned.png Th-Th-The Rift is back?! I thought we were done with it after befriending the future Divines of Mount Dragolympus!
Professor Hogwin.png Not so, son of mine! Do you remember the Pangu Dragon, from your adventure with Arya on the Island of New Beginnings?
Arya.png You mean the super powerful Divine Dragon that shaped the earth and heavens with a swing of its tail?!
Ned.png *GULP*
Professor Hogwin.png That's right! It appears this very dragon had a hand-- er, claw -- in opening the Rift again. Or, at least, a dragon that looks quite like it...
Professor Hogwin.png The whole thing bears further investigation -- from courageous adventurers such as yourselves, of course!

Ned.png *sigh* Here we are again. The scenery's a bit different, but that endless drop into the void of space-time sure hasn't changed...
Arya.png It's like a whole new Rift to explore! I wonder what kind of dragons we'll meet this time around...?
Ned.png Y-You won't have to wonder long, Arya -- look! I-I-It's the Erlang Shen Dragon! Hide me!
Arya.png I've ALWAYS wanted to meet you again, Erlang Shen Dragon. Are you saying you'd like to travel with us? What an honor!

Ned.png E-Eliza?! What are you doing here? And what in Dragolandia is THAT?!
Eliza the Masculine.png Well "hello" to you too, brats! To answer your first question: This creature dragged me here and seems to be carrying out my every whim, no questions asked!
Eliza the Masculine.png As to question number two: THIS is the Chrono Erlang Shen Dragon, and it's going to utterly DESTROY you!

Eliza the Masculine.png ARGH! I thought for SURE I had you this time! J-Just give me a second to recuperate and I'll be back to FINALLY beat you!
Arya.png Whew! What a battle! I wonder what that was all about, though... It's not every day you see a Divine Dragon totally getting along with a Viking.
Ned.png It's unusual for sure. But we gotta remember, we have no idea what these Chrono Divines want, or who exactly they're allied with...

Arya.png Cool! The Erlang Shen Dragon sniffed out a key! Say, can you show me one of your 72 transformations next?
Ned.png M-Maybe we should just let it focus on leading us through here in one piece!

Arya.png Wow! It's like a palace in space! Isn't it beautiful, Ned?
Ned.png It's not nearly as beautiful as...*mumbling*...
Arya.png What was that? Our dragon friend's looking at you funny -- it can see through lies, you know! Better watch what you say!

Ned.png Huh? Don't tell me the Chang'e Dragon is on Eliza's side! I thought at least Divines from OUR time would defend us!
Arya.png It must be some sort of misunderstanding. Nothing a good battle can't clear up!
Eliza the Masculine.png I'll ALWAYS be mystified by that logic of yours. Anyway, let's go, Chang'e Dragon! There's extra treats in it for you if we win!

Eliza the Masculine.png Hmph. Looks like you're only getting the NORMAL amount of treats today, Chang'e Dragon.
Arya.png Nooooo! Eliza, you're too cruel!
Eliza the Masculine.png Oh please. Look how happy the Chang'e Dragon is just being around me! And before you say anything: No, I don't get it either!

Arya.png Where to next, Erlang Shen Dragon? Are you going to lead us to Eliza again? It seems like a lot of your friends are on her side -- even YOU from the future!
Ned.png I keep wracking my mind to figure out why that is... If I could just... Oof!
Arya.png Ned, you're a genius! You've tripped right over the key we need to keep exploring the Rift!

Ned.png Whew, it's hot in here. How is that possible? Isn't space supposed to be cold?
Arya.png Oh, you feel it too? I thought it was just my wild fighting spirit. Sometimes it really heats me up!
Ned.png Sometimes I wonder how exactly I ended up with such a big crush on-- I mean... I hope we, uh, crush Eliza...!!!

Arya.png Ah-ha! That explains the heat! Eliza's got her hands on a rare Furnace Dragon!
Ned.png I-I guess all kinds of dragons have gotten lost -- or stuck -- in this Rift... I can't WAIT to get out of here!
Eliza the Masculine.png I don't care how they got here, as long as they keep obeying ME! Hehe -- this is great!

Eliza the Masculine.png Hmph! Fine! Go cool down, Furnace Dragon... You three haven't beaten me yet! I'll kick you out and rule over this Rift!
Ned.png E-Eliza, I don't think that's such a good idea... We don't know enough about this place to--
Eliza the Masculine.png Be quiet, Neddy! Go follow your little girlfriend and useless dragon while I rule the Rift!
Arya.png Eliza! That was super rude and-- Aw, hey, don't cry, Ned!

Arya.png All this power sure is going to Eliza's head. It's making her into a big jerk! I thought we were sorta becoming friends...
Ned.png Sorry, Arya. I guess she's still a Viking at heart... But there's gotta be a bigger reason why all these Rift dragons are on her team...
Arya.png In the meantime, our Erlang Shen Dragon pal's found another key! Way to go!

Arya.png Whoa! To think I called that OTHER part of the Rift a palace...! THIS part's like a... a mega-palace! Do the future Divines get to hang out here all the time?
Ned.png I suppose so -- but I bet they liked it way better when it wasn't all broken and stuck in a Rift...
Arya.png I wonder what the Erlang Shen Dragon thinks of all this. Poor thing -- I hope it's not too stressed out!

Arya.png Uh-oh -- the Erlang Shen Dragon's getting really steamed!
Eliza the Masculine.png Of course it is! Its future self is here to teach it a lesson!
Arya.png The only one who needs a lesson here is you, Eliza!

Eliza the Masculine.png No! Chrono Erlang Shen! Ugh, you won't be so lucky next time. You'll NEVER believe who else I've got on my side!
Arya.png Try me! I'll believe ANYTHING!
Ned.png *sigh* Arya...

Ned.png I'm worried, Arya... If Eliza has all these Chrono Divines on her side, that kind of power is nothing to toy around with...
Arya.png Sure, but WE'VE got the original Erlang Shen Dragon, and I hear it can cut mountains in half! Isn't that right, buddy?
Ned.png I guess it can find keys, too! It pays to have multiple talents...

Arya.png Hey Ned, if Eliza really does manage to kick us out of here, what do you think will happen to her?
Ned.png Well, that's the problem. The dragons and their lands are all displaced and jumbled up in here.
Ned.png If the Rift closed with those dragons and Eliza inside, they could get stuck. Or Eliza could be tossed into the future...! All I know is, I've got a bad feeling.

Arya.png Eliza, why don't you give this up? If you stay in the Rift with all these dragons, you might never be able to leave!
Eliza the Masculine.png Quiet, Dragon Girl! I don't care! I finally have power! For once, I'm respected! I'll never give that up!
Eliza the Masculine.png Now, Chrono Pangu Dragon, show these fools the power of a dragon who can rend earth from sky!

Eliza the Masculine.png No! I don't believe this! I bet the Chrono Pangu held back because it recognized an old comrade...! But I've got one more ace up my sleeve. See ya, losers!
Ned.png I have to admit, I kind of feel for Eliza...
Arya.png Well I don't! I think she's powerful! I respect her plenty! Why can't she see that and stop acting like a big jerk?!

Arya.png Hmph. You know what? I don't care if Eliza gets stuck here forever -- I just want to get the dragons safely out of the Rift!
Ned.png Hehe. Arya, the Erlang Shen Dragon's looking at you funny. Could you be telling a lie?
Arya.png N-No way! It just looks like that 'cuz it's found a key!

Arya.png Ah! It's so bright! What's the ball of light, Ned? Or does the Erlang Shen Dragon know?
Ned.png I'm not sure... But I think I might have figured out the answer to our OTHER problem. I'll know for sure when we find out what that "ace" up Eliza's sleeve is!
Arya.png We're lucky you're so good at solving mysteries, Ned!

