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Dragon Grid (23/12/18)

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Dragon Grid (23.12.18) Promotion.jpg
Move your Dragon avatar around the 3x3 grid, collect Tyrant Tickets and other rewards while trying to survive as long as possible.
Started: 18 December 2023
Ended: 25 December 2023
Duration: 7 Days
Type: Dragon Grid
Ticket(s): Tyrant Ticket (Purple) Icon.png

The event took place during the Luminous Mountain Tyrant event series.

Dragon Grid Events are limited-time competitions in which the Trainer moves their Dragon avatar around the 3×3 grid, attempting to collect Tyrant Tickets and other rewards, while minimizing damaged received to survive as long as possible.

Dragon Avatar

A Dragon avatar, representing the Trainer, appears initially at the center of the game board to be moved where desired. The avatar is controlled by either tapping on, or swiping in, the desired direction. The avatar can also be replaced by the current week's Bottomless Dungeon Guaranteed Dragon, if that dragon is obtained (or re-obtained) during the event. Once obtained, the Dungeon dragon affects the Trainer's starting and maximum Power capacity.

Harmful Tiles

Dragon Grid 2 Background.jpg

Harmful tiles are tiles that may reduce the Trainer's power, by the amount displayed at the top-right of the tile, when landed on:

  • Damage tiles (represented by other Dragons) – Reduce the current power number.
  • Trap tiles (represented by boards/saws) – Reduce the current power only if the trap is active when landed on. Trap tiles alternate between their active (saw up) or inactive (saw down) states as moves are made, and are only safe to land on (giving no damage) when inactive.

Beneficial Tiles

Image Tile Description
Food Icon.png Food Heals lost power in the amount displayed in their top-right corner, but cannot heal power over the Trainer's maximum amount.
Tyrant Ticket (Purple) Icon.png Ticket Each level has a set number to find, and once all are found, the level ends. Ticket color changes depending on the chapter (1-4) of the event.
Dragon Grid Chest.png Chest Unlocked once the level is completed and gives bonus rewards.


Every chapter, the Trainer begins with one Shield Potion Icon.png Shield in inventory, the current inventory count appears at the right of the screen. When used, a Shield completely negates the damage received from one harmful tile. Additional shields can be won by opening chests, though their appearance in chests is rare. Shields can also be purchased for 15 Gems Icon.png Gems.


Each level contains a pool of harmful or beneficial tiles. As the Trainer progresses through the levels, the chances of the type of tile appearing in the grid changes. If a level is failed, it must be restarted using Energy, which regenerates over time. Completing a certain number of levels is also necessary to unlock the Dragons in the Event's Shop.

Energy (level attempts)

Energy (Purple) Icon.png

Each weekly grid iteration has a starting Grid Energy capacity of 2. The cost to begin a level attempt is 1 Energy. The Energy count appears at the top-right, and automatically regenerates over time. As the level increases, the energy held increases up to a maximum cap. Higher capacity amounts are unlocked at grid level 10, 20, 50, 80, 120, 160, and 200.

Unlock Level Energy Pool Minutes per Energy
0 2 Energy (Purple) Icon.png 30
10 4 Energy (Purple) Icon.png
20 6 Energy (Purple) Icon.png
50 8 Energy (Purple) Icon.png
80 10 Energy (Purple) Icon.png
120 12 Energy (Purple) Icon.png
160 14 Energy (Purple) Icon.png
200 16 Energy (Purple) Icon.png


Tyrant Ticket (Purple) Icon.png

A set number of Tickets are available in each Level, and must be found to progress to the next level. At the left of the interface, beside an image of the ticket for that level, appears a current ticket count. The count's first number represents the number of tickets already collected, separated by a slash from the total number of tickets to be collected.


