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Event Dialogues

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Mount Dragolympus

Dragolympus Rising

Professor Hogwin.png As I was saying, Arya, the Divine Dragons are a group of mythical, godlike wyverns said to watch over Dragolandia from atop its tallest point: Mount Dragolympus! ... Arya, are you even listening?
Arya.png Sorry, Professor, I can't believe Mount Dragolympus is real! I've been hearing stories about it since I was a child, but the stories all said it vanished long ago... but here it is right in front of me!
Professor Hogwin.png Hmm, yes. The myths say that Mount Dragolympus is invisible, but it becomes visible when the Divine Dragons are in peril. Come, Arya, we must investigate and see if they need our help!
Rathorn.png Surrender now, Hermes Dragon! You won't escape from the Medusa Dragon and I, Rathorn -- King of Dragolandia.
Professor Hogwin.png Rathorn?! I might have guessed you were behind this mess. Now leave the poor Hermes Dragon alone, or we'll have to overthrow your fictional monarchy in a battle!
Arya.png Look, Dr. Hogwin! The Hermes Dragon wants to join our fight. Come on, Hermes Dragon, let's get them!
Arya.png Great battle! Rathorn and the Medusa Dragon couldn't flee fast enough. But why were they trying to capture this poor Hermes Dragon?
Professor Hogwin.png I'm not sure. It's too bad the Hermes Dragon can't tell us what it knows... Speaking of which, this little fella had better stay behind and rest; that battle wore it out!
Professor Hogwin.png In the meantime, we'll continue on ahead to Mount Dragolympus to investigate.

Arya.png Dr. Hogwin, look! The Hermes Dragon has followed us. It doesn't want to stay behind and rest.
Professor Hogwin.png I guess it didn't want to be left out of this adventure. Well, Hermes Dragon, if you're going to come along with us then you must promise not to battle; it would overtire you.
Arya.png Good. Now that that's settled, we need to find Rathorn and the Medusa Dragon before they cause more trouble. Let's get to it!
Professor Hogwin.png There you are, Rathorn! Care to save us the suspense and explain what diabolical but hair-brained scheme you've got planned this time?
Rathorn.png Why not? There's no way you can stop me. The Medusa Dragon is sick of being looked down on by the other Divine Dragons. I'm going to help it take its rightful throne atop Mount Dragolympus!
Professor Hogwin.png Let me guess: In return, the Medusa Dragon will help you conquer all of Dragolandia? Not if we can help it!
Professor Hogwin.png Oh dear, the Temple of Poseidon is just up ahead. Surely, Rathorn, not even YOU would be foolish enough to disturb the dragon god of water?!
Rathorn.png Or perhaps I'm just that foolish! ... Wait, I meant... Oh whatever, let's just fight!

Arya.png So this is the Temple of Poseidon? It's even bigger than I imagined; I'd love to explore it.
Professor Hogwin.png It greatly pains me to say this, but there's no time to stop and study the temple. We've got to find the Poseidon Dragon and warn it about Rathorn and the Medusa Dragon's plot. Come on!
Arya.png Professor, earlier you said the Poseidon Dragon was the dragon god of water. What did you mean by that?
Professor Hogwin.png Ah, yes -- so my research into the Divine Dragons has shown that they are worshipped by all dragonkind, but certain dragons are more likely to pay their respects to certain Divine beasts.
Professor Hogwin.png Dragons with the water element are most likely to worship the Poseidon Dragon, since it's said to be the source of their water powers... But come along, we MUST find Rathorn!
Rathorn.png You're too late, Dragon Trainers! The Poseidon Dragon put up quite the struggle, but not even the mythical water wyvern could wriggle from my net!
Arya.png That may be true, Rathorn, but you've fallen into our battle trap hook, line, and sinker!

Professor Hogwin.png Let go of the Poseidon Dragon, Rathorn! You can't outrun us forever.
Rathorn.png You're right; I'm getting awfully tired of running, so instead let's... BATTLE!
Arya.png You know, we could end all this fighting now... if you surrender the Hermes Dragon and all of Dragolandia!
Rathorn.png Oh, I'll surrender... just as soon as I meet the Tyrant who can best me in battle!

Professor Hogwin.png A cave? ... I'm confused, why would Rathorn and the Medusa Dragon want to visit this place? I thought they were only after the Divine Dragons, but none of them live here... Right?
Professor Hogwin.png ... Could it be the Cave of Eternal Spring? It's said that the Springtime Dragon hides in a cave atop Mount Dragolympus to avoid the infatuation of the Hades Dragon...
Professor Hogwin.png Oh dear! Rathorn must intend to kidnap the Springtime Dragon to lure the Hades Dragon up from underground so that he and Medusa can control it too. Come on!
Arya.png Professor, I see the Springtime Dragon just up ahead! If we hurry, we can rescue it before Rathorn and Medusa get there.
Professor Hogwin.png Good work, Arya. Come on, we need to rescue Springtime or all of Dragolandia will soon fall!

Arya.png Thank goodness we rescued the Springtime Dragon. I'm so glad it wanted to join us!
Professor Hogwin.png Indeed, the Springtime Dragon is a very powerful ally for us, and we're going to need all the help we can get to keep Rathorn from taking over...
Arya.png Too bad you couldn't get the Springtime Dragon, Rathorn. I guess you'll have to give up on capturing the Hades Dragon.
Rathorn.png *humph* The Hades Dragon is little threat to us so long as it stays underground. Besides, we've got a whole new plan for conquering Mount Dragolympus. Beat us in battle and perhaps I'll tell you...
Professor Hogwin.png Rathorn, don't tell me you're headed to the Temple of Medusa? But you've already got the Medusa Dragon on your side -- what could you possibly want from its temple?
Rathorn.png So good of you to ask... The Medusa Dragon is already very powerful, to be sure, but inside its temple is a certain special mirror...
Professor Hogwin.png Not the Mirror of Regret?! It's said that if the Medusa Dragon gazes into that mirror, it will become SO enraged by what it sees that it'll be unstoppable... We'll just have to stop you before you get there!

Arya.png Professor, why does the Mirror of Regret make the Medusa Dragon angry?
Professor Hogwin.png The Medusa Dragon is a very proud creature, but the other Divine Dragons have mocked it for its monstrous appearance; seeing its image reminds it of its hurt feelings.
Professor Hogwin.png *sigh* If only the Divine Dragons had been kinder to the Medusa Dragon, then perhaps this whole mess could have been avoided. We must all try harder to be kind, right Hermes?
Professor Hogwin.png Rathorn, hand over the Mirror of Regret NOW! If you let the Medusa Dragon look into it, it will become SO enraged that not even you will be able to contol the beast.
Rathorn.png Who said anything about control, Hogwin? I'll set the Medusa Dragon loose to rampage over all of Mount Dragolympus, and then Dragolandia, too!
Arya.png Not if our dragons have anything to do about it!

Arya.png Professor, what should we do with the Mirror of Regret now that we've taken it from the Temple of Medusa?
Professor Hogwin.png Oh my, this is a tough decision... On the one hand, it's a very dangerous object. On the other hand, think how nice it would look in my study among my other historical artifacts. I don't know what to do!
Arya.png *smash* There, problem solved. Now you won't be tempted by it... Professor? Are you crying?
Professor Hogwin.png No, no. Just something stuck in my eye, dear. Come along now, we'd best find Rathorn. *weep*
Rathorn.png Here you are again?! Well, you won't succeed in keeping us from reaching the Temple of Hephaestus; we've got a Divine Dragon to kidnap!
Professor Hogwin.png You know what they say, Rathorn. If at first you don't suceed, fight, fight again!
Arya.png Professor, why does Rathorn want to kidnap the Hephaestus Dragon?
Professor Hogwin.png The Hephaestus Dragon's temple has the hottest forge on Mount Dragolympus, and there the wyvern is known to create the most powerful weapons ever known...
Professor Hogwin.png If Rathorn is able to kidnap the Hephaestus Dragon, then the weapons it creates for him will make his old Malevolent Machine seem like a child's plaything. Make haste!

Professor Hogwin.png Oh my goodness, the craftsmanship of this temple is extraordinary! The way the metal used for it appears to have been almost woven... How did the Hephaestus Dragon achieve this?!
Arya.png I'm not sure, Professor, but perhaps it would be willing to show us... just as soon as we rescue it from Rathorn. Come on!
Arya.png There! I see the Hephaestus Dragon up ahead; it's putting up quite a good fight against Rathorn and Medusa.
Professor Hogwin.png Come on, Arya! I don't think the Hephaestus Dragon can hold out for much longer; if we could only reach it in time!

Professor Hogwin.png You'd better release the Poseidon and Hephaestus Dragons now, Rathorn. There's no telling how angry the Zeus Dragon will be when it finds out you kidnapped them!
Rathorn.png You think the dragon god of energy scares me?! My Medusa Dragon is more than a match for that old lightning rod, just as I'm more than a match for YOU!
Professor Hogwin.png Medusa Dragon -- please listen to me! If you give up now, then the other Divine Dragons will forgive you. You don't have to be Rathorn's pawn.
Rathorn.png The only pawn, my dear Hogwin, is you since you keep playing right into my battle traps!
Arya.png Oh no! Rathorn and the Medusa Dragon have almost reached the Temple of Zeus. If they manage to overpower the Zeus Dragon, we're all done for!
Professor Hogwin.png I don't believe there's anything in Dragolympus or Dragolandia that could overpower the Zeus Dragon, but I for one don't want to find out otherwise. Let's go!
Arya.png There they are! I can barely see Rathorn and the Medusa Dragon through all the bolts of lightning the Zeus Dragon is throwing, but they don't look happy...
Professor Hogwin.png It looks like that fool Rathorn has gotten in over his head. We'd better go put an end to this and rescue the poor Medusa Dragon before it really gets hurt by all his scheming.
Professor Hogwin.png I'm sure the Zeus Dragon will forgive the Medusa Dragon once it learns that Rathorn put the beast up to all this... I hope. Let's hurry!

Boss Challenge

Arya.png What will happen to Mount Dragolympus now that we've helped rescue the Divine Dragons, Professor? Will it vanish again?
Professor Hogwin.png I think eventually it will, my dear. But it appears that there are still some enemies on Mount Dragolympus that need to be driven away. Let's help the Divine Dragons once more by battling their enemies!
Arya.png I think we've nearly driven all the Divine Dragons' enemies off Mount Dragolympus, Professor.
Professor Hogwin.png Good work, Arya. Only a few more battles left to wage -- let's make them count. Come on!