Eliza the Masculine.png Meet the Chrono Nezha Dragon! It's one of the most devoted, most powerful dragons out there, and it's chosen ME as its master! NOW will you leave me alone?!
Arya.png No! We're getting you AND all these dragons out of this crazy Rift!
Eliza the Masculine.png You... are... so... annoying!

Eliza the Masculine.png I... I really lost...?
Ned.png Ah-ha! I knew it! I was worried about being right, but this might be the only explanation: See, the Nezha Dragon is the Taiyi Zhenren Dragon's disciple...
Ned.png ... During our time on the Island of New Beginnings, Eliza wanted to kidnap the Taiyi Zhenren Dragon, the ruler of the Island Divines...
Ned.png What if, in the future she actually managed to do it?! Ack -- stop pushing me toward the exit, Erlang Shen Dragon! I want to see if I'm right!

Arya.png There's something that doesn't sit right with me. If Eliza KIDNAPPED the Taiyi Zhenren Dragon in the future, how come the other dragons all WANT to obey her?
Arya.png Wouldn't they be mad? Wait -- Eliza... maybe you TAMED the Taiyi Zhenren Dragon! These dragons aren't bad, and neither are you, Eliza!
Eliza the Masculine.png N-No way...! Do you really think...? Could I really befriend such a powerful dragon...?
Arya.png In any case, can't you come home with us? If you do, I bet all your dragon friends will follow. And... I'd rather you didn't get stuck in space-time.
Eliza the Masculine.png I... I guess I owe it to them to take them out of danger. Fine. For now, let's go back to our own time...
Ned.png I'm a little worried about the future after all this... but only the past is written in stone. Anything can happen -- for better or worse!

Island of New BeginningsDivine New Year (18/02/16) (edit)

Professor Hogwin.png Arya, it's time for the Divine New Year's celebration! The Island of New Beginnings has risen from the sea so Divine Dragons can battle all comers.
Arya.png Not that I'm complaining about a battle, Professor... but why DO the Divine Dragons celebrate the New Year by battling?
Professor Hogwin.png Dragons believe the more battles they win, the more luck they'll have in the coming year...
Professor Hogwin.png Divine Dragons bestow blessings at New Year's by allowing a lucky few to challenge them. I want you to take Ned and go battle, then report back.
Arya.png Heck yes! Hey, Ned! Neeed! Let's go for a walk. I promise this has nothing to do with dragons...

Arya.png Here we are Ned, the Island of New Beginnings. It's just as Professor Hogwin said: It's risen from the sea for the Divine New Year's celebration.
Ned.png What?! I hear the Divine Dragons of this island celebrate the New Year by battling! Come on; they probably want to be left alone...
Eliza the Masculine.png Too bad for them! I'm here to get the party underway... by kidnapping the Taiyi Zhenren Dragon! Then Rathorn will invite ME to join the Tyrants.
Arya.png Eliza?! We can't let her interfere with the Divine New Year's celebration, or the dragons' battle ritual could be thrown out of whack! Come on, Ned.

Eliza the Masculine.png Leave me to my dastardly deeds, you dragon-loving doofuses!
Arya.png No way, Eliz--huh? What's this... a baby Nezha Dragon? You want to help us save the Taiyi Zhenren Dragon from Eliza? Let's do it!

Eliza the Masculine.png You may have won this battle, but you won't stop me from kidnapping the Taiyi Zhenren Dragon! Later, little trainers...
Arya.png Get back here, Eliza! We've got to catch her and it looks like the Nezha Dragon wants to help, but it can't battle anymore; it needs to rest.
Ned.png *sigh* If we want to move farther up the mountain, we'll need to find an offering for the Divine Dragons. I'll start looking...

Ned.png Here it is, Arya! I found the Lucky Coin we'll need to offer the Divine Dragons in order to move farther up the mountain.
Arya.png Good work, Ned. Come on; after Eliza!

Ned.png This is THE Cave of Pangu -- I recognize it from Dad's research.
Ned.png The Pangu Dragon is responsible for shaping the very earth, and separating Yin from Yang with a swing of its mighty tail!
Arya.png Impressive. It sounds like a dragon that can handle itself, but I wouldn't put it past Eliza to dream up some scheme to overpower it. Let's go!

Eliza the Masculine.png That's right, Pangu Dragon -- THESE are the meddlers who've come to invade your territory! Get them!
Ned.png Wait, Pangu Dragon! We're not-- Ack!

Arya.png That creep, Eliza, tricked the poor Pangu Dragon into thinking we were the enemy! Then she ran off while we were busy with that battle.
Arya.png Let's go, Ned; we can't let her cause any MORE trouble.

Ned.png Look, Arya, here's another Lucky Coin... I guess whoever made offerings before us just left them lying around.
Arya.png Lucky for us, then! We can find out where Eliza ran off to.

Ned.png This must be the Guan Di Dragon's training grounds! I'd hate to run into it in a bad mood...
Arya.png No sign of Eliza. She can't be too far ahead. Let's go.

Ned.png There's Eliza! She's gone into the Shrine of Guan Di! Lucky for us, the Guan Di Dragon is known for being loyal and righteous...
Ned.png S-so we should be fine, right...? Right, Arya?

Arya.png Check it OUT, Ned! These training grounds are my idea of paradise.
Ned.png A-are you kidding me? There are sharp, POINTY things everywhere! Eliza might as well be sitting on a powder keg! We've got to stop her!

Eliza the Masculine.png These trainers have invaded your sacred training grounds, Guan Di Dragon. Show them the meaning of WAR!
Arya.png A battle against the famed Guan Di Dragon?! Pinch me Ned, I must be dreaming! ... Ouch. All right, let's battle!

Arya.png Thank you for the battle, Guan Di Dragon! I'm your biggest fan!
Ned.png This isn't the time to be dragon-struck, Arya! Come on; we can't let Eliza get away!

Ned.png Another Lucky Coin! Maybe the Guan Di Dragon blessed us for leaving it in peace?
Arya.png *sigh* I wish it had blessed us with another battle instead. Oh well; we'd better deal with Eliza and then maybe I can challenge it again later.

Ned.png I've got a b-b-bad feeling about this place, Arya...
Arya.png Sure, it's a little cold... and there's an eerie feeling in the air... and a chill up my spine... But for talon's sake, Ned, we train DRAGONS. Come on.

Eliza the Masculine.png You've meddled with my meddling for the LAST time! Get them, my Ba Jiao Gui Dragon!
Arya.png A ghostly Ba Jiao Gui Dragon?! Well then, prepare to be haunted by this battle!

Arya.png Eliza was pale as a sheet after her Ba Jiao Gui Dragon lost that battle, right Ned?
Ned.png G-G-Ghost Dragon!
Arya.png Right. I guess it's a combination of the two things that scare you most. Let's go look for that Lucky Coin to get your mind off things...

Arya.png Look Ned, I found the Lucky Coin! Huzzah!
Ned.png G-G-Ghost Dragon!
Arya.png *sigh* I'm sure he'll snap out of it... eventually. Onward!

Arya.png What's the story here, Ned? Do you think whoever owns this temple will let me play with all these giant sabers?
Ned.png The Erlang Shen Dragon is rumored to be able to cut mountains in half, call forth holy lightning, and fire energy beams from its third eye... it's terrifying.
Arya.png Cool! Come on, come on. Forget about these sabers; I want to see the Erlang Shen Dragon do all that stuff!

Eliza the Masculine.png Best of luck beating this unstoppable warrior dragon god! You will cower before its awesome might!
Arya.png Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! Whatever, Eliza. Come on; let's just battle already!

Ned.png The Erlang Shen Dragon can see through lies and illusions... so why didn't it see through Eliza?
Arya.png Maybe it was just putting us to the test -- and since Eliza made a break for it, I think we passed! Now, let's tail her!

Eliza the Masculine.png What? Back again?! Get them, my Ba Jiao Gui Dragon!
Ned.png Ahhhhh! G-G-Ghost Dragon!
Arya.png Stop screaming, Ned. Look, the Ba Jiao Gui Dragon doesn't want to hurt you; it's just interested in that Lucky Coin you've got.
Arya.png Aww, how cute. I think it wants to be friends. Want to join us, Ba Jiao Gui Dragon? Yay!

