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Dunkelviking is the Viking leader and the first to be met in battle. After attacking Dragolandia, this villainous Viking kidnaps Professor Hogwin and holds him hostage in an effort to obtain the Dragon Codex.

When he is defeated for good, he gives up the Viking life and turns to one of a bard. His actual name is Duncan.

The first appearance of Dunkelviking is in Normal Mode at battle 1 (Port Of Numa).


The Trainer interacts with this character in several dialogues, divided into sections below.


Game Start TutorialTutorial Dialogues (edit)

Arya.png Welcome! It's a good thing you're here—we're in need of Dragon Trainers. Let me show you around!
Arya.png Check it out! This dragon egg is about to hatch!
Indicator Arrow Icon.png (Select the Hatchery.)
Arya.png Tap repeatedly or swipe the egg to crack it open. It's so exciting!
Indicator Arrow Icon.png (Tap the egg to open it.)
Indicator Arrow Icon.png (Place the Fire Dragon.)
Arya.png Aww, hey there little one... Wow, congrats on hatching your first dragon! Now it needs a place to spread its wings.
Arya.png This little Fire Dragon looks really happy in its new Habitat. Let's go say hello!
Indicator Arrow Icon.png (Visit the Dragon in its Fire Habitat.)
Indicator Arrow Icon.png (Pet the Dragon.)
Arya.png Let's feed it with juicy fruit to make it stronger!
Indicator Arrow Icon.png (Feed the Dragon to level 4.)
Arya.png Now, let's build a new Habitat so we can house more dragons! (Press the store button, 500 gold for wind habitat.)
Arya.png Hold and drag or tap on the screen to move the object. Press on the green icon to confirm placement!
Indicator Arrow Icon.png (Place the Wind Habitat.)
Indicator Arrow Icon.png (Tap the Wind Habitat to complete the building process.)
Arya.png Whoa, feel that wind blowing? This is the PERFECT spot for a Wind Dragon...
Indicator Arrow Icon.png (Select the Hatchery.)
Indicator Arrow Icon.png (Press the buy egg button.)
Indicator Arrow Icon.png (Purchase a Wind Dragon.)
Indicator Arrow Icon.png (Hatch Wind Dragon egg.)
Arya.png Remember—dragons can only be placed in a Habitat that matches one of their Elements.
Indicator Arrow Icon.png (place the Wind Dragon, in the Wind Habitat.)
Arya.png Dragons eat a LOT, and they level up when fed! Let's go grow some food for these hungry beasties.
Indicator Arrow Icon.png (Open the Main Shop.)
Indicator Arrow Icon.png (Buy a Farm.)
Indicator Arrow Icon.png (Place the farm.)
Arya.png Farms are where Dragon Trainers can grow food for their dragons. You should keep those farms busy at all times!
Indicator Arrow Icon.png (Select the farm.)
Indicator Arrow Icon.png (Press the grow food button.)
Indicator Arrow Icon.png (Plant Spiky Cherry.)
Indicator Arrow Icon.png (Tap the food notification when the food is finished.)
Arya.png Nice! This food is enough to raise the Wind Dragon up a few levels!
Indicator Arrow Icon.png (Select the Wind Habitat.)
Indicator Arrow Icon.png (Press the feed button and feed the Dragon to level 4.)
Arya.png You're doing great! I'd say it's time to start your Quest Adventures... a rite of passage for every new Trainer. You ready?
Indicator Arrow Icon.png (Press the Quests button to open quests.)
Indicator Arrow Icon.png (Press the Go button on the Breed a Wind Dragon with a Fire Dragon quest.)
Indicator Arrow Icon.png (Select the Breeding Den to open its interface.)
Arya.png Combine the Elements of 2 dragons, and their hatchling will be a new dragon based on those Elements. Time to breed!
Indicator Arrow Icon.png (Select the Fire Dragon, then the Wind Dragon, and press the Breed button.)
Indicator Arrow Icon.png (Press the Breeding Den notification to move the egg to the Hatchery.)
Indicator Arrow Icon.png (Claim the quest rewards.)
Arya.png See that mystic Portal over there? Time to slip through it to earn more Gold and food! Follow your Quest.
Indicator Arrow Icon.png (Press the Quests button.)
Indicator Arrow Icon.png (Press the Go button for the Explore the other side of the Portal quest.)
Indicator Arrow Icon.png (Select the Ancient Portal, which opens to the first Normal Mode Campaign Quest.)
Arya.png These islands are filled with treasure and adventure. I believe your dragons are ready to FIGHT for it!
Indicator Arrow Icon.png (Press battle 1 to begin battle with Wind and Fire Dragons, against Dunkelviking's Earth Dragon.)
Indicator Arrow Icon.png (Press the Battle button to begin the battle.)
Indicator Arrow Icon.png Follow the on-screen direction to Drag and drop element onto opponent!)
Arya.png TAP to stop the arrow and attack. Getting in the Green zone gives a perfect hit, but avoid the red zone—that makes you miss!
Indicator Arrow Icon.png (Finish the battle by defeating the opponent.)
Dunkelviking.png Ha! You think you've won, girl, but you'll be handing over the Codex after you meet my dangerously malodorous brother Olaf!
Arya.png How many times do I have to tell you? The Dragon Codex is just a legend! Vikings... they never listen.
Indicator Arrow Icon.png (Claim the Battle rewards given and dismiss the quest completion notice.)
Arya.png Nice loot! Now you know how to use the Portal. I think we have an egg ready to hatch soon. Let's return to your island!
Indicator Arrow Icon.png (Close the Campaign and collect quest rewards.)
Arya.png I think you will do great on your own now. Thank you for listening! Follow the Quest Adventure to learn more!
Arya.png Keep your Breeding Den and Farms busy, explore the Portal, check your Quests, and collect awesome Dragons!

Campaign Map

First Island (Numa)Campaign Map Dialogues (edit)

Arya.png We need at least 3 adult dragons before we try to challenge the Vikings again. Check your To-Do List to get started on that!
Arya.png Hmm, those hungry dragon cries weren't coming from this dragon. Let's see if our newest hatchling is feeling famished!
Arya.png We need the power of Lava to beat the first mini-boss. Raise a Lava Dragon to level 4!
Dunkelviking.png Let's fight!
Arya.png Dragons! Attack!
Dunkelviking.png Noooooo!
Arya.png Well done!
Olaf the Pungent.png We meet at last, Dragon Girl! I am Olaf the Pungent -- brother of the great Dunkelviking, conqueror of faraway lands, and developer of popular women's fragrances!
Arya.png Your reputation precedes you, Olaf. I could smell you from miles away. Luckily, I brought nose plugs to this battle!
Olaf the Pungent.png Appalling! My brother warned me about the Dragon Girl, but not her skilled and intimidating counterpart. I'll be ready next time.
Arya.png I have a name, you know! ... We're one step farther into Viking territory and one step closer to finding Dr. Hogwin. At least he gives me respect!
Arya.png Olaf! Let me try to reason with you one last time. There is no Dragon Codex! Now give me back my mentor!
Olaf the Pungent.png Your naiveté amuses me almost as much as a good fight! To battle!
Olaf the Pungent.png This is madness! I go easy on you and what do I get in return? I'll never prove to my brother I'm more than a man of fragrance if you keep beating me!
Arya.png Well then, I'd look out. We're about to storm that big, scary gargoyle you built. Dr. Hogwin's gotta be in there!
Olaf the Pungent.png So you've found our impressive Gargoyle Peninsula. You can beat my dragons a million times, but you'll never get Hogwin. I made a promise to my brother and I never break a vow!
Arya.png I hate to get in the way of tradition, but I hate Vikings even more. We're coming for you, Hogwin!
Professor Hogwin.png I've been saved! I'm free! How can I ever repay you, Arya and... Wait, who's your new friend?
Professor Hogwin.png Never mind that. We have to get back home and make sure the Codex is still safe.
Olaf the Pungent.png I KNEW it was real! My brother is going to have my head for dinner and my dragons for dessert!
Arya.png Hogwin is back and the Academy is open for training... but Dragolandia is far from safe.
Arya.png Most isles of Dragolandia have been abandoned and their magical mines left unprotected. It's our job to stop the Vikings from taking control!
Arya.png Ha! Take that, Viking fiends! The Dragon Academy is back and we aren't going anywhere!
Arya.png Hey, what's this? A Scroll! Let's get this to Hogwin right away!
Arya.png Another unsightly gargoyle. Great! I remember when Dragolandia wasn't decorated with these jerks' idea of art.
Olaf the Pungent.png At least now I have an outlet for my feelings. Let's fight!
Arya.png More Scrolls? Vikings are fools, but I'm happy to benefit from their lax tidiness policies.
Arya.png Let's put our lessons to work and show these Vikings that their chance of victory diminishes every day!
Arya.png That was amazing! Thanks to you, I believe we'll restore the academy and take Dragolandia back from the Vikings. No pressure or anything.
Arya.png You know, battling is fun and all, but it's been a while since I've played a good board game.
Arya.png Unfortunately, board games don't win you Scrolls!
Arya.png When I started as Dr. Hogwin's apprentice, I never thought I'd be defeating Viking armies. This definitely beats that career as a milkmaid I gave up!
Arya.png We're making progress, but don't be fooled -- most of Dragolandia is still under the control of those stupid, smelly Vikings. If they learn how to use some of the magic in our world--
Olaf the Pungent.png I've been called many things, Dragon Girl -- fetid, rank, foul, and even lovely -- but never stupid. You'll pay for that!
Olaf the Pungent.png And this time, I'm bringing out the big guns! Welcome to the Temple of Lava! Your quest to reinstate your quaint Academy and save Dragolandia ends here!
Olaf the Pungent.png How could this be possible? At first I just wanted to prove myself to my brother -- thanks for your help with that, by the way -- but now it's personal, Dragon Girl. PERSONAL!
Arya.png How many times do we have to beat these guys before they remember my name? I know I'm not legendary, like Hogwin or Shakespeare, but come on!
Arya.png I mean... good job beating that super-scary dragon back at the Temple of Lava!
Arya.png Smell that fresh air? Guess Olaf went running for the hills. I just wish he'd taken these other Vikings with him! It's not over yet, buddy!
Arya.png Freeing this town from Viking control will help reopen trade routes in Numa. And who knows? Maybe the Vikings will leave behind some Scrolls for us!
Arya.png Another amazing win! If Hogwin were here to see you fight, I bet he'd say, "Where'd I put my stinkin' glasses!?"
Arya.png Did you hear that? These Vikings think Dr. Hogwin is past his prime.
Arya.png I guess they don't remember that he wrote the book on dragons. Even they'd be lost without him! No one pokes fun at Dr. Hogwin! Um, except for us.
Arya.png That'll show 'em! A lot of people think Dr. Hogwin is a kook, even in Dragolandia. He thought we weren't using dragons to their full potential.
Arya.png Most Dragolandians have been hiding in caves since the Vikings arrived. I bet they're regretting shutting down the Dragon Academy now! Not that I hold a grudge.
Arya.png You've been amazing in the training arena, but how will you fare in a real battle?! Let's find out by giving these witches their home back!
Arya.png See ya later, Vikings! This island is starting to feel like Dragolandia again!
Arya.png Rumor has it that Vikings are making Dragolandians pay a toll to use this bridge! I guess it's up to us to collect their refund!
Arya.png Great! Now that the Vikings have been defeated, everyone can use this bridge freely! I think this calls for a celebration. Another battle, anyone?
Arya.png Hmm... This part of the island is actually strangely free of the Vikings and their foul odors. I guess this gives us a chance to relax!
Brant.png I am BRANT! The BIGGEST and BADDEST Viking of Dragolandia! Well... I'm not a Viking yet, but I bet the Dunkelviking will make me one when I beat you up!
Arya.png Well, this is new. He's cute, but I never back down from a challenge. We're about to kick his butt!
Brant.png You cheated! No one can beat BRANT! The BIG! And BAD! Me and my dragons are going to our super-secret lair to train so we can get you next time!
Arya.png Don't go, Brant! From the looks of this island, that kid is Viking-repellant!
Arya.png Our peaceful respite couldn't last forever. The Vikings are back and looking particularly grumpy. They must have discovered the quicksand. What could make them even grumpier? Us!
Arya.png I guess invading and taking over a whole new country is less fun than they thought... thanks to us!
Arya.png I hate to see a legendary place like Fairy Pass fall into the hands of the Vikings. If the Dragolandians held them off, so can we!
Arya.png Wonderful! Now the wizards of Dragolandia can practice their magic in peace. You never know when you'll need a magical ally!
Arya.png My favorite food growing up was a piece of toast slathered in Twin Arbors' sap. Ever since the Vikings arrived, my sweet tooth has been starving. It ends today!
Arya.png I can't thank you enough for helping me free this delicious sap... I mean, this economically important Dragolandic town!
Arya.png Learning about Portia Penanze was the reason I sought out Dr. Hogwin and the once-lost Dragon Academy.
Arya.png Seeing Vikings camped out here does not put me in a cheerful mood... it puts me in a fighting mood! Come on!
Arya.png Portia's legacy lives on thanks to you! Keep up the amazing wins and maybe one day you'll even have a cove of your own!
Olaf the Pungent.png Hello, Dragon Girl. I'm back! And this time I brought my secret weapon!
Arya.png I hate to tell you, Olaf, but the stench is not really a secret.
Olaf the Pungent.png No, you silly girl! I'm BURSTING to tell you what it is, but I shall contain myself.
Arya.png Luckily, you won't have to do that for much longer. Our dragons are ready to kick you off this island and Dragolandia for good!
Arya.png That's right, Olaf. It's time for you and your stinky Viking friends to sail into the sunset.
Olaf the Pungent.png I failed... and will never hear my brother say the words "I love you," despite all my efforts. Oh well... I prefer the perfume business to all this violence.
Arya.png You're a strange Viking, Olaf.

Numa - Side Quest StoryCampaign Map Dialogues (edit)

Professor Hogwin.png The Vikings held me hostage in a dank cell underneath this gargoyle. As soon as we've dealt with them, I'm tearing this eyesore down!
Dunkelviking.png The ONLY thing getting torn down will be EVERYTHING you care about until I have the Codex! Now get back in your cell!
Dunkelviking.png Grrr! You may have won this battle, but until you surrender the Codex, all of Dragolandia will be like a prison to you!
Professor Hogwin.png With that pitiful battle performance, Dunkelviking, your threats have fewer fangs than a toothless dragon that's lost its dentures.
Professor Hogwin.png These towers were used by dragon trainers to watch for dangers at sea. If only they'd been here to warn of the Viking attack...
Dunkelviking.png Then they might have warned you of THIS Viking attack, but with my superior might, the outcome will STILL be the same!
Professor Hogwin.png It appears your "superior might" is no match for the teamwork of me and my new protégé. Victory is ours!
Professor Hogwin.png Oh, it's you again, Dunkelviking. Back for another lesson about how to properly battle with dragons?
Dunkelviking.png Out of my way! Olaf may be no match for you, but after I join him in Steam City, we'll CRUSH this ridiculous Numa Island rebellion.
Professor Hogwin.png Don't let the Dunkelviking get away. If he reaches Olaf in Steam City, they really might be unbeatable!
Dunkelviking.png This excitement can't be good for your ancient heart, old man, and I'd hate to have anything happen to you... before I find the Codex.
Professor Hogwin.png Your concern for my well-being is touching, but it'll do this ancient heart good to see your face when we destroy you in battle!
Dunkelviking.png Keep your silly little island! I've more important business to attend to on Arto than battling some old fool and his foolish follower!
Professor Hogwin.png Huff! Puff! Dunkelviking was right -- I am ancient! Hmm, why don't you take Ned to Arto and help him conquer his fear of dragons!

Second Island (Arto)Campaign Map Dialogues (edit)

Dunkelviking.png I hope you're done celebrating your success, Dragon Girl. Olaf was weak and useless -- nothing like my cohort Melvin the Malevolent.
Arya.png Melvin, eh? You guys gotta get more intimidating names. Hey -- I thought we got rid of you jerks!
Dunkelviking.png Numa may be back under your control for the time being, but it proved to be the distraction we hoped for.
Arya.png Distraction? What have you been up to...?
Dunkelviking.png And now I'm to reveal my whole dastardly plan? Ha! I'd rather see your dragons on the battlefield.
Dunkelviking.png The Dragon Academy has done you well, trainer, but nothing can prepare you for Melvin and HIS dragons.
Melvin the Malevolent.png Please tell me this isn't the team of intimidating dragon trainers I've heard so much about. My pinky fingers would strike more fear in the hearts of children.
Arya.png I'm guessing you're Melvin. Care to tell us why the Dunkelviking sent you to Arto?
Melvin the Malevolent.png I'd rather eat rancid poultry.
Arya.png OK. Well then, we have no choice but to fight!
Melvin the Malevolent.png You fight well... for a non-Viking. I'll be sorry to lose such a worthy opponent once we rule Dragolandia and force you out.
Arya.png Thanks... I guess?
Melvin the Malevolent.png We'll meet again, I assure you. In the meantime, enjoy disciplining our deserters. I appreciate you saving me all that work.
Brant.png Hey! What are you doing here...? I'm on a sacred mission.
Arya.png Arto was abandoned a long time ago... along with its wonky religion. How sacred could your mission really be?
Brant.png Sacred enough that I'd risk my dragons to complete it!
Brant.png You're the worst! A big, scary Viking finally, FINALLY gives me a job and you ruined it! Give me back that tribute!
Arya.png Hmm... I don't think so.
Arya.png Ancient myths say the god of Arto collected tributes from his believers. I have a hard time believing that the Dunkelviking sent Melvin here because of some ancient superstition.
Arya.png You're right. We should hypothesize after we take care of these Vikings' dragons.
Arya.png You're getting better every day!
Arya.png While you were fighting, I took a closer look at the Vikings behind those dragons. They looked more like miners than deserters...
Melvin the Malevolent.png What are you two doing here? Getting bored with Viking deserters, are we?
Arya.png Nah, we just missed you. Plus, we came across some miners on our way here. So, you're after Arto's precious natural resources after all...
Melvin the Malevolent.png Once again, Dragon Girl and her undeniably talented companion, you're one step behind. All I need from this island now is to leave it.
Arya.png Well then, all we need is to stop you!
Melvin the Malevolent.png Why must you THWART my plans? Don't you UNDERSTAND? I don't get to go home until I collect all the tributes...
Melvin the Malevolent.png AND I WANT TO GO HOME! And I hate it here! What's with all the sand? Sand in my ears. Sand in my EYES! SAND IN MY BEARD!
Arya.png Are you sure your name's not Gary the Griper? So, these tributes you're collecting, do they look like this?
Melvin the Malevolent.png Ah, you thief! I may have shared too much, but what are lackeys for but to clean up your occasional mess. I'll get that tribute back in no time!
Arya.png These guards are a lot tougher than the Viking deserters who settled on Arto. I guess Melvin really does want the tributes we took from him.
Arya.png I just wish I knew why he needed Arto's precious resources. No one but accomplished Dragolandians know how to use them! Uh oh, we got company.
Arya.png Ha! There's no stopping us.
Brant.png Stand back, enemy! The force of the Bob is behind me!
Arya.png Oh no! Not you again. Brant, the Bob isn't real. It's just some old Dragolandian legend.
Brant.png If the Bob is just a legend, why would Melvin be collecting tributes so he could finally get off this, and I quote, "terrible, sandy pit of a land mass"?
Arya.png Hmm... better safe than sorry. If anyone's getting off this island, it's us. So we're gonna need that tribute you got... now.
Brant.png Hey! C'mon, you don't need that tribute. I thought you said the Bob was a legend.
Arya.png Yeah, but I'd rather not take any chances.
Arya.png Now that we have more of Melvin's tributes, he's gonna have a hard time getting the Bob's blessing to leave the island. You know, if you believe that the Bob is real.
Arya.png I'd feel bad, but all these guards kind of sour my sympathy!
Arya.png Melvin's gotta be nervous now!
Melvin the Malevolent.png Right on time. My tribute delivery is here!
Arya.png We'll give you these tributes, but only if you hand over the resources that the Dunkelviking wanted you to mine.
Melvin the Malevolent.png Oh, foolish girl, this goes beyond the Dunkelviking. You still think you and your lauded Hogwin matter in all this. The Dragolandians were right to lose faith in him.
Arya.png Is that so? Well, deal's off. I'm taking that tribute whether you like it or not.
Melvin the Malevolent.png NO! Please! I'll do anything... Just don't leave me here on this island to rot!
Arya.png I may be a foolish girl, but I'm not an idiot. We may not matter to the Vikings, but Dragolandia matters to us.
Arya.png Enjoy the rays, Melvin!