Grid Content

Level Energy
Probabilities of appearance
Needed Available Enemies Traps Food Tickets Chest
1 1 1 1 1 45.45% 0.00% 45.45% 4.55% 4.55%
2 1 1 1 1 31.25% 31.25% 31.25% 3.13% 3.13%
3-5 1 1 3 5 22.73% 39.77% 28.41% 3.41% 5.68%
6 1 1 3 5 0.00% 69.44% 23.15% 2.78% 4.63%
7-9 1 1 3 5 22.73% 39.77% 28.41% 3.41% 5.68%
10 1 1 3 10 22.12% 44.25% 22.12% 2.65% 8.85%
11-13 1 1 3 5 22.73% 39.77% 28.41% 3.41% 5.68%
14 1 1 3 5 67.96% 0.00% 24.27% 2.91% 4.85%
15-17 1 1 3 5 22.73% 39.77% 28.41% 3.41% 5.68%
18 1 1 3 10 22.12% 44.25% 22.12% 2.65% 8.85%
19-21 1 1 3 5 22.73% 39.77% 28.41% 3.41% 5.68%
22 1 1 3 5 64.52% 0.00% 26.88% 3.23% 5.38%
23-25 1 1 3 5 22.73% 39.77% 28.41% 3.41% 5.68%
26 1 1 3 10 22.12% 44.25% 22.12% 2.65% 8.85%
Repeating Levels
1x 1 1 1-3 1-10 27.93% 36.74% 25.93% 3.11% 6.29%

Shop Dragons

Tyrant Altar (23.12.04) Promotion.jpg

Talismans are a form of currency that can be spent only in the Shop's Dragons section, in exchange for Dragon Pieces Icon.png Dragon Pieces. Each Dragon's pieces can be obtained by pressing the Dragon Pieces Icon.png Get Pieces button on the snapshot of the desired Dragon.

The Dragon Pieces Icon.png Get Pieces button provides a place to "trade in" talismans for Dragon pieces, without the use of a physical altar.

Tyrant Shop,
Discount Chapter:
Dragon Cost Dragon Pieces Icon.png 1x Dragon Pieces Icon.png Cost Amount needed Chapter
Discount Cost
Chapter 1 (4-11 December) Crimson Gallus Dragon Icon.png Crimson Gallus Dragon 500 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 4 Mechanical Talisman Icon.png 2,000 Mechanical Talisman Icon.png 1,000 Mechanical Talisman Icon.png
Chapter 2 (11-18 December) Mitis Venti Dragon Icon.png Mitis Venti Dragon 500 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 4 Mechanical Talisman Icon.png 2,000 Mechanical Talisman Icon.png 1,000 Mechanical Talisman Icon.png
Chapter 3 (18-25 December) Umbral Aruspex Dragon Icon.png Umbral Aruspex Dragon 500 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 4 Mechanical Talisman Icon.png 2,000 Mechanical Talisman Icon.png 1,000 Mechanical Talisman Icon.png
Chapter 4 (25 December - 1 January) Vacivus Lapis Dragon Icon.png Vacivus Lapis Dragon 500 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 4 Mechanical Talisman Icon.png 2,000 Mechanical Talisman Icon.png 1,000 Mechanical Talisman Icon.png
Source Dragon Cost 1x Dragon Grid Chest.png Gives [1] Amount needed [2]
Dragon Grid Chest.png Grid Chest Hockey Dragon Icon.png Hockey Dragon 350 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 0-1 Dragon Pieces Icon.png[1] 350+ Dragon Pieces Icon.png[2]
  1. 1.0 1.1 In actuality, there is only a chance of getting one dragon piece when using one ticket, it is not guaranteed, as there are other potential items in the Chest Content prize pool.
  2. 2.0 2.1 As there is only a chance of getting one dragon piece when using one ticket, many more than 350 tickets are likely required to get the Dragon, the numbers provided are merely representational of an ideal scenario.

Chest Content

The amount of Food or Gold awarded depends on Trainer Level, the highest Level Modifier amount is displayed.