Arya.png There it is up ahead: the Temple of Hou Yi. Wow. It's so majestic and beautiful...
Ned.png Yeah it's beautiful, just like... just like yo--
Arya.png Dragons! I know, right?!

Ned.png Okay Arya, in this next temple we have to be very careful, because this Dragon is especially tough... Arya?! Wait up!

Ned.png The Temple of Hou Yi. It's said that the Hou Yi Dragon is a great archer.
Arya.png An archer?! Wow. I've never seen a dragon use a bow and arrow. Do you think it would show us? Let's go!

Eliza the Masculine.png Here are the trespassers I told you about, Hou Yi Dragon. They're your target!
Arya.png We'd better pierce through Eliza's lies with a good, clean battle!

Arya.png Eliza has really snapped to go around upsetting all these Divine Dragons. What if they turn on her?
Ned.png They say the arrow doesn't fall far from the bow. If she's anything like her brother the Dunkelviking, she won't give up no matter the risk. Come on.

Ned.png Here's the Lucky Coin we needed, Arya.
Arya.png Thanks! We'd better hurry. I'm worried about what Eliza has planned for the Chang'e Dragon!

Arya.png Come on, Ned! We're almost at the Temple of Chang'e.
Ned.png *huff puff* Right behind you. As soon as I get this stitch out of my side...

Arya.png Eliza has already entered the temple! We can't let her mess with the poor Chang'e Dragon. Charge!

Ned.png Here we are at the Temple of Chang'e. The Chang'e Dragon is said to be married to the Hou Yi Dragon. Isn't that romantic, Arya? ... Arya?
Arya.png ... What? Oh, sorry Ned. I was busy thinking about my next battle strategy. What did you say?
Ned.png *sigh* Never mind. Let's find Eliza.

Eliza the Masculine.png Here are the wicked trainers who attacked your poor husband, Chang'e Dragon. Teach them a lesson!
Arya.png A battle?! That's the only kind of lesson I like. Let's do this!

Arya.png We're sorry we had to fight you and your husband, Chang'e Dragon. We'll make Eliza pay for tricking both of you.
Ned.png ... The Chang'e Dragon doesn't look like it understands your apology. Let's get out of here before it marshals its strength and attacks again!

Arya.png Ned, I found the Lucky Coin... for a change! Get it? ... Do you get it?
Ned.png Your puns are like a bad penny; they just keep turning up. *hehe* ... Oh, come on Arya! That was funny; don't storm off!

Ned.png Oh no! I think Eliza's already arrived at the Temple of Taiyi Zhenren!
Arya.png There's no time to waste; let's go!

Ned.png Here we are at the temple, but what's that sound from inside...?
Arya.png I'd know that sound anywhere: It's a battle! Eliza must have started fighting the Taiyi Zhenren Dragon. Hurry!

Ned.png Wow. The Temple of the Taiyi Zhenren Dragon is even more amazing than I'd imagined!
Ned.png It's said that the Taiyi Zhenren Dragon is a great teacher to the other dragons, the Nezha Dragon in particular.
Arya.png This baby Nezha Dragon looks anxious to greet its master. We've got to rescue it from Eliza's clutches!

Eliza the Masculine.png Thank goodness you're here! This crazy Taiyi Zhenren Dragon keeps trying to battle me, and it's WAY too tough!
Arya.png The Taiyi Zhenren Dragon thinks you came to challenge it in celebration of the Divine New Year. We'd be honored to be its opponents in your place!

Arya.png Thank you for a great battle, Taiyi Zhenren Dragon! Now Eliza, will we have to fight you, too?
Eliza the Masculine.png Forget it; I give up. Rathorn can have his revenge without me. All I want to do is ring in the New Year with a hot bubble bath. My feet are killing me!

Ned.png Eliza surrendered?! Maybe this WILL be a happy New Year for us.
Arya.png I could really use one more win to ensure my year will be lucky. What do you say, Ned? ... Ned? Ah well, happy Divine New Year to all!

Golden PyramidGolden Pyramid I (18/07/23) (edit)

Arya.png Adventure satchel... check. Sand-proof shoes... check! Well, I'm as ready as I'll ever be!
Arya.png Professor Hogwin is sending me on a very important mission to this mysterious pyramid that just appeared nearby...
Arya.png Nobody's ever seen ANYTHING like it! So there COULD be undiscovered dragons inside... or undiscovered danger.
Arya.png Probably a bit of both! In any case, it's a daring journey that calls for a daring trainer -- like me! Let's go!

Arya.png Whoa! Sprawling dunes, mysterious ruins, soaring pyramids... Where on Dragolandia AM I?
Eliza the Masculine.png You're in the ancient past, you simpleton. And for once I'm not APPALLED to see you!
Arya.png Eliza! What are you doing here with that dragon? If it's a fight you want, I'll GLADLY deliver! Put up your dukes!
Eliza the Masculine.png Heinrich's time machine took us here. He plans to alter history so that we Vikings are victorious!
Eliza the Masculine.png BUT... he also plans to meddle with time enough to make ME his bride! Ugh! Victory or no, I am NOT letting that happen!
Eliza the Masculine.png I guess this Anubis Dragon sensed that something was wrong... The silly thing won't leave me alone!

Heinrich the Hideous.png Ladies, I insist you surrender your Anubis Dragon to me! I need it for my most important scheme yet!
Eliza the Masculine.png Whatever, Heinrich. You're CLEARLY no match for me!
Arya.png Yeah, what she said!

Heinrich the Hideous.png Hmph! You haven't seen the last of me! Come, Apep Dragon -- to the Underworld Ruins!
Arya.png Grr! Get back here, you troublemaker!
Eliza the Masculine.png Hold on now, did you hear him? He said UNDERWORLD Ruins! ... Don't you think we might be a little out of our element?

Arya.png Chin up, Eliza -- the Anubis Dragon found us a key! Now we can waltz right into the ruins, no problem!
Eliza the Masculine.png You're missing the point, doofus! I don't want to WALTZ into the UNDERWORLD!
Eliza the Masculine.png *sigh* But the Anubis Dragon seems to want to help me-- I mean "us." I guess we should be okay.

Arya.png Wow, do you see those glowing messages on the walls? They must be divine night-lights!
Eliza the Masculine.png They're called hieroglyphics, you meathead...
Arya.png Whatever they are, they're incredible! I better collect samples for Hogwin and Ned.

Eliza the Masculine.png Out of the way, pesky dragons!
Arya.png Don't be rude, Eliza -- these guys are probably just protecting the Divine Dragons' temples.
Arya.png But a good ol' battle will help everyone understand each other!

Arya.png We did it! Hey, we don't make such a bad team do we?
Eliza the Masculine.png I'll reserve judgement on that... Anyway, the Anubis Dragon will help us smooth over any divine disagreements, I'm sure.
Arya.png Speaking of -- I wonder which Divine Dragon lives in this temple. I haven't seen one yet...

Eliza the Masculine.png Let's just keep moving forward. See? The Anubis Dragon's sniffed out another key.

Arya.png I wonder why the Divine Dragons aren't fighting back against Heinrich and the other Vikings...
Eliza the Masculine.png Apparently, the dragons here are all about "order." When Heinrich started messing with time, it threw them for a loop.

Arya.png So, if we put things back in order for the Divine Dragons, they should kick Heinrich back to his own time, right?
Eliza the Masculine.png Perhaps. This Anubis Dragon seems to be the only one not affected. We'll have to trust it.

Eliza the Masculine.png *gulp* It's just getting darker and darker... I don't think there's ANY natural light down here...
Arya.png Don't tell me you're scared, Eliza! Sure, it's dark, but wouldn't you rather stay single than turn back now?