Third Island (Industria)Campaign Map Dialogues (edit)

Arya.png Hey, Dunkeldud! Great to see you again! Melvin says "Hi."
Dunkelviking.png So, you've bested Melvin. I suppose you think I should be intimidated. I'M NOT!
Dunkelviking.png I'M ANGRY! It's time to end these squabbles, Dragon Trainers. You're flies in my ointment that have become an unnecessary risk!
Dunkelviking.png I have wasted too much time on you two as it is. Take your win to the streets and celebrate. You won't last long -- not in Vikolandia.
Arya.png Vikolandia? What happened to Industria?
Dunkelviking.png Us.
Arya.png Uh oh, it's just as I feared! While we chased after Melvin, the Vikings set up shop here in Industria -- I mean -- Vikolandia.
Arya.png Combining resources from the different isles can have dangerous results...
Arya.png There's something I need to tell you -- hold that thought!
Arya.png Now that's what I call dragon training!
Heinrich the Hideous.png I call that lackluster... Did you know tyrants used to rule Dragolandia hundreds of years ago? Of course, then a brave man -- enter Hogwin Hogvanhog -- used his talent for training dragons to lead a rebellion.
Heinrich the Hideous.png Dragolandia was finally free and protected by Hogwin's brave dragon trainers. Dragolandia was so safe, in fact, that dragon trainers started to become irrelevant... unnecessary.
Heinrich the Hideous.png Even the Prime Minister of Dragolandia stopped encouraging young ones to go to the Academy. As a result, Hogwin's life's work became a joke.
Heinrich the Hideous.png Watching you, I see he's earned this reputation.
Brant.png We meet again, Arya!
Arya.png Hey! You learned my name!
Brant.png I will never forget it! Because of you, I failed my sacred Viking mission! You'll pay for that!
Brant.png It's not over, you two!
Arya.png If you insist... Hey, how'd you get off the island anyway? Did you discover that the whole "the Bob" thing was just a legend, after all?
Brant.png The Bob is more powerful than a goat is hungry!
Arya.png On that note, we'll just be leaving.
Arya.png As long as we're in Vikolandia, we may as well figure out what the Vikings are up to. You go pick a fight at this tavern while I question a few of its loyal patrons.
Arya.png You're going to go down in history, Dragon Trainer!
Arya.png I couldn't understand much of what those Vikings said, but they mentioned something about an invention.
Arya.png What a relief! I thought they might have found Dragolandia's secret isle.
Arya.png I told you about that... right?
Arya.png Heinrich! Why am I not surprised to find a brain like you is behind "the invention"?
Heinrich the Hideous.png You know not of what you speak. What I am creating is not a mere invention; it's a path to true love.
Arya.png Is this about to get weird?
Heinrich the Hideous.png That Dunkelviking refuses to entertain my request for his sister's hand in marriage, but once he finds out I am the mastermind behind his "precious weapon," he'll have to approve of our union.
Arya.png I'm less interested in your love story and more interested in that precious weapon. Hand it over!
Heinrich the Hideous.png You may have won this battle, but you haven't won my life's work!
Heinrich the Hideous.png My dragons might not be able to crush you... but soon you'll meet the cold, hard taste of steel power.
Arya.png Heinrich may not be the most intimidating Viking I've met, since most of his threats start out as history reports, but he's still scary -- nothing's more frightening than someone dictated by love.
Arya.png Although, the Vikings headed this way with their dragons come pretty close!
Arya.png Well, they got out of here fast! If only they'd stuck around to talk about that invention that's in the works.
Brant.png Aha! Bet you didn't see me hiding behind these rocks.
Arya.png You know, the surprise attack only works if you surprise your opponent with an actual ATTACK.
Brant.png Make fun all you like, but I know the Dunkelviking wants to keep you far away from Eliza's Factory.
Brant.png Lucky for him, me and my dragons are on the job!
Brant.png You enjoy crushing dreams, don't you?
Arya.png Not particularly. So, I'm guessing this invention is being made at Eliza's Factory. Who's Eliza?
Brant.png It's the name of Dunkelviking's sister.
Arya.png Oh, Heinrich. Such a romantic.
Arya.png I can see that factory in the distance. It smells... kind of like chocolate.
Arya.png Oh no, that's just these Vikings. I almost feel bad for their dragons!
Arya.png What a win! Now we have a chance of breaking into the factory!
Heinrich the Hideous.png What are you two doing here?
Arya.png You know, just seeing the sights. I've never been to Vikolandia before.
Heinrich the Hideous.png Then I'm glad you saved the most exciting stop for the end. MEET... THUNDER WOLF!
Heinrich the Hideous.png All those other beefhead Vikings obsessed over the Codex and Hogwin's creations... but I am the only one who decided to create a breed of dragon all its own! Ready to face it?
Arya.png I have to hand it to you, Heinrich. That invention is impressive. I can't wait to tell Hogwin all about it.
Heinrich the Hideous.png Ugh! I KNEW I should have gotten a patent.
Arya.png So how did you do it? Mix a few Dragolandian resources to make the inanimate animate?
Heinrich the Hideous.png It's slightly more complicated than that. I don't actually have the magical capabilities to-- Hey!
Arya.png Thanks for the info, Ricky!

Fourth Island (Alma)Campaign Map Dialogues (edit)

Arya.png The good news is we beat Thunder Wolf, but the bad news is there aren't many dragon trainers out there who could do the same. If we don't stop the Dunkelviking now, he could get exactly what he wants -- Dragolandia and its magical capabilities.
Arya.png More good news... Unbeknownst to the Vikings, Dragolandia's most populated and important Isle -- Crysto -- has been cloaked by magic ever since the Vikings arrived. They don't even know it exists!
Arya.png More bad news...
Dunkelviking.png The Dunkelviking has heard everything you've said?
Dunkelviking.png You've bested me yet again, Dragon Girl. Of course, that won't stop me from finding Crysto.
Arya.png Good luck with that. Only the pure of heart can break the cloaking spell.
Dunkelviking.png Is that so? Good thing Alma Isle is full of Dragolandian Monks. While I go acquaint myself with them, I hope you enjoy the company of my brother Eli.
Eliza the Masculine.png Stop there, dragon trainers! Your journey ends here.
Arya.png Says who?
Eliza the Masculine.png Eli, brother of the great and powerful and wonderful and amazing and brave Dunkelviking.
Arya.png Man, he has self-esteem issues. Speaking of... brother? Eli, you're a lady.
Eliza the Masculine.png If Dunky finds out I'm not his long-lost brother, I'll have to marry that horrible scientist. So I plan to make sure you don't get a chance to spread the word.
Arya.png I would love to gloat about our amazing win, but I'm still kinda stuck on "Dunky."
Eliza the Masculine.png If I see you again, trainers, you're gonna regret it!
Arya.png You know what? I believe you.
Arya.png Hey! Get out of here. Why are you rifling through all these monks' things?!
Brant.png Oh, not you again. Can't a kid try to climb the ladder of success without society constantly holding him back?
Arya.png Huh, you're working for the Dunkelviking again.
Brant.png If you call reading monks' diaries work... and I do. It's pretty dry. Lots of passages about soy. Unfortunately for you, a little battle is just what I need!
Arya.png I think looking for someone pure of heart has made you soft, Brant.
Brant.png Stop it! That's not why I'm crying!
Arya.png Eliza's story saddened me. Maybe she doesn't want to marry Heinrich enough that she'd fight against the Dunkelviking and his archaic rules.
Arya.png Uh oh, Vikings are approaching the monks' meeting hall. We have to stop them!
Arya.png Way to go! But, oh no! Despite our win, it looks like one of the monks is missing!
Arya.png Eliza! I'm so glad we found you. So, right now the Dunkelviking is looking for someone true of heart to break down the spell cloaking Crysto.
Eliza the Masculine.png What did I tell you about saying my name?
Arya.png Help us stop your brother and you could live in a world free of arranged marriages, free of fake names... free of Heinrich.
Eliza the Masculine.png How dare you suggest I turn on my brother! Wretched trainers!
Eliza the Masculine.png You fought bravely, trainers. You might stand a chance against my brother, after all.
Arya.png Are you saying what I think you're saying?
Eliza the Masculine.png I am! My brother can accept his defeat once and for all! Meet me at the Cave of the Beyond. I have a plan!
Arya.png Meet her at the Cave of the Beyond? Easy for Eliza to say! She's not fighting the Dunkelviking's lackeys along the way.
Arya.png Speaking of...
Arya.png One step closer to saving Crysto from Viking invasion!
Brant.png Dragon trainers! Try to pass this bridge and you will face ultimate defeat.
Arya.png Then I guess we're facing ultimate defeat!
Arya.png We faced ultimate defeat... and we won!
Brant.png You know, maybe being a Viking isn't for me. I've started to consider monkhood.
Arya.png We're almost to the Beyond! With Eliza on our side, I'm sure we'll keep Crysto and the people of Dragolandia there safe.
Arya.png Of course, first we have to make it past these wild dragons!
Arya.png As always, you impress me with your constantly improving talent!
Eliza the Masculine.png You made it. Finally, this blasted uncloaking spell can begin!
Arya.png Huh? I guess I should have expected a betrayal... but you should have expected this: I can't perform the spell, Eliza. I don't even know how to use magic.
Eliza the Masculine.png Well, it turns out there's a little loophole in that spell. We've got a monk who'd be happy to uncloak Crysto in exchange for his freedom. Turns out his heart isn't so pure, but we just need that pure heart present in the room--
Arya.png Well, that's definitely not you, Eliza... Oh no! It must be us! We gotta get out of here.
Eliza the Masculine.png Not so fast!
Eliza the Masculine.png Muahahaha!
Arya.png Why are you laughing? You lost!
Eliza the Masculine.png I may have lost, but the spell was cast! Crysto has appeared from the beyond! Muahaha!

Alma - Side Quest StoryCampaign Map Dialogues (edit)

Ned.png Heinrich?! You look surprisingly good for someone whose dream to marry the woman of his dreams was just crushed...
Heinrich the Hideous.png Oh, I've got a NEW plan to win Eliza's hand -- earn the Dunkelviking's respect by becoming a monk and uncloaking Crysto. Out of my way!
Heinrich the Hideous.png You may have won, but you can't stop me from seeking spiritual guidance with the monks at the inn up ahead! Soon I'll have my Eliza!
Ned.png If we let Heinrich uncloak Crysto, then Arya will never respect me enough to stop calling me "lil' dragon trainer." After him!
Heinrich the Hideous.png Why do you want to keep me from bettering myself by becoming a monk? I've nearly reached the men who can help me do it!
Ned.png I'm glad you want to better yourself, Heinrich, but we can't let you unless you do it for a BETTER reason!
Heinrich the Hideous.png Fine, you can have the monks! Their methods for achieving enlightenment are inefficient anyway. I'll find a means to do it faster!
Heinrich the Hideous.png Now that I've got the book "Shortcuts Down the Path of Enlightenment," I'll be a monk in no time! Go away so I can meditate!
Ned.png I doubt you can become a monk JUST by reading a book... but we can't take any chances. Let's follow him!
Brant.png Ah hah! I bet you never thought you'd see me again.
Ned.png Brant, if you didn't show up to ruin our day, I'd be worried something had happened to you.
Brant.png Well... you're not as bad as you used to be. Hmph.
Brant.png When the Dunkelviking learns of my efforts to capture Hogwin's son, I bet he'll be impressed!
Ned.png Yes, impressed at the lengths you go to get the attention of someone who doesn't know you exist.
Brant.png Dragon dung! Why can't I beat a mouse-man like you?
Ned.png Didn't your mother teach you better than to swear...? Well, I guess if she actually taught you better, you wouldn't want to be a Viking.
Heinrich the Hideous.png Dragon's breath! Another distraction? How am I to clear my mind for meditation when you keep showing up?!
Ned.png Distracting Heinrich may be the only way to stop him from uncloaking Crysto.
Ned.png Luckily, it's the one thing I learned to do from my dad's dragon-training lessons.
Ned.png Do you hear whispering from that cave? And I think I see something scuttling around in there... Ahhh! It's Heinrich!
Heinrich the Hideous.png I thought this would be a good place to meditate, but it echoes ALL the sounds of the island. It also attracts annoying dragon trainers.
Brant.png I'm not letting you move any farther unless you surrender. You're too small and puny to be in the presence of Vikings.
Ned.png Hey! You've got limbs like sticks too!
Brant.png Grrr! You may be good in battle, but your slightly bigger muscles don't impress me.
Brant.png I refuse to accept defeat!
Brant.png At least Arya is intimidating... but you... I'm ashamed!
Heinrich the Hideous.png Grrr! I swam all the way out to this sandbar to seek inner peace, and you're already here to throw it into discord. I won't allow it!
Heinrich the Hideous.png I feel at peace after our battle. I'm ready for the next step -- sacrificing my ego... That should be simple for someone as clever as me!
Ned.png Guess we're not in any hurry to distract Heinrich now.
Heinrich the Hideous.png I realized it's my ego that wants the Dunkelviking's permission to marry Eliza. I should let her choose... then she'll definitely want me!
Ned.png Uh-oh, Heinrich is close to having a moment of true self-reflection. We need to act fast!
Dunkelviking.png I thought your becoming a monk was a joke, Heinrich, but with that poor performance in battle, it must be true. I'm impressed!
Ned.png Well, you've won the Dunkelviking's admiration, Heinrich... but you do know being a monk means you've vowed never to marry, right?

Fifth Island (Crysto)Campaign Map Dialogues (edit)

Arya.png Crysto is the most populated place in Dragolandia! Its underground tunnels span for miles... You just have to know how to access them.
Arya.png My family lives here, my friends live here, not to mention the Prime Minister of Dragolandia!
Arya.png Let's see if these dragons up ahead belong to Vikings or trainers-in-training.
Arya.png Those Viking dragons prove the Dunkelviking is already here.
Dunkelviking.png I am! I could have intervened and finished you both for good, but I'd rather make you watch the complete downfall of this home you so adore.
Dunkelviking.png The only thing in my way now is that legendary Codex. As long as it is in Hogwin's hands, there will always remain a threat from the Academy.
Dunkelviking.png If his own life is not enough to trade for the Codex... maybe someone else's will be.
Arya.png If I'm not mistaken, the Dunkelviking is planning to kidnap someone ELSE to force a trade for the Codex. But who?
Arya.png Let's brainstorm after we defeat these Viking dragons. I guess the Dunkelviking changed his mind about keeping me around!
Arya.png Another Viking team down! But how many to go?
Brant.png Arya, you tattle-tale! Why would you tell the Dunkelviking about this island?! My parents live here!
Arya.png I'm glad you've come to your senses, Brant. Being a Viking is nothing to aspire to--
Brant.png What if they see me? The whole part of running away was getting AWAY. If the Dunkelviking really wants to rule from Crysto Castle, we're going to be here for a while.
Arya.png Any more crucial info you want to share before we beat you... again?
Arya.png That's what I'm talking about! Sorry, Brant. You just can't stop us!
Brant.png Whatever. I'm going home for some fresh-baked cookies.
Arya.png Old habits die hard.
Arya.png This orphanage could be a prime target for the Dunkelviking's kidnapping.
Arya.png Let's go check it out.
Arya.png Whoa! That may have just been the orphanage's backup security system, but you got 'em good!
Dunkelviking.png Arya, may I ask you a question?
Dunkelviking.png What was so great about Dragolandia before we came? Your beloved Academy was a joke -- in ruins. Hogwin was just a crazy old man to these people. Thanks to us, all that's changed.
Dunkelviking.png Why would you want to go back to that world, Arya?
Arya.png You know, I preferred it when you called me Dragon Girl. You're going down!
Dunkelviking.png I admit it... You won!
Dunkelviking.png But just think of where your training, where Dragolandia would be, if I never brought my Vikings to your shores.
Arya.png Our dragons would still be ours, our mines would not be barren, and our people wouldn't live in fear.
Dunkelviking.png Well, when you say it like that...
Arya.png Word on the street is the Dunkelviking is sending his guards up to the castle. What if he plans to hold the Prime Minister hostage for Hogwin's books?
Arya.png Let's stop them before they get the chance!
Arya.png Nice! Hopefully, that gives us a head start!
Arya.png Brant? What's wrong?
Brant.png The Dunkelviking told me I don't have what it takes to be a Viking. Now I'll never get to call him Dunky.
Arya.png Aw, Brant, I'm sorry! At least you tried your best.
Brant.png Not yet... I got one more trick up my sleeve. Look out, trainers!
Arya.png Brant? Man, the little guy just couldn't handle another loss, I guess.
Arya.png Crysto really is the most beautiful island in Dragolandia. We need to do whatever we can to save it from Viking demise.
Arya.png Let's treat these Vikings up here like they treated our formerly lovely islands!
Arya.png Ha! Take that, Viking scum!
Arya.png So, where's the Prime Minister?
Dunkelviking.png How should I know? I bought this castle from him and I haven't heard from him since.
Arya.png So you weren't planning on kidnapping him? Then who...?
Professor Hogwin.png DUNKELVIKING! I have the Codex... Just don't hurt Arya.
Arya.png Hogwin?! No! It's not worth it!
Dunkelviking.png Oh, we could haggle all day about what is more valuable -- the girl or the guide?
Dunkelviking.png But maybe I can get both!
Professor Hogwin.png That's right! Scamper away, little Dunky.
Professor Hogwin.png Hey... where is everyone else? Arya?
Professor Hogwin.png Arya?
Professor Hogwin.png Who could have taken her?!
Brant.png They call me Big Bad Brant.

