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Sigil Campaign (23/08/21)

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Sigil Campaign Event Generic Promotion.jpg
Finish the Campaign map in time and collect the prize Dragon.
Started: 21 August 2023
Ended: 20 September 2023
Duration: 30 Days
Type: Sigil Campaign
Prize: Spotty Dragon Icon.png Spotty Dragon

The Sigil Campaign, part of the Sigil System, is both an Event and a battle venue that unlocks when a Trainer reaches Player Level 20 and has Sigils equipped. Participation provides a series of battles to defeat the final boss and win the Reward of the Month.


Initiating a Sigil Campaign battle costs 1 Sigil Energy. Progressing on the map, the Trainer completes Sigil-equipped battles until they can no longer win battles, or they reach the end of the map and the Reward of the Month Dragon is obtained. Every month, the map progress is reset. The difficulty of the new map is based on the Trainer's progress from the previous month. The game detects the last boss defeated and calculates the next iteration's starting point based on the four Boss battles before that.

Sigil Contest

The Sigil Contest is a leaderboard event that runs throughout the duration of a Sigil Campaign. Winning battles adds points that will contribute to a Trainer's final score, with more points being earned for better performance during a battle. Multipliers based on the difficulty of the battle get awarded, with the harder battles at the end of the Sigil Campaign rewarding the highest multiplier. The leaderboard remains locked until the final battle of the Sigil Campaign, at which point all other players in the leaderboard, a Trainer's position within the table and which rewards entitled to win based on this get visible.

The faster the map is finished, the more bonus points get added to the final score. Any battle within the Sigil Campaign can be repeated, which will add to the total score at the end of the Sigil Contest.

Note: repeating a battle that has already been won with three stars will not earn bonus Sigil Trinkets, only points.


The amount of Food or Gold awarded depends on Trainer Level, provided numbers are of the highest Level Modifier. See Level Modifier for more information.

1 Premium Sigil Chest Icon.png x5
2-3 Premium Sigil Chest Icon.png x3
4-10 Premium Sigil Chest Icon.png
11-25 Basic Sigil Chest Icon.png x2
26-50 Basic Sigil Chest Icon.png
51-100 Food Icon.png 100,000

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