Arya.png Ah-ha! No wonder it's so dark -- a Black Hole Dragon is living here and sucking up all the light!
Eliza the Masculine.png Hm, and it doesn't look too happy to see us...

Arya.png The Divine Dragon all these other dragons are protecting must be pretty important!
Eliza the Masculine.png Bah, I don't care! We've got a loser to catch! Let's go!

Arya.png Those pools of stars look like they go down and down forever... like a bottomless river... or outer space... Endless...
Arya.png SOO COOL!
Eliza the Masculine.png *shudder* I'd REALLY prefer to NOT think about it!! Let's just take this key and go!

Heinrich the Hideous.png *huffing* Will you silly girls stop... chasing... me?! Wait, actually, you can keep--
Eliza the Masculine.png If you don't cut it out, I'm gonna singe the rest of your hair right off!

Arya.png Aw, man... looks like Heinrich escaped again. But I think we've got him trapped this time! There's one temple left!

Arya.png Wow, do you see that? It's a HUGE painting of the Anubis Dragon! Do you think this is its temple...?
Eliza the Masculine.png Likely so. But see how the temple is crumbling away? Maybe this is why the Anubis Dragon came to us -- for... help?

Heinrich the Hideous.png Eh? You brought the Anubis Dragon back? Eliza darling, I need to keep it AWAY from its throne!
Heinrich the Hideous.png See, if I allow MY Divine Dragon of disorder -- the Seth Dragon -- to take control of the Underworld Ruins...
Heinrich the Hideous.png Then all the Divines will be plunged into chaos! And I can FINALLY get married! Save my marriage, Seth Dragon!

Heinrich the Hideous.png Ack! Okay, fine, fine... I get the message -- I'll leave you be for now, but good luck dealing with the angry Divines!
Heinrich the Hideous.png Think of it as a parting gift. Ta-ta, and Eliza, if you change your mind about our wedding--
Eliza the Masculine.png NO, you creep! Now get outta here, and don't let me see your ugly mug again!
Arya.png Woo! Go, Eliza, go!

Eliza the Masculine.png Now that the Anubis Dragon is protecting the Underworld Ruins again, things might get a litte easier for us.
Arya.png Yeah! But the other Divine Dragons might need our help... Speaking of, I think the Anubis Dragon wants to thank us!
Arya.png Oops, no, wait... It just wants us to collect the rest of the treasure in the ruins. My mistake!
Eliza the Masculine.png Vikings left all this treasure behind. If we clear it out, another Divine Dragon might join us... Also, hey, treasure!

Golden PyramidGolden Pyramid II (18/08/06) (edit)

Arya.png The Vikings went back in time so that they could alter history however they wanted -- AND get Eliza to marry Heinrich!
Arya.png Pretty dastardly, huh? Luckily, Eliza and I teamed up to make that kooky inventor quit being such a creep!
Arya.png But the Vikings have really messed with the past... It's up to us to calm the Divine Dragons enough to set things straight!
Arya.png The Anubis Dragon helped us through the Underworld Ruins, but it seems a little confused now that we're above ground...
Eliza the Masculine.png Are you done talking to yourself, foolish trainer? I want to make sure Heinrich isn't planning anything else!

Eliza the Masculine.png This is Gebnut Village, where my fellow Vikings REALLY whipped the Divines into a frenzy!
Arya.png Heinrich said the Divine Dragons would still be in an uproar, but look, this one doesn't seem angry at all!
Eliza the Masculine.png It's an Isis Dragon, silly! Seems like it wants to help us just like the Anubis Dragon did. How strange!

Arya.png Whoa! THIS dragon definitely DOESN'T want to help us out!
Eliza the Masculine.png It's a Dile Dragon, guarding the Dile River! The foolish thing probably thinks it's in danger!
Arya.png Lucky for us, the Isis Dragon is ready to fight -- and so am I!

Arya.png There, there, Dile Dragon -- we're not going to ruin your river! We just want to help!
Eliza the Masculine.png Yeah, help you riiiight back into the river. Now hurry up, Arya!

Eliza the Masculine.png Hmph. The Dile Dragon's thrashing riled up these silly beasts as well.
Arya.png They won't feel so bad later, when we all share some fruit together!
Eliza the Masculine.png Speak for yourself!

Arya.png If we keep this up, we'll get the Isis Dragon's godly friends back to normal in no time!
Eliza the Masculine.png Urgh, victorious Vikings or not -- I just wanna get out of here!

Arya.png Say, where does this key lead us, Isis Dragon? Can you take us there?
Eliza the Masculine.png Hrm... Looks like it's taking us to the Hathor Dragon's temple. Things are about to get tougher, little trainer...

Arya.png So what's the Hathor Dragon like? Are you afraid of it, AND the dark, Eliza?
Eliza the Masculine.png I am NOT afraid!!! It's just that the Hathor Dragon is the Divine Dragon of joy and love...
Arya.png Aww, that sounds so sweet!
Eliza the Masculine.png AND the all-powerful Ra Dragon's partner! You DON'T want to mess with it -- and that's exactly what Heinrich did!

Arya.png Sorry for fighting you, Hathor Dragon -- but we have to make sure history goes back to normal!
Eliza the Masculine.png Save your apologies until the fight is over, fool!

Arya.png There, don't you feel better, Hathor Dragon? A good battle really brightens the mood!
Eliza the Masculine.png *sigh* You've got a strange way of showing it, Arya, but I do respect your love of battle...
Arya.png And I respect yours! Now come on, you'll feel better too once the Divine Dragons undo all this time travel!

Arya.png Well, we've got our key -- onward to the next temple! Isn't this kind of fun, Eliza?
Eliza the Masculine.png You keep asking me that...
Arya.png I bet once we help the other Divine Dragons, the Hathor Dragon will share some of its joy with us, too!

Arya.png Wow, the Isis Dragon seems really impatient to get to the next temple!
Eliza the Masculine.png Well, yeah, it's probably looking forward to its friends not acting like a bunch of lunatics. A relatable feeling...

Arya.png Here we go -- this is one of the most beautiful temples we've seen yet!
Eliza the Masculine.png Hmm. I wonder if it's some sort of treasury?

Arya.png Hey, the Isis Dragon is getting super excited! What's up, buddy? Is it all the Gold in this temple?
Eliza the Masculine.png Somehow I don't think so... but you don't think the Divine Dragons would mind if I took some, right? Heheh...

Arya.png Ack! Eliza! You should've left that Gold alone! This Divine doesn't look happy!
Eliza the Masculine.png It's the Isis Dragon's mate -- the Osiris Dragon! But what's it doing up here? It lives in the Underworld Ruins!
Arya.png Heinrich DID turn everything topsy-turvy, remember?

Arya.png It's all right now, Isis Dragon -- your mate's come to its senses!
Eliza the Masculine.png I bet now it can take its rightful place in the ruins. That'll help pacify the other Divine Dragons...
Arya.png Putting things back in order, one Divine at a time!

Arya.png Do you know what this key is for, Eliza?
Eliza the Masculine.png It probably gets us into the Ra Dragon's pyramid... We'd better prepare ourselves.

Eliza the Masculine.png Heinrich!? What are you doing here? I thought I told you to never let me see your ugly face again!
Heinrich the Hideous.png Well, you did say... something like that.
Heinrich the Hideous.png But, according to my calculations, the Ra Dragon's power is almost immeasurable, so if I tame it...
Eliza the Masculine.png Oh no you don't!

Eliza the Masculine.png Hurry up, Arya! We need to get to the Ra Dragon before that loser, Heinrich!
Eliza the Masculine.png BOTH of our futures are at stake!

Arya.png The Isis Dragon seems to want us to check out those hero-glips on the wall-- er, "hieroglyphs"?
Eliza the Masculine.png Hmm. "When disorder rules the land, the great Ra Dragon puts its head in the sand..."
Eliza the Masculine.png "But when all functions just as planned, this mighty dragon takes a stand." That's one too many rhymes for me.
Arya.png Then, if we help the Ra Dragon get its power back, it should make everything go back to normal!