Gloamis - Side Quest StoryCampaign Map Dialogues (edit)

Ned.png I can't believe Arya was pretending to be kidnapped; I must have looked like SUCH a fool running to her rescue! I wish for ONCE she'd take me seriously!
Dunkelviking.png She'd probably take you more seriously if you didn't wander off muttering to yourself, but it's left you wonderfully open to THIS sneak attack!
Ned.png What's the Dunkelviking doing here? I thought we'd driven him from Dragolandia for good! Come on; we'd better see what he's up to!
Ned.png We've got you cornered; now tell us all the details of your NEW evil plan! ... Wait, are you crying?!
Dunkelviking.png Only tears of laughter at you falling into ANOTHER of my traps!
Dunkelviking.png How could I lose AGAIN! I'll NEVER make mother proud; I don't know why I even try!
Ned.png Aw! Don't give up; I'm SURE you'll find a way to make her happy!
Dunkelviking.png You're right; I can't give up at the first sign of failure. Mother always said, "If at first you don't succeed, lay siege to your enemies till they concede."
Ned.png I was trying to be encouraging, but maybe I should have just kept my mouth shut. *sigh* We'd better follow him and make sure he doesn't stir up trouble for Arya... Not that she'll notice!
Ned.png If you drop something in the waters of this lagoon, it'll be coated in shadows that NEVER come off. Would Arya like me better as a shadow man? I've heard her say tall, dark and handsome is her type.
Dunkelviking.png One out of three isn't bad; let's see what she thinks after I PUSH you in!
Ned.png On second thought, tall, dark and handsome has to get old after a while. Then I'll make my move!
Ned.png I've heard the Shade Folk built Lunarhenge to tell time by the patterns of shadows creeping across the stones. I wish I could tell time via shadows!
Dunkelviking.png I'll tell you what time it is: BATTLE O' CLOCK!
Ned.png We finished that battle in the nick of time! ... Wait a second; the Dunkelviking's stolen my coin purse -- after him!
Dunkelviking.png Surrender now or your coin purse will be swimming with the frogs!
Ned.png We HAVE to save that purse! I couldn't care less about the coins, but it contains my ONLY portrait of Arya. Get him!
Dunkelviking.png You fought fiercely enough for that portrait of Arya, but I bet you'll be only TOO willing to surrender when I kidnap the REAL thing!
Ned.png I never thought I'd say this after the way Arya humiliated me, but we've GOT to protect her! Come on; let's go find her!
Ned.png Stand back, fair lady. We're here to rescue you!
Arya.png There you are, Ned. I wondered where you'd run off to. What is it you're trying to rescue me from?
Dunkelviking.png ME! You dragon trainers NEVER learn, always rushing to each other's aid with no thought for the consequences. Mother will be pleased when I capture you ALL!
Dunkelviking.png I QUIT! I'm SICK of always putting mother's happiness before my own. It's high time I followed my dream of becoming a bard. I'll rock the citizens of Dragolandia until they beg for mercy AND an encore!
Arya.png You're a true friend, Ned -- you came to my rescue EVEN after I lied about being kidnapped. I hope you're not TOO mad about that.
Ned.png Me mad? Of course NOT! How could I ever stay mad at such a fair lady?!
Arya.png I'm still feeling grateful, Ned, so I'll let that slide, but if you call me a "fair lady" ONE more time, I'll drape you in fruit and tell my dragons it's dinnertime!

Illumina - Side Quest StoryCampaign Map Dialogues (edit)

Ned.png What are YOU doing here, Eliza? You... haven't coincidentally come here for the Festival of Lights, have you?
Eliza the Masculine.png Yes, I thought I'd take in the sights now that my conquest dreams are all over. Any recommendations for places I should visit?
Ned.png There's the Tower of Light of course, and I've heard that a lot of people enjoy the Festival Square... Wait a minute -- I'm just making you a list of places you'll help your mother invade, aren't I?
Eliza the Masculine.png Ah, Nedders, you get smarter every time I see you -- which isn't saying much. Let's make the first stop on my invasion YOUR last stand!
Eliza the Masculine.png *grrr* I guess the first stop on my invasion will have to be this pretty little church instead!
Ned.png Not the church! Come on; we've got to protect those poor people from Eliza!
Ned.png Stop right there, Eliza! We can't let you enter that church!
Eliza the Masculine.png Oh really? Then I suppose my dragons will have to change your mind. ATTACK!
Eliza the Masculine.png What could you POSSIBLY have against letting me light a candle and say a prayer for my mother's victory?!
Ned.png Wait... what? We thought you wanted to take the churchgoers hostage.
Eliza the Masculine.png ME?! Take hostages on the holy island of Illumina? I would NEV-- ... Actually, that's a really good plan. I'll definitely try that one next time!
Ned.png The radiance of this island is making me see EVEN the Vikings in a better light. I don't think anything could ruin my good mood!
Melvin the Malevolent.png Let's see how you feel about that after a humiliating defeat!
Ned.png Nope, seeing your grimace of defeat is doing nothing to wreck my mood, Melvin.
Melvin the Malevolent.png Why couldn't you let me make Mother happy and LOSE?! I'm going to tell her ALL about how you picked on me!
Ned.png That's right, Melvin -- run and tell mommy! ... Wait, if we let him catch up to Gunhilda, then our enemy will be EVEN stronger. Come on; after him!
Ned.png All right, Melvin. That's enough! Time to surrender and leave the island quietly.
Melvin the Malevolent.png Quietly? I never do ANYTHING quietly! Let me show you what happens to anyone who DARES to get between me and Mother!
Melvin the Malevolent.png WAHHH! How could I LOSE? Mother will put me in time-out again for sure!
Ned.png There, there. I'm sure she'll let you out once you finally grow up! Thankfully for us, that should take a while.
Ned.png Heinrich?! Don't tell me YOU'RE here to help Gunhilda's invasion?! I thought you gave all that up when you became a monk.
Heinrich the Hideous.png I can no longer fight for something as petty as conquest, but I CAN still fight for something as noble as love, and my heart has been ensnared by the beauteous Gunhilda. Now let me show you my NEW battle technique. Ommm...
Heinrich the Hideous.png My motivations were pure, but I STILL lost! I guess my efforts would be better suited preparing this empowerment charm for my lady love.
Ned.png EmPOWERment charm?! Anything that makes Gunhilda more powerful is bad news for us. After him!
Heinrich the Hideous.png Have you come to help me with my charm? How kind!
Ned.png If by "help" you mean ruin, then yes! Let's battle!
Heinrich the Hideous.png The energy from that battle was EXACTLY what I needed to power up my empowerment charm. Thanks for your help!
Ned.png What have we DONE?! How much stronger did the charm make Gunhilda?
Heinrich the Hideous.png Stronger? No, no -- an empowerment charm doesn't strengthen the body, it empowers the spirit! Now my sweetheart's confidence will NEVER falter in battle.
Ned.png Huh. I don't see her confidence wavering with or without your empowerment charm, so I guess... no harm done there.
Ned.png *sigh* All right, Brant, what do you want THIS time?!
Brant.png To capture you and earn my rightful place as Gunhilda's newest Viking son, of course! This battle oughta settle it!
Ned.png So, have you changed your mind YET about becoming a Viking?
Brant.png I'll ALWAYS be a Viking at heart, whether or not Gunhilda's clan will have me. In fact, I'll just start my OWN Viking gang. So what do you think, Ned -- want to join? There's plenty of Dragolandia left to conquer!
Ned.png Sure, why not. How about you start by conquering your parent's house, by which I mean -- GO HOME!
Ned.png Dunkelviking! How has your new career as a bard been going?
Dunkelviking.png That name is DEAD to me! Call me "The Battling Bard"! My dream of merging dragon training with music will be realized with THIS battle!
Dunkelviking.png A truly epic defeat -- I will immortalize it in verse! Then, axe in hand, I'll travel the land one battle and one ballad at a time!
Ned.png *sniff* I've never seen him SO happy! It almost makes this whole invasion worthwhile... almost.
Ned.png Thank goodness we're FINALLY done dealing with Gunhilda's goons. I haven't forgotten anyone, have I...?
Olaf the Pungent.png Hands off MY treasure, dragon trainers!
Ned.png How could I have forgotten Olaf, or more specifically, Olaf's stench? Wait... *sniff* Olaf, you actually smell kind of... nice!
Olaf the Pungent.png A minor setback with my current fragrance! As soon as I add some of the sea slugs and slime I found on this treasure chest into the mix, I should be back to my malodorous self! I'll save you a sample.
Ned.png Nah, don't bother. Somehow I don't think Arya is the sea-slug-and-slime type.

Ninth Island (Champion's Island)Campaign Map Dialogues (edit)