Professor Hogwin.png It looks like we've found the last enemy on Mount Dragolympus, Arya.
Arya.png By the time we're done with this battle, dragons and Tyrants will know to steer clear of Mount Dragolympus for a good, long time. Let's get 'em, Professor!

Frosty Foes

Professor Hogwin.png Here we are, Ned, just outside Frosty Woods. Now, aren't you glad I got you up from that old armchair for a bracing winter hike?
Ned.png *brrr* I miss the armchair less than the roaring fire we left behind. Are you sure going for a hike with Otto is a good idea? He's kind of... strange.
Professor Hogwin.png Oh yes, Otto's VERY strange, but he's also my oldest friend, you know. In fact, we first met over 60 years ago not far from here, and-- *SMACK*
Otto the Dungeon Master.png Got you, Hoggie! You never could dodge a snowball. Come on, we've got to get started if we hope to reach Frostytoes Peak before the Frost Festival begins!
Professor Hogwin.png *splutter* Get back here, Oddie! I'll show YOU who can't dodge a snowball!
Ned.png Hoggie? Oddie? Some kids never grow up... Guess I'd better make sure neither of them falls into a snowbank and breaks a hip. It's going to be a looong night!

Professor Hogwin.png I wonder what Otto has up his sleeves? It seems significant that he asked us to hike through Frosty Woods when it's where he and I met so many years ago.
Professor Hogwin.png I suppose we'll just have to press on with our hike to find out!

Otto the Dungeon Master.png I hope you've been keeping up with your training, Hoggie. I plan to finally beat you and claim the title of "Dragon Lord of Dragolandia" from you once and for all!
Professor Hogwin.png Now wait a minute, you've got an unfair advantage here. I haven't had a chance to survey the battle conditions.
Otto the Dungeon Master.png Oh, very well. You can borrow my Frost Fairy Dragon to even the odds, but I'll still be the one whose wish comes true by winning this battle!

Otto the Dungeon Master.png Not bad, old friend, but I've got my best dragons stationed between here and Frostytoes Peak ready to battle. The "Dragon Lord of Dragolandia" title will be MINE!
Ned.png *sigh* I should have known taking a hike with these two would somehow involve dragon battles. Guess we'd better get going, right Dad? ... Dad! Don't leave me behind!

Otto the Dungeon Master.png Finally made it, Hoggie; you're slowing down in your old age!
Professor Hogwin.png With age comes battle prowess. Now, let's find out what sound your Spruce Dragon makes when it falls in battle!

Otto the Dungeon Master.png *humph* It seems my Spruce Dragon needs some sprucing up. But don't worry, the roots of my battle strategy run deep!
Otto the Dungeon Master.png I've hidden a number of Keys throughout the forest. You'll need to collect them all if you want me to accept your victory. Now, let's see if you can keep up!
Professor Hogwin.png Why don't you make like a tree, Oddie. We'll be close behind, as soon as we find that Key...

Ned.png I've found the Key, Dad.
Professor Hogwin.png Great work, Ned! Hurry, we can't let Otto get too far ahead of us; who knows what traps he might set in this forest given his history with the Clockwork Dungeon!

Professor Hogwin.png Here we are in Gustyvale; this is the little town where Otto grew up.
Ned.png Really?! There's nothing here, just a couple of houses and a WHOLE lot of snow.
Professor Hogwin.png There's a nearby village Otto's family visited from time to time, but there weren't many children for him to play with. I was his first human friend...
Professor Hogwin.png ... Speaking of friends, where has that rascal gone to? We'd better find him!

Otto the Dungeon Master.png Glad you've arrived just in time for my Snowman Dragon to bury you, Hoggie!
Professor Hogwin.png Not if we turn it to powder first! Catch my drift?!

Professor Hogwin.png What's the matter, Oddie? Did your snow day turn into a mayday?!
Otto the Dungeon Master.png You'll be the one signaling distress when I battle you up ahead in Twinkle Village!
Professor Hogwin.png Twinkle Village? I haven't been back there in over 60 years... What are you up to Otto, I wonder...?

Ned.png Here's another Key, Dad.
Professor Hogwin.png Hmm? Oh, good work, Ned. Sorry, I'm a bit preoccupied...
Professor Hogwin.png I can't help but feel that in visiting Twinkle Village, we're walking right into a trap... Well, only one way to find out.

Professor Hogwin.png I used to visit my Great Aunt Hogwinona here in Twinkle Village during the holidays, but she detested dragons and made me keep them outside.
Professor Hogwin.png I was playing out here one day with them when Otto appeared and challenged me to a dragon battle. We've been best friends ever since.
Professor Hogwin.png Ah well, enough musing about the past. We'd better see what Otto is up to ahead!

Otto the Dungeon Master.png Come to battle my Li'l Angel Dragon? You'd better start saying your prayers!
Professor Hogwin.png No need to pray; beating you in battle will be heavenly!

Professor Hogwin.png Well met, Oddie! Your Li'l Angel Dragon is quite the li'l devil on the battlefield.
Otto the Dungeon Master.png Not devilish enough to best you and your dragons, but never fear! Your next opponent is the gift that keeps on giving defeat!

Professor Hogwin.png Look, Ned, I've found the next Key! What fun!
Ned.png ... The one bright side to spending the Frost Festival in the wilderness is that there's no one around to see you embarrass me, Dad.
Professor Hogwin.png Good point. I must remember to tell Arya how much you liked to run around in nothing but diapers as a baby, just as soon as we get home!

Professor Hogwin.png We must be very careful, Ned. Cracklecrunch Lake is just up ahead, and it's known for having very thin ice.
Professor Hogwin.png In fact, Otto and I once had an accident while playing on the lake when his favorite dragon fell through the ice.
Professor Hogwin.png Luckily, we worked together and rescued it. Otto spent the next three weeks nursing it back to health. I wonder if we'll see it on this hike...?

Otto the Dungeon Master.png I have a feeling my Present Dragon is just about to unwrap a victory in battle!
Professor Hogwin.png I don't know, Oddie, you seem to have a real gift for admitting defeat!

Professor Hogwin.png Poor Otto. I think we enjoyed the gift of that battle more than he did.

Ned.png I've got the Key! Thank goodness -- walking around on all of this thin ice is really putting me on edge.
Professor Hogwin.png Oh, I'm sure there's nothing to worry about so long as we're careful... *CRACK*
Professor Hogwin.png ... Yes, let's get going, shall we?!

Ned.png Wow. This is a pretty steep mountain... Maybe I should just wait at the bottom of it and you can come get me once you're done battling.
Professor Hogwin.png You're welcome to, but I hear the wolves of Frostytoes Peak like to come out at night...
Ned.png W-- wolves?! They're even scarier than dragons! ... *sigh* I suppose a person should climb at least one mountain in their life. Let's go!

Otto the Dungeon Master.png Do you hear the sound of bells ringing, Hoggie? They're tolling for your impending defeat to my Jingle Dragon!
Professor Hogwin.png Sorry, I'm too busy to listen to any music as I'm about to ring in another victory!

Professor Hogwin.png Otto took off pretty fast, he must have heard alarm bells ringing after that devastating defeat! Ho ho ho!

Ned.png Here's the Key, Dad. Should we head on up the mountain?
Professor Hogwin.png Yes, I think it's high time we learned why Otto invited us to spend the Frost Festival atop Frostytoes Peak.
Professor Hogwin.png Otto met his favorite dragon on this mountain; it was the first friend he ever made. I wonder if it's waiting for us up there, too...

Ned.png Dad, you said that Otto met his first dragon on Frostytoes Peak... but what was he doing on top of this mountain as a kid?
Professor Hogwin.png Otto has always been a bit... well, strange. He tried making friends with the local children, but they only teased him.
Professor Hogwin.png Then on the Frost Festival, they told him he could play with them if he went to the top of Frostytoes Peak and brought back a snowball.
Professor Hogwin.png Otto just wanted to belong so he climbed up the mountain all alone, but he got lost in the dark and couldn't find his way down.
Professor Hogwin.png He was scared, but a Snow Queen Dragon appeared and guided him to safety. His new dragon never let the other kids tease him again.

Otto the Dungeon Master.png I hope you haven't forgotten my beautiful Snow Queen Dragon. Its attacks will make your blood run cold!
Professor Hogwin.png Then I guess I'd better heat things up with a battle!

Professor Hogwin.png Poor Oddie; our victory was SO spectacular he didn't even want to stick around to trade battle barbs. Now, let's look for that last Key.

Professor Hogwin.png All right, Oddie -- we bested all your battles and collected all your Keys. Now what is this REALLY all about?
Otto the Dungeon Master.png *chuckle* You always knew me best. You're right, I didn't invite you here to see who is the "Dragon Lord of Dragolandia"; that's always been you, my old friend.
Otto the Dungeon Master.png Sixty years ago, we buried a time capsule on this mountain and promised to open it one day to prove we'd always be friends. Let's open it with the Keys you've collected now.
Professor Hogwin.png Oh my goodness! Just look at all these wonderful old photos of us! Otto, you've truly given me the greatest gift I could ask for: your friendship.
Otto the Dungeon Master.png I have something special for you too, Ned. A thermos full of piping hot chocolate to make up for missing your fire. Happy Frost Festival to all!


Island of New Beginnings

Divine New Year

Professor Hogwin.png Arya, it's time for the Divine New Year's celebration! The Island of New Beginnings has risen from the sea so Divine Dragons can battle all comers.
Arya.png Not that I'm complaining about a battle, Professor... but why DO the Divine Dragons celebrate the New Year by battling?
Professor Hogwin.png Dragons believe the more battles they win, the more luck they'll have in the coming year...
Professor Hogwin.png Divine Dragons bestow blessings at New Year's by allowing a lucky few to challenge them. I want you to take Ned and go battle, then report back.
Arya.png Heck yes! Hey, Ned! Neeed! Let's go for a walk. I promise this has nothing to do with dragons...

