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Enchantment (disambiguation)

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Enchantment may refer to:

  • Enchantment System, a menu that houses Enchantment-related functions
  • Enchantment, the process of strengthening Dragons
  • Enchantment Altar, the place where Dragons can be enchanted
  • Enchanted Arena, a battleground and ranking system in which Trainers attack each other's bases and earn Enchantment Materials and other rewards
  • Enchantment Materials, special resources needed to enchant Dragons
    • Dragon League, a battle competition where Enchantment Materials are earned.
  • Enchanted Trinkets, a currency needed to fuse Enchantment Materials and upgrade Habitats after level 6
  • Enchantment Dragons, Dragons obtained through a special breeding method
  • Enchanted Breeding, the unique way of breeding Enchantment Dragons

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