Arya.png I know you've been on the lookout for Tyrants, Professor, but there don't seem to be any here...
Professor Hogwin.png You may be right, but -- like anything that suddenly pops out of the ocean -- this island is worth investigating!
Ned.png With mysterious islands come dragons. Of course. *sigh*
Professor Hogwin.png And very unique dragons, at that! A one-of-a-kind ecosystem and rare dragons... I'll have my studying cut out for me!
Arya.png Say, is it just me, or are the dragons here acting a little strange! Why do they wanna fight us so bad?
Professor Hogwin.png Hmm. Perhaps they're trying to protect the island. Let's try to better understand their behavior, shall we?
Ned.png I don't need to "understand" anything about this dragon's behavior! It wants to fight, and I wanna leave!
Ned.png And now they wanna... nibble at my clothes? Hey, guys, wh-what's going on here? Why're the dragons so into me...?
Ned.png Arya...? D-Dad? I think these dragons are-- YAARGH!!!
Professor Hogwin.png B-by the Divines!!! They've taken Ned!!! Don't worry, son; it'll be okay! All dragons are peace-loving creatures! ... Or so I thought...
Arya.png Hang on, Ned! We'll save you as soon as we beat this dragon... and that dragon... and ALL its friends...! Yikes, Professor, there sure are a LOT of dragons!
Professor Hogwin.png And STILL no sign of Ned. Whew -- Arya, I'm getting a little old for this... We might need some help.
Arya.png These dragons are tough, even for me! But I've got an idea, Professor: I think I know somebody who can help us out...
Arya.png How about YOU, Trainer?
Professor Hogwin.png Great idea, Arya! Trainer, it's clear to me you have some seriously impressive skills. Won't you help us find Ned...
Professor Hogwin.png ...and discover the mysteries of this spectacular island?
Arya.png C'mon, Trainer, help me take on these dragons!
Arya.png Nice one! Hehe, it's great to have another powerful trainer around!
Professor Hogwin.png Goodness, I hope Ned is all right... I'm sure the dragons won't harm him; it's just that he's so FRIGHTENED of them...
Arya.png Don't worry, Professor! At the rate we're going, we'll find Ned in no time!
Professor Hogwin.png *sigh* I should have raised Ned to put more trust in dragons. I did everything I could, but... how will he EVER trust them now?
Professor Hogwin.png What's that? I should have more faith in Ned? Perhaps you're right...
Professor Hogwin.png This one looks tough. But I wonder why the Divine Dragons are sending their followers to fight us! Why not just battle us themselves...? Most interesting...
Professor Hogwin.png Great job, everybody! The going is tough, but if we all band together, I daresay we can make it through. In the meantime, I've got some pondering to do...
Olaf the Pungent.png Do my eyes deceive me? Is that Dragon Girl and the loony professor?
Arya.png Your eyes don't deceive you, and neither does my nose! I'm all for a reunion battle, Olaf, but we've got bigger fish to fry and dragons to fight!
Olaf the Pungent.png You and your friends are still as terrifying as ever, I see. I saved myself a few grey hairs getting involved in perfumery instead of conquest!
Arya.png First things first: You need to practice your perfumery. Second, what are you even doing here?!
Olaf the Pungent.png What are we doing here? It's a funny story, actually, but let's take care of these pesky dragons first.
Arya.png ... Hold on, did you say "we"?
Olaf the Pungent.png There, now that that's out of the way, my brothers should all be around here somewhere...
Professor Hogwin.png This is all becoming one big headache!
Arya.png Every smelly Viking dweeb in one place! Well, we'd love to deal with you, but we really don't have time -- Ned's been flown off by dragons!
Melvin the Malevolent.png No need for insults, Dragon Girl -- we're just here to rescue mother. Now, less chat -- more fight!
Arya.png Rescue? What happened to Gunhilda, besides a serious attitude problem?
Melvin the Malevolent.png Enough of YOUR 'tude! Mother's been... *sniff* Get it together, Melvin... You see, strange dragons took her away to this island -- to the icy summit!
Arya.png If the dragons took Gunhilda to the top of the island, there's a good chance Ned is there, too... Come on; let's climb!
Professor Hogwin.png I never expected to fight on the same side as Vikings... but family trumps rivalry, I suppose!
Arya.png Hey, Dunkelviking! How's your music career going? Write any hits? Wait, never mind; tell me after this battle...
Dunkelviking.png No hits yet, Dragon Girl, but this adventure is BOUND to produce a face-melting rock opera!
Arya.png Get ready, everyone... a horde of Divine Dragons want to say hello! Hey, Eliza, we've been through this before, haven't we? Wanna help us out?
Eliza the Masculine.png I am NOT "helping" you, fool! Our allegiances just HAPPENED to cross... AGAIN...
Arya.png You know, I haven't really had a chance to think on it, but doesn't this place look familiar, Professor? It's like Dragolympus, but-- Whoa! Incoming dragons!
Professor Hogwin.png You're right, Arya, and the dragons are the same as well! Hmm... We saved them, so why are they fighting us? How puzzling...
Arya.png Dunkelviking, I thought your mom ruined your career dreams. Why are you trying so hard to save her? Seems like she's not the best parent...
Dunkelviking.png I don't expect an ex-milkmaid to understand my complicated feelings -- but I DO expect you to help me fight off these incoming dragons!
Arya.png So? What's your answer, "Dunky"? I'm curious! It would be way easier for everyone if we let the dragons play volleyball with her for the rest of eternity.
Dunkelviking.png Well, if mother hadn't stalled my bardic dreams, I never would have realized how strongly I wanted to chase them! Also, I mean, she's my mom...
Arya.png Family is complicated, I guess. But you know what's not complicated? Battling dragons! Woo!
Arya.png Ahh, battling's the best -- I almost forget why I'm doing it in the first place! ... Oh, right, Ned!
Arya.png Poor Ned... If the dragons had taken me instead, I probably would've been having a blast! I don't really understand it, but if he's scared, we gotta help him.
Arya.png Hey, dragons! Kidnap me next time! Heh... just kidding. Maybe.
Arya.png Looks like we're almost at a new part of the island. Do you recognize it, Trainer? Well, I know you recognize these feisty dragons!
Arya.png Great job! Hey, we should go head-to-head one of these days!
Professor Hogwin.png One more obstacle; and it's our old friend, Arya: the Medusa Dragon! Just because it's not a Divine doesn't make it any less fearsome!
Professor Hogwin.png We're a bit closer now... Hold tight, son -- just remember your happy place and breathe into your paper bag!
Arya.png This place looks familiar, too... Ah, I know -- it's like the Island of New Beginnings, just in miniature! And check it out: The dragons are the same, too!
Arya.png What could it all mean...? Agh, thinking makes my brain hurt -- I'll leave the hardcore thoughts to Professor Hogwin.
Arya.png I remember battling a ton of super-powerful dragons here with Ned. He was scared, but he knew so much about each one! Like, THIS dragon was... Uh...
Arya.png OK, so I can't really memorize facts like Ned... but I remember having a lot of fun with him...!
Arya.png Eliza, you remember when we battled on the Island of New Beginnings, right? I hope you battle a little better today!
Eliza the Masculine.png Grr... Arya, I'm not here for a trip down memory lane -- and I think you'll find I've VASTLY improved!
Arya.png Aww, Eliza, I know Ned and I beat you last time, but we all make mistakes... Except me, when I battle dragons like this!
Eliza the Masculine.png You're getting awfully full of yourself for someone who couldn't rescue her little boyfriend!
Arya.png Huh? Boyfriend? I don't get it!
Professor Hogwin.png That's an awful lot of dragons coming for us! If only I could work out why they seem so intent on battling...
Professor Hogwin.png I might have a theory after a few more battles. Let's keep forging on!
Professor Hogwin.png It's odd. The dragons don't seem aggressive -- just... sporty? It's almost like this is a tournament! Come on now, beasties, let me study you a while longer!
Professor Hogwin.png If we understand these dragons, we don't need to fear them!
Arya.png Olaf, have you gotten over trying to impress your brother, the Dunkelviking? Maybe this next battle will make him love you!
Olaf the Pungent.png I mean, the battle WAS impressive, but ever since Dunky picked up his music career, he's been a lot more... manageable. What's the word? "Nice"?
Dunkelviking.png "Nice"? Did somebody call me "nice"? Olaf, you smelly nut, was that you? Or was I mishearing some approaching dragon's roar...?
Olaf the Pungent.png What? "Nice"? All that lute playing's made you hard of hearing, Dunky. But, hey, did you see how expertly I strategized during that battle? Did you?
Dunkelviking.png Olaf, why don't you go home and let me take on this fight, huh? I know you've got some, uh, perfume-y stuff to do, or something like that...
Olaf the Pungent.png B-but... I CAN fight...!
Olaf the Pungent.png Hey, Trainer, help me take on this super-powerful Bamboo Dragon and I'll give you a free sample of my newest perfume line, OK? Just make sure Dunky's watching...
Olaf the Pungent.png Ha HA! We did it! Take THAT, crippling self-esteem issues! And take THAT, familial expectations!
Dunkelviking.png Er, Olaf, brother... I told you to go home so you could get back to your REAL passion, right? I know you don't like battling like this!
Olaf the Pungent.png Well, I CAN battle, so I WILL battle! Hmph.
Dunkelviking.png Olaf, listen: I like writing songs about adventures; you like making perfume. I don't understand it, but I support it. Just like I support battling these dragons.
Olaf the Pungent.png Does this mean... Dunky, do you love me?!
Dunkelviking.png Of course I love you! You're my brother, you dumb oaf!!!
Arya.png Hmm. Professor, do you think the dragons are trying to get us to work out our emotional baggage by kidnapping our loved ones and battling us?
Professor Hogwin.png It's a good guess, Arya! You're probably not that far off...
Olaf the Pungent.png I DO love making perfume -- well, it's more of a necessity, really -- but... I think I'll stick around and help rescue mother. Do your worst, dragons!
Dunkelviking.png That's awfully... NICE of you, Olaf. (Mighty claws, what a strange word to pronounce!)
Professor Hogwin.png Across this bridge is one of the island's summits. Let's be sure to stop and smell the roses -- and appreciate the view -- before the next battle.
Professor Hogwin.png Yes indeed, nothing more relaxing than that!
Arya.png Don't get TOO into your sightseeing, Professor -- there's a huge gang of dragons headed this way... and it looks like they want to play!
Professor Hogwin.png Well played, dragons, but we've won this round!
Arya.png Wow, we're so high up -- I can see the whole island from here! Heeey, Ned, can you hear me?! Oh, no, but a couple of dragons did.
Arya.png It was worth a shot! I guess we'll have to find Ned the good ol' fashioned dragon-battling way.
Arya.png I remember a lot of these temples from adventuring with Ned. It was so cool fighting the dragons inside! I guess these other dragons will have to do for now...
Professor Hogwin.png Perhaps we could all visit the temples once this adventure is over!
Arya.png What's the matter, Eliza? You've been awfully quiet. Dragon got your tongue? Let's pry it off!
Eliza the Masculine.png I'm FINE, thank you very much! I just don't like remembering my embarrassing defeat at the hands of you and that weakling, Ned!
Arya.png Hey, he's not weak -- he's just gotta work on his self-esteem!
Eliza the Masculine.png Grr... I WON'T let these dragons embarrass me here again! Come on, you scaly ninnies -- let's have a rematch!
Arya.png Eliza sure is fired up! It's even MORE fun to see now that we're on the same side!
Eliza the Masculine.png *blush* Stop having fun this instant!
Arya.png I think I see a familiar dragon face up ahead... But first, time to battle these small fry!
Arya.png Okay! Now, Guan Di Dragon, here we come!
Arya.png Hello again, Guan Di Dragon! Remember me? I fought you with my friend Ned, but I've got a few more friends with me this time around!
Arya.png Thanks for the battle, Guan Di Dragon! I'm your biggest fan!
Eliza the Masculine.png Ack! Here again? I thought I'd left the Golden Pyramid in the past -- literally!
Arya.png But aren't you excited to see the Golden Pyramid again, Eliza? We had such a blast battling dragons in the desert!
Eliza the Masculine.png Heinrich, if you're lurking around here like last time, just watch how I battle these dragons and imagine that happening to your FACE!
Arya.png Don't worry, Eliza; I think we're safe!
Arya.png I know our desert adventure was kind of hectic, Eliza, but wasn't it, y'know, fun in the sun? Didn't we totally beat the heat? Now, let's beat this battle!
Eliza the Masculine.png It's almost like you WANT me to have fun. What's that all about?
Professor Hogwin.png Arya, I see you and your Trainer friend are getting along quite well with our unlikely Viking teammates. You haven't been... influenced, have you?
Arya.png Professor, the only things that "influence" me are DRAGONS and BATTLES!
Arya.png See? My head is clear, Professor!
Arya.png Besides, those Vikings aren't half bad if you give them a chance to do something... good?
Eliza the Masculine.png Heh, we've fought all of these dragons before -- a few more of them is no big deal! C'mon! Let me at 'em!
Eliza the Masculine.png Thanks, dragons! You've made me THAT much stronger! Wahahaha!
Professor Hogwin.png Whew, it sure is hot on this part of the island! Amazing how multiple climates exist side-by-side in the same small land mass... I've GOT to keep studying!
Professor Hogwin.png Yes, every dragon is perfectly suited to each ecosystem. Fascinating!
Dunkelviking.png Urgh... It's so... HOT. No wonder Heinrich seemed to do so well in the desert -- that lack of hair kept him cool. HEY, dragons! Singe off my beard a little, won't you?
Arya.png Dunkelviking! Dragons don't give out trims or haircuts unless you ask REALLY nicely.
Olaf the Pungent.png Eliza, didn't you have a "thing" going on with Heinrich when we all went to the Golden Pyramid?
Melvin the Malevolent.png No, no, Heinrich had a "thing" going on with mother. That's why she sent him back in time to the desert; probably so that dragons like these could scare him straight.
Eliza the Masculine.png ARRGH! I did not have a THING with Heinrich! And neither did mother!
Eliza the Masculine.png Maybe if you spent time TRAINING instead of gossiping, you'd have beaten that meathead Arya and her Trainer friend back when it counted!
Melvin the Malevolent.png I mean, it's just that we thought you'd be married by now, Eliza. Don't you want to make mother proud when we find her?
Eliza the Masculine.png Hey! Melvin! Shut up! And help us fight this dragon!
Eliza the Masculine.png I'll impress mother with my battle prowess alone, thank you VERY much.
Melvin the Malevolent.png *muttering* I wish I could impress mom with battle prowess alone...
Arya.png Look, Eliza! It's the Golden Pyramid! Aww, I wish somebody had a disposable picture-box so we could pose together! Maybe this dragon knows where to pick one up?
Eliza the Masculine.png Well... Maybe we could get a picture later. I mean... If I feel like it...
Arya.png Remember this dragon, Eliza? Hey, Dile Dragon, you're far from the Dile River! I wonder what could have made it come so far...
Eliza the Masculine.png Something strange is going on here, that's for sure...
Professor Hogwin.png Goodness, Arya! You and Eliza fought with some tough customers... But it seems like you had a great time while you did! That's my protégé for you!
Professor Hogwin.png Now if only I could get Ned to follow Arya's example...
Dunkelviking.png So, you DID have fun when you explored the Golden Pyramid, Eliza?
Eliza the Masculine.png Oh, it was nothing, Dunky. Dragon battles are way more "fun" for me...
Eliza the Masculine.png Actually, yeah, I did have fun. I had a lot of fun kicking Heinrich's butt... battling with Arya...
Eliza the Masculine.png B-but it was all in the name of duty, of course!
Dunkelviking.png Oh, not you too, Eliza! You KNOW you don't need to impress me. I'm not about that life anymore -- it's all rock ballads and friendly battles. Come, sister; aid me!
Eliza the Masculine.png Heh -- a heart-pounding battle, brother! Well done!
Arya.png Looks like you're getting along better with your brothers, Eliza! Let's celebrate with a battle!
Eliza the Masculine.png Hey, my brothers are still a bunch of losers, and don't you forget it! Except for Dunky, of course...
Professor Hogwin.png What do you think of all this "togetherness," Trainer? I wonder if this is what the dragons had in mind... Only one way to find out!
Arya.png Another amazing battle! Go on, show off your war cry!
Eliza the Masculine.png ... Arya, I might need your help on this one. We're talking a SARCOPHAGUS-full of desert Divines!
Arya.png High five, Eliza! We did it! And we got to see all our old Divine friends again!
Eliza the Masculine.png No high fives! ... Okay, maybe one high five. Or two. That's fine.
Professor Hogwin.png What a battle that was! This one should be a piece of cake in comparison, Trainer.
Professor Hogwin.png Just as I suspected. Great job!
Professor Hogwin.png I think I'm starting to put it together -- the secret of this mysterious island and the behavior of the dragons that have come here...
Professor Hogwin.png Your expert battling skills have helped me study the dragons -- so, thank you!
Professor Hogwin.png The temples all over this island suggest ceremonial significance! Then, of course, there's the presence of the Divine Dragons... and others...
Arya.png Taking notes, Professor?
Professor Hogwin.png I don't think the dragons would have gathered here without an important reason... Hello dragon, won't you tell me your secrets?
Professor Hogwin.png Alas! I'll have to keep studying Dragonese...
Arya.png You made that up just now, didn't you Professor?
Arya.png Have you got any ideas about what's going on here, Professor?
Professor Hogwin.png I do! And I'll tell you after this battle!
Professor Hogwin.png I believe that the Divine Dragons have assembled themselves and their strongest disciples... to test us!
Professor Hogwin.png Something very big is about to happen... I'm just not sure exactly what.
Arya.png Apep Dragon! If you like discord so much, then you won't want to hear how we've been kind of getting along with Vikings!
Professor Hogwin.png Even the Apep Dragon didn't seem to be able to cause infighting within our ragtag group. Interesting...
Arya.png We're nearing the summit of the Island! It's getting icy, but all of this fighting makes the cold feel refreshing! Let's battle!
Professor Hogwin.png I do hope that we find Ned soon... Poor boy isn't great with heights...
Melvin the Malevolent.png I think I hear mother! I'd recognize her battle cry anywhere! And if I find her first, I'm sure she'll read me bedtime stories, just like old times!
Eliza the Masculine.png I see the years haven't made you any less ridiculous, Melvin...
Professor Hogwin.png Ned might not be the best battler, but he's smart. Perhaps he's already figured out this island's mysteries... Trainer, please, help us find him!
Arya.png You've got great stamina, Trainer. Hmm, what's that? I think I hear distant whimpering... Ned?
Eliza the Masculine.png Wait until mother hears about all of our breakthroughs. She'll be so... so...! You know what? Let's not think about it -- we'll just battle this dragon instead.
Olaf the Pungent.png If only she would wear the perfume I made for her -- we would know EXACTLY where she was from miles away! (But nooo, "too sulfurous," she said...)
Arya.png I thought I'd heard the rumble of an avalanche, but it looks like it was the rumble of a pack of dragons! C'mon everyone; less searching and more battling!
Arya.png I never thought I would enjoy fighting alongside Vikings, but... Hey, that was a great show, everyone!
Professor Hogwin.png It does seem like this island has brought out the best in everyone. I hope the same is true with Ned and Gunhilda... It would be nice to put conflicts behind us!
Professor Hogwin.png Fantastic battling, Trainer. It seems like this island has brought out the best in you, as well!
Arya.png Don't worry too much about Ned, Professor. I'm sure when we find him, he'll have already figured out what this island is for -- maybe even without trembling!
Professor Hogwin.png It's true. I'm looking forward to finding Ned and hearing his thoughts! We need to compare notes! Hm, is this what fatherly pride feels like...?
Dunkelviking.png Arya, I don't like to admit it, but you would probably make a good Viking! You're hardy, you're brutal, and you can even make Eliza listen to you!
Arya.png I definitely don't know how to feel about that, so instead, um... Let's battle more dragons!
Eliza the Masculine.png Dunky! Don't tell her stuff like that! Argh! (She WOULD make a decent Viking though...)
Dunkelviking.png These temperature changes aren't good for my vocal chords! And just when I was about to try a yodel to find mother...
Melvin the Malevolent.png I'll try a yodel too! YODELAYHEEHOO-- *COUGH COUGH*
Dunkelviking.png Decent effort!
Arya.png Cheers to us -- and cheers to another great dragon battle!
Arya.png Hey, I think I found some thread from Ned's coat... Not that I usually notice what Ned's wearing. Let's follow this trail!
Professor Hogwin.png Ah, the Eikthyrnir Dragon! If it's here, we must be nearing the Great Tree -- and, hopefully, Ned!
Professor Hogwin.png The Great Tree! There it is, in the distance! Oh, Ned would be so excited to see it...
Arya.png Hey, I see them! I see Ned and Gunhilda, riiight past all of these restless dragons! I guess it's time for a daring rescue! Whee!
Arya.png I thought the Vikings would be happy to see their mom... But they all look nervous!
Professor Hogwin.png Families are complicated, Arya...
Professor Hogwin.png Ned, my boy! We're so glad you're okay! Not that we ever worried; Arya and I both believed in you.
Ned.png Y-you didn't even worry a little bit...?
Ned.png Whew! Dad, Arya... It's so great to see you again!
Ned.png Wait until I show you this tablet that Gunhilda and I put together! And um, maybe let the others fight these dragons.
Professor Hogwin.png Did you say you and Gunhilda -- THE Gunhilda -- actually worked together? I'm stunned... and VERY impressed!
Gunhilda.png What took you so long, useless children? I had to mother this other poor whelp in your absence. Stop hugging me so hard, Melvin!
Melvin the Malevolent.png I found mother! I'm the one that saw her first. Someone write that down!
Professor Hogwin.png Ned and Gunhilda assembled a tablet that foretells an ancient prophecy? You'll have to show me after this battle, son. Your mind works in beautiful ways, my boy!
Ned.png The prophecy's written in an ancient language I've been studying, dad. The studying's been a lot like battling dragons! Just with... more books.
Ned.png Listen, everyone. The prophecy reads: "Champion's Island will rise from the ocean when a great cataclysm is set in motion..."
Ned.png "... The Divines and their flock will arrive here to nest, and gather strong Trainers to put to the test." And speaking of test... here come TONS of dragons! Ack!
Professor Hogwin.png Champions Island, you say? The dragons must be gathering the strongest hearts, minds, and bodies in the land. That must be why we found YOU, Trainer!
Arya.png So the dragons ARE testing us! I knew they had a good reason for all their silliness! The only thing is... What exactly are they testing us for?
Ned.png Arya, do you know what "cataclysm" means...?
Professor Hogwin.png *sigh* I have an idea about this "cataclysm," everyone. I knew it was coming, but I thought we'd have more time...
Professor Hogwin.png I believe that the Tyrants are returning -- sooner than we'd hoped, and STRONGER than ever!
Gunhilda.png Hmm. If the Tyrants are returning at full power, we Vikings might be in danger, too... Well, useless children, we'd best get prepared! Show me your strength!
Professor Hogwin.png Amazing! A lasting truce between Trainers and Vikings?! I never thought I'd see it in my lifetime!
Gunhilda.png *grumble* Don't hold your breath, Hogwin... The enemy of my enemy is my TEMPORARY ally.
Professor Hogwin.png The dragons are testing our strength, but Ned, I believe they also targeted you for your smarts!
Gunhilda.png And ME for my POWER, obviously! En garde, dragon!
Ned.png Jeez, dad, do you really think so...? I don't know how to feel... Maybe good?
Professor Hogwin.png You SHOULD feel good, my boy -- good and smart! You might not be a Dragon Master, but... you're a researcher, a historian! That's something to be proud of.
Eliza the Masculine.png Ugh, enough with the chitchat! Let's keep battling until I'm strong enough to beat Arya ten times over!
Arya.png You're on, Eliza!
Gunhilda.png You've gotten tougher, Eliza, but when are you going to find a good husband?
Eliza the Masculine.png *grumble* Not now, mother...
Arya.png Look! The Great Tree is right in front of us. We're almost at the top of the island... It's been fun, hasn't it? Now c'mon -- one last battle before the end!
Ned.png You know, even though I'm literally shaking in my boots, I almost don't want today to end! ... Haha, who am I kidding -- I WANNA GO HOME!
Arya.png Champion's Island, huh? Once we defeat the Nidhogg Dragon, we'll be champions of this island! What do you say, Trainer? Let's give it our all!
Arya.png We did it, everyone! But if the Tyrants really are returning, we'd better take the dragons' advice and stick around to train some more!
Arya.png If we keep training with these super-powerful dragons, there's nothing we can't do together!



Time Rift IIIAfterlife Adventure (19/08/23) (edit)

Professor Hogwin.png Interesting tidings, my young Trainer friends. Can you guess what they are?
Ned.png Please don't say Space-Time Rift, please don't say Space-Time Rift, please don't say...
Arya.png Oh, boy! It's another Space-Time Rift, isn't it?
Professor Hogwin.png Indeed it is! And this time, an unusual friend has shown up to deliver us the news. I don't believe I recognize this beastie...
Arya.png I do! It's the Anubis Dragon. Eliza and I met it at the Golden Pyramid. What have you come to show us, old pal...?

Ned.png I REALLY don't like the looks of this place. W-why are those statues' eyes glowing?!
Arya.png No need to be afraid, Ned. The Anubis Dragon will protect us. After all, it led me safely through the underworld!
Ned.png Yes, Arya. I will trust the big scary dragon who dragged you to the underworld. *sigh* How do I always get caught up in this craziness?!

Arya.png Huh? What's that awful sound?
Dunkelviking.png *TWANG* Oh, hello you two. I've *TWANG* been trying to get this dragon to sing along with my lute, but it just doesn't sound right...
Ned.png That's one heck of an understatement! Can't you cut it out before our ears fall off?
Dunkelviking.png Cut it out? You can't censor my art, insolent whelp!

Dunkelviking.png Pah! If you don't like my sound, I'll go practice elsewhere! *TWANG*
Arya.png How weird. The Osiris Dragon is supposed to judge peoples' souls. Is it saying the Dunkelviking is on to something with his terrible tune?
Ned.png It may be a great judge of souls, but it's a terrible judge of talent! I don't know what the Osiris Dragon wants... but I know I don't like it!

Ned.png Hm, looks like the Anubis Dragon found something... N-no, I don't wanna play fetch with you!
Arya.png Looks like you two are getting along great! But we probably shouldn't play fetch with that key -- it'll help us get deeper into the temple!

Ned.png Hot springs in space-time?! Tell me you're seeing these gravity-defying pools of spring water, too...
Arya.png I sure am. And I wanna take a cosmic dip! Think I can outdo my cannonball splash radius record?
Ned.png Looks like I won't have to stop you this time. The Anubis Dragon seems to be doing a pretty good job of keeping you on track...!

Dunkelviking.png Tweedleedlee! Oh, it's you two again. Come to rag on my art, you philistines?
Arya.png Actually, no! You're sounding a little better now, Dunky. What's your secret?
Dunkelviking.png This powerful dragon showed me some patience and kindness, and suddenly my sound... changed. Let me show you hatchlings what I've learned!

Dunkelviking.png *TWAANG* ARGH! You made me break a string!
Arya.png But that Hathor Dragon believes in you, and it's a Divine Dragon of love, so... that must count for something!
Dunkelviking.png Maybe you're right, Dragon Girl. Perhaps it's telling me to... write a love ballad? I need to go think!
Ned.png Wait! It's not safe! *SIGH* How come nobody ever listens when I say that? Hello? Are you listening? Is anyone listening? Ahhhhh...

Ned.png I know it's kind of redundant to say that something weird's going on in a Space-Time Rift, but... something WEIRD's going on!
Ned.png Why do these Ancient Divines seem so invested in the Dunkelviking's lute-playing skills? I just don't get it...
Arya.png For now, let's just follow the Anubis Dragon's lead. It hasn't led us astray in the past OR present. Plus, it just helped us find a key to the next chamber!

Ned.png Wh-whoa! This room is totally collapsing! Watch your step, AryaaAAAGH...!
Arya.png Whoops! Don't worry, Ned; I got you!
Arya.png But you're right -- we DO need to be careful. The Anubis Dragon looks pretty on edge, too...

Dunkelviking.png *TWANG* *SKRRTCH* You Trainers won't believe it. This dragon's opened up a whole new world of sound for me! Hear that beautiful dissonance? *SKREECH*
Ned.png Ow, my ears! There's nothing beautiful about it, Dunkelviking! G-get away from that dragon before someone gets hurt...!
Arya.png I don't know, Ned... there IS something sort of appealing about that wild sound... But the Apep Dragon of Chaos isn't an ideal jam partner!

Dunkelviking.png Amazing! My sound keeps evolving with each fight! Listen, I've got a bandmate deeper inside that I've got to meet up with, but I'll catch up with you folks later!
Arya.png Play us some more weird stuff when you do!
Ned.png Arya, I can handle scary dragons and space-time and near-death experiences, but I will not stand for another measure of dissonance! I WON'T STAND FOR IT!

Ned.png Arya, I REALLY don't like ANY creature of chaos having influence over the Dunkelviking's music...
Arya.png Well, the Apep Dragon gave us trouble for sure, but it's not EVIL. It just makes sure chaos exists along with order. Everyone needs a bit of BOTH in life.
Ned.png ... That was a surprisingly deep thought! I guess I'll trust your judgment for now.
Arya.png Trust is the ticket, Ned! Now, let's use this key to figure out what ol' Dunky's up to!