Prize Amount Chance
Hockey Dragon.png
1 Dragon Pieces Icon.png 46.05%
Tyrant Ticket (Purple) Icon.png 1 4.14%
5 0.38%
Energy (Purple) Icon.png 1 4.70%
Shield Potion Icon.png 1 0.94%
Gems Icon.png 1 1.88%
3 0.94%
5 0.19%
Extraordinary Materials - Tyrant.png 1 2.82%
Excellent Materials - Tyrant.png 2 4.70%
Good Materials - Tyrant.png 3 4.70%
Scrolls Icon.png 5 1.88%
Arena Energy Icon.png 1 3.76%
Portal Energy Icon.png 1 3.76%
Gold Icon.png 150,000 5.64%
Food Icon.png 15,000 10.34%
Dragon Fury Essence Icon.png 1 Bottle 2.82%
VIP Ticket Icon.png 1 Ticket 0.38%


Portia Penanze.png ... Now this is interesting. Something, or someone, was being... kept here. Perhaps something powerful.
Arya.png Is that OTTO standing there? I thought he was on an expedition with Ned and the Professor and Paola--!
Heinrich the Hideous.png Hey! I resent that! I'm nothing like that soft-hearted fool! What in Chronos's name are you doing here anyway, dragon girl? And who is your friend--?
Heinrich the Hideous.png ... Ah. I know you. You're Portia Penanze. A thorn in the side of many a Tyrant during the wars... I thought you'd disappeared for good.
Portia Penanze.png I never went away; I only devoted my life to dragons instead of warfare. I'm sure that's something you wouldn't understand... if you are who I think you are--
Arya.png Uh, let's calm down, everyone! Ms. Portia, I know what it looks like, but Heinrich doesn't work with the Tyrants -- he actually devoted himself to the Vikings! Even after Gunhilda rejected his love--
Heinrich the Hideous.png There was NO need to bring that up! *sob*
Portia Penanze.png *grumble* This is getting us nowhere! Why are you here, you Tyrant deserter? If you've been putting dragons in this cell, I'll feed you to them myself!
Heinrich the Hideous.png I've done no such thing! I came back to Gustyvale, my hometown, when I heard the rumors of strange dragons. I... I thought I might know something about them...
Arya.png Heinrich, you've always been a weirdo, but I've never seen you so cryptic. What do you mean? Can you tell us anything about these strange dragons--?
Umbral Aruspex Dragon Icon.png Grrrnngh...?! GROAAAR!
Mitis Venti Dragon Icon.png Kwee! Kwee!
Heinrich the Hideous.png That will have to wait, dragon girl -- the thing that was in here has obviously gotten out... and so should we. Quickly!

Portia Penanze.png Just where have you led us, you strange bald man? What is this bizarre contraption?!
Crimson Gallus Dragon Icon.png Gauuuu! Graauuuwr!!! BANG!
Arya.png T-that big red dragon keeps hitting its head on the weird machine... We've got to stop it before it hurts itself!
Mitis Venti Dragon Icon.png Kwee... Kwee!
Crimson Gallus Dragon Icon.png ...?! Groarrr...
Arya.png Look! It calmed down when it saw the baby dragon! They must know each other... just like this hatchling knew the other dragons on the mountain!
Heinrich the Hideous.png *gulp* I had a feeling this would happen. They're gathering at this secret generator for a very specific reason: Their leader is inside...
Portia Penanze.png However it is you know this... and no matter what sort of dragon is in there... you'd better help us free it!
Heinrich the Hideous.png What?! No! It's a ferocious beast! It's been powering this mountain for centuries, but just because it's woken up is no excuse to--
Portia Penanze.png This beast has been KNOWINGLY exploited?! Arya, help me rally the other dragons! If we work together, I know we can demolish this generator!
Mitis Venti Dragon Icon.png Kwee...! Kwee kwee! (Thankful...!)
Arya.png Hey, we made the little dragon happy... That's reason enough! Let's free that beastie -- WITH Heinrich's help... or else!

Read the full story on the Event Dialogues page.

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