Arya.png Here we are Ned, the Island of New Beginnings. It's just as Professor Hogwin said: It's risen from the sea for the Divine New Year's celebration.
Ned.png What?! I hear the Divine Dragons of this island celebrate the New Year by battling! Come on; they probably want to be left alone...
Eliza the Masculine.png Too bad for them! I'm here to get the party underway... by kidnapping the Taiyi Zhenren Dragon! Then Rathorn will invite ME to join the Tyrants.
Arya.png Eliza?! We can't let her interfere with the Divine New Year's celebration, or the dragons' battle ritual could be thrown out of whack! Come on, Ned.

Eliza the Masculine.png Leave me to my dastardly deeds, you dragon-loving doofuses!
Arya.png No way, Eliz--huh? What's this... a baby Nezha Dragon? You want to help us save the Taiyi Zhenren Dragon from Eliza? Let's do it!

Eliza the Masculine.png You may have won this battle, but you won't stop me from kidnapping the Taiyi Zhenren Dragon! Later, little trainers...
Arya.png Get back here, Eliza! We've got to catch her and it looks like the Nezha Dragon wants to help, but it can't battle anymore; it needs to rest.
Ned.png *sigh* If we want to move farther up the mountain, we'll need to find an offering for the Divine Dragons. I'll start looking...

Ned.png Here it is, Arya! I found the Lucky Coin we'll need to offer the Divine Dragons in order to move farther up the mountain.
Arya.png Good work, Ned. Come on; after Eliza!

Ned.png This is THE Cave of Pangu -- I recognize it from Dad's research.
Ned.png The Pangu Dragon is responsible for shaping the very earth, and separating Yin from Yang with a swing of its mighty tail!
Arya.png Impressive. It sounds like a dragon that can handle itself, but I wouldn't put it past Eliza to dream up some scheme to overpower it. Let's go!

Eliza the Masculine.png That's right, Pangu Dragon -- THESE are the meddlers who've come to invade your territory! Get them!
Ned.png Wait, Pangu Dragon! We're not-- Ack!

Arya.png That creep, Eliza, tricked the poor Pangu Dragon into thinking we were the enemy! Then she ran off while we were busy with that battle.
Arya.png Let's go, Ned; we can't let her cause any MORE trouble.

Ned.png Look, Arya, here's another Lucky Coin... I guess whoever made offerings before us just left them lying around.
Arya.png Lucky for us, then! We can find out where Eliza ran off to.

Ned.png This must be the Guan Di Dragon's training grounds! I'd hate to run into it in a bad mood...
Arya.png No sign of Eliza. She can't be too far ahead. Let's go.

Ned.png There's Eliza! She's gone into the Shrine of Guan Di! Lucky for us, the Guan Di Dragon is known for being loyal and righteous...
Ned.png S-so we should be fine, right...? Right, Arya?

Arya.png Check it OUT, Ned! These training grounds are my idea of paradise.
Ned.png A-are you kidding me? There are sharp, POINTY things everywhere! Eliza might as well be sitting on a powder keg! We've got to stop her!

Eliza the Masculine.png These trainers have invaded your sacred training grounds, Guan Di Dragon. Show them the meaning of WAR!
Arya.png A battle against the famed Guan Di Dragon?! Pinch me Ned, I must be dreaming! ... Ouch. All right, let's battle!

Arya.png Thank you for the battle, Guan Di Dragon! I'm your biggest fan!
Ned.png This isn't the time to be dragon-struck, Arya! Come on; we can't let Eliza get away!

Ned.png Another Lucky Coin! Maybe the Guan Di Dragon blessed us for leaving it in peace?
Arya.png *sigh* I wish it had blessed us with another battle instead. Oh well; we'd better deal with Eliza and then maybe I can challenge it again later.

Ned.png I've got a b-b-bad feeling about this place, Arya...
Arya.png Sure, it's a little cold... and there's an eerie feeling in the air... and a chill up my spine... But for talon's sake, Ned, we train DRAGONS. Come on.

Eliza the Masculine.png You've meddled with my meddling for the LAST time! Get them, my Ba Jiao Gui Dragon!
Arya.png A ghostly Ba Jiao Gui Dragon?! Well then, prepare to be haunted by this battle!

Arya.png Eliza was pale as a sheet after her Ba Jiao Gui Dragon lost that battle, right Ned?
Ned.png G-G-Ghost Dragon!
Arya.png Right. I guess it's a combination of the two things that scare you most. Let's go look for that Lucky Coin to get your mind off things...

Arya.png Look Ned, I found the Lucky Coin! Huzzah!
Ned.png G-G-Ghost Dragon!
Arya.png *sigh* I'm sure he'll snap out of it... eventually. Onward!

Arya.png What's the story here, Ned? Do you think whoever owns this temple will let me play with all these giant sabers?
Ned.png The Erlang Shen Dragon is rumored to be able to cut mountains in half, call forth holy lightning, and fire energy beams from its third eye... it's terrifying.
Arya.png Cool! Come on, come on. Forget about these sabers; I want to see the Erlang Shen Dragon do all that stuff!

Eliza the Masculine.png Best of luck beating this unstoppable warrior dragon god! You will cower before its awesome might!
Arya.png Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! Whatever, Eliza. Come on; let's just battle already!

Ned.png The Erlang Shen Dragon can see through lies and illusions... so why didn't it see through Eliza?
Arya.png Maybe it was just putting us to the test -- and since Eliza made a break for it, I think we passed! Now, let's tail her!

Eliza the Masculine.png What? Back again?! Get them, my Ba Jiao Gui Dragon!
Ned.png Ahhhhh! G-G-Ghost Dragon!
Arya.png Stop screaming, Ned. Look, the Ba Jiao Gui Dragon doesn't want to hurt you; it's just interested in that Lucky Coin you've got.
Arya.png Aww, how cute. I think it wants to be friends. Want to join us, Ba Jiao Gui Dragon? Yay!

Arya.png There it is up ahead: the Temple of Hou Yi. Wow. It's so majestic and beautiful...
Ned.png Yeah it's beautiful, just like... just like yo--
Arya.png Dragons! I know, right?!

Ned.png Okay Arya, in this next temple we have to be very careful, because this Dragon is especially tough... Arya?! Wait up!

Ned.png The Temple of Hou Yi. It's said that the Hou Yi Dragon is a great archer.
Arya.png An archer?! Wow. I've never seen a dragon use a bow and arrow. Do you think it would show us? Let's go!

Eliza the Masculine.png Here are the trespassers I told you about, Hou Yi Dragon. They're your target!
Arya.png We'd better pierce through Eliza's lies with a good, clean battle!

Arya.png Eliza has really snapped to go around upsetting all these Divine Dragons. What if they turn on her?
Ned.png They say the arrow doesn't fall far from the bow. If she's anything like her brother the Dunkelviking, she won't give up no matter the risk. Come on.

Ned.png Here's the Lucky Coin we needed, Arya.
Arya.png Thanks! We'd better hurry. I'm worried about what Eliza has planned for the Chang'e Dragon!

Arya.png Come on, Ned! We're almost at the Temple of Chang'e.
Ned.png *huff puff* Right behind you. As soon as I get this stitch out of my side...

Arya.png Eliza has already entered the temple! We can't let her mess with the poor Chang'e Dragon. Charge!

Ned.png Here we are at the Temple of Chang'e. The Chang'e Dragon is said to be married to the Hou Yi Dragon. Isn't that romantic, Arya? ... Arya?
Arya.png ... What? Oh, sorry Ned. I was busy thinking about my next battle strategy. What did you say?
Ned.png *sigh* Never mind. Let's find Eliza.

Eliza the Masculine.png Here are the wicked trainers who attacked your poor husband, Chang'e Dragon. Teach them a lesson!
Arya.png A battle?! That's the only kind of lesson I like. Let's do this!

Arya.png We're sorry we had to fight you and your husband, Chang'e Dragon. We'll make Eliza pay for tricking both of you.
Ned.png ... The Chang'e Dragon doesn't look like it understands your apology. Let's get out of here before it marshals its strength and attacks again!

Arya.png Ned, I found the Lucky Coin... for a change! Get it? ... Do you get it?
Ned.png Your puns are like a bad penny; they just keep turning up. *hehe* ... Oh, come on Arya! That was funny; don't storm off!

Ned.png Oh no! I think Eliza's already arrived at the Temple of Taiyi Zhenren!
Arya.png There's no time to waste; let's go!

Ned.png Here we are at the temple, but what's that sound from inside...?
Arya.png I'd know that sound anywhere: It's a battle! Eliza must have started fighting the Taiyi Zhenren Dragon. Hurry!

Ned.png Wow. The Temple of the Taiyi Zhenren Dragon is even more amazing than I'd imagined!
Ned.png It's said that the Taiyi Zhenren Dragon is a great teacher to the other dragons, the Nezha Dragon in particular.
Arya.png This baby Nezha Dragon looks anxious to greet its master. We've got to rescue it from Eliza's clutches!

Eliza the Masculine.png Thank goodness you're here! This crazy Taiyi Zhenren Dragon keeps trying to battle me, and it's WAY too tough!
Arya.png The Taiyi Zhenren Dragon thinks you came to challenge it in celebration of the Divine New Year. We'd be honored to be its opponents in your place!

Arya.png Thank you for a great battle, Taiyi Zhenren Dragon! Now Eliza, will we have to fight you, too?
Eliza the Masculine.png Forget it; I give up. Rathorn can have his revenge without me. All I want to do is ring in the New Year with a hot bubble bath. My feet are killing me!

Ned.png Eliza surrendered?! Maybe this WILL be a happy New Year for us.
Arya.png I could really use one more win to ensure my year will be lucky. What do you say, Ned? ... Ned? Ah well, happy Divine New Year to all!

The Great Hatchling Hunt

Ned.png Are you ready to go, Arya?
Arya.png You bet your last bonbon I am! I can't WAIT to reach Sweet Thistle and gorge myself on all the tasty treats the bunnies there make to celebrate spring! I'm going to eat chocolate till I burst!
Ned.png Shhh! If Brant hears you talking about the secret village of candy-making bunnies at the edge of Briar Forest, he'll try to conquer it!
Arya.png Oh, good point, good point. I don't want to share any of my candy... I mean, OUR candy. Come on; my cavities await! To Sweet Thistle Village we go!