Arya.png Isis Dragon -- can you help us bring the Ra Dragon to its senses?
Eliza the Masculine.png Make sure it knows exactly who I'm marrying if we fail! These are HIGH STAKES, Arya!
Arya.png For everyone's sakes, let's put time back in order!

Arya.png Whew! That Ra Dragon is one tough customer, but... did we bring it back to its senses?
Eliza the Masculine.png Look, Arya, the Isis Dragon wants us to read a different hieroglyph this time...
Arya.png "If defeated, the Ra Dragon hides... inside a place you might find a prize..."
Arya.png "Yep, if you open all these chests, by the Divine of order you'll be blessed"! C'mon Eliza, let's get to it!

Arya.png Eliza, before the Ra Dragon sends us all back to our own times...
Arya.png Wanna clear up the rest of this Viking treasure with me? It'll be fun, and we could see our new Divine friends again!
Eliza the Masculine.png I... I guess that would be kind of fun. You know, Arya, for a trainer, you aren't so bad. Honestly, you saved me, and--
Arya.png Hehe, don't worry about it, Eliza. Now come on, let's go!

Heaven & Earth (19/09/27): (edit)

Arya.png Is it true, Professor? Have the Divine Dragons from the Island of New Beginnings invited us to a PARTY?
Professor Hogwin.png It IS true! A party to celebrate the anniversary of their arrival in Dragolandia, many, many moons ago: The Festival of New Beginnings!
Professor Hogwin.png Dragons under protection of the Eastern Divines gather at their sacred party grounds -- the enormous Kaishi Castle. There, they eat, dance, and battle!
Professor Hogwin.png How lucky we are to be invited! On the guest list is you -- Arya -- and Ned, of course. Myself as a plus-one, and... Eliza?!
Arya.png She DOES have a special sort of relationship with the Eastern Divines, you know. Don't you worry, Professor, this will be so much fun!

Ned.png Okay. I hate parties. I'm afraid of dragons, AND I'm afraid of Eliza. What exactly am I doing here?
Eliza the Masculine.png I second that question, actually. Mother would keel over if she saw me cavorting with a bunch of do-gooders like you.
Professor Hogwin.png This is an INCREDIBLE opportunity, my young friends. For battle, for research, and maybe even for Trainer-Viking relations!
Arya.png Look, everyone! A baby Green Lion Dragon's come to be our party chaperone! Let's all have a blast, right, little one?

Professor Hogwin.png Ah, a Moon Rabbit Dragon! They're quite loyal to the Chang'e Divine Dragon. I wonder if it's here to meet its Divine friend post-party?
Arya.png Our little green buddy looks like it's raring for a battle! What better way to start a celebration, right?
Eliza the Masculine.png Strangely enough, we agree. Come, Arya, let's begin the festivities with a pulse-pounding battle!

Arya.png Thanks for a great first battle, everyone. I knew you'd have fun if you came along, Eliza!
Eliza the Masculine.png I'll admit, that got me into a... festive mood. Lead the way, Dragon Girl; I trust your party instincts.
Ned.png Um. Hey, Arya? Can I battle you next?
Eliza the Masculine.png Ha! Even the puppy wants to play.

Professor Hogwin.png A fine job -- we've found the pass to the next room of the castle!
Professor Hogwin.png Come, I'm sure there's excitement on every floor. I can't wait to examine the different sorts of dragons that have gathered here!

Ned.png Look at the boxes and jars piled up... Are we sure this is a party palace? It's more like a storehouse!
Arya.png EVERY party palace needs a storehouse, Ned. Where else would they keep their party hats and noisemakers?

Professor Hogwin.png Oho! It's a sturdy Terracotta Dragon, no doubt here to help with heavy lifting. Let's give this beast a break, shall we?
Ned.png I-I'll try helping it battle against you, Arya! I mean, maybe I'll learn something...
Eliza the Masculine.png Pfft! Neddy's just jealous his little girlfriend likes battling ME better!

Ned.png That was... TERRIFYING.
Professor Hogwin.png A fine job, my boy! Pay no heed to the naysayers!
Eliza the Masculine.png Grr...

Arya.png Key GET! Now we can look forward to more partying and more battles!
Arya.png Speaking of, it was really fun to battle you, Ned. You don't need to be jealous of anything!
Ned.png It's just a bit hard to keep up sometimes... b-but that's okay. I'm having fun! I'm TOTALLY having fun...

Professor Hogwin.png Looks like we're about to enter the castle proper. Ah, and a lovely garden marks our entrance! Take care not to trample the lilies, Eliza.
Eliza the Masculine.png Stupid Trainers... I'll have you know I LOVE lilies-- Ah-CHOO!
Ned.png Haha! A Viking with a pollen allergy! That's-- Um... Never mind, I don't quite know how to make a joke out of that...

Professor Hogwin.png So even the stoic Monk Dragon is here to celebrate! I wonder if it's come to meditate, or if it's a little lost...?
Eliza the Masculine.png Who cares! It's here to battle, and I'LL aid it. Come on, Dragon Girl -- you're facing ME!

Eliza the Masculine.png A rousing battle that was! Way better than Neddd'saaAAHCHOO!
Arya.png Let's get you away from the lily pond, Eliza -- and help the Monk Dragon find its way to the party!

Eliza the Masculine.png We found the key, so let's get out of here already.
Arya.png Are you okay, Eliza -- I mean, aside from the sneezing? I thought you LIKED battling me.
Eliza the Masculine.png I'm just FINE, you dimwit...!

Arya.png NOW it's starting to look like a real party! Anybody wanna dance?
Ned.png ...
Eliza the Masculine.png ...
Professor Hogwin.png Oh! Me! I do!

Professor Hogwin.png Wonderful! The Fut San Dragon is an accomplished dancer. It's said that watching one perform will bring you luck!
Ned.png Luck? I-I'll take this battle!

Ned.png Whew! Thank you, Fut San Dragon, that was-- Uh, p-p-please don't dance so close to me--
Arya.png That was so great, Ned! You were barely afraid at all! And I think your dragon pal has taken a shine to you.
Ned.png (That's NOT who I want taking a shine to me!)

Professor Hogwin.png Ah-ha! A key to the next party chamber. I'm excited to encounter new guests, but you don't look as ready, Arya...
Arya.png *sigh* It's just that Ned and Eliza don't seem to be having as good a time as I am -- and I really want them to!
Professor Hogwin.png Hm. I can't quite speak to their feelings, but... I will go easier on our Viking friend. I promise! Your friendship with her speaks volumes.
Eliza the Masculine.png Friendship, huh...

Ned.png AAGH! Wh-Wh-What was that loud noise? Are the dragons firing cannons? Can they DO that?!
Arya.png Wahoo! Fireworks!
Eliza the Masculine.png This is... fun?

Professor Hogwin.png Here's the creature responsible for those fireworks -- a Sparkler Dragon: an indispensible guest to any celebration!
Arya.png Hey, Professor, would you like to try battling this round with me?
Professor Hogwin.png I'd be delighted to test my apprentice's skill!

Ned.png It was a little loud for my taste... but great battle, guys!
Eliza the Masculine.png I was especially fond of the explosions.
Professor Hogwin.png (Don't look now, Arya, but I think our friends just MIGHT be getting along...!)

Arya.png Who's this, Professor? This one dragon here seems to really want to come with us!
Professor Hogwin.png That, my dear, is a Sunrise Dragon, and it seems like it's looking for something. How can we help, Sunrise Dragon?
Eliza the Masculine.png Why don't we visit the rooftop? It's the best part of every party.
Ned.png Maybe the Sunrise Dragon will find what it's looking for up there? (More importantly, I can get some air...)