Ned.png And I thought the LAST temple chamber was falling apart. This place looks like it was totally torn up...!
Arya.png And it's DARK, too. I can't even see the stars anymore... Let's be careful, Ned.
Dunkelviking.png *twang* ... *twang* ...
Ned.png D-did you hear something...? Something... twangy?

Dunkelviking.png Ha! All I did was strum a bit, and this amazing dragon made all the lights go out AND tore up the temple! I wonder what else I can make it do with my tunes...
Ned.png Th-this is no joke, Dunkelviking! That Ra Dragon protects light and order, and we can't let you snuff either of those out!

Dunkelviking.png *GADUNKADUNK* GRAH! Just when I had found an enthusiastic audience! Well, I won't let that Apep Dragon's lessons go to waste! *TWAAANG*
Arya.png I know your musical career is important, Dunky, but don't you think you're going too far? Your sound is unique, but it's starting to make the Divines batty!
Dunkelviking.png But, Dragon Girl, imagine if I could create unique music, AND command the Divines! Huh, conquest sounds pretty good right about now.

Arya.png I'm so disappointed...! I thought for sure Dunky had finally given up on his awful family business...
Ned.png All this has got me thinking: What if order and chaos aren't two sides of the same coin, but more of... a balancing scale?
Ned.png Could the Apep Dragon and... whoever it's working with... be using the Dunkelviking's music to tip the scale? Could chaos be trying to topple order?!
Arya.png Nice thought, Ned! See? Having you along on adventures is "key"! Ha! Get it? I just found one.

Ned.png Agh! Is that smoke?! That building's on fire! And what are those creepy glowing tendrils?! I wanna go home already!
Arya.png Haha, I can't believe you aren't used to this kind of thing yet.
Ned.png I'm a sensitive little boy with a brave little heart. Now let's just set things right and get out of here before the Dunkelviking's lute destroys the universe...

Dunkelviking.png *TWANG-TA-TWANG TWANG* Guten tag, shmoopies! The moon heralds tidings of melon-tasting bonanzas and deep dark dolphin dugouts!
Ned.png ... I think he's lost it. Ugh -- whatever that dragon is, it's making MY mind all fuzzy too!
Arya.png That MUST be the Chrono Apep Dragon -- the Apep Dragon from the future! Its helmet is... gumdrop good like a fishing pole security scarf!
Ned.png Say WHAT?! Oh, no. N-not you, too, Arya! Anubis Dragon, please help?

Ned.png We defeated the Chrono Apep Dragon, but the Dunkelviking and Arya are as loopy as ever!
Ned.png Poor Arya... Let's get her to safety.
Arya.png Wheeeeee!

Ned.png Arya, will you please stop tap dancing for HALF a minute?!
Arya.png My toes are hatching and I gotta set 'em free!!!
Ned.png *SIGH* At least YOU'RE keeping a level head, Anubis Dragon... Huh, never thought I'd get along with a dragon.
Ned.png What's that? You've found a key to the next chamber? Hey, you really are a steady creature.

Ned.png Eep... it's so dark in here... But I've got to be brave!
Ned.png Arya can't help me in the state she's in... Anubis Dragon, I'm putting all my trust in you, okay?
Ned.png Help us solve this mystery, and save all our friends!

Dunkelviking.png *tweedle-twang* Owl flower peanut power! Prepare to be masticated, young larvae! *strummm*
Ned.png What NOW?! Arya, please, I don't know what this dragon does! I can't--
Ned.png Wait... did the Dunkelviking's music just get a LITTLE easier on the ears?

Dunkelviking.png Whuh? Huh? What happened? I feel like my ears just popped... *strumm* Lute sounds good, though.
Arya.png Hogwin's beard! Ned, did we just fight the Chrono Seth Dragon?
Arya.png The Seth Dragon is a dragon of chaos, like the Apep Dragon, but it KNOWS the importance of balance!
Arya.png Chrono Seth Dragon, were you trying to "balance the scale"...? (Speaking of, I feel WAY sturdier on my feet!)

Ned.png I'm so glad you're doing better, Arya! I was worried...
Arya.png Well, thanks to you and the Anubis Dragon, I'm safe. And is it just me, or do I see you two getting along?
Ned.png I... I guess we are! But, uh, can we talk more about how I kept you safe and--
Arya.png Let's go find Dunky! I'm still a little worried about his apparent change of attitude...

Arya.png Oh Dunkyyyy, where are youuuu? We want to hear more tunes!
Ned.png Actually, we want to rescue the Divines and get out of here, Dunky-- I mean, Dunkelviking...
Arya.png Wherever he is, we might as well take our time. This chamber is HUGE! There's so much to explore!

Dunkelviking.png This is the biggest chamber yet, so you must be the head honcho, dragon! I have... *deedleestrum* come to play you a song.
Arya.png This must be the Chrono Isis Dragon! It's supposed to guard fate itself... but something's wrong with it. Now THAT'S foreboding!
Ned.png Arya, I say we let the Dunkelviking play his song. I've got a feeling it'll help the Chrono Isis Dragon feel a little less chaotic...

Dunkelviking.png "Chrono Isis Dragon, you are free to fly. You hold our fates in your clawed hands, and... we should share some pie!" *strum-de-dum* *TWANG*
Ned.png Weird lyrics, weird melody, but... like you said, Arya, life needs a bit of order AND a bit of chaos.
Arya.png And it looks like the Chrono Isis Dragon is all evened out. Whew! Now let's explore the rest of the Rift before heading home!

Arya.png The Divines are all calmed, Dunky's come to his senses, and all's right with space-time.
Ned.png Actually, Arya... *gulp* I think space-time is in for a rude awakening. Remember the prophecies you found at the Golden Pyramid? I found one that's... different.
Ned.png "Since time began its wicked turn, primordial fires burn and burn. If Chrono Dragons raise concern, the Proto Dragons soon return."
Arya.png Burning fires... PROTO Dragons? What on Dragolandia does THAT mean?! We'd better get everyone out of this Rift and warn Professor Hogwin -- c'mon!

Blizzard Buddies (19/12/13): (edit)

Ned.png Gwuh...? Where... where am I? I was asleep, in my bed, and... Why am I on the edge of Frosty Woods all of a sudden? What's going on?!
Dunkelviking.png I'll tell you what's going on: You've been KIDNAPPED! The Battling Bard has need of you, boy...
Ned.png Eep! T-T-The Dunkelviking! But what are you--... Are you going to use me as dragon bait? No... As target practice?!
Dunkelviking.png HA! Don't be ridiculous! You, my lad, are going to help me write my first-ever Frost Festival holiday album!
Ned.png ... What?

Dunkelviking.png It's simple! "Frost On My Lutestrings: A Battling Bard Celebration" will have six songs on it, each inspired by a wintry dragon of yore!
Dunkelviking.png But I can't be INSPIRED by those dragons if I can't find them and battle them, can I? And to do THAT, I need YOU to tell me all about them!
Dunkelviking.png Well... you or your father, really. But the last time I kidnapped ol' Hogwin, it didn't exactly go as planned, now, did it?
Dunkelviking.png Anyhow: That's why you're kidnapped, the first dragon is here in these woods, and MY ALBUM WILL BE UNSTOPPABLE. That about covers it!
Ned.png ... What?!

Dunkelviking.png HALT!!! Whoa there, lad! That majestic specimen before us... it's the first of the six wintry dragons! Tell me what you know of it -- quickly!
Ned.png Uh... It's... uh... Well... It's... red?
Dunkelviking.png ... Good enough for me! TASTE THE POWER OF MY POWER CHORDS, FOEDRAGON!!!

Dunkelviking.png "Like cherry blossoms in the breeze, my foe was blown away with ease..." HA! I like that! But where'd that dragon run off to anyhow?
Ned.png O-Oh! The Cherry Ice Dragon is very reclusive... but if we gather up enough shiny stuff, it should come out of its den and befriend us. I think.
Dunkelviking.png HA! See? And here YOU thought you wouldn't be any good at this!

Dunkelviking.png Well? What are we waiting for? Time's a-wasting, and we have five more dragons to battle before my holiday album is done! Let's forge ahead!
Ned.png Uh... Well... I guess I'm not getting back to my bed anytime soon, so... okay... One question, though: What actually IS a "holiday album"?
Dunkelviking.png You know: an ALBUM! Like a book full of festive engravings -- only with the sheet music for my songs in it! Doesn't Hogwin teach you anything?
Ned.png Uh... Yes? I mean... um... N-Never mind...

Dunkelviking.png Hush, boy... We've arrived at Gustyvale Village: the fabled stalking-ground of the legendary Frost Dairy Dragon! Stealth is of the essence...
Ned.png Uh... actually, it's called the Frost Fairy Dragon? The "Frost Dairy Dragon" is a subspecies of the possibly apocryphal Gelato Dragon--
Ned.png Y-Y-Y-Yessir, Mr. Dunkelviking, sir!

Dunkelviking.png There it is, boy! I KNEW my masterfully stealthy yelling would draw its attention... What do you know of this fabled beast?
Ned.png Uh... It's said that, if you look into its eyes, it can cause visions of sugared plums to dance in your head...?
Dunkelviking.png HA! Informative AND delicious... and just the piece of lore I need to face this Frost Fairy and TRIUMPH!

Dunkelviking.png "Fairy dragon made of snow... I beat you just now. You can go!" A fine first line for a power ballad, wouldn't you agree?
Ned.png Uh... actually, if you're open to constructive criticism, I... um... have a few notes, and... uh... N-Never mind.

Dunkelviking.png Courage, my lad! Twinkle Village is just over that ridge -- we'll have to hurry if we're to climb Frostytoes Peak by dawn!
Ned.png Uh... I've actually been here before, so I... uh... I know that already...
Dunkelviking.png What's that, boy? If you want to be as strong OR as stealthy as me, you'll have to learn to speak up!

Dunkelviking.png Look around you, my lad: Twinkle Village! Home to our next battle... and my next award-winning song!
Ned.png (And my Great-Great-Aunt Hogwinona, if I remember right...)
Dunkelviking.png Haven't you been listening AT ALL, boy!? We're not here to fight your great-great-aunt -- we're here to fight a DRAGON! AND SPEAK UP!
Ned.png O-Okay! I'll... uh... ... ... I'll try?

Dunkelviking.png Right! Now--
Dunkelviking.png Ha-HA! NOW you're getting it!

Dunkelviking.png "An Angel fought with harmony... but now it's hanging out with me! Oh, what a striking twist this be!" ... And then there's a 20-minute lute solo.
Dunkelviking.png Well? How's THAT for a third song in my holiday album? Remember what I've told you, boy: Speak up!
Ned.png *cough* ... I... *hack* ... I would... but after the last time I did that, I... *AHEM* ... I think I need a lozenge...

Ned.png Ah-HEM... Uh... I was gonna say this earlier, Mr. Dunkelviking, sir... but you don't really have to keep calling me "boy." "Ned" is just fine.
Dunkelviking.png Ned, eh? Well, brave of you to push through your sore throat to say so! In that case, you may call me "Duncan."
Ned.png Duncan... Wait... That's your name? You have an actual NAME?!
Dunkelviking.png Of course I do, Ned, my boy! "Duncan-the-Viking!" You Dragolandians just keep pronouncing it with an "L" for some reason...
Dunkelviking.png Pft... HAHAA! Ohh, the look on your face! Joking aside, though: Dunkelviking may be my title, but Duncan IS my name. Call me by it if you wish!

Dunkelviking.png Right... SOME holiday albums sag in the middle when the songwriter runs out of material. I swear by my beard... THAT WILL NOT HAPPEN THIS DAY!
Ned.png YEAH!!! I mean... uh... Hooray...?
Dunkelviking.png Ha! Your first instinct was the right one, Ned, my boy! This IS a joyful occasion -- it deserves enthusiasm! AND LOUDNESS!!!
Ned.png YEAH, DUNCAN! LET'S GO FIND US A REINDEER DRAGON!!! (Whoo! That was actually sorta fun...)

Ned.png Okay: the Reindeer Dragon of Cracklecrunch Lake comes in EIGHT distinctive subspecies: the Dasher Dragon, the Dancer Dragon, the--
Ned.png ...aaaand there he goes.

Dunkelviking.png Ahhhhh... Another battle well fought, and another song well written! As it turns out, there are a LOT of good rhymes for "reindeer."

Dunkelviking.png On to Frostytoes Peak, Ned, my lad! And don't try to stop my singing on the way, either -- many have tried, and few have succeeded!
Ned.png Heh... I know the feeling. I used to have to read my history books after my dad was asleep... but I still read them!
Ned.png Wait... You didn't just kidnap me so we could hang out and talk about the stuff we like to do... did you?
Dunkelviking.png WHAT?! NO! That's-- NO!!! That is SILLY, and I am going to write a SONG about how SILLY that is! Harrumph, Ned, my boy! HARRUMPH!!!

Dunkelviking.png Focus on the task at hand, Ned, my boy! The Yeti Dragon of the Frostytoes Foothills is a fearsome opponent indeed...
Dunkelviking.png Which is why YOU must hold my cape while I charge its hiding place, hollering a challenge-song at the top of my lungs! "COME OOOUT, YETI--"
Ned.png Uh... Mr. Duncan, sir? You said you wanted me to speak up, so... I have a suggestion. I know you're good at fighting, but I'm good at history...
Ned.png why don't you actually stop and listen to what I know this time? BEFORE you charge. It might even help you write a better song!
Dunkelviking.png Hrrrrrmmmm... Well, I DO love charging... but I love writing better songs just as much! Very well, Ned, my lad... let's try things your way.

Ned.png ... So, in Ancient Dragolandian, "Yeti" roughly translates to "Dragon of the Rocky Place"... but it's usually called "The Abominable Snow-Dragon"!
Dunkelviking.png Must... not... charge... immediately...!!!
Ned.png Haha! It's okay, Duncan -- that's all I had to say! You can go and fight it now if you want.

Dunkelviking.png "I faced the mighty Snow-Dragon Abominable, and..." And... Hrmmm.
Ned.png How about "But its attacks were deflected by my muscles abdominal!" I mean... I know it's not a perfect rhyme, but...
Dunkelviking.png Ha HA! Well-composed, Ned, my lad! We'll make a bard of you yet!

Ned.png Let's get up to the top of Frostytoes Peak, Duncan! I can't wait to see who the last dragon is... I bet I'll get SO many good lyrics ideas!
Dunkelviking.png And I bet I'll be inspired by your lore-mastery in turn, Ned, my boy! In fact... why don't we credit you as co-writer on the final song?
Ned.png Duncan... I wouldn't have even known that was something I wanted yesterday... but OH MY GOODNESS YES, PLEASE.

Dunkelviking.png All right, Co-Writer Ned: the summit of Frostytoes Peak -- and the finale of our album -- features the mysterious Avalanche Dragon in all its glory!
Dunkelviking.png Now... what do you know about this beast that might lend itself to a face-meltingly triumphant musical spectacular?
Ned.png SO MANY THINGS, Duncan! You start looking for the dragon -- I'm gonna get my notebook out and write down everything I can remember about it!

Ned.png Okay: fun fact! Did you know that, in certain parts of Dragolandia, the Avalanche Dragon is more commonly known as the "Snowslide Dragon"?
Dunkelviking.png I do NOW, Ned, my lad! Did YOU know that I plan to best it with an effortlessly timed Battling Bard Battering Barrage, singing all the while?
Ned.png Haha! I do NOW, Duncan!

Ned.png "Call it an Avalanche or call it a Snowslide..."
Dunkelviking.png "...defeating it soundly was reason to show pride!"
Ned.png Twenty-minute lute solo?
Dunkelviking.png TWENTY-MINUTE LUTE SOLO!!!

Arya.png NED! Thank goodness you're safe! I heard the Dunkelviking kidnapped you, and I came here to RESCUE you, and--
Arya.png ... And... you're fine. And in the middle of singing a duet? With Dunky. What even is happening right now?
Dunkelviking.png What's HAPPENING is that me and my co-writer are putting the final touches on our holiday album! And, may I add, having GREAT fun doing it!
Ned.png Yeah!!! Happy Frost Festival, Arya! Hey -- wanna sing backup vocals on our grand finale? I know you'd be great at it!
Arya.png Uh... I'm still REALLY confused right now, but that kind of sounds amazing? Count me in -- and Happy Frost Festival to you guys, too!

MidgardenTrials of Odin Part II (18/10/29) (edit)

Arya.png We did it! It was a long road to get here, thanks to those bozo Vikings, but we made it: The Tournament of the Northern Divines!
Arya.png The Thor Dragon is here to guide us through the tournament fields. He'll be our guide to the Northen Divines.
Arya.png He's really nice, but be careful: his powers may SHOCK you! Ha! Come on, trainer, this is just the beginning!

Arya.png I know my mind should just be on the tournament, but I can't help but think about what happened between the Vikings and the Northern Divines!
Arya.png Let's make sure we take in all the sights. There might be hints to what happened to the Vikings who used to live here.
Arya.png Thor Dragon, lead the way! Us Trainers are ready for round 1!

Arya.png Thor Dragon, what's going on? Your tail's lighting up. Are you trying to cause a thunderstorm or something? Calm down!
Arya.png Ooooh, I get it! It's challenging us to a fight to prove that we're worthy for the Tournament! The Thor Dragon is making sure we won't get hurt later on!
Arya.png Alright, Thor Dragon, bring it on! Us trainers are the best around! Proving our worth will be easy as dragon fruit pie!

Arya.png I told you we were worthy, Thor Dragon! Now let's quit messing around and get down to business!
Arya.png Lead the way to our first opponent! We're ready to win this thing.

Dunkelviking.png Sing along with me, Valkyre Dragon! Come on...sing! "In Midgarden, we fight to win! In hopes to meet the great Odin!"
Arya.png Dunkelviking: the Battling Bard! You must be our opponent in the first round of the Tournament.
Dunkelviking.png Friends, welcome to the Inner Sanctum of Midgarden. Care for scrimmage before our official duel? Valkyre, show them how it's done!

Dunkelviking.png Well done, Dragon Girl! But when we face off in the Shrine of the Divines, do not expect to win that easily!
Dunkelviking.png Until then, I am off! "In Midgarden, we fight to win! In hopes to meet the great Odin!"
Arya.png The Dunkelviking's got such a lovely voice... He's really in his element!

Arya.png The Shrine of the Divines is up ahead. It's the gateway into the Northern Divine's majestic home.
Arya.png I wonder what amazing dragons and treasures await us there...what are we waiting for!? Let's go and find out.

Arya.png Wow! This Shrine is amazing. And all the runes are written in that old Viking language we saw in the Forest of Loki!
Arya.png The Vikings must have built this Shrine to honor the Northern Divines! It's amazing. It must have taken hundreds of years to build all of this.
Arya.png Let's explore! And make sure your dragons are prepared for round one of the tournament. Dunkelviking awaits!

Arya.png I wonder what happened to the Vikings who lived here? They loved the Northern Divines and the Divines loved them back. Why did they leave?
Dunkelviking.png The Heimdall Dragon has been the watchman for the Northern Divines for generations. Maybe after I beat you, it'll help you out!
Arya.png Beat me? As if! Trainer, are you ready? The tournament!