Arya.png Look Ned, there's a little fluffy bunny! I'm going to catch it and cuddle its cute little ears! What are you doing so far from Sweet Thistle, bun bun?
Ned.png Hmm... It's strange that this bunny is so far from Sweet Thistle. Everything I've read about the Sweet Thistle bunnies indicates that they don't like to stray far from their village...
Arya.png It's too bad I don't have a carrot for the bunny, but dragons just won't eat their vegetables... Maybe it'll like this piece of fruit I've got in my pocket.
Arya.png ... It won't eat the fruit; must taste like dragon spit. Don't worry, bunny; we'll get you back safely to your village so you can munch on carrots while we munch your sweets. Let's go!

Heinrich the Hideous.png Hand over that Sweet Thistle bunny, you diabolical dragon trainers!
Ned.png Heinrich?! What are you doing here? I thought you ran away with Gunhilda when we defeated her in Illumina?!
Heinrich the Hideous.png She kicked me out of her warship halfway back to Vikolandia. Said something about me being too clingy. Can you believe it?!
Arya.png Well... actually...
Heinrich the Hideous.png Enough! Attack, my Wraith Dragon!
Arya.png We can't let that creep Heinrich take our little bunny. We have to fight back, and it looks like this Petal Dragon wants to help us. To battle!

Heinrich the Hideous.png Blast! Beaten in battle again, but no matter. I'll have all the little bunnies I need as soon as I make it to Sweet Thistle Village!
Arya.png What could Heinrich want with a bunch of defenseless little bunnies?! We'd better find out before it's too late!
Ned.png You're right, and it looks like this Petal Dragon wants to help us. You can come along Petal Dragon, but no more fighting; you need to rest. Let's go!

Arya.png Ned... You don't think... surely not EVEN Heinrich is evil enough to want to capture all the bunnies to make a fur coat, right?
Ned.png He's pretty strange, but I can't see why he'd want one... unless there was some lady he was planning on giving it to...
Arya.png That had better not be his plan, or I won't be letting him walk away from the next battle... Come on!

Ned.png Wow. This forest is a real maze; I hope we don't get lost in here... Who knows what kind of animals come out at night!
Arya.png Aw Ned, you worry too much! This forest wouldn't be full of adorable little fluffy bunnies and dragons if there was anything dangerous in here.
Ned.png *sigh* She never learns that the dragons are what I'm most afraid of... Wait, Arya! Wait up! Don't leave me alone in the forest with the... bunnies.

Heinrich the Hideous.png Ah hah! So you're back for more? Oh Wooly Dragon, here are the poachers I was telling you about that want to capture you and steal your wool. Get them!
Arya.png I never thought I'd see the day someone pulled the wool over a Wooly Dragon's eyes. Good thing I've never been sheepish about a battle!

Arya.png All right Heinrich, out with it! Are you trying to capture the Sweet Thistle bunnies to make them into a fur coat?!
Heinrich the Hideous.png Ew! What?! I knew you didn't think much of me, but I can't believe that you think THAT little of me! Of course not!
Ned.png ... Well... What do you want the bunnies for then?
Heinrich the Hideous.png Never you mind. The less you know of my plans, the greater the chance that they'll succeed!
Arya.png There's nothing I dislike more than a smart Viking. Come on; after him!

Arya.png *huff puff* How did we lose Heinrich again? Vikings are fast!
Ned.png I think he's headed over to the river. We might be able to catch him before he crosses it. Off we go!

Arya.png Ned, I've been wondering: How DO the bunnies of Sweet Thistle make their treats?
Ned.png Some say the bunnies dig up the candies, which are naturally occurring underground in Sweet Thistle. Others say they're confectionary geniuses who make all the candies themselves.
Arya.png ... So what you're saying is that no one really knows.
Ned.png It's just one of Dragolandia's many delicious mysteries, and one that Heinrich will ruin if we don't catch him!

Arya.png There you are Heinrich, and this time there are no wild dragons to come to your aid.
Heinrich the Hideous.png Wrong again! That always feels SO right to say. Oh Flutterby Dragon, here are the thieves that stole your fruit! Get them!
Arya.png Wait, you can have the fruit I've got in my pocket... Drat! The bunny has eaten it! They'll be no flying away from this battle!

Heinrich the Hideous.png Grrr. One less bunny for my factory. No matter; there are more up ahead in Sweet Thistle!
Ned.png Factory?! Why would Heinrich want a bunch of bunnies for a factory... unless... he's planning on *shudder* eating them?!
Arya.png If he tries it, he'll be dead meat! After him!

Arya.png Look! The Flutterby Dragon is following you, Ned! I guess you made a new friend.
Ned.png No! Down dragon! Why do they always pick the trainer that's afraid of them?! *sigh* All right, I guess you can come along. We can use all the help we can get in taking on Heinrich.
Arya.png Yay! New friends, new dragon friends, most loyal friends you'll meet! The scaly kind, the fangy kind, in battles they can't be beat!
Arya.png You've got the next verse of the Dragon Friends Song, Ned. Take it away!
Ned.png New friends, new dragon friends, the kindest friends you'll meet! The fire kind, the water kind, every kind's a treat!
Ned.png Now to catch Heinrich!

Arya.png Don't worry, little bunnies; we're not far from Sweet Thistle, and we won't let Heinrich do anything bad to you!
Ned.png I can see him just up ahead! Did he... did he just push a Painted Dragon into the river?! We've got to save it! Come on!

Heinrich the Hideous.png Trainers! You're right on time to battle that extremely irritated Painted Dragon I pushed into the river.
Arya.png Color me unsurprised that you'd turn a silly prank you played to your own advantage. I'm still going to paint you into a corner with THIS battle!

Arya.png Enough, Heinrich! Tell me the truth -- are you trying to capture the Sweet Thistle bunnies to turn them into meat in your factory?!
Heinrich the Hideous.png What?! NO! I'm a vegetarian. *sigh* I can see I'm going to have to tell you my plan so you don't tar my good name all over Dragolandia.
Heinrich the Hideous.png I'm building Dragolandia's first-ever chocolate factory, and I'm going to have it run entirely by the Sweet Thistle bunnies!
Arya.png Aww. Fluffy little bunnies making chocolate in a factory. That's kind of cute! But still... they'd have to work for Heinrich. We've got to save the bunnies!

Ned.png Why would Heinrich want to make chocolate? Something about this isn't adding up. I've never known him to be interested in sweets...
Arya.png Not interested in sweets?! I just don't UNDERSTAND. Then again... when have we ever understood the Vikings.
Ned.png Good point. Better focus on trying to stop Heinrich's weird plan before we focus on understanding it.

Arya.png How big is Sweet Thistle Village, Ned? With all the bunnies we've been finding, it must be large!
Ned.png All you can see above ground is an enormous tree with a knothole the size of a dragon's head. Below ground though, it's said there are miles of warren where all the bunnies live together.
Ned.png The bunnies only come out of the warren in springtime to hide their candies all around the meadow near their tree so that children can find them.
Arya.png Heinrich will grab all the bunnies as soon as they come out of that tree if we don't get to him first!

Heinrich the Hideous.png My Wraith Dragon is rested and ready for round two!
Arya.png Then I'd better make this battle a knockout!

Ned.png Heinrich, I hope you don't mind me asking... but WHY are you building a chocolate factory?
Heinrich the Hideous.png Because women love chocolate, of course! If I control the creation of the most delicious chocolate in the land, then surely I'll FINALLY meet a nice woman who'll love me back.
Arya.png ... Huh. I've heard some crazy plans in my time, but that's by FAR the craziest! We can't let Heinrich rope the poor Sweet Thistle bunnies into his weird love schemes!

Ned.png ... If Heinrich does make his chocolate factory, then I could buy some of the chocolate and give it to Arya...
Arya.png What's that, Ned?
Ned.png N-nothing! I was just saying that we have to save those poor bunnies. Let's go!

Ned.png Sweet Thistle Village is just up ahead! I think we can still make it in time to stop Heinrich. Come on!

Heinrich the Hideous.png Princess Dragon, here are those dragon trainers I told you were coming to kidnap all the poor Sweet Thistle bunnies to make them work in a factory! After them!
Arya.png Heinrich, you're proving to be a royal pain, but I'm about to RULE this battle!

Ned.png There goes Heinrich!
Arya.png Oh no! I can see the Sweet Thistle bunnies coming out of the tree up ahead. We've got to save them! Hurry!

Arya.png Heinrich! You're here... but I don't see any bunnies. What have you done with them?!
Heinrich the Hideous.png *sob* I was too late! They've all gone back into the tree because that repulsive boy already ate all their sweets.
Brant.png *crunch munch* Ned, Arya? If I'd known you guys were coming I'd have at least saved you a couple pieces of candy. *gulp*
Arya.png ... ... YAHHH!!!
Ned.png Arya! No! Fighting Brant isn't worth it! I'll get you some other candy!
Arya.png ... Well. At least we saved the Sweet Thistle bunnies from Heinrich. Next year though, we're bringing along Brant so I can keep an eye on him and make sure he doesn't eat MY candy!
Brant.png Now that's what I call a SWEET ending.
Ned.png Wait Arya, why is this Princess Dragon following me?! Shoo! Shoo! *sigh* New friends, new dragon friends, most loyal friends you'll meet!

Golden Pyramid

Golden Pyramid I

Arya.png Adventure satchel... check. Sand-proof shoes... check! Well, I'm as ready as I'll ever be!
Arya.png Professor Hogwin is sending me on a very important mission to this mysterious pyramid that just appeared nearby...
Arya.png Nobody's ever seen ANYTHING like it! So there COULD be undiscovered dragons inside... or undiscovered danger.
Arya.png Probably a bit of both! In any case, it's a daring journey that calls for a daring trainer -- like me! Let's go!

Arya.png Whoa! Sprawling dunes, mysterious ruins, soaring pyramids... Where on Dragolandia AM I?
Eliza the Masculine.png You're in the ancient past, you simpleton. And for once I'm not APPALLED to see you!
Arya.png Eliza! What are you doing here with that dragon? If it's a fight you want, I'll GLADLY deliver! Put up your dukes!
Eliza the Masculine.png Heinrich's time machine took us here. He plans to alter history so that we Vikings are victorious!
Eliza the Masculine.png BUT... he also plans to meddle with time enough to make ME his bride! Ugh! Victory or no, I am NOT letting that happen!
Eliza the Masculine.png I guess this Anubis Dragon sensed that something was wrong... The silly thing won't leave me alone!

Heinrich the Hideous.png Ladies, I insist you surrender your Anubis Dragon to me! I need it for my most important scheme yet!
Eliza the Masculine.png Whatever, Heinrich. You're CLEARLY no match for me!
Arya.png Yeah, what she said!

