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Dragon Training

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Training is the act of engaging a Dragon in target practice to temporarily increase its Health and Attack. Only Dragons that are Level 4 or higher can be trained.

Let's choose one of our dragons to train as a champion for battle, so we can really strike fear into the hearts of those Vikings!


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Training is done by visiting a Dragon in its Habitat, pressing the Training button, and then pressing the Yes button to accept the training cost. Training begins immediately thereafter, with dolls thrown into the air. An attack is performed by swiping at the target, and a glowing ball of light is fired at it. The goal is to attack and defeat all Viking Dolls only, and obtain a perfect training session. While attacking the Viking Dolls, randomly thrown Maiden Dolls must be avoided, as any Maiden Doll hit is counted as a 'miss'. Alternatively, training can be cancelled before beginning by pressing the No button.

Image Item - Viking Doll.png Item - Princess Doll.png
Type Viking Doll Maiden Doll

Note: Viking or Princess dolls may vary in appearance, or even wear disguises, such as exchanging shields, helmets, weapons, or even beards!


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A single miss is still considered a success, though additional misses constitute a failure. A Trainer's Dragon obtains Champion status by practicing firing attacks on the Viking Dolls successfully, without missing or hitting a Maiden Doll.

When training is completed successfully, a spherical glow radiates from around the Dragon's head when viewed inside its habitat. The spherical glow also appears to the Trainer on the Dragon's Codex Snapshot, or when engaging in Battle in the Campaign Map, Dragon League, or Bottomless Dungeon, though it does not appear to other players.


Successful training provides Health and Attack boosts, depending on the training performance:

Performance Boost Provided
0 Misses +20% Health and Attack (equivalent of one level)
1 Miss +10% Health and Attack
2 Misses Training ends early, no boost


Dragon Training Power.png
Training Icon.png

There can only be one Champion at a time and the stat enhancement has a duration of 2 hours, provided the training is successful. Should another Dragon be trained in that period, it replaces the former Champion. When opposing Trainers encounter the Trainer's Dragon in real time in the Dragon League, the Dragon does not possess Champion status. Training is also not in effect when Dragons are hired by friends.

Cost and Difficulty

Training cost depends on Dragon Level and training difficulty also increases, in terms of the number of Viking and Maiden dolls that appear.

Dragon Level Cost Vikings Maidens
4-5 200 Gold Icon.png 4 1
6-7 7 2
8-9 8 2
10-11 1,000 Gold Icon.png 9 2
12-13 10 2
14-17 12 3
18-19 12 4
20-23 20,000 Gold Icon.png 12 4
24-27 14 5
28-29 15 6
30-31 100,000 Gold Icon.png 15 6
32-37 16 6
38-39 18 6
40-41 500,000 Gold Icon.png 18 6
42-43 18 7
44-49 20 7
Above 49 22 8



Trainers with an active VIP Status of Level 3 or higher can auto-train their Dragons and see the option on the training interface. Auto-Training is instant training without the possibility of misses, as it guarantees a 100% success rate for the training session. Auto-training is done by visiting a Dragon in its Habitat, pressing the Training button, and then pressing the VIP Dragons Icon.png Auto-Training Gold Icon.png button. It has the same cost as regular training.



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