Dunkelviking.png Bested again! Ugh...I was really hoping to meet the Odin Dragon. I even wrote a song for him...
Arya.png You wrote him a song!? Sing it to us! We'll make sure to sing it to him when we meet him in the finals!
Dunkelviking.png Would you really? It goes like this: "There's nothing like these magic shrines. These dragons are divine Divines!" Thanks...I appreciate it!

Dunkelviking.png Arya, wait up! Heimdall Dragon gave me this old tome. It describes what happened between the Vikings and the Northern Divines. It wants you to take it.
Arya.png Thanks, Dunkelviking! I'll read this on the road. This is sure to clear some of the mysteries we've encountered.
Arya.png We're entering the semi-finals, trainer. Put on you game face! It's about to get real.

Arya.png We got some time before the next round. Wanna read a little from this tome that the Heimdall Dragon gave us? Let's see what happened here...
Arya.png "Long ago, the Northern Divines and the Vikings got along wonderfully! They’d help each other, grow stronger together, and coexist in harmony..."
Arya.png "But one day, the Vikings became greedy – instead of working together with the Northern Divines, they wanted to overpower them and invade their mystic land!"
Arya.png "The Northern Divines beat the Vikings easily, and banished them from Midgarden, so that they wouldn’t have to deal with their rowdy subjects anymore. "
Arya.png "Abandoned by the Divines and exiled from Midgarden, the Vikings became conquerors, seeking out lusher lands to replace their former paradise."

Arya.png *sniff* *sniff* Do you smell something...burning? It's not just me, right?
Heinrich the Hideous.png Why hello, Arya - it's just you! If I might say so, you are absolutely SMOKING!
Arya.png Ugh...Heinrich, you're the worst! If YOU win the tournament, the Divines will never trust humans again. We have to beat you!

Arya.png The Forge of Divines! So this is where that smokey smell was coming from...
Arya.png I would say, "It's getting hot in here," but I don't want that creep Heinrich to make another one-liner.
Arya.png Come on, Trainer! Let's wipe the floor with this creep-a-zoid and make our way to the finals!

Heinrich the Hideous.png Arya, the most magestic beauty of Vikolandia! Only the heat of the Forge of Gods can match my heart's intense passion for you.
Arya.png So you're done with Gunhilda and Eliza, and now you're moving on to me? ...Gross.
Heinrich the Hideous.png Do not break my heart like that, Arya! I do not act kindly when my heart has been broken. Fenrir Dragon, give her the heat!

Heinrich the Hideous.png I lost!? But girls hate losers...that must be why girls don't like me! It's because I’m a loser...if only I won sometimes!
Arya.png Actually, Heinrich, I think girls don't like you because you think of them only as objects you can attain, instead of human beings who should be understood.
Heinrich the Hideous.png that can't be it. It must be because I'm a loser. So long, time you see me, I shall be a winner and you will love me!

Arya.png Now that Heinrich the Heinous is out of the picture, all that's left is the tournament finals. One more round 'til total victory!
Arya.png And look, the Valkyre Dragon is back! I think it wants to tag along with us.
Arya.png The Valkyre Dragon is one of the most respected warriors among the Northern Divines. It must've really been impressed by our performance in the tournament!
Arya.png Let's keep it up! We wouldn't want to let it down, would we?

Arya.png Can you believe how far we've gotten? If I could be honest for a second, at first, I didn't know if I was strong enough...
Arya.png The Northern Divines haven't opened their gates to humans in a thousand years. What makes me so special, you know? Why do I deserve to be here?
Arya.png But, when I fight with you by my side, I feel confident enough to go on! I don't mean to be cheesy or anthing, but thanks! Now let's finish this thing!

Eliza the Masculine.png If it isn't Little Miss Arya! I see that my Viking minions helped you along as I asked them too.
Arya.png Helped me!? Don't me laugh, Eliza! You're gonna pay for what you did to us. You're not worthy of the Northern Divines. You're a cheater!
Eliza the Masculine.png A cheater!? I don't take kindly to libel! Prepare youself...I won't go easy on you in the finals!
Eliza the Masculine.png I don't even know what that means! Bring it on!

Arya.png The Northern Divines banished the Vikings because they weren't worthy. If Eliza's using dirty tricks, we can't let her win!
Arya.png The winner of this tournament has to be good. They have to prove that humankind can be good. They have to be worthy.
Arya.png Trainer, the fate of human/Divine diplomacy is in our hands. We have to win this, or the Northern Divines will abandon our people forever. Let's go!

Arya.png Eliza, we won't let you win this Tournament! Only a warrior worthy of the Northern Divines should win, and a cheater like you isn't worthy!
Eliza the Masculine.png You keep calling me a cheater, but it's not true! I AM worthy. I am good! I am a WARRIOR! And if you don't think so, you can ask the Odin Dragon itself.
Eliza the Masculine.png The Odin Dragon is fighting for me because it knows I'm worthy. I wish you trusted me, Arya... It hurts that you don't...and that's very confusing for me!
Eliza the Masculine.png Odin Dragon, show Arya how a worthy warrior truly fights!

Eliza the Masculine.png You won!? Darn it...I really wanted to win this thing. It was my chance to finally prove to you that I wasn't just a villain anymore...that I was worthy!
Arya.png If you're not a villain, why did you order the Vikings to try to stop me from getting here!?
Eliza the Masculine.png Stop you!? Those idiots...I told them to HELP you. I wanted to make sure you two got here. Winning wouldn't have felt good if I didn't get to challenge you!
Arya.png, now I feel like a jerk! I'm sorry I didn't trust you, Eliza. You' friend, I think... and I should have known better! I'm sorry...
Eliza the Masculine.png It''s okay, Arya. I forgive you...but that doesn't mean I'll go easy on you next time I see you! This isn't over. I'll beat you one day...I swear it!

Arya.png We did it, trainer! We won the tournament and proved to all of the Northern Divines that humankind really is worthy!
Arya.png But I still feel like we're missing something...Oh yeah! Dunkelviking's Song! We have to sing to the Odin Dragon before we go!
Arya.png Okay, Odin Dragon, listen up! This song will really knock your dragon socks off.
Arya.png "In Midgarden, we fight to win! In hopes to meet the great Odin! There's nothing like these magic shrines. These dragons are divine Divines!"

Holiday Reunion (20/12/21): (edit)

Dunkelviking.png Ha HA! Welcome, welcome, my family! I'm so glad you could all be here to share this year's Frost Festival joy with me!
Olaf the Pungent.png Huh? You told me and Melvin that Mom was calling a meeting to discuss our yearly allowance...
Eliza the Masculine.png And you told ME you were going to teach me how to exponentially increase my bicep size. And why is HEINRICH here, Dunky?!
Heinrich the Hideous.png Well, Duncan told me he'd meet me here for a LMAB convention. You know, Lonely Men and Boys--
Gunhilda.png And I was told we were FINALLY going to plan our second conquest, but I suppose I can never count on my useless children for anything!
Dunkelviking.png Now, now. We're all BASICALLY family. And it's natural for family to be together during the Frost Festival. We're all gonna get along, OR DIE TRYING.

Dunkelviking.png Here we are: Twinkle Island. Site of Frostytoes Peak, and the Summit Star waiting above! Now we make the traditional Dragolandian pilgrimage to the mountaintop...
Dunkelviking.png ...where we'll make a wish, together, as a family! Everybody BETTER make a good one!
Melvin the Malevolent.png Here, Mother, do you need help getting out of the boat?
Gunhilda.png I don't need any help from anybody, whelp. Out of my way -- I'll leap out of this boat quicker than you can say "mommy"!
Eliza the Masculine.png Well, this is going smoothly already.

Melvin the Malevolent.png STAND BACK, MOTHER! I'll vanquish this terrible beast and clear the way for you!
Gunhilda.png Oh, come off it, you big baby. Can't you see this Sweater Dragon is just a hatchling?
Dunkelviking.png Perhaps Melvin has a point, though -- this particular youngster looks like it's got plenty of spunk! Why don't we entertain it?

Dunkelviking.png What a battle! I dedicate this song to you, young one: It's called "The Tiny Terror of Twinkle Island," and it goes like this--!
Eliza the Masculine.png Hold on, there's something wrong with this hatchling! I think it's lost its parent...
Melvin the Malevolent.png L-lost? You mean like...?!
Eliza the Masculine.png No! Its parent is still alive! In fact, it's somewhere on this mountain; I'm sure of it.
Gunhilda.png Do NOT tell me the most feared Viking family in the seven seas is about to do a good deed!

Dunkelviking.png The Sweater Dragon has led us forward. And good thing, too. I have NO idea where I'm going, but at least I trust my heart!
Olaf the Pungent.png *sigh* I'm surrounded by fools. But, Eliza, how did you know the Sweater Dragon was searching for its parent?
Eliza the Masculine.png That's a story for another dysfunctional family gathering...

Heinrich the Hideous.png This is... Gustyvale Village, if I'm not mistaken. It seems it's barely changed over the years. I used to visit family here for the holidays...
Olaf the Pungent.png Really? The thought of you spending time in such a cheery place is almost eerie.
Heinrich the Hideous.png It was nothing of the sort! No, wait, "eerie" was the nickname I earned from flirting with all the village maidens! Ah, memories.
Eliza the Masculine.png You hear that, Sweater Dragon? You just do your best to avoid growing up into a person like Heinrich, okay?

Heinrich the Hideous.png Behold! A dragon native to this frosty clime -- and it wants to greet us!
Eliza the Masculine.png It wants nothing of the sort, fool! The Avalanche Dragon is trying to get us off of its land!
Olaf the Pungent.png A sign of rocky times ahead, no doubt...

Dunkelviking.png Now we continue, unobstructed! That Avalanche Dragon was out of luck-ted!
Gunhilda.png Cripes! Lyric skills like THAT are why you gave up a promising conqueror career?
Dunkelviking.png ... Sticks and stones, mother.

Heinrich the Hideous.png Goodbye, Gustyvale Village! Perhaps if I declare, before BOTH of my exes, that I'm ready to reform, you'll welcome me back!
Eliza the Masculine.png We NEVER DATED!
Gunhilda.png WHY did you invite him, Dunky?
Dunkelviking.png Because ALL ALLIES ARE FAMILY! Even little tagalong dragons, right? We must stick together to get this hatchling to safety!

Melvin the Malevolent.png Is this Twinkle Village? It's pretty... All the families look so happy, getting ready for the Frost Festival together...
Olaf the Pungent.png ...
Eliza the Masculine.png ...
Gunhilda.png ...
Dunkelviking.png Why so quiet, family? Let's hustle and search for the Sweater Dragon's parent!

Eliza the Masculine.png A Tundra Dragon... They live in tight-knit groups and attack anyone who threatens the peace.
Gunhilda.png Since when do you know oh-so-much about dragons? If only you applied that knowledge to finding a husband!
Heinrich the Hideous.png What? Eliza's still single?
Eliza the Masculine.png ARGH! Shut up and help fight off these dragons, or I'm leaving!
Melvin the Malevolent.png Y-yeah! We must come together to persevere -- just like the Tundra Dragons!

Olaf the Pungent.png Well, that was taxing. But why do these dragons see us as enemies? Don't they know we're trying to do something good?
Melvin the Malevolent.png Perhaps they distrust us because of the whole, um... invasion... thing.
Olaf the Pungent.png Good point.

Dunkelviking.png Come on, hurry; the Sweater Dragon is leading us this way!
Gunhilda.png Do you think perhaps the dragons of this island are testing us to see if we are worthy of looking after this hatchling?
Eliza the Masculine.png That was shockingly thoughtful, Mother. Weirder still, I think you might even be correct...

Heinrich the Hideous.png Ah, the infamous Cracklecrunch Lake... where it appears the populace has thrown all its unwanted presents...
Dunkelviking.png This is RIFE with metaphor! Let me get out my inspiration notebook...
Olaf the Pungent.png You carry one, too? I'm always taking notes for new scent-ual experiences to concoct.
Eliza the Masculine.png You two are supposed to be WARRIORS! What's with the scrapbooks?!
Olaf the Pungent.png Please, Eliza. We're CREATIVE warriors, and there's nothing wrong with that, unless you're a certain overbearing mother!

Melvin the Malevolent.png Aww, look! The Sweater Dragon is trying to lick the ice...
Dunkelviking.png AHH! Its tongue got stuck... to a Cherry Ice Dragon! FEAR NOT, YOUNG WARRIOR! WE WILL MAKE THIS DRAGON SORRIER!
Olaf the Pungent.png Does it taste like cherry? Actually, does it SMELL like cherry? Either way, this is going in my scent book.

Gunhilda.png The Cherry Ice Dragon let us leave without much trouble. Perhaps my useless children CAN still hold their own in battle...
Melvin the Malevolent.png And the Sweater Dragon is safe! It's just a little cold... so thank goodness for that sweater.
Eliza the Masculine.png You're awfully sweet on that little dragon, Melvin. I've only ever seen you like this with Mother.
Melvin the Malevolent.png Yes, well... Mother's almost like a dragon herself, isn't she?

Dunkelviking.png (Call it wishful thinking, but I think perhaps this family reunion is taking a turn for the better.)
Dunkelviking.png (And it's a good thing, too -- because I was going to start throwing them into the lake if they didn't stop bickering!)
Gunhilda.png Hey, you lunkhead of a son, what are you doing whispering to the Sweater Dragon? We've got a mountain to climb and these old bones aren't getting any warmer!
Dunkelviking.png (I spoke too soon... but I will NOT GIVE IN!)

Gunhilda.png *grunt* Ugh, do people really come all the way up here for some backwoods holiday superstition?
Heinrich the Hideous.png Well, no. Only the bravest do, apparently. In fact, when we were very young, my cousin--
Gunhilda.png WHAT?! If this arduous hike is not absolutely necessary, I DEMAND you take me to a warm hearth and serve me hot chocolate grog!
Dunkelviking.png Come on now, Mother -- are we not the bravest, strongest family who ever conquered the seven seas?! We DESERVE to reach the summit!
Gunhilda.png FINE, fine. We'll carry on. But only if we get to gloat about it to our rivals and enemies.

Eliza the Masculine.png *gasp* Is that a Frost Fairy Dragon?! Legends say it grants holiday wishes!
Melvin the Malevolent.png I wish Mother loved me!
Heinrich the Hideous.png I wish your mother loved me!
Gunhilda.png UGH! Shut your sniveling traps! We have a more pressing wish -- to conquer all of--!
Olaf the Pungent.png Eh? Aren't we wishing for the baby Sweater Dragon to find its parent?

Olaf the Pungent.png Looks like the Frost Fairy Dragon had to test us before granting our wish-- OH, why didn't I wish to get rid of my body odor?!
Dunkelviking.png The dragon is pointing toward the summit! That must be where our young charge's parent awaits us. What a coincidence!
Melvin the Malevolent.png I guess we're going to the top, Sweater Dragon. I liked your wish better, anyways...

Gunhilda.png Are you cold, little Sweater Dragon? I suppose if you settle down I can button you into my coat.
Melvin the Malevolent.png Huh? But it was my turn to hold the Sweater Dragon!
Olaf the Pungent.png No, it was Eliza's turn.
Eliza the Masculine.png I-it's okay... The hatchling can go where it pleases...!
Dunkelviking.png *chuckle* We're almost at the summit, everyone. If we go this way, we'll get there in no time.

Melvin the Malevolent.png Whoa... is that the Summit Star way up there? I've never seen anything like it...!
Olaf the Pungent.png Mmm, smell that air! The brisk wind blows away every hint of my B.O.! I could really get used to this!
Eliza the Masculine.png The Sweater Dragon is getting excited... I bet its parent is searching for it somewhere around here.

Dunkelviking.png AAAAAAAAAAAH!!!
Gunhilda.png GRRAAAHHH!!! Ugh! Why are you screaming?! And since when did you have perfect pitch?!
Dunkelviking.png It's the Sweater Dragon's parent! We've tracked it down at last, but it wants to fight us...!
Eliza the Masculine.png It must think we kidnapped its child. It won't listen to reason until we STOP YELLING and battle it.

Eliza the Masculine.png Do you understand now, Sweater Dragon? My family and I have been escorting your child to safety.
Melvin the Malevolent.png What's with this dragon? It's still so persistent! Doesn't it realize we've done the right thing? Or... did we mess up?
Eliza the Masculine.png That's not it... Errm, it seems like both parent and child want to accompany us to the Summit Star... as a family.
Dunkelviking.png (I've done it! My greatest conquest yet: my family's hearts!)

Dunkelviking.png We made it to the Summit Star! Now, I'd like to treat you all to a power ballad I'll be freestyling about our journey today--
Gunhilda.png BEFORE you do that, let us wish on the danged thing, Dunky. You made us come all the way up here, after all!
Melvin the Malevolent.png Uh, let's not say our wishes out loud though. They'll only come true if we keep them in our hearts!
Olaf the Pungent.png My brother, the poet... But Melvin's right. Let's quietly -- for once -- make those wishes.
Heinrich the Hideous.png Very well, everybody QUIETLY wish on 1... 2... 3...
Eliza the Masculine.png (I-I wish that Arya and I could--)
Dunkelviking.png Shhh!

Divine Fest - Red & GreenDivine Party Foul (21/05/03) (edit)

Eliza the Masculine.png What's this? An invitation... to Midgarden? From the Northern Divines, no less!
Eliza the Masculine.png Ha! I knew someone of my stature and power would one day be invited to a gathering of the Divines! Oh...
Eliza the Masculine.png ... They've invited the rest of my family, too... CURSES!

Gunhilda.png Well, here we all are again -- me and my useless children. Do me the favor of NOT embarrassing me in front of the Divines.
Olaf the Pungent.png I'm just here for the mead.
Dunkelviking.png AH, what a perfect trip on which to gain inspiration for my second rock opera: Midgarden Gospel, Volume II! Lead us forward, Fjord Dragon!
Fjord Dragon Icon.png (I TOLD the Divines this was a bad idea...)

Fjord Dragon Icon.png (Hold on... Before we go any farther, I want to test your intentions, and your battle prowess.)
Melvin the Malevolent.png Why'd the Fjord Dragon stop? Go on, I haven't got any treats for you...
Eliza the Masculine.png It wants to battle us. I figured we'd be tested if we showed up!
Gunhilda.png We'll play along. I'd NEVER turn down a battle offer!

Fjord Dragon Icon.png (Hmm... I don't quite trust you, but I like your battling style! Fine, I'll escort you Vikings to the party!)
Eliza the Masculine.png Party?!
Gunhilda.png Eh? What are you yelling about?
Dunkelviking.png WOO! PARTY!

Eliza the Masculine.png Apparently, we'll reach some sort of Northern Divine celebration if we follow the Fjord Dragon forward.
Gunhilda.png And HOW do you know that? Since when did you know everything?
Eliza the Masculine.png ... Because I can understand dragons, Mother. Since a few months ago.
Gunhilda.png HA!!! That's a good one -- at least you're funny, Eliza! Well, let's be off!