Heinrich the Hideous.png Hmph! You haven't seen the last of me! Come, Apep Dragon -- to the Underworld Ruins!
Arya.png Grr! Get back here, you troublemaker!
Eliza the Masculine.png Hold on now, did you hear him? He said UNDERWORLD Ruins! ... Don't you think we might be a little out of our element?

Arya.png Chin up, Eliza -- the Anubis Dragon found us a key! Now we can waltz right into the ruins, no problem!
Eliza the Masculine.png You're missing the point, doofus! I don't want to WALTZ into the UNDERWORLD!
Eliza the Masculine.png *sigh* But the Anubis Dragon seems to want to help me-- I mean "us." I guess we should be okay.

Arya.png Wow, do you see those glowing messages on the walls? They must be divine night-lights!
Eliza the Masculine.png They're called hieroglyphics, you meathead...
Arya.png Whatever they are, they're incredible! I better collect samples for Hogwin and Ned.

Eliza the Masculine.png Out of the way, pesky dragons!
Arya.png Don't be rude, Eliza -- these guys are probably just protecting the Divine Dragons' temples.
Arya.png But a good ol' battle will help everyone understand each other!

Arya.png We did it! Hey, we don't make such a bad team do we?
Eliza the Masculine.png I'll reserve judgement on that... Anyway, the Anubis Dragon will help us smooth over any divine disagreements, I'm sure.
Arya.png Speaking of -- I wonder which Divine Dragon lives in this temple. I haven't seen one yet...

Eliza the Masculine.png Let's just keep moving forward. See? The Anubis Dragon's sniffed out another key.

Arya.png I wonder why the Divine Dragons aren't fighting back against Heinrich and the other Vikings...
Eliza the Masculine.png Apparently, the dragons here are all about "order." When Heinrich started messing with time, it threw them for a loop.

Arya.png So, if we put things back in order for the Divine Dragons, they should kick Heinrich back to his own time, right?
Eliza the Masculine.png Perhaps. This Anubis Dragon seems to be the only one not affected. We'll have to trust it.

Eliza the Masculine.png *gulp* It's just getting darker and darker... I don't think there's ANY natural light down here...
Arya.png Don't tell me you're scared, Eliza! Sure, it's dark, but wouldn't you rather stay single than turn back now?

Arya.png Ah-ha! No wonder it's so dark -- a Black Hole Dragon is living here and sucking up all the light!
Eliza the Masculine.png Hm, and it doesn't look too happy to see us...

Arya.png The Divine Dragon all these other dragons are protecting must be pretty important!
Eliza the Masculine.png Bah, I don't care! We've got a loser to catch! Let's go!

Arya.png Those pools of stars look like they go down and down forever... like a bottomless river... or outer space... Endless...
Arya.png SOO COOL!
Eliza the Masculine.png *shudder* I'd REALLY prefer to NOT think about it!! Let's just take this key and go!

Heinrich the Hideous.png *huffing* Will you silly girls stop... chasing... me?! Wait, actually, you can keep--
Eliza the Masculine.png If you don't cut it out, I'm gonna singe the rest of your hair right off!

Arya.png Aw, man... looks like Heinrich escaped again. But I think we've got him trapped this time! There's one temple left!

Arya.png Wow, do you see that? It's a HUGE painting of the Anubis Dragon! Do you think this is its temple...?
Eliza the Masculine.png Likely so. But see how the temple is crumbling away? Maybe this is why the Anubis Dragon came to us -- for... help?

Heinrich the Hideous.png Eh? You brought the Anubis Dragon back? Eliza darling, I need to keep it AWAY from its throne!
Heinrich the Hideous.png See, if I allow MY Divine Dragon of disorder -- the Seth Dragon -- to take control of the Underworld Ruins...
Heinrich the Hideous.png Then all the Divines will be plunged into chaos! And I can FINALLY get married! Save my marriage, Seth Dragon!

Heinrich the Hideous.png Ack! Okay, fine, fine... I get the message -- I'll leave you be for now, but good luck dealing with the angry Divines!
Heinrich the Hideous.png Think of it as a parting gift. Ta-ta, and Eliza, if you change your mind about our wedding--
Eliza the Masculine.png NO, you creep! Now get outta here, and don't let me see your ugly mug again!
Arya.png Woo! Go, Eliza, go!

Eliza the Masculine.png Now that the Anubis Dragon is protecting the Underworld Ruins again, things might get a litte easier for us.
Arya.png Yeah! But the other Divine Dragons might need our help... Speaking of, I think the Anubis Dragon wants to thank us!
Arya.png Oops, no, wait... It just wants us to collect the rest of the treasure in the ruins. My mistake!
Eliza the Masculine.png Vikings left all this treasure behind. If we clear it out, another Divine Dragon might join us... Also, hey, treasure!

Boss Challenge

Arya.png Well, we've had quite an adventure! I suppose we should get home before poor Ned sends a search party...
Arya.png And it looks like some of our Divine friends want to come with us! Say, Eliza, do you want to come too?
Eliza the Masculine.png No way! Next time we meet, it'll be as rivals, just like normal... Although... maybe we could get lunch next week?
Arya.png Sure! Let's make history!

Golden Pyramid II

Arya.png The Vikings went back in time so that they could alter history however they wanted -- AND get Eliza to marry Heinrich!
Arya.png Pretty dastardly, huh? Luckily, Eliza and I teamed up to make that kooky inventor quit being such a creep!
Arya.png But the Vikings have really messed with the past... It's up to us to calm the Divine Dragons enough to set things straight!
Arya.png The Anubis Dragon helped us through the Underworld Ruins, but it seems a little confused now that we're above ground...
Eliza the Masculine.png Are you done talking to yourself, foolish trainer? I want to make sure Heinrich isn't planning anything else!

Eliza the Masculine.png This is Gebnut Village, where my fellow Vikings REALLY whipped the Divines into a frenzy!
Arya.png Heinrich said the Divine Dragons would still be in an uproar, but look, this one doesn't seem angry at all!
Eliza the Masculine.png It's an Isis Dragon, silly! Seems like it wants to help us just like the Anubis Dragon did. How strange!

Arya.png Whoa! THIS dragon definitely DOESN'T want to help us out!
Eliza the Masculine.png It's a Dile Dragon, guarding the Dile River! The foolish thing probably thinks it's in danger!
Arya.png Lucky for us, the Isis Dragon is ready to fight -- and so am I!

Arya.png There, there, Dile Dragon -- we're not going to ruin your river! We just want to help!
Eliza the Masculine.png Yeah, help you riiiight back into the river. Now hurry up, Arya!

Eliza the Masculine.png Hmph. The Dile Dragon's thrashing riled up these silly beasts as well.
Arya.png They won't feel so bad later, when we all share some fruit together!
Eliza the Masculine.png Speak for yourself!

Arya.png If we keep this up, we'll get the Isis Dragon's godly friends back to normal in no time!
Eliza the Masculine.png Urgh, victorious Vikings or not -- I just wanna get out of here!

Arya.png Say, where does this key lead us, Isis Dragon? Can you take us there?
Eliza the Masculine.png Hrm... Looks like it's taking us to the Hathor Dragon's temple. Things are about to get tougher, little trainer...

Arya.png So what's the Hathor Dragon like? Are you afraid of it, AND the dark, Eliza?
Eliza the Masculine.png I am NOT afraid!!! It's just that the Hathor Dragon is the Divine Dragon of joy and love...
Arya.png Aww, that sounds so sweet!
Eliza the Masculine.png AND the all-powerful Ra Dragon's partner! You DON'T want to mess with it -- and that's exactly what Heinrich did!

Arya.png Sorry for fighting you, Hathor Dragon -- but we have to make sure history goes back to normal!
Eliza the Masculine.png Save your apologies until the fight is over, fool!

Arya.png There, don't you feel better, Hathor Dragon? A good battle really brightens the mood!
Eliza the Masculine.png *sigh* You've got a strange way of showing it, Arya, but I do respect your love of battle...
Arya.png And I respect yours! Now come on, you'll feel better too once the Divine Dragons undo all this time travel!

Arya.png Well, we've got our key -- onward to the next temple! Isn't this kind of fun, Eliza?
Eliza the Masculine.png You keep asking me that...
Arya.png I bet once we help the other Divine Dragons, the Hathor Dragon will share some of its joy with us, too!

Arya.png Wow, the Isis Dragon seems really impatient to get to the next temple!
Eliza the Masculine.png Well, yeah, it's probably looking forward to its friends not acting like a bunch of lunatics. A relatable feeling...

Arya.png Here we go -- this is one of the most beautiful temples we've seen yet!
Eliza the Masculine.png Hmm. I wonder if it's some sort of treasury?

Arya.png Hey, the Isis Dragon is getting super excited! What's up, buddy? Is it all the Gold in this temple?
Eliza the Masculine.png Somehow I don't think so... but you don't think the Divine Dragons would mind if I took some, right? Heheh...

Arya.png Ack! Eliza! You should've left that Gold alone! This Divine doesn't look happy!
Eliza the Masculine.png It's the Isis Dragon's mate -- the Osiris Dragon! But what's it doing up here? It lives in the Underworld Ruins!
Arya.png Heinrich DID turn everything topsy-turvy, remember?

Arya.png It's all right now, Isis Dragon -- your mate's come to its senses!
Eliza the Masculine.png I bet now it can take its rightful place in the ruins. That'll help pacify the other Divine Dragons...
Arya.png Putting things back in order, one Divine at a time!

Arya.png Do you know what this key is for, Eliza?
Eliza the Masculine.png It probably gets us into the Ra Dragon's pyramid... We'd better prepare ourselves.

Eliza the Masculine.png Heinrich!? What are you doing here? I thought I told you to never let me see your ugly face again!
Heinrich the Hideous.png Well, you did say... something like that.
Heinrich the Hideous.png But, according to my calculations, the Ra Dragon's power is almost immeasurable, so if I tame it...
Eliza the Masculine.png Oh no you don't!

Eliza the Masculine.png Hurry up, Arya! We need to get to the Ra Dragon before that loser, Heinrich!
Eliza the Masculine.png BOTH of our futures are at stake!