Arya.png Wow, a rooftop garden! The little Green Lion Dragon really seems to appreciate the fresh air. And so does Ned! Ned? Where'd he go?
Ned.png Hey, Eliza, uh... sorry I've been weird. I don't really DO parties, and feeling how I feel about Arya, well--
Eliza the Masculine.png Save it. I'm just interested in finding out what the Sunrise Dragon wants...

Arya.png Sunrise Dragon, is this who you wanted to see? This dragon looks like it's the partier supreme! I wonder if it won all its battles...
Professor Hogwin.png Now I see! The Pigsy Dragon and the Sunrise Dragon are lifelong pals. They probably flocked from across Dragolandia to see each other!
Ned.png The party brought them together, huh... Hey, Eliza, d-do you want to battle me this round?

Eliza the Masculine.png That was surprisingly well fought, Neddy. I... Thanks.
Arya.png You two looked sooooo cool!
Professor Hogwin.png It couldn't have been a better battle! Now, let's go enjoy the rest of the Festival of New Beginnings, my friends!

Professor Hogwin.png At last, the party is drawing to a close, and look who's come to herald the ending ceremony: the Azure Dragon!
Professor Hogwin.png The Divines must have appointed it as party planner... and I believe it wants to thank us personally for attending.
Arya.png We sure livened up the party with some great battles. And I bet if we party some more, we could get the Green Lion Dragon to come with us!
Ned.png Man, Arya really loves battles. They might be the most important thing to her! But I have to live with that for now. I'm glad I came, anyway.
Eliza the Masculine.png I can't believe I'm saying this but... I am, too. I guess friendships truly are forged in the fire of parties. ... N-NOT THAT WE'RE FRIENDS!

Origin of MetalsDragon Board (20/03/02) (edit)

Ned.png Well, we're back. Back, or wherever THIS is! I thought Chronos would send me and Otto back to the past to unravel more mysteries, but...
Ned.png Now I'm stuck in this wasteland, with ELIZA of all people! What in Dragolandia could Chronos be thinking?
Eliza the Masculine.png Hm. Probably something along the lines of "that very talented Viking warrior ALSO touched the ridiculous wall paintings that let her hear dragon thoughts"!
Eliza the Masculine.png At least I can use my new abilities to become more powerful...unlike a certain spineless Trainer I know! Now, let's try to get out of here in one piece.

Copper Dragon Icon.png (Hullo humans--)
Eliza the Masculine.png AAHHHH! I CAN HEAR IT IN MY HEAD!
Ned.png Don't mind her-- Wait, dragons aren't calling us "Scaleless" anymore?
Copper Dragon Icon.png (Oh, some of us do, but we're not s'posed to anymore now that Grolim's in charge. He says it's disrespectful.)
Copper Dragon Icon.png (Anyway, haven't you two got any treats for me? I've been working in the mines all day, and if I can't have a treat, at least gimme a battle!)
Ned.png H-Hold on - who's Grolim?

Eliza the Masculine.png Ahem! Let me try this whole 'psychic communication' thing again... Hello, dragon, as you can see, I understand you perfectly, and--
Dark-Tech Dragon Icon.png (!#%^&((%%$#^)
Eliza the Masculine.png Huh--!? Did I do it wrong? I can barely tell what it's saying at all... Its thoughts are as jumbled as oatmeal on a stormy sea!
Ned.png I don't like this at all - this place, these dragons, OR that weird metaphor!

Ned.png that you? What are you doing with that dragon?
Otto the Dungeon Master.png Otto? I know no Otto. I am GROLIM, leader of the industrial capital of the world: Tyrantlandia!
Ned.png ...WHAT!?
Otto the Dungeon Master.png I do not detect a satisfactory level of simpering and groveling. I fear I'll have to sic one of my synthetic dragons on you!
Eliza the Masculine.png What HAVE you gotten us into, Ned?

Eliza the Masculine.png So, somehow, Chronos has sent you and me to a place that doesn't exist, ruled by a crazed Tyrant that looks exactly like your dungeon-crafting friend...
Ned.png Ugh... I wish Otto were really here. He always knows the right thing to say, or the best time for an awkward silence...
Zephujin Dragon Icon.png (Children! Are you unhurt? I was commanding the wind to move the smog clouds away when I saw your conflict with Grolim.)
Eliza the Masculine.png Commanding the wind? Hm! I was wondering whether the air had gotten clearer, or if I was simply relieved Ned was interrupted by a dragon god.
Zephujin Dragon Icon.png (It is difficult making sure we can all breathe...but it's a talent of mine, so I must do it. Would you kindly allow me to blow off steam with a battle?)

Ashkelon Dragon Icon.png (You. I know you. You were a friend of my parent - Molim.)
Ned.png "Were"? "Friend"? "Parent"? ... You mean the Ancient Dragon of Fire and Shadow? THAT Molim?
Ashkelon Dragon Icon.png (Oyar's flame! You're a nervous one. Yes, of course. And you are Ned of the Future...with a companion in tow.)
Eliza the Masculine.png "Companion" is pushing it. So is "in tow".
Ashkelon Dragon Icon.png (I have no time nor pity for human nonsense, but I owe you my parents' gratitude, so before we battle I will say one thing: "Seek Carnelia".)
Ned.png That's two things!

Eliza the Masculine.png Who is this "Molim" you mentioned, and "Carnelia"? And why did that dragon call you "Ned of the Future"? More importantly, when can I go home?!
Ned.png It's, uh...a lot to explain. Basically, I think we might be in the past, again, and chatting with the descendants of dragon gods that I met last time.
Ned.png But as for Carnelia...I'm just as lost as you are!
Hazmat Dragon Icon.png (Move along, humans! I've got to clean up all the toxic tar Ashkelon leaks, or I'll never hear the end of it from Grolim.)
Eliza the Masculine.png This Grolim fellow has his own personal dragon cleaning crew?! Intriguing...
Hazmat Dragon Icon.png (I say it's a bother! Every day there's more slime and sludge from Grolim's mines and factories... It's enough to make me want a battle!)

Otto the Dungeon Master.png You two! Have you seen that bothersome brute Ashkelon around? I have reason to believe it's been collaborating with Carnelia Carnage...
Eliza the Masculine.png Well, we just--
Ned.png N-Nope! Who the heck is ash-canyon? We're, uh, just a couple of mindless tourists! (Sorry, Eliza, but I don't trust this guy...)
Otto the Dungeon Master.png Well, no matter. I've bred this weaponized dragon specifically to target Vikings, so it will lead me to her in no time! Now, allow me to test it on YOU.
Eliza the Masculine.png (Wait - Carnelia is a VIKING?!)

Eliza the Masculine.png A Tyrant at war with a Viking, and all in the distant past...
Ned.png Ugh. A past like this doesn't give me much hope for the future. I just hope everything back home is still intact...
Mutant Dragon Icon.png (Battle me! Battle meeeee!)
Eliza the Masculine.png O-Okay?!
Mutant Dragon Icon.png (I used to be a Potion Dragon 'til I splashed around in that toxic lake - now I look AMAZING, and I can't wait to try my new powers!)
Ned.png Dad's gonna have a field day with this one...

Eliza the Masculine.png I can accept time travel, toxic mutants, et cetera... But what is a LOKI DRAGON doing here!?
Loki Dragon Icon.png (I seek your attention, child! And I offer this bit of advice: despite what anyone may say, trust Carnelia, even in the future.)
Loki Dragon Icon.png (Or not! You are, after all, masters of your own fate. Or perhaps I am your master! Who knows? The march of time is baffling, and you've made it more so.)
Loki Dragon Icon.png (I think you two deserve a bit of punishment for your chronological shenanigans. Just a bit!)
Ned.png But, i-it's not our fault, it was Chronos who sent us here! Ugh, never mind, I am NOT arguing with a Divine Dragon.