Hel Dragon Icon.png (Oooh, you're here! How nice it is to see you, Eliza Human, and your ever-entertaining family.)
Eliza the Masculine.png Yes, well, I'm glad you at least get a kick out of them...
Hel Dragon Icon.png (Heh. My hatchling, I know all about complicated families. Why, if you mill about the party some more, you'll see what I mean.)

Freyr Dragon Icon.png (Halt! I demand you party with me, Humans!)
Freyr Dragon Icon.png (I have not partied in an eternity! And nobody else will battle me!)
Melvin the Malevolent.png How odd. For some reason, I feel like I can relate a bit to this dragon. It's jumping around in desperation!
Eliza the Masculine.png You're both try-hards?

Freyr Dragon Icon.png (GRAHH! I LOST! This party is terrible! I'm going home!)
Eliza the Masculine.png Err... Is this not your home?
Freyr Dragon Icon.png (Well, technically it is, but I've not been back in a long time, and now my kin treat me awkwardly...)
Gunhilda.png Eliza -- stop talking to yourself. You're scaring your brothers, and any potential suitors, I'm sure.

Freyr Dragon Icon.png (There you are! Hey... can I hang around with you for the party?)
Fjord Dragon Icon.png (What are you doing, Freyr? Why not socialize with your kin?)
Eliza the Masculine.png Hey! If the Freyr Dragon wants to party with me, the Freyr Dragon CAN party with me!
Melvin the Malevolent.png No fair... All the cool dragons like Eliza...

Thor Dragon Icon.png (Oho! The Vikings are here! Trying to get back in our good graces, are you?)
Eliza the Masculine.png We were INVITED here, Thor Dragon!
Thor Dragon Icon.png (I see... Well, your kind could always get rowdy with the best of them. Here's to you, then!)
Dunkelviking.png Divine Dragons certainly can throw a party! Say, Thor Dragon, do you know how to sing?

Frigg Dragon Icon.png (Hello, young ones, and welcome to our Divine festival -- we hold this to celebrate each other, and our allies...)
Frigg Dragon Icon.png (Of course, we've had difficulties in the past -- but nothing soothes wounds like a good battle.)
Gunhilda.png What's this? Some haughty dragon wants to battle us?
Eliza the Masculine.png It would be FANTASTIC if you could treat the Divines with just a bit more respect, Mother.

Frigg Dragon Icon.png (You battled most admirably! I think perhaps you will have a pleasant time at this party...)
Frigg Dragon Icon.png (But your fate can change in an instant. It all depends upon your actions. So think carefully.)
Frigg Dragon Icon.png (By which, I mean, commit no party fouls. Hoho.)

Eliza the Masculine.png Mother, why don't you believe that I can commune with dragons?! Stranger things have happened, haven't they?
Gunhilda.png The strangest thing that could happen is anyone marrying my nutty daughter and getting her off my case!
Eliza the Masculine.png GRRR! Mother...! You...!
Freyr Dragon Icon.png (Seems like you know a little something about being estranged from your family, Human... Let's leave these fools in the dust and carry on ahead!)

Olaf the Pungent.png It's pretty nice up here. There're all sorts of Northern dragons milling around in the snow, doing little dances...
Eliza the Masculine.png Isn't it pleasant? It's pretty nice being able to hear their words, too.
Olaf the Pungent.png Can you truly hear them? I've never been as passionate as you about these beasts, but it's a mighty amazing power to have.
Eliza the Masculine.png I can! I really can! Hm... Thank you for believing me, Olaf...

Eliza the Masculine.png Look, I'll PROVE I can understand dragons. The Fenrir Dragon is saying: "I want to hit that grumpy old lady in the face with a snowball."
Fenrir Dragon Icon.png (How did you know? Oh, you're that Eliza Human everyone's been buzzing about. Say, you could really--)
Gunhilda.png What a rude thing to say about your superior, Eliza! This dragon CLEARLY just wants a traditional battle!
Fenrir Dragon Icon.png (N-No, I want to throw a snowball at her. And now I REALLY want to, with an extra big snowball!!!)

Fenrir Dragon Icon.png (You battle excellently, even IF your parent is a drag to have at parties!)
Fenrir Dragon Icon.png (And Freyr! What are you doing here? Why are you hiding?)
Fenrir Dragon Icon.png (You should go greet Freyja. She'll be angry if you don't say hello. Most of us have been wondering where you've been.)
Freyr Dragon Icon.png (I... I will...)

Melvin the Malevolent.png I hear what you've been trying to tell Mother, Eliza...
Melvin the Malevolent.png I feel like it's too strange to be true, but I've never known you to tell lies. I mean, except when you pretended to be a boy and all...
Eliza the Masculine.png THAT was to avoid being married off! Ugh, I'm getting back to the party.
Melvin the Malevolent.png Wait! Um, whatever you do, whichever creatures you want to talk to... I suppose I'm your brother after all, and I believe you.

Dunkelviking.png Now THIS is an exciting room. The acoustics are unbelievable!
Dunkelviking.png Ahh, listen to the dragons chanting! I wonder what they could be growling about?
Eliza the Masculine.png They're singing about how "nice and warm" the lava is...
Dunkelviking.png I've been slacking in my training. I need to work HARDER to understand lyrics as obvious as that!

Eliza the Masculine.png Mother, why are you bowing-- OH! The Odin Dragon...
Odin Dragon Icon.png (Hello there, Vikings. I welcome you to our party. I am glad you seem to be behaving yourselves -- especially you, young Gunhilda.)
Eliza the Masculine.png Heh. The Odin Dragon just took a dig at you, Mother.
Gunhilda.png What?! Fight me, you trumped-up lizard!

Odin Dragon Icon.png (Hmm... Eliza, you still have much growing to do, but you've already become a fine Human. I think even your family would agree, despite their squabbling.)
Odin Dragon Icon.png (In fact, pay them no mind: This is a party! I think even members of my family would do well to remember that...)
Eliza the Masculine.png I think the Odin Dragon is talking about you, Freyr Dragon...
Freyr Dragon Icon.png (H-Hello, Odin... Good to see you again.)

Dunkelviking.png You know, after the whole near-conquest of Dragolandia, I like to think myself something of a dragon expert...
Dunkelviking.png But, Eliza, I think I underestimated you... To think you could understand dragons so well...
Eliza the Masculine.png Yeah, well, tell it to Mother.
Dunkelviking.png Ahh, you know her, she's probably jealous. Pay it no mind, and let's continue exploring this grand festival!

Eliza the Masculine.png On top of the Great Tree again... I can't believe we've been here more than once. Maybe the Northern Divines really have warmed up to us.
Gunhilda.png Hrrm. And yet they refuse to help us conquer land and sea.
Freyr Dragon Icon.png (I think your parent has odd ideas about us Divines...)
Freyr Dragon Icon.png (But I'd rather face your parent than my sibling...! I get the feeling it's around here somewhere...)

Freyr Dragon Icon.png (H-Hello... sibling...)
Freyja Dragon Icon.png (FREYR!!! I've been waiting for you up here! You said you'd meet me on the day of our Divine Party, but I've been here all alone...!)
Freyr Dragon Icon.png (I-I'm sorry, Freyja. It has been so long, I wasn't sure how to--)
Freyja Dragon Icon.png (I don't want to hear your excuses! I want you and your new little friends to battle me! You owe me at least that much, little sibling!)

Freyr Dragon Icon.png (WOOOO! It felt great to battle you again, Freyja! I don't know what I was so worried about...!)
Freyja Dragon Icon.png (You see? We're siblings -- it doesn't matter how long we've been apart, or how we've grown...)
Freyja Dragon Icon.png (It's our party today, and I want to see my sibling. So let us start making up for lost time!)
Eliza the Masculine.png I'm glad the Freyr Dragon has stopped feeling so awkward... Maybe now we can both enjoy the party.

Eliza the Masculine.png Mother! Stop dancing for a moment! I wish to tell you something! I CAN talk to dragons, and I don't care if you believe me or not!
Eliza the Masculine.png I know the truth, and my brothers SORT of believe me, and that's all that matters! So there!
Gunhilda.png I used to hear tales of people who opened their hearts to dragons, and could hear their thoughts. But...
Gunhilda.png I've been TRYING to tell you, this is no conversation for a PARTY! You've been so serious this whole time -- we need to cut loose, child! Come and dance!

Divine Fest - Marble & SandDivine Party - Basement (21/09/06) (edit)

Eliza the Masculine.png It seems I've got another invitation to a Divine celebration... Ugh. I never know what to wear to these things.
Eliza the Masculine.png Not that I'm complaining. Any chance to have a powerful Divine Dragon for an ally is a chance I'll gladly take!
Anubis Dragon Icon.png (Did you perhaps mean me? Hello, Eliza -- I've chosen you as my special guest to escort to the Underworld Ruins party!)

Eliza the Masculine.png At last, a party I won't need to worry about my family crashing! And with a faithful old friend at my side--
Heinrich the Hideous.png I'm touched, Eliza my old flame! Did you mean me?
Dunkelviking.png Are you serious, you old gear-head? Of course she means her favorite big brother: ME!
Anubis Dragon Icon.png (... I'm sorry, Eliza. I promise you I did not invite them. Perhaps some of my family members did--? Ah, she's off running.)

Eliza the Masculine.png Oh, thank Chronos -- I think we lost them. I was looking forward to a lavish Divine party... ALONE.
Mau Dragon Icon.png (Anubis, is this your special guest? I hear that Ra, Hathor, and Seth have also invited their own select humans.)
Anubis Dragon Icon.png (Indeed -- and they neglected to tell me beforehand! Isn't that just like them?)
Mau Dragon Icon.png (Well, let's see how your human compares in battle prowess!)

Eliza the Masculine.png At least I can look forward to winning battles without their nagging--
Mau Dragon Icon.png (Oh, look! The guests!)
Heinrich the Hideous.png THERE you are -- you know we're totally lost in here without our hosts to guide us. And to think, I've been here before--
Eliza the Masculine.png RUN!

Anubis Dragon Icon.png (My apologies, Eliza -- I wasn't aware that the rest of our guests would be such a burden on your heart.)
Eliza the Masculine.png Ugh. It's all right. As long as I can stay a step ahead of them, I'll enjoy myself. Is it so much to ask for a little one-on-one with the Divines?
Anubis Dragon Icon.png (I'll just lead us onward, then...)

Eliza the Masculine.png Ahh, the majesty of the Underworld Ruins! Full of riches and wonders!
Anubis Dragon Icon.png (Are you thinking of stealing anything? It would be very "Viking" of you, Eliza.)
Eliza the Masculine.png Heh. And would that be a problem for you, Anubis Dragon?
Anubis Dragon Icon.png (Why should material possessions matter to me? I'm a Divine Dragon!)

Seth Dragon Icon.png (Anubis, I sense a delicious discord in our guests. These two in particular... Come on now; let's pit them against each other and see what happens!)
Heinrich the Hideous.png Eliza! Isn't it wonderful? The Seth Dragon's taken QUITE a shine to me. And just when I thought I was COMPLETELY unlovable...
Eliza the Masculine.png Ugh, Heinrich... you're almost too pathetic for me to despise -- but I'll enjoy crushing you AND the Seth Dragon in battle anyway!

Seth Dragon Icon.png (An incredible battle! This human's mind is so chaotic, it's delightful to behold. Yours too -- Eliza, was it?)
Eliza the Masculine.png You Divines are a weird bunch. You and Heinrich deserve each other...
Heinrich the Hideous.png Why thank you! Honestly, Eliza, I'd hoped we could perhaps--
Eliza the Masculine.png Not interested. Goodbye! I've got a party to enjoy!

Anubis Dragon Icon.png (That human, Heinrich -- he's a complicated sort. He was indeed a threat to our order once upon a time, but now...)
Anubis Dragon Icon.png (Somehow, I do not sense any malice in him. Confusion, yes, but that is obvious.)
Eliza the Masculine.png I'm not here to bother with annoyances from my past; I'm here to BATTLE! Let's get going already!
Anubis Dragon Icon.png (But Eliza, wouldn't you prefer the company of--? Ah, well...)

Eliza the Masculine.png This part of the Underworld Ruins always gave me the creeps... But you guys seem just fine strolling around the chasm of infinite cosmos, or whatever it is.
Anubis Dragon Icon.png (You should try dipping your toe in! It's nice and cool to the touch.)
Eliza the Masculine.png Err... I'll pass. I hear a peculiar sound in the air that makes me think I'll have to BE on my toes...

Anubis Dragon Icon.png (Great Ra! I hope you're enjoying this summer's party. I must admit, your choice of guest is... unusual.)
Dunkelviking.png Ha HA! There you are, Eliza! I've been waiting for my chance to play my new sound for you! The Ra Dragon REALLY seems to "dig" it, as they say.
Ra Dragon Icon.png (Yes, bearded human. We must... rock on. I crave the discordant tempo. The predictable chord progressions. Play the lute. Play it!)
Eliza the Masculine.png I'd much rather simply BATTLE you!

Ra Dragon Icon.png (We have lost this battle. But I still have you, O Cacophonous One, to make these halls of death echo with harmony and chaos.)
Dunkelviking.png See that? A genuine nuzzle from a genuine Divine Dragon! Mother sure had the wrong idea -- the way to a dragon's soul is MUSIC!
Anubis Dragon Icon.png (Amazing! Eliza, your brother's unique style seems to soothe Ra. He is at once unpredictable and familiar -- perfect for one who must maintain order!)
Anubis Dragon Icon.png (This is quite a successful party, isn't it--? Oh, Eliza's wandered off again.)

Anubis Dragon Icon.png (Old comrade, I can't help but notice you don't seem to be enjoying yourself.)
Eliza the Masculine.png I'm enjoying myself just FINE. I wish I could be left alone to gather my thoughts, or just battle and forget everything else!
Eliza the Masculine.png Everyone's been so annoying lately, distracting me from my training... I'm supposed to become a warrior to surpass even Duncan! I could be the next Dunkelviking!
Eliza the Masculine.png But I won't accomplish anything just playing around and forgiving fools who've mistreated me in the past. So let's go -- I've got strength to prove...

Eliza the Masculine.png You're awfully quiet, Anubis Dragon. Did I upset you?
Anubis Dragon Icon.png (The purpose of a party is sacred. It is a space of joy and revelry that we orderly Divines don't often get to experience...)
Eliza the Masculine.png ... I'm being a "party pooper," aren't I...
Anubis Dragon Icon.png (Yes. In a sense. But don't worry; I know just the Divine who can change the atmosphere!)

Hathor Dragon Icon.png (Oh, Anubis! How wonderful that you've arrived! I've been having a beautiful time with this lively human. We're getting into all sorts of fun!)
Arya.png Eliza! I'm so happy you're here! What a trip it is to be back in the Underworld Ruins together, huh?
Eliza the Masculine.png (Argh! Tyrant spit! Anubis Dragon, this is exactly the person I DIDN'T want to see!!!)
Arya.png What are you whispering about over there? Get that gloomy scowl off your face, Eliza -- let's battle!

Arya.png Ahh, that was great! Y'know, the last time we were here was the first time I ever thought you were cool. I know you're dorkier than you let on now, though!
Eliza the Masculine.png ... Yeah, this was the first place I began to respect you. For your love of battle, of course.
Hathor Dragon Icon.png (Oh... I sense much love and joy bubbling under the surface of your guest, Anubis. But it's buried deep, and stubbornly ignored...)
Eliza the Masculine.png Aaaand on that note, I'll be taking my leave! Come on, Anubis Dragon!

Arya.png Wait up, Eliza! You don't want to hang out? Enjoy the ruins? The dragons here are really unique!
Eliza the Masculine.png Yes, and I just want to battle them! You'll distract me with all your... running around and... smiling and... grabbing my hand a-and RAMBLING!
Arya.png Hmm... Yep, I think I'll tag along with you. I'm sure the Anubis Dragon has its claws full trying to get you to enjoy yourself.
Anubis Dragon Icon.png (Thank you, human Arya...)

Eliza the Masculine.png All this gold... If I were just a bit stronger, I could take it, and build an unbeatable fleet...
Arya.png Hey now, that sounds a little like the old Eliza. Tell me: What would you do with that "unbeatable" fleet, huh?
Dunkelviking.png Yes, I'M curious too. We already TRIED an unbeatable fleet, remember?
Heinrich the Hideous.png But maybe, if outfitted with heat-seeking custard pie cannons... Hey, wait up, you lot!

Eliza the Masculine.png I've somehow managed to gather all the people I didn't want to see -- and THIS is the cherry on top of the whole spoiled sundae: MOTHER?!
Gunhilda.png We've been through this before, whelp. Don't ye recognize a GHOST when ye see one? We're in the UNDERWORLD Ruins, ye know!
Pyramid Dragon Icon.png (My apologies, Anubis -- I've been trying to wrangle this wayward soul, but she's terribly stubborn!)
Eliza the Masculine.png That's not just any old soul; that's Carnelia Carnage: the first Viking to ever conquer Dragolandia in the far distant past...! Please let me battle her!

Gunhilda.png Perhaps 'tis a sign that I meet you again, whelp. Now that I've seen my legacy in good hands, I can go take a load off in the afterlife!
Eliza the Masculine.png W-wait! How can you say that? I feel like I've lost my way! We all have! Our great conquest failed and now-- ...
Dunkelviking.png Oh, sister...
Gunhilda.png ... When I first took Dragolandia from the claws o' Tyrants, it was 'cuz the land was in peril. Maybe ye should think on who yer allies an' enemies TRULY are.

Eliza the Masculine.png ... Well? Isn't anybody going to address my little outburst back there? It's almost more embarrassing to see you all sneaking glances behind my back!
Dunkelviking.png I, er... I had no idea you felt that way, sister. I'd be lying if I said I didn't experience those same feelings every once in a while.
Heinrich the Hideous.png Likewise. I admit I've felt a bit... directionless since your mother took her little break from conquering. Why, I've even begun to model a robot after her--
Arya.png Okay, that's enough moping! I know we've all had... complications in the past, but this is a PARTY! And we've got fun to catch up on! Let's go, you sullen Vikings!

Anubis Dragon Icon.png (I see that everyone's spirits have lifted thanks to the blonde-maned one. However, there's still a discordant rhythm between you two.)
Eliza the Masculine.png Yes, well, feelings can be difficult to change. I still don't know what I want to do with myself, or what exactly Carnelia meant by what she said...
Anubis Dragon Icon.png (While I appreciate your maturity, I think perhaps your biggest weakness, Eliza, is that you OVERthink.)
Arya.png Sheesh! Eliza, save the deep thought until after the party, okay? This room is just BEGGING to be frolicked in.

Eliza the Masculine.png Anubis Dragon? You plan on fighting me? You may be a Divine, and my friend, but I hope you're ready to lose!
Anubis Dragon Icon.png (I hope to show you, Eliza, that it doesn't matter who wins, nor who loses!)
Anubis Dragon Icon.png (After observing you, I feel you need to evaluate what matters to you... And I believe we all feel that a good battle can clear the heart and mind!)