Arya.png The Isis Dragon seems to want us to check out those hero-glips on the wall-- er, "hieroglyphs"?
Eliza the Masculine.png Hmm. "When disorder rules the land, the great Ra Dragon puts its head in the sand..."
Eliza the Masculine.png "But when all functions just as planned, this mighty dragon takes a stand." That's one too many rhymes for me.
Arya.png Then, if we help the Ra Dragon get its power back, it should make everything go back to normal!

Arya.png Isis Dragon -- can you help us bring the Ra Dragon to its senses?
Eliza the Masculine.png Make sure it knows exactly who I'm marrying if we fail! These are HIGH STAKES, Arya!
Arya.png For everyone's sakes, let's put time back in order!

Arya.png Whew! That Ra Dragon is one tough customer, but... did we bring it back to its senses?
Eliza the Masculine.png Look, Arya, the Isis Dragon wants us to read a different hieroglyph this time...
Arya.png "If defeated, the Ra Dragon hides... inside a place you might find a prize..."
Arya.png "Yep, if you open all these chests, by the Divine of order you'll be blessed"! C'mon Eliza, let's get to it!

Arya.png Eliza, before the Ra Dragon sends us all back to our own times...
Arya.png Wanna clear up the rest of this Viking treasure with me? It'll be fun, and we could see our new Divine friends again!
Eliza the Masculine.png I... I guess that would be kind of fun. You know, Arya, for a trainer, you aren't so bad. Honestly, you saved me, and--
Arya.png Hehe, don't worry about it, Eliza. Now come on, let's go!

Boss Challenge

Professor Hogwin.png Arya, what a fascinating place you've discovered! I can hardly wait to observe and research these ancient dragons!
Arya.png Just be polite, Professor -- they've been nice enough to allow us to stick around and play before they send us home!
Arya.png The dragons here really love to battle -- just like me! I bet we can befriend them if we show them a good time!
Eliza the Masculine.png Er... Can I come along, too...?


Trials of Odin Part I

Arya.png Did you hear!? They've returned! The Northern Divines are back and they've opened up Midgarden to humans for the first time in centuries!
Arya.png You haven't heard of Midgarden!? It's only just the majestic, mythical home of the Northern Divines, some of the most powerful dragons in Dragolandia!
Arya.png The leader of the Northern Divines, the Odin Dragon, just announced a huge tournament! Winner earns their FAVOR and RESPECT!
Arya.png All the greatest dragon Trainers are invited...and obviously that includes you and me! Come on, Trainer, let's show the Northern Divines what we've got!

Arya.png Wow! This forest is BEAUTIFUL! The bushes are so bushy and the trees are so...tree-y! We really are some of the first humans to come here in like...forever!
Arya.png Make sure you explore every nook and cranny of this place! There's probably some amazing old treasures lying around here.
Arya.png And look...a Loki Dragon! I think it want us to follow it. Let's do it! But be careful...this dragon can be VERY tricky!

Arya.png I wonder where this Loki Dragon is leading us...
Brant.png He's leading you into an AMBUSH!!! Loki Dragon, attack these fools!
Arya.png Brant! Even amongst all these flowers, I knew something stunk around here. Trainer, let's teach this little stinker a lesson!

Brant.png Loki Dragon, you dummy! You were supposed to win, not lose. Ugh! I'm done with you. Later losers!
Arya.png Come back here, Brant! You can't just abandon your dragon like that!
Arya.png Don't worry, Loki Dragon, we won't abandon you! In fact, you can tag along if you want...just, uh, don't lead us into anymore ambushes, okay?

Brant.png Shh, Freyja Dragon...Arya and her friend are coming this way! If we stay quiet, we'll be able to sneak up on them and...
Arya.png Brant...we can see you behind that tree! You're not gonna be able to surprise us this time.
Brant.png Uhhh...I wasn't hiding behind this tree. I was just, uhh...umm...uhh...Freyja Dragon, attack!

Brant.png Beaten again!? This isn't fair. You're cheating! I'm not playing with you if you keep cheating!
Arya.png Brant, quit being such a sore loser and let us through! We've got a tournament to get to.
Brant.png No can do, Arya! I've explicit orders to keep you and your silly friend away from the Tournament. Now out of my way! I've got to lay out more traps!

Arya.png So if what Brant says is true, someone doesn't want us participating in the Northern Divine's Tournament!
Arya.png Hmm...I wonder who gave Brant those orders?
Arya.png Well, there's only one way to find out...let's keep exploring, buddy! Loki Dragon, show us the way!

Arya.png A village!? In the middle of Midgarden? But dragons don't live in villages! Could this be a human village? Did humans used to live in Midgarden?
Arya.png Oh my goodness...look: a viking doll! This must have been a Viking Village! Let's keep looking around...I wanna find more of these things!
Arya.png And keep an eye out for Brant. That brat's probably around here, ready pop out and fight us!

Brant.png Easy, Nidhogg Dragon...easy there! I didn't mean any trouble when I put down those traps, I promise!
Arya.png Brant! What did you do this time? Why is that Nidhogg dragon snarling at you!?
Brant.png It's the protector of this forest. It didn't like me putting down all my traps so now it wants to light my butt on fire. Can you help me...please!?

Brant.png Thanks for saving me! That dragon almost burnt my bottom.
Arya.png You owe us an explanation, Brant! Who sent you here to stop us? And what's their plan?
Brant.png No can do, Arya! I am way more scared of my boss than I am of you...or even that Nidhogg Dragon. If you want answers, you'll have to ask somebody else... Later!

Arya.png If Brant's involved with this, I have a feeling the Vikings must be around here too!
Arya.png Stay vigilant, Trainer! Danger can be lurking any corner. Now come on, the Loki Dragon is telling us to go this way.

Arya.png A Viking Village in the middle of Midgarden...can you believe it!? This world still has so many mysteries to uncover. There's still so much we don't know.
Arya.png Keep an eye out for clues! I want to know what happened between the Vikings and the Northern Divines. Why haven't humans been allowed here for a thousand years?
Arya.png Oh...and look out for Brant's "friends"...I have a feeling we'll be meeting a few of them on our way to the Tournament.

Arya.png *sniff* *sniff* What's that smell? Loki Dragon, where are you taking us? It smells worse than Olaf the Pungent around here!
Melvin the Malevolent.png Hey! Don't talk about my stinkin' brother like that. That smell is Hel's Swamp. I advise you to turn around, or things will get even stinkier for you!
Arya.png Not as stinky as you are, Melvin! Come on, Trainer! We've got a swamp to explore!

Arya.png What's wrong, Loki Dragon? You're shaking!
Arya.png There must be something really spooky living this swamp to make dragon as strong as this one get scared...
Arya.png Stay alert! We can't let that momma's boy Melvin get the drop on us.

Melvin the Malevolent.png Not so fast, Arya! You may have gotten through Brant, but my spirit-stealing Hel Dragon and I won't go down as easily. Surrender your victory - AND your souls!
Arya.png Who are you and Brant working for? Are you still trying to get your mommy, Gunhilda, to FINALLY respect you? Is she the one pulling the strings?
Melvin the Malevolent.png I'm not doing this for my mommy! I have a life outside of my mother, okay? Just, uh...don't tell her I said that... Get 'em, Hel Dragon!

Melvin the Malevolent.png I lost!? mom's going to be sooooo disappointed in me. And I bet Eliza is gonna be even angrier!!!
Arya.png Eliza!? Did you just say "Eliza"!? Is she the one who ordered you and Brant to stop us?
Melvin the Malevolent.png Melvin, you idiot! *Sigh* Yes, Eliza ordered Brant, me, and Olaf to stop you! Please don't tell her I told you! She'll tell my mom and it'll be a whole thing!

Arya.png Ugh! I can't believe Eliza would try to stop us from reaching the Tournament. I know she's Viking, but I thought she at least would give friendship a shot...
Arya.png Melvin said that Eliza ordered Olaf to stop us too. He must be hiding out ahead.
Arya.png Keep your eyes focused and your nose tingling! They don't call him Olaf the Pungent for nothing! If he's hiding out, we'll be able to sniff him! Let's do it!

Arya.png I am SO happy to be out of that swamp. That stinking swamp gas almost made me...(ulp) I don't wanna think about it! How does the Hel Dragon stand it?
Arya.png Unfortunately, we've got another stinker hiding out ahead...Olaf the Pungent!
Arya.png He's the last Viking in our way, and the only thing that stinks worse than his attitude is his BO.

Arya.png Loki Dragon, what's going on!? Your tail is wagging like crazy! Do you see something up ahead? Do you see Olaf!? --Whoops, the Loki Dragon took off!
Arya.png Come on, Trainer! We have to catch up to it before we lose it. Without the Loki Dragon as our guide, we'll never make it to the Tournament in time!

Arya.png Wow!! Check out this lush forest! And hey...there's a sign over here, written in an old Viking language...let me see if I can read it...hmmm...
Arya.png It reads, "Welcome to the Forest of Loki"! Loki Dragon, this is your home! Show us around, buddy! It looks like there's a lot cool treasures around here!
Arya.png And like I said...keep your sniffer sniffing! Olaf must be around here, and we can't let him stop us from reaching the tournament.

Olaf the Pungent.png Oh hey guys! Welcome to the Forest of Loki! Beautiful, right? Me and the Frigg Dragon were just picking out flowers. I love it here. I could do this forever.
Arya.png Picking out flowers!? Quit lying! We know Eliza ordered you to stop us from getting to the Tournament!
Olaf the Pungent.png Oh...I forgot all about that! (Sigh) I guess you're wouldn't be fair to Eliza if I didn't at least TRY to fight you!

Olaf the Pungent.png Okay, you won! Please tell Eliza that I tried my best...I don't want her giving me any more wedgies or anything.
Arya.png Will do, Olaf! I really do like those flowers you were picking. They smell great. In fact, I can't even smell your BO over those lillies you've got!
Olaf the Pungent.png I know! Frigg Dragon is showing me all the best flower patches in the forest. Follow me! Maybe we can find some treasure along the way.

Arya.png Olaf, that was really fun! Let's pick flowers again sometime soon!
Olaf the Pungent.png I'd love to! I'm gonna stick around here with the Frigg Dragon. Good luck with the Tournament, folks!
Arya.png Bye, guys! Loki Dragon, would you mind showing us around the rest of your woods before we get to the Tournament? We might even meet some more of your friends!