Eliza the Masculine.png MOTHER?! What are you doing here?! If this is about the blind date I stood up--
Gunhilda.png Odin bless ye, poor lost duckling - I ain't yer mother! Though If I DID have a daughter like ye, perhaps it'd make my work a little easier!
Gunhilda.png Now scoot! I'm tryin' ta make this wee dragon tell its boss to let me invade Tyrantlandia. If I were in charge, there'd be big changes!
Laser Hammer Dragon Icon.png (Loud ancient human, I am merely implying that my Lord Koth'ez might not approve of an "invasion"... )
Gunhilda.png Why shouldn't Koth'ez approve? It's a dragon, for sea's sakes! Ach - you two wide-eyed whelps are distracting me! Leave me be!

Eliza the Masculine.png We should find Carnelia again, and soon. I have a good feeling about her...
Ned.png You're just saying that because of your mommy issues... But I guess two big, scary-looking dragons did ALSO tell us the same thing.
Eliza the Masculine.png Oh, YOU'RE one to talk, little mister daddy issues--WHOA!!
Ned.png (sigh) Look, I know it's bad, you don't have to yell...
Eliza the Masculine.png No, you fool - look! There's an angry dragon on our tail!

Missile Dragon Icon.png (Target locked. Preparing to initiate Grolim's orders: exterminate!)
Eliza the Masculine.png Hmph! I suppose he's sending his dragon goons to attack us directly now. No more beating around the radioactive bush...
Eliza the Masculine.png Buck up, Neddie - it's time to fight! Or do you ALWAYS wear that expression around dragons?
Ned.png It's not that, it's just-- It feels weird that someone who looks just like Otto is doing all this awful stuff.
Eliza the Masculine.png I think your quiet friend might be hiding something from you. Trust me, I have a lot of experience on the subject.

Ned.png Don't get too close, Eliza - that Toxic Dragon is potent!
Toxic Dragon Icon.png (Is that any way to treat a creature who has simply come to check on your wellbeing?)
Eliza the Masculine.png Yeah, Ned, jeez. And don't patronize me! Also...what?
Toxic Dragon Icon.png (I come on behalf of Ashkelon to test your mettle. Ashkelon believes you are worthy of saving dragon-kind, but wants to make sure your hearts are true.)

Gunhilda.png Ahoy, you two! I see you've been busy dealing with Grolim's nonsense, eh? And pretty lamely at that!
Ned.png Hey...! We've been doing just fine!
Eliza the Masculine.png Is that an Elkhound Dragon? I thought they only lived far to the north, up by Vikolandia...
Gunhilda.png Little missy's a brainy one! Truth be told, the Vikings've just been blessed by a new tribe o' dragons callin' themselves the Northern Divines...
Gunhilda.png With our new power, I plan on overthrowin' the Tyrants and invading this land for the glory of Vikolandia! Care to join us, wee pups?
Gunhilda.png O' course, ye'll have to prove yerselves first! Eehehehehe!

Eliza the Masculine.png I love to be the bearer of bad news, but, Ned, I think we have to join forces with Carnelia.
Eliza the Masculine.png Aside from being a FAR superior mother figure to my own, I believe she's our only ticket to saving this place, and ourselves.
Ned.png I don't know... The Tyrants are really bad, but to side with you guys... I mean, Vikings invaded our homeland, and scared the pants off of me, NUMEROUS times.
Rust Dragon Icon.png ((cough cough) Excuse me, could you guys battle with me real quick? The water around here makes my body rust, so it's hard to move and get exercise...)
Ned.png ...In retrospect, I see your point about joining the Vikings and saving this place.

Gunhilda.png Oho, it's you again! I'd stop to gab, but this Geiger Dragon and I're markin' off radioactive bits o' land. Safety first, invasion second!
Eliza the Masculine.png Gunhild-- I mean, Carnelia! We'll join your cause, for Viking and dragon-kind!
Ned.png AND for, um, other people, too! Point is, we want to help you save the world... ANYTHING is better than this.
Gunhilda.png Ehehehe! That's great news, my little hatchlings! You're strong, and methinks you're hiding even stronger secrets! Now, let's have a celebratory battle!

Eliza the Masculine.png There's one thing that worries me (and you KNOW I am not prone to worry)...
Eliza the Masculine.png The Northern Divines disowned my people sometime between now, and the present... It was before my time, but now, maybe, I can fix it.
Ned.png Changing the past to affect the future? I don't know. That's risky...
Eliza the Masculine.png Neddy boy, I believe that's what we've been sent here to do anyway.
Northern Dragon Icon.png (Hm? Do you have a message for my Divines? Battle me first and then we'll talk. After all, to Northern Divines and Vikings, strength is everything!)

Otto the Dungeon Master.png That's enough! I'm sick of you two little mice running around and causing trouble! It's pure lunacy to even THINK of standing up to a Tyrant!
Otto the Dungeon Master.png The Viking uprising is meaningless! Tyrants will forever rule over people and dragon-kind! Even the Ancient Fire Dragons turned tail and fled...
Otto the Dungeon Master.png And my pathetic ancestor Delith was powerless when his precious Oyar left! NOBODY can dethrone me!
Ned.png Oh...Chronos above, I was the one who made this happen! I convinced the Ancient Fire Dragons to come to the present...and Grolim rose to power!
Ned.png I don't know how to fix my mistakes...or if they were even mistakes in the first place...but I can start by beating you, you jerk!
Eliza the Masculine.png Heh. Let's defeat this blowhard and pave the way for the rise of the Vikings!

Koth'ez Dragon Icon.png (Ned of the Future, and Eliza the Viking, I have been hearing tales of your exploits... I am Koth'ez, the lord of metal.)
Koth'ez Dragon Icon.png (My parent, Ik'ez, raised me to value humans and dragons as equals, but it's clear that Grolim has taken advantage of my beliefs, and of the land itself.)
Koth'ez Dragon Icon.png (Please, battle me so I may know you are worthy. If you defeat me, I will do anything I can to help, with dragon-kind by my side.)
Ned.png W-Well, uh...thank you, Koth'ez. We'll need all the help we can get if we want to stop Grolim's influence from messing up the future.

Artoba Dragon Icon.png (Excuse me, are you Ned? If you are, I want to thank you: the book of knowledge you gave my ancestor Yamad has taught me much.)
Ned.png O-Oh! Um, you're was just an old history book I had sitting around.
Artoba Dragon Icon.png (It gave me knowledge of the future. I am just one dragon, but, because we understand each other, I can share my knowledge...and help save our world.)
Artoba Dragon Icon.png (I will teach Carnelia, and I will accompany you to the future with my family. Whatever happens, I must protect this land's precious life...)
Eliza the Masculine.png I've got to hand it to you,'ve been remarkably composed for someone dealing with a world-altering prophecy.
Artoba Dragon Icon.png (Nobody can resist destiny. Also, nobody can resist a battle. How about one, before we get to work?)

MidgardenTrials of Odin Part II (18/10/29) (edit)

Arya.png We did it! It was a long road to get here, thanks to those bozo Vikings, but we made it: The Tournament of the Northern Divines!
Arya.png The Thor Dragon is here to guide us through the tournament fields. He'll be our guide to the Northen Divines.
Arya.png He's really nice, but be careful: his powers may SHOCK you! Ha! Come on, trainer, this is just the beginning!

Arya.png I know my mind should just be on the tournament, but I can't help but think about what happened between the Vikings and the Northern Divines!
Arya.png Let's make sure we take in all the sights. There might be hints to what happened to the Vikings who used to live here.
Arya.png Thor Dragon, lead the way! Us Trainers are ready for round 1!

Arya.png Thor Dragon, what's going on? Your tail's lighting up. Are you trying to cause a thunderstorm or something? Calm down!
Arya.png Ooooh, I get it! It's challenging us to a fight to prove that we're worthy for the Tournament! The Thor Dragon is making sure we won't get hurt later on!
Arya.png Alright, Thor Dragon, bring it on! Us trainers are the best around! Proving our worth will be easy as dragon fruit pie!

Arya.png I told you we were worthy, Thor Dragon! Now let's quit messing around and get down to business!
Arya.png Lead the way to our first opponent! We're ready to win this thing.

