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Clan Chat

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Clan Chat is an interface used to communicate with other members of a Clan. The Chat interface appears on the left of the main Clan screen. After joining a Clan or as a member, a limited number of past messages remain in chat (50). However, if the screen stays active, the number of retained messages increases until full log-off.

Automated Messages

Clan Chat sends automated messages when:

  • The Clan levels up.
  • A Clan event starts or participation period becomes active.
  • MVP is rewarded.
  • A Legendary recipe is completed.
  • A Clan member joins, leaves, or is removed.
  • Donation are newly requested, or not fully completed.
  • The Clan Dragon is changed.
  • Clan settings
  • A Clan Trinkets gift is available to claim.

Sending Messages

Messages are sent by selecting the text input field, typing a message, and then pressing either the Return button on the keyboard, or the Chat Send Icon.png button. Messages sent display Clan member name, rank, equipped badge, time sent, the ••• button for report Report Icon.png and Block Block Icon.png options, and the MVP Icon.png icon if the member is the current MVP. Messages are limited to 512 characters, and profanity is censored with asterisks.

Message Color

The color of text is changed by adding a # symbol immediately followed by any number from 1 to 9, then the desired text to color. Add #8 or <nowiki>#0 to switch back to black. Colors are as follows (though some are difficult to read):

#1: Blue
#2: Green
#3: Red
#4: Yellow
#5: Orange
#6: Light Blue
#7: Purple
#8: Black
#9: White

Profanity Filter

Profanity filtering is enabled or disabled by members of the appropriate Clan rank, who can edit the Clan settings.


During Clan Events Clan members can request help from, or help other, Clan members through donation. A limited number of event items, earned through the completion of Clan Quests, can be donated to other players.

When a donation request appears in chat, pressing the   Donate   button at the right of the request allows donation. The i button on the request displays how many donations the Trainer has made that day, and how many remaining donations can be made.

If members leave a Clan, their donation counter resets, even if they re-join the same Clan; however, Clan Coins are not lost when leaving or switching Clans.

Enchantment Material can be requested from Clan members by pressing the Enchantment Materials Icon.png Request Material button in Clan Chat. The Trainer can request either 16 fair or 2 average materials at once, every 24 hours. Once sent, the Trainer must wait either until a Clan mate has donated the requested material, or until 24 hours has passed, before a new request can be sent. Donators receive 1 Enchanted Trinket for 1 Fair Material, and 6 Enchanted Trinkets for 1 Average Material in exchange for donation, and can donate up to a maximum of 24 times per day. Legendary, Primal, Divine, and Ancient materials cannot be requested or donated, except for extremely rare special occasions.

If a requestor does not receive all materials asked for, a Purple-Bordered Enchantment Request Icon.png notification stays on-screen while scrolling through chat messages. This notification indicates how many people have not received all the items asked for.

Sticker - Cry.png
This feature has a bug.
Request Materials
Fair Materials - Fire.png 0 Fair Materials - Wind.png 0 Fair Materials - Earth.png 0 Fair Materials - Water.png 0
Fair Materials - Plant.png 0 Fair Materials - Metal.png 0 Fair Materials - Energy.png 0 Fair Materials - Void.png 0
Fair Materials - Light.png 0 Fair Materials - Shadow.png 0 Fair Materials - Legendary.png Not available Fair Materials - Primal.png Don't exist [1]
Fair Materials - Divine.png Not available Fair Materials - Ancient.png Not available Fair Materials - Tyrant.png Not available
  1. Fair Primal materials don't exist in-game but can still be requested as part of an unfixed bug. Requesting such nonexistent materials causes the request to stay stuck in chat for 24 hours, despite not being fulfillable. This probably occurs because the request screen shares an interface with Average Primal materials, which do exist, and both were not made unavailable as was done for Legendary, Divine, Ancient, and Tyrant materials.
Request Materials
Average Materials - Fire.png 0 Average Materials - Wind.png 0 Average Materials - Earth.png 0 Average Materials - Water.png 0
Average Materials - Plant.png 0 Average Materials - Metal.png 0 Average Materials - Energy.png 0 Average Materials - Void.png 0
Average Materials - Light.png 0 Average Materials - Shadow.png 0 Average Materials - Legendary.png Not available Fair Materials - Primal.png 0 [1]
Fair Materials - Divine.png Not available Fair Materials - Ancient.png Not available Fair Materials - Tyrant.png Not available
  1. Average Primal materials exist but probably shouldn't be requestable, since they appear to share an interface with the nonexistent Fair materials that can be requested despite not existing (a bug).

Blocking, Unblocking, Reporting

As in other areas of the game, players can be blocked, unblocked, or reported from inside a Clan. Once blocked, nothing can be received from that Trainer. Blocking also prevents the Trainer from seeing the player's name, profile, or other information in other areas of the game except the Block List tab. Not seeing a blocked Trainer's information includes on leaderboards or inside Clans, though it does not hide their listing entirely; a generic listing is seen where "Blocked Player" text replaces the Trainer's name, their avatar is replaced by the Block Icon.png icon, other information is removed, and an Unblock button appears on the right of their listing. Pressing the Unblock button instantly unblocks. Furthermore, blocked Trainers cannot be visited, their Dragons cannot be seen to be hired, and a blocked Trainer's profile also can't be viewed until they've been unblocked.


Blocking a player is done by pressing the ••• button in any area of the game where Trainer information appears, pressing the Block Block Icon.png button, then confirming the choice by pressing the Yes button.


Unblocking a Trainer is done either in the Block List as explained above, or by pressing the ••• button in any area of the game where Trainer's information appears, then pressing the Unblock button (unblocking is instant after pressing this button).


Reporting a Trainer is done by pressing the ••• button in any area of the game where player information appears, then pressing the Report Report Icon.png button. A Report screen appears with four available checkboxes for report reasons:

  • Checkbox.png Hack/Cheat
  • Checkbox.png Player Name
  • Checkbox.png Player Avatar
  • Checkbox.png Other

A comment box also appears that allows for further comments, or explanations/reasons in the case that the Other option is checked. The Cancel button can be pressed to cancel the report, or the OK button to submit it.

See Also

  • Clans, for full information about Clans, participation, the Clan interface, and the benefits of joining a Clan.
  • Options Menu for settings related to privacy and notifications.


See Clans History for history related to Clan features and functions.

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