Boss Challenge

Ned.png Arya! Trainer! Whew, good thing I found you - I forgot to tell you something...
Ned.png The Northern Divines have set up a training arena for tournament hopefuls. I'd rather pick flowers, but you two should check it out.
Arya.png I hear that winning arena battles can earn you divine treasures...and who doesn't want treasure? Seriously!

Trials of Odin Part II

Arya.png We did it! It was a long road to get here, thanks to those bozo Vikings, but we made it: The Tournament of the Northern Divines!
Arya.png The Thor Dragon is here to guide us through the tournament fields. He'll be our guide to the Northen Divines.
Arya.png He's really nice, but be careful: his powers may SHOCK you! Ha! Come on, trainer, this is just the beginning!

Arya.png I know my mind should just be on the tournament, but I can't help but think about what happened between the Vikings and the Northern Divines!
Arya.png Let's make sure we take in all the sights. There might be hints to what happened to the Vikings who used to live here.
Arya.png Thor Dragon, lead the way! Us Trainers are ready for round 1!

Arya.png Thor Dragon, what's going on? Your tail's lighting up. Are you trying to cause a thunderstorm or something? Calm down!
Arya.png Ooooh, I get it! It's challenging us to a fight to prove that we're worthy for the Tournament! The Thor Dragon is making sure we won't get hurt later on!
Arya.png Alright, Thor Dragon, bring it on! Us trainers are the best around! Proving our worth will be easy as dragon fruit pie!

Arya.png I told you we were worthy, Thor Dragon! Now let's quit messing around and get down to business!
Arya.png Lead the way to our first opponent! We're ready to win this thing.

Dunkelviking.png Sing along with me, Valkyre Dragon! Come on...sing! "In Midgarden, we fight to win! In hopes to meet the great Odin!"
Arya.png Dunkelviking: the Battling Bard! You must be our opponent in the first round of the Tournament.
Dunkelviking.png Friends, welcome to the Inner Sanctum of Midgarden. Care for scrimmage before our official duel? Valkyre, show them how it's done!

Dunkelviking.png Well done, Dragon Girl! But when we face off in the Shrine of the Divines, do not expect to win that easily!
Dunkelviking.png Until then, I am off! "In Midgarden, we fight to win! In hopes to meet the great Odin!"
Arya.png The Dunkelviking's got such a lovely voice... He's really in his element!

Arya.png The Shrine of the Divines is up ahead. It's the gateway into the Northern Divine's majestic home.
Arya.png I wonder what amazing dragons and treasures await us there...what are we waiting for!? Let's go and find out.

Arya.png Wow! This Shrine is amazing. And all the runes are written in that old Viking language we saw in the Forest of Loki!
Arya.png The Vikings must have built this Shrine to honor the Northern Divines! It's amazing. It must have taken hundreds of years to build all of this.
Arya.png Let's explore! And make sure your dragons are prepared for round one of the tournament. Dunkelviking awaits!

Arya.png I wonder what happened to the Vikings who lived here? They loved the Northern Divines and the Divines loved them back. Why did they leave?
Dunkelviking.png The Heimdall Dragon has been the watchman for the Northern Divines for generations. Maybe after I beat you, it'll help you out!
Arya.png Beat me? As if! Trainer, are you ready? The tournament!

Dunkelviking.png Bested again! Ugh...I was really hoping to meet the Odin Dragon. I even wrote a song for him...
Arya.png You wrote him a song!? Sing it to us! We'll make sure to sing it to him when we meet him in the finals!
Dunkelviking.png Would you really? It goes like this: "There's nothing like these magic shrines. These dragons are divine Divines!" Thanks...I appreciate it!

Dunkelviking.png Arya, wait up! Heimdall Dragon gave me this old tome. It describes what happened between the Vikings and the Northern Divines. It wants you to take it.
Arya.png Thanks, Dunkelviking! I'll read this on the road. This is sure to clear some of the mysteries we've encountered.
Arya.png We're entering the semi-finals, trainer. Put on you game face! It's about to get real.

Arya.png We got some time before the next round. Wanna read a little from this tome that the Heimdall Dragon gave us? Let's see what happened here...
Arya.png "Long ago, the Northern Divines and the Vikings got along wonderfully! They’d help each other, grow stronger together, and coexist in harmony..."
Arya.png "But one day, the Vikings became greedy – instead of working together with the Northern Divines, they wanted to overpower them and invade their mystic land!"
Arya.png "The Northern Divines beat the Vikings easily, and banished them from Midgarden, so that they wouldn’t have to deal with their rowdy subjects anymore. "
Arya.png "Abandoned by the Divines and exiled from Midgarden, the Vikings became conquerors, seeking out lusher lands to replace their former paradise."

Arya.png *sniff* *sniff* Do you smell something...burning? It's not just me, right?
Heinrich the Hideous.png Why hello, Arya - it's just you! If I might say so, you are absolutely SMOKING!
Arya.png Ugh...Heinrich, you're the worst! If YOU win the tournament, the Divines will never trust humans again. We have to beat you!

Arya.png The Forge of Divines! So this is where that smokey smell was coming from...
Arya.png I would say, "It's getting hot in here," but I don't want that creep Heinrich to make another one-liner.
Arya.png Come on, Trainer! Let's wipe the floor with this creep-a-zoid and make our way to the finals!

Heinrich the Hideous.png Arya, the most magestic beauty of Vikolandia! Only the heat of the Forge of Gods can match my heart's intense passion for you.
Arya.png So you're done with Gunhilda and Eliza, and now you're moving on to me? ...Gross.
Heinrich the Hideous.png Do not break my heart like that, Arya! I do not act kindly when my heart has been broken. Fenrir Dragon, give her the heat!

Heinrich the Hideous.png I lost!? But girls hate losers...that must be why girls don't like me! It's because I’m a loser...if only I won sometimes!
Arya.png Actually, Heinrich, I think girls don't like you because you think of them only as objects you can attain, instead of human beings who should be understood.
Heinrich the Hideous.png that can't be it. It must be because I'm a loser. So long, time you see me, I shall be a winner and you will love me!

Arya.png Now that Heinrich the Heinous is out of the picture, all that's left is the tournament finals. One more round 'til total victory!
Arya.png And look, the Valkyre Dragon is back! I think it wants to tag along with us.
Arya.png The Valkyre Dragon is one of the most respected warriors among the Northern Divines. It must've really been impressed by our performance in the tournament!
Arya.png Let's keep it up! We wouldn't want to let it down, would we?

Arya.png Can you believe how far we've gotten? If I could be honest for a second, at first, I didn't know if I was strong enough...
Arya.png The Northern Divines haven't opened their gates to humans in a thousand years. What makes me so special, you know? Why do I deserve to be here?
Arya.png But, when I fight with you by my side, I feel confident enough to go on! I don't mean to be cheesy or anthing, but thanks! Now let's finish this thing!

Eliza the Masculine.png If it isn't Little Miss Arya! I see that my Viking minions helped you along as I asked them too.
Arya.png Helped me!? Don't me laugh, Eliza! You're gonna pay for what you did to us. You're not worthy of the Northern Divines. You're a cheater!
Eliza the Masculine.png A cheater!? I don't take kindly to libel! Prepare youself...I won't go easy on you in the finals!
Eliza the Masculine.png I don't even know what that means! Bring it on!

Arya.png The Northern Divines banished the Vikings because they weren't worthy. If Eliza's using dirty tricks, we can't let her win!
Arya.png The winner of this tournament has to be good. They have to prove that humankind can be good. They have to be worthy.
Arya.png Trainer, the fate of human/Divine diplomacy is in our hands. We have to win this, or the Northern Divines will abandon our people forever. Let's go!

Arya.png Eliza, we won't let you win this Tournament! Only a warrior worthy of the Northern Divines should win, and a cheater like you isn't worthy!
Eliza the Masculine.png You keep calling me a cheater, but it's not true! I AM worthy. I am good! I am a WARRIOR! And if you don't think so, you can ask the Odin Dragon itself.
Eliza the Masculine.png The Odin Dragon is fighting for me because it knows I'm worthy. I wish you trusted me, Arya... It hurts that you don't...and that's very confusing for me!
Eliza the Masculine.png Odin Dragon, show Arya how a worthy warrior truly fights!

Eliza the Masculine.png You won!? Darn it...I really wanted to win this thing. It was my chance to finally prove to you that I wasn't just a villain anymore...that I was worthy!
Arya.png If you're not a villain, why did you order the Vikings to try to stop me from getting here!?
Eliza the Masculine.png Stop you!? Those idiots...I told them to HELP you. I wanted to make sure you two got here. Winning wouldn't have felt good if I didn't get to challenge you!
Arya.png, now I feel like a jerk! I'm sorry I didn't trust you, Eliza. You' friend, I think... and I should have known better! I'm sorry...
Eliza the Masculine.png It''s okay, Arya. I forgive you...but that doesn't mean I'll go easy on you next time I see you! This isn't over. I'll beat you one day...I swear it!

Arya.png We did it, trainer! We won the tournament and proved to all of the Northern Divines that humankind really is worthy!
Arya.png But I still feel like we're missing something...Oh yeah! Dunkelviking's Song! We have to sing to the Odin Dragon before we go!
Arya.png Okay, Odin Dragon, listen up! This song will really knock your dragon socks off.
Arya.png "In Midgarden, we fight to win! In hopes to meet the great Odin! There's nothing like these magic shrines. These dragons are divine Divines!"

Boss Challenge


Time Rift

Heaven & Hades

Professor Hogwin.png Ned! Arya! Come quick! I've received some news of dire importance!
Arya.png What's going on, Professor? Is it about dragons? I hope it's about dragons...
Professor Hogwin.png How did you guess? In any case, I was given a message by the Hermes Dragon: It appears that Chronos, the dragon master of time, is in need of our help.
Professor Hogwin.png The events at the Golden Pyramid appear to have caused a RIFT in space-time! We need to make sure nothing dangerous comes through.
Professor Hogwin.png While Chronos tries to fix it, I'm sending you two and your Trainer friend into the Rift to investigate. Who KNOWS what sorts of wonders await you within?!
Ned.png "Wonders" is an interesting way of saying "dangers," Dad. *sigh* At least we have another powerful Trainer with us... Are you ready?

Arya.png Holy Chronos, Ned! We've been on a lot of crazy adventures, but I've NEVER seen anything like this! It's like Mount Dragolympus, but... mashed together!
Ned.png I REALLY don't like the sound of that!
Arya.png Aw, Ned, don't be scared. The Hermes Dragon is here to help us... and our Trainer friend too! Now let's explore!