Anubis Dragon Icon.png (You won. And you are stronger for it. Now, what will you do with that strength...?)
Eliza the Masculine.png Hmm...
Arya.png You know, it's been pretty amazing watching you get along with the Anubis Dragon, Eliza. I feel like it's helping you, somehow.
Arya.png It makes me want to learn even more about dragons. And even more about you, too!

Eliza the Masculine.png I think I have an idea of how I'd like to direct my energy. For now...
Anubis Dragon Icon.png (Oh? Do tell me. After all this time, I'm very curious!)
Eliza the Masculine.png I know who my allies are in this world, and until I figure more out, I think I'd like to grow stronger in their company. Learn from them...
Arya.png Heyyy, why're you looking at me like that, Eliza? I'll only share my cake if you ask REALLY nicely!

Divine Fest - The Ultimate PartyDivine Party - A Farewell (22/08/29) (edit)

Chrono Erlang Shen Dragon Icon.png (Master Eliza, Warrior Arya - I entrust you to Anubis, your old friend, in hopes it shall help you ensure that our most important Divine Party is a success.)
Arya.png I-I can understand you! Every word! Eliza! Chrono Erlang Shen! I'm so happy I can barely breathe!
Eliza the Masculine.png E-Easy, Arya - we still have our mission to carry out.
Arya.png Not a mission, our date! My first date, and my first day understanding dragon lanuage! I'm gonna--! I just--!
Anubis Dragon Icon.png (She's passed out…)
Eliza the Masculine.png Ugh… Sorry, Anubis, let me just lug her onto your back, and we'll be on our way.

Anubis Dragon Icon.png (What a lovely entrance hall. Truly befitting of the Divine of Righteous Partying.)
Arya.png Sounds like an entertaining dragon! I hope we'll get to meet it…
Anubis Dragon Icon.png (I suspect you shall. We must likewise ensure that this party is a success… And to do that, I hope you two will have a good time.)
Eliza the Masculine.png I've got a good feeling, Anubis… And I hear a joyous racket further in! Is that a Viking folk song? Let's go investigate!

Dunkelviking.png WAHAHAHA! Give in now, dragon? I can assure you I've got more tricks up my sleeve!
Shuten-Doji Dragon Icon.png (GRARRR! And give up our grappling match? Never! I haven't had this much fun with a human in years!)
Eliza the Masculine.png Brother! I didn't expect to see YOU here. Are you…wrestling the guests?
Shuten-Doji Dragon Icon.png (I am no mere guest! I am the BEST party guest in all Dragolandia! Now show me what you and your dragons are made of!)

Dunkelviking.png HA! I can always count on my dear little sister and Dragon Girl to show up where the action is! What is it this time - world's in trouble? Sick dragon god?
Arya.png Nope - we're on a DATE, Dunky!
Dunkelviking.png WHAT?! Come on now, walk me through this while we mingle - I want to hear EVERY detail.
Shuten-Doji Dragon Icon.png (If you humans are friends of this beast known as the Dunkelviking, then you are fully accepted into Ame-no-Uzume's party manor! Go, party at your leisure.)

Dunkelviking.png Hmm…I didn't think ANYBODY was worthy to date Eliza, but if it's the girl who managed to take ME down, well…maybe you've got a chance.
Dunkelviking.png In fact, she defeated our entire family… Hrm, I wonder what mother will say about this…
Eliza the Masculine.png THAT'S something I'd rather not think on. And we DO have a mission, you know.
Arya.png Yes, a mission to party! Besides, I wanna meet this Ame-no-Uzume Dragon…!

Heinrich the Hideous.png What a pleasant surprise! Two lovely ladies in--
Eliza the Masculine.png Begone, Heinrich. I'm spoken for.
Heinrich the Hideous.png Y-You jest! By whom?
Arya.png By ME! Now, if you're not interested in a bombastic battle, then step aside Heinrich - I've got dragons to chat with!

Arya.png Chronos' Claw, it's a Kitsune Dragon! I was always a little wary of their trickery, but now that I can understand them perfectly, I won't get fooled again!
Kitsune Dragon Icon.png (Yip yip! Yip…?)
Arya.png N-No! Something's wrong! I can't understand it--!
Eliza the Masculine.png Arya, can't you see that mischievous grin? It's just toying with you…

Kitsune Dragon Icon.png (Ahh, thank you for a fine battle. I hope you'll forgive me for teasing you - it's always the earnest ones that give me the best reactions!)
Arya.png Huh? Weird, I don't understand a word this creature is saying…
Kitsune Dragon Icon.png (What?! That's not right--)
Arya.png Fooled ya! Thanks for the battle, Kitsune Dragon. I've got a good feeling about this party!

Eliza the Masculine.png It's sort of amazing…not only did you understand that Kitsune Dragon, you also engaged in wordplay with it. When dragons first spoke to me, I freaked out.
Arya.png Well, I had you and Ned to show me what it would be like. Not that you two are great teachers - but I learn best by example anyway!
Eliza the Masculine.png Hmph! Teaching was never on my resume - but I could show you a thing or two about how to steer a Viking longboat!
Eliza the Masculine.png Actually, speaking of Ned, I wonder if he'll make an appearance… Let's see who else is attending this celebration.

Arya.png I hear music! Is that the sound of…dragons singing?
Eliza the Masculine.png The lyrics are odd, aren't they. Ned's been trying to crack the code on dragon poetry and "lyricism", as he puts it. I think it's a waste of time, but…
Otto the Dungeon Master.png Did I hear you two mention Ned? Have you seen him? Haven't been able to track him down for hours…
Arya.png You mean he's here, Otto? We'll keep an eye out!

Cherry Blossom Dragon Icon.png (Oh, it's so nice to have humans at Ame-no-Uzume's ultimate party. Between your kind and the Divines, there is always something exciting happening.)
Arya.png Now THAT'S some interesting phrasing. What do you mean, Cherry Blossom Dragon? Has there been any trouble?
Cherry Blossom Dragon Icon.png (It appears a young human has brought a rather…depressing vibe, or so I hear. It has caused Ame-no-Uzume to become over-anxious.)
Cherry Blossom Dragon Icon.png (But I find talk so dull - give me a good battle, and I shall tell you more!)

Cherry Blossom Dragon Icon.png (In battle and in conversation, you two are fine humans. Your reputation precedes you! Now, as promised…)
Cherry Blossom Dragon Icon.png (I believe it was a boy human. I heard him conversing with the boisterous Viking, and then he skulked away…)
Arya.png Oh, no! It's got to be Ned! Which way did he go?
Cherry Blossom Dragon Icon.png (I know only that he went upstairs… Best of luck!)

Arya.png Found it! Here's the staircase to the upper levels. If we're gonna save this party like the Chrono Erlang Shen Dragon said, we need to find Ned!
Eliza the Masculine.png Wait, I see him! Oh…no, it's just another scrawny guy with horns on his helmet… Hi, Olaf.
Olaf the Pungent.png Eliza! I'm…er…I don't really know how to handle things like this. But I'm glad your date isn't some brutish lug handpicked by mother.
Eliza the Masculine.png I'll have you know Arya is still a brutish lug! But I appreciate it, Olaf…

Eliza the Masculine.png Kya-CHOO! Urgh…we don't have blossoms like this up north…
Gunhilda.png Hrrm? I'd know that sneeze anywhere! Is my useless daughter skulking about this party?
Eliza the Masculine.png Oh no. Arya, Anubis, run!
Arya.png Right behind you! Just keep a look out for Ned while you flee!

Gunhilda.png Stop right there! You think you can get away with not saying hello to your own mother? And what are you doing with that meddlesome Trainer?
Eliza the Masculine.png If you MUST know, mother…we're on a DATE.
Gunhilda.png WHAT?! You're just doing this to annoy me, aren't you…
Gunhilda.png Well, luckily this Sumo Dragon is as stubborn as I am, and if I can defeat you two, you're going on a date of MY choosing, like it or not!

Gunhilda.png Ugh…ungrateful child… I suppose I never could control you, no matter how hard I tried.
Gunhilda.png Fine. Date your little Dragon Girl. At least she's formidable enough to handle the rest of your family…
Eliza the Masculine.png Thanks, mom…
Arya.png That went better than expected! And by the way, Ms. Gunhilda…now I can talk to dragons, too!

Eliza the Masculine.png No sign of Ned here, either - I suppose we'll keep climbing. It's strange, I'm usually annoyed at parties, but despite everything, I feel…good?
Melvin the Malevolent.png Hey, Eliza! Dragon Girl! I'm soooo disappointed in you!
Melvin the Malevolent.png …Just kidding. I'm actually really happy for you guys, I was just worried mother might've been listening.
Melvin the Malevolent.png Oh, and if you're looking for Ned, I think I saw him go upstairs… Some really strong looking dragon was chasing him!

Professor Hogwin.png Hello, you two! I've been hearing all sorts of whisperings about your triumphs. Is it really true, Arya?
Arya.png If you're asking about my new power, and my date with Eliza, then…yes! Both true!
Professor Hogwin.png My goodness, it's enough to bring an old man to tears! To think my young protégé has come so far…
Professor Hogwin.png Ah, but before I get too misty, I'm afraid there's a bit of trouble. Ned's wandered off under mysterious circumstances…won't you help me find him?

Arya.png Ack! Look out! A shuriken almost took your nose right off, Eliza!
Shinobi Dragon Icon.png (…My mistake. You're humans, but not the human I'm looking for…)
Shinobi Dragon Icon.png (One of you is spreading bad energy. Fouling the sanctity of Ame-no-Uzume's sacred party. I must find this human, and eliminate it.)
Eliza the Masculine.png I've got a bad feeling this Shinobi Dragon is talking about Ned… We'd better distract it before it carries out its mission!

Shinobi Dragon Icon.png (No…I've failed my mission! I'm worthless!)
Arya.png N-No you're not! Listen, could you point us in the direction of Ame-no-Uzume and your, um…target?
Arya.png It's very important. I think me and my friend could help save your party. We're pretty good at it, actually.
Shinobi Dragon Icon.png (If you were strong enough to beat me, then… Fine. Seek the roof garden. I will notify Ame-no-Uzume of your impending arrival…)

Eliza the Masculine.png Hey, Arya…do you think Nedders could be upset because of, well…us?
Arya.png Why? He should be happy, right? He's our friend!
Eliza the Masculine.png *Sigh*…You understand the feelings of dragons so well, but your own species is a huge blind spot.
Arya.png Well, as long as we find him, we can smooth everything out. I'll even pick him up some h'ors d'oeuvres to sweeten the deal!

Anubis Dragon Icon.png (How strange. The energy up in these gardens should be carefree, but instead, I feel an oppressive atmosphere.)
Chrono Erlang Shen Dragon Icon.png (We must clear the air to save the party! The future of all Divine Dragons depends upon it!)
Eliza the Masculine.png I do wish the future god would stop being so cryptic…
Arya.png It's right though, things definitely feel "off" up here. Don't worry, Ned, we're coming!

Ned.png I-I keep telling you, Ame-no-Uzume, it's not that big a deal! So my friends don't care about me! So what?!
Ame-no-Uzume Dragon Icon.png (Nonsense, my dear little human! I forbid bleak thoughts at my celebration! All must spread cheer, or the party shall continue indefinitely until they do!)
Chrono Erlang Shen Dragon Icon.png (It's exactly as I feared…the "eternal party" is becoming a reality!)
Ame-no-Uzume Dragon Icon.png (Ahh, are these two humans the ones who are causing you such distress, Ned Human? Then let us toss them from the premises - and all will be well!)

Ned.png Stop, Ame-no-Uzume! It's okay. I'll just go. I can't believe I had to hear about you two from "Dunky" of all people… I must be worth nothing to either of you!
Eliza the Masculine.png Ned… I get how you must feel--
Ned.png Argh! No! That's not what I mean! I just-- I love you guys. You're my best friends…I wish you had just told me…
Arya.png I'm so sorry! Eliza's right…I'm not great at human feelings. But it would mean a lot if you hung out with us for the rest of the party…even if it lasts forever!

Chrono Erlang Shen Dragon Icon.png (Thank you, all… The party is a success. I can return safely to the future, and Divine Dragons near and far can at last begin their long hibernation.)
Anubis Dragon Icon.png (Ah, a post-party snooze will return our full power after years of activity. I will miss you, my human friends…but I'm sure we'll meet again someday.)
Eliza the Masculine.png Thank you, Anubis Dragon…you've helped me understand dragons a little better. We'll see you soon.
Arya.png I can't believe we got to be part of such a wild party! But now that I can talk to my dragon friends, it seems like I've got a lot to say to my human friends…!
Ame-no-Uzume Dragon Icon.png (Before that, let's have one last dance! Everyone, flap your wings, snap your jaws, clack your claws, and move your feet! Before the curtain closes, we rejoice!)

Prisoners of the Northern LightsDragon Grid (22/12/05) (edit)

Arya.png I can't believe it...! I'm not JUST meeting my greatest hero and biggest inspiration -- I'm escorting her on a top-secret dragon-finding mission!
Arya.png AND I'm about to introduce her to my... g-girlfriend! Ah! Oh gosh, suddenly I'm as bashful as Ned!
Portia Penanze.png Easy there, kiddo. I'm sure I don't need to remind you -- this is no joyride. If my research is sound, we're about to deal with some tough customers, and I'm not just talking about the--
Paola Rodrigo.png V-Vikings! Ms. Portia, please -- leave me here and save yourself!
Eliza the Masculine.png Ah, a nice warm welcome to offset the Vikolandian chill. Arya, what's with the pipsqueak and the, uh... *ahem* N-Nice to meet you, ma'am.
Arya.png Eliza! This is the legendary, iconic, super-mega-powerful, awesome Dragon Trainer AND war hero, Ms. Portia Penanze... and her research student, Paola!
Dunkelviking.png Dragon Girl's enthusiasm is blinding as always, but she's right. Mind your manners, Eliza -- you're in the presence of a truly legendary warrior!
Portia Penanze.png Hmph. I didn't think humility or honor were concepts that Vikings understood. Especially not the Dunkelviking himself.
Dunkelviking.png I go by Duncan these days... but this isn't about me. Come! I hope you brought some powerful beasts with you -- the path to our destination is long and treacherous!

Dunkelviking.png Everyone accounted for? Good. We made it in one piece... to the most secluded spot in Vikolandia: Eliza's bachelor pad!
Eliza the Masculine.png Don't judge me, brother! I have to hide away from Mother's meddling SOMEhow. Besides, it's not so bad if you don't let the terrifying, mysterious howling in the woods get to you.
Portia Penanze.png That howling, young lady, is the reason we're here today. You certainly picked a dangerous place to shack up. We're not far from the Lake of Tears, are we?
Eliza the Masculine.png N-No... we're not. It's nearby, but nobody goes there. The frozen cavern on the lake has been cursed for hundreds of years. ... It's the only way I could get my mom to leave me alone.
Portia Penanze.png Well, Paola? What do you think? I'm sure you gave it a good listen on the walk here... Curse, or dragon?
Paola Rodrigo.png ... It's too sad to be a curse, I think. It's a dragon. But I'd need to get closer to make sure.
Dunkelviking.png How do you know that, lass? Stories of the ghosts that haunt the Lake of Tears and the Howling Cavern reach back to before Mama Gunhilda's time!
Portia Penanze.png Paola is an expert in dragon empathy. If she thinks it's a dragon, she's probably right. In fact, one of them's been following us through the woods this whole time.
Arya.png I think Paola's on to something, but I've never felt a dragon presence like this before! Our dragons will need a rest before we try to handle it...
Portia Penanze.png I agree. We'll put on some tea, let our dragons nap, and make our way to the Lake of Tears... You DO have tea here, don't you?
Eliza the Masculine.png Erm... Does grog count?

Prisoners of the Northern LightsDragon Grid (22/12/19) (edit)

Arya.png Wow... This place is beautiful! But more than that, it's HUGE. Did the Vikings really have no idea a cavern like this existed?
Portia Penanze.png I believe secrecy is the point. Somebody, long ago, wanted to keep these dragons hidden away.
Portia Penanze.png And if those "somebodies" were ancient Vikings, well... that would be in character for thoughtless conquerors, wouldn't it?
Eliza the Masculine.png Feh! Thoughtless? One does not conquer the entire Dragolandian archipelago without using their brains! Tell her, Dunky!
Dunkelviking.png Huh? Listen, sister, I'm not interested in arguing with the Hero of Numa -- I'm too busy enjoying the acoustics of this cavern...!
Dunkelviking.png FA LA LA LA LA~!
Prisma Dragon Icon.png !!!
Portia Penanze.png Oho! Perhaps I've underestimated you people -- I'd no idea the Dunkelviking indulged in opera. Dragon-approved, no less! I think you've just discovered our way forward.
Dunkelviking.png We've gotten a bit more complicated than you may remember, Portia Penanze!

Prisoners of the Northern LightsDragon Grid (22/12/26) (edit)

Eliza the Masculine.png Th-This is incredible...! An ancient Viking throne room! Dunky, I had no idea this existed!
Dunkelviking.png I didn't either... and Mother drilled me on Viking history until I could recite it in my sleep. This place could be completely undiscovered!
Eliza the Masculine.png Could it have belonged to Carnelia Carnage -- the first Viking queen?
Arya.png You know, Ned's been compiling his notes on the ancient past... He might be able to shed some light on this, but he's all the way back in Numa!
Paola Rodrigo.png I, um... I could sketch the room in my notebook, so we can show him when we return...! I sorta, uh, specialize in details like this.
Arya.png You're an artist, Paola? Oh, wow! Let me see--!
Portia Penanze.png History will help us figure out what these dragons are, but remember: Our number one priority is getting them out of here safely... Stay focused.
Paola Rodrigo.png I agree, Ms. Portia... But I have to tell you, in this room, the dragons seem very calm. It's almost as though... this was a sanctuary.
Aureum Lumen Dragon Icon.png ...
Paola Rodrigo.png But, sanctuary or not, there's still something wrong... We should follow this one. I-I think it needs help.

Paola Rodrigo.png U-Ugh...! This is it... this is where the wave of sorrow is coming from...! The howling sound... it's from the wind rushing through its frozen spines...
Portia Penanze.png Gather around, team. We're freeing this dragon.
Eliza the Masculine.png Are you kidding? We don't even know what it is! What if it's been frozen for a reason? I don't want this thing ravaging Vikolandia!
Portia Penanze.png No dragon deserves this. No matter what it's done, it deserves the chance to live, and it's my life's work to provide that. I think you may understand what I mean, young lady.
Eliza the Masculine.png ... I wouldn't even be here if Arya didn't take a second chance on me. Fine. I'll help. Let's free this beast.
Dunkelviking.png I'll lend you the power of my immense muscles! Our Fire Dragons can't handle a job this mighty on their own!
Portia Penanze.png Thank you, both of you. I clearly misjudged you. I'd be grateful for any help you could give us...
Portia Penanze.png We'll need strong hands to transport these dragons back to Numa. They can heal at my Dragon Sanctuary... and I'm sure my old comrade Hogwin will want a look at them.
Arya.png I get the feeling they hold more secrets than we think... And I can't wait to figure out how THEY think!



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