Dunkelviking.png Sing along with me, Valkyre Dragon! Come on...sing! "In Midgarden, we fight to win! In hopes to meet the great Odin!"
Arya.png Dunkelviking: the Battling Bard! You must be our opponent in the first round of the Tournament.
Dunkelviking.png Friends, welcome to the Inner Sanctum of Midgarden. Care for scrimmage before our official duel? Valkyre, show them how it's done!

Dunkelviking.png Well done, Dragon Girl! But when we face off in the Shrine of the Divines, do not expect to win that easily!
Dunkelviking.png Until then, I am off! "In Midgarden, we fight to win! In hopes to meet the great Odin!"
Arya.png The Dunkelviking's got such a lovely voice... He's really in his element!

Arya.png The Shrine of the Divines is up ahead. It's the gateway into the Northern Divine's majestic home.
Arya.png I wonder what amazing dragons and treasures await us there...what are we waiting for!? Let's go and find out.

Arya.png Wow! This Shrine is amazing. And all the runes are written in that old Viking language we saw in the Forest of Loki!
Arya.png The Vikings must have built this Shrine to honor the Northern Divines! It's amazing. It must have taken hundreds of years to build all of this.
Arya.png Let's explore! And make sure your dragons are prepared for round one of the tournament. Dunkelviking awaits!

Arya.png I wonder what happened to the Vikings who lived here? They loved the Northern Divines and the Divines loved them back. Why did they leave?
Dunkelviking.png The Heimdall Dragon has been the watchman for the Northern Divines for generations. Maybe after I beat you, it'll help you out!
Arya.png Beat me? As if! Trainer, are you ready? The tournament!

Dunkelviking.png Bested again! Ugh...I was really hoping to meet the Odin Dragon. I even wrote a song for him...
Arya.png You wrote him a song!? Sing it to us! We'll make sure to sing it to him when we meet him in the finals!
Dunkelviking.png Would you really? It goes like this: "There's nothing like these magic shrines. These dragons are divine Divines!" Thanks...I appreciate it!

Dunkelviking.png Arya, wait up! Heimdall Dragon gave me this old tome. It describes what happened between the Vikings and the Northern Divines. It wants you to take it.
Arya.png Thanks, Dunkelviking! I'll read this on the road. This is sure to clear some of the mysteries we've encountered.
Arya.png We're entering the semi-finals, trainer. Put on you game face! It's about to get real.

Arya.png We got some time before the next round. Wanna read a little from this tome that the Heimdall Dragon gave us? Let's see what happened here...
Arya.png "Long ago, the Northern Divines and the Vikings got along wonderfully! They’d help each other, grow stronger together, and coexist in harmony..."
Arya.png "But one day, the Vikings became greedy – instead of working together with the Northern Divines, they wanted to overpower them and invade their mystic land!"
Arya.png "The Northern Divines beat the Vikings easily, and banished them from Midgarden, so that they wouldn’t have to deal with their rowdy subjects anymore. "
Arya.png "Abandoned by the Divines and exiled from Midgarden, the Vikings became conquerors, seeking out lusher lands to replace their former paradise."

Arya.png *sniff* *sniff* Do you smell something...burning? It's not just me, right?
Heinrich the Hideous.png Why hello, Arya - it's just you! If I might say so, you are absolutely SMOKING!
Arya.png Ugh...Heinrich, you're the worst! If YOU win the tournament, the Divines will never trust humans again. We have to beat you!

Arya.png The Forge of Divines! So this is where that smokey smell was coming from...
Arya.png I would say, "It's getting hot in here," but I don't want that creep Heinrich to make another one-liner.
Arya.png Come on, Trainer! Let's wipe the floor with this creep-a-zoid and make our way to the finals!

Heinrich the Hideous.png Arya, the most magestic beauty of Vikolandia! Only the heat of the Forge of Gods can match my heart's intense passion for you.
Arya.png So you're done with Gunhilda and Eliza, and now you're moving on to me? ...Gross.
Heinrich the Hideous.png Do not break my heart like that, Arya! I do not act kindly when my heart has been broken. Fenrir Dragon, give her the heat!

Heinrich the Hideous.png I lost!? But girls hate losers...that must be why girls don't like me! It's because I’m a loser...if only I won sometimes!
Arya.png Actually, Heinrich, I think girls don't like you because you think of them only as objects you can attain, instead of human beings who should be understood.
Heinrich the Hideous.png that can't be it. It must be because I'm a loser. So long, time you see me, I shall be a winner and you will love me!

Arya.png Now that Heinrich the Heinous is out of the picture, all that's left is the tournament finals. One more round 'til total victory!
Arya.png And look, the Valkyre Dragon is back! I think it wants to tag along with us.
Arya.png The Valkyre Dragon is one of the most respected warriors among the Northern Divines. It must've really been impressed by our performance in the tournament!
Arya.png Let's keep it up! We wouldn't want to let it down, would we?

Arya.png Can you believe how far we've gotten? If I could be honest for a second, at first, I didn't know if I was strong enough...
Arya.png The Northern Divines haven't opened their gates to humans in a thousand years. What makes me so special, you know? Why do I deserve to be here?
Arya.png But, when I fight with you by my side, I feel confident enough to go on! I don't mean to be cheesy or anthing, but thanks! Now let's finish this thing!

Eliza the Masculine.png If it isn't Little Miss Arya! I see that my Viking minions helped you along as I asked them too.
Arya.png Helped me!? Don't me laugh, Eliza! You're gonna pay for what you did to us. You're not worthy of the Northern Divines. You're a cheater!
Eliza the Masculine.png A cheater!? I don't take kindly to libel! Prepare youself...I won't go easy on you in the finals!
Eliza the Masculine.png I don't even know what that means! Bring it on!

Arya.png The Northern Divines banished the Vikings because they weren't worthy. If Eliza's using dirty tricks, we can't let her win!
Arya.png The winner of this tournament has to be good. They have to prove that humankind can be good. They have to be worthy.
Arya.png Trainer, the fate of human/Divine diplomacy is in our hands. We have to win this, or the Northern Divines will abandon our people forever. Let's go!

Arya.png Eliza, we won't let you win this Tournament! Only a warrior worthy of the Northern Divines should win, and a cheater like you isn't worthy!
Eliza the Masculine.png You keep calling me a cheater, but it's not true! I AM worthy. I am good! I am a WARRIOR! And if you don't think so, you can ask the Odin Dragon itself.
Eliza the Masculine.png The Odin Dragon is fighting for me because it knows I'm worthy. I wish you trusted me, Arya... It hurts that you don't...and that's very confusing for me!
Eliza the Masculine.png Odin Dragon, show Arya how a worthy warrior truly fights!

Eliza the Masculine.png You won!? Darn it...I really wanted to win this thing. It was my chance to finally prove to you that I wasn't just a villain anymore...that I was worthy!
Arya.png If you're not a villain, why did you order the Vikings to try to stop me from getting here!?
Eliza the Masculine.png Stop you!? Those idiots...I told them to HELP you. I wanted to make sure you two got here. Winning wouldn't have felt good if I didn't get to challenge you!
Arya.png, now I feel like a jerk! I'm sorry I didn't trust you, Eliza. You' friend, I think... and I should have known better! I'm sorry...
Eliza the Masculine.png It''s okay, Arya. I forgive you...but that doesn't mean I'll go easy on you next time I see you! This isn't over. I'll beat you one day...I swear it!

Arya.png We did it, trainer! We won the tournament and proved to all of the Northern Divines that humankind really is worthy!
Arya.png But I still feel like we're missing something...Oh yeah! Dunkelviking's Song! We have to sing to the Odin Dragon before we go!
Arya.png Okay, Odin Dragon, listen up! This song will really knock your dragon socks off.
Arya.png "In Midgarden, we fight to win! In hopes to meet the great Odin! There's nothing like these magic shrines. These dragons are divine Divines!"



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