Arya.png Brant! Is that you? How did you manage to get inside the Rift? It's too dangerous for you to be here!
Brant.png Quiet, Dragon Girl! I snuck in alongside you because I'm... conveniently sized!
Ned.png M-m-more importantly... what in the name of Dragolandia is THAT?!
Brant.png You mean this dragon I found? I dunno! But it looks powerful, and if I can beat you and take it back to the Vikings -- I'll finally be a REAL villain!

Brant.png Drat! I guess this dragon's no good. Just you wait -- I'll get you, and capture all the weird dragons in the Rift for the Vikings!
Ned.png Brant, wait! I'm too scared to chase you!
Arya.png The Hermes Dragon seems confused... Oh! I get it. Brant's dragon looks a lot like the Hades Dragon Hogwin and I found on Mount Dragolympus!
Arya.png Hermes Dragon, you know the Hades Dragon, don't you? But this one looks so strange... Is it even really the Hades Dragon we know?

Arya.png Wow! Have you guys ever seen dragons like these? Even the Hermes Dragon is in disbelief!
Ned.png I wonder... Dad said this Rift was caused by a break in space-time. Maybe that means dragons from other dimensions were able to get inside...
Arya.png Fighting super-cool dragons from another dimension? How can I pass THAT up?! Come on; let's go!

Ned.png Whew. We're lucky those dragons didn't use any crazy, mind-breaking alternate dimension attacks or anything...
Arya.png A dragon is a dragon is a dragon -- no matter what dimension they come from! I hope we can meet them all again.
Ned.png *sigh* I guess it's what Dad would want...

Ned.png Look, guys! I found a key... I wonder if doors here work like normal or if they'll send us into some endless space vortex or, or--
Arya.png Only one way to find out! Here, Ned, your hand is shaking -- why don't we let our friend do the honors?

Arya.png How about that, Ned? We didn't get sucked into the vacuum of space after all!
Ned.png Darn. I was kind of hoping that door would just lead us back home...
Arya.png Let's keep searching the Rift. Keep an eye out for anything suspicious, Trainer!

Ned.png EEEEEK! Wh-wh-what kind of dragon is THAT?!
Arya.png Oh, Ned! It's just the Poseidon Dragon -- the Divine Dragon of water from Dragolympus. I wonder what it's doing here. Any ideas, Hermes Dragon?
Brant.png It's here to do MY bidding! That's right, scaredy-Ned, I've got a dragon GOD under my thumb, and it only sprayed water at me TWICE!

Brant.png Ugh, you useless dragon--! Uh, um, I-I mean-- BYE!
Ned.png Brant, you can't keep tangling with Divine Dragons like this! That Poseidon Dragon isn't gonna tolerate it!
Arya.png He'll get in trouble if we don't catch up with him... But at least the Poseidon Dragon is safe. Hermes Dragon, do you think it got lost in the Rift?
Ned.png I wonder if the Rift has been drawing the Divines to it? Like moths to a flame... or dragons to a really, really big vacuum.

Arya.png Found another key, Trainer? Thanks!
Ned.png Let's go to the next area, then...

Arya.png Wooooow. This place is beautiful!
Ned.png Arya, watch your step! The floor tiles are coming apart!
Ned.png Sheesh. It's like a full-time job watching over her... Huh? You think I should worry less?

Brant.png NOW you're gonna get it, you simpletons! THIS dragon looks super cool, and it's gonna crush you! Agh! Stop licking me, Vivid Dragon!
Ned.png Considering the context, I'm not sure you should be calling us "simpletons"...
Arya.png That Vivid Dragon is from another dimension, Brant. Are you sure you know what you're doing...? How about a nice how-do-you-do first?

Brant.png ARGH! Can't you guys just let me take ONE cool dragon back to the Vikings?!
Arya.png Not if you're gonna force them to battle! They're visitors here, you know!
Brant.png Bad guys aren't nice to visitors, doofus! Whatever -- I'll be back with even COOLER dragons!

Arya.png Look Ned, the Vivid Dragon wants to come with us! I can't wait to show it around Dragolandia!
Ned.png H-hi Vivid Dragon... Do you come in peace?

Arya.png Whoa. This is ALMOST exactly like depths of Mount Dragolympus! If Hogwin saw this, it'd knock his socks off!
Ned.png Speaking of socks coming off, it's HOT in here! Where's all that lava coming from? Aren't we in space?! WHAT'S HAPPENING?!

Brant.png Guess who, chumps? I'm back with the Hades Dragon! God of... um... stuff that's underground, maybe!
Ned.png Brant, that's not the Hades Dragon! The Hermes Dragon doesn't even recognize it. It's from... somewhere else! We don't know what it's capable of!
Arya.png We should probably call it something else, right? Oh, how about... Chrono Hades! You know, because of Chronos!

Arya.png Go free, Chrono Hades! And Brant, you go on home! I'm sure your parents wouldn't want you playing in a time Rift!
Brant.png I'm NOT playing and you CAN'T catch me!!!
Ned.png *sigh* Somehow he's worse than the Vikings...

Arya.png Let's see. Did we pick up a key? Yup! Lead the way, Hermes Dragon!
Ned.png And not a moment too soon. I'm sweating like a Piggy Bank Dragon!

Arya.png Wow, just look at that, guys! A beautiful, lush temple in a place like this... I wonder which Divine Dragon it's for?
Ned.png I'd rather not stick around and find out, if the Divine Dragon looks anything like Chrono Hades...
Arya.png It's okay, Ned. I don't think the Chrono Divines are interested in hurting us. I bet Chrono Hades just wanted to play with Brant!

Brant.png U-um... g-g-guys? I... I tried getting this dragon to fight you, but it started shooting blue lightning everywhere! I-I can't stop it! I'm scared!
Ned.png Th-the Hermes Dragon is frightened too -- and let's not even get STARTED on me! What do we do, guys?
Arya.png I had a hunch when I saw that that temple... This must be the Chrono Zeus Dragon! The only thing we can do is try to fight it and calm it down!

Brant.png I-I'm sick of this place AND of you losers! I'm out of here!
Arya.png Brant, wait! We're running out of places to chase you!
Ned.png Whew... At least the Chrono Zeus Dragon seems to have calmed down. I wonder if it was just as frightened as us, being in a totally alien place...

Arya.png Now that we have a key, let's finally grab Brant and go home to give our findings to the Professor!
Ned.png Sounds good to me. I've been taking notes to show Dad... which is easier said than done considering, you know, all the trembling...
Arya.png You're doing great, Ned. And you too, Trainer!

Arya.png Braaaaaant! Where aaare yooou? It's time for dragons and Trainers and wannabe Vikings to go home!
Ned.png You know, the more we walk around the more I get used to this place. It really IS fascinating!
Ned.png Or maybe it's just the fact there are no narrow walkways over endless abysses in this part of the Rift...

Arya.png THERE you are, Brant! Are you in trouble with another Chrono Divine?
Brant.png N-no... It saw me get scared and tried to take me under its wing...
Brant.png I think it wants to battle you to make sure you're strong enough to take me home... N-not that I need to be chaperoned!

Arya.png See, Chrono Aphrodite? We don't want to hurt Brant -- we just wanna take him home. And we want to thank you for watching over him!
Ned.png A-and if you and the other Chrono Divines need a place to stay, well, Dragolandia is pretty nice!
Arya.png Wow, Ned -- that was really brave of you! And I agree! The dragons here could have gotten lost. Why don't we give them homes?
Ned.png (I kinda just wanted to ask the Chrono Aphrodite Dragon who my soul mate might be, actually...)

Professor Hogwin.png Welcome back! I'm glad to see Chronos retrieved you all in one piece... and with new friends! Your excursion was fruitful!
Arya.png It was absolutely amazing, Professor! We saw dragons from all different dimensions!
Ned.png But we still don't know where they came from, or even what they are exactly... and we have no idea what could come through that Rift into our world!
Professor Hogwin.png Quite right, Ned -- the whole thing bears further study... of the serious sort! For now, let's welcome our new dragon guests.

Time Rift II

Divine Allies

Ned.png Th-Th-The Rift is back?! I thought we were done with it after befriending the future Divines of Mount Dragolympus!
Professor Hogwin.png Not so, son of mine! Do you remember the Pangu Dragon, from your adventure with Arya on the Island of New Beginnings?
Arya.png You mean the super powerful Divine Dragon that shaped the earth and heavens with a swing of its tail?!
Ned.png *GULP*
Professor Hogwin.png That's right! It appears this very dragon had a hand-- er, claw -- in opening the Rift again. Or, at least, a dragon that looks quite like it...
Professor Hogwin.png The whole thing bears further investigation -- from courageous adventurers such as yourselves, of course!

Ned.png *sigh* Here we are again. The scenery's a bit different, but that endless drop into the void of space-time sure hasn't changed...
Arya.png It's like a whole new Rift to explore! I wonder what kind of dragons we'll meet this time around...?
Ned.png Y-You won't have to wonder long, Arya -- look! I-I-It's the Erlang Shen Dragon! Hide me!
Arya.png I've ALWAYS wanted to meet you again, Erlang Shen Dragon. Are you saying you'd like to travel with us? What an honor!

Ned.png E-Eliza?! What are you doing here? And what in Dragolandia is THAT?!
Eliza the Masculine.png Well "hello" to you too, brats! To answer your first question: This creature dragged me here and seems to be carrying out my every whim, no questions asked!
Eliza the Masculine.png As to question number two: THIS is the Chrono Erlang Shen Dragon, and it's going to utterly DESTROY you!

Eliza the Masculine.png ARGH! I thought for SURE I had you this time! J-Just give me a second to recuperate and I'll be back to FINALLY beat you!
Arya.png Whew! What a battle! I wonder what that was all about, though... It's not every day you see a Divine Dragon totally getting along with a Viking.
Ned.png It's unusual for sure. But we gotta remember, we have no idea what these Chrono Divines want, or who exactly they're allied with...

Arya.png Cool! The Erlang Shen Dragon sniffed out a key! Say, can you show me one of your 72 transformations next?
Ned.png M-Maybe we should just let it focus on leading us through here in one piece!

Arya.png Wow! It's like a palace in space! Isn't it beautiful, Ned?
Ned.png It's not nearly as beautiful as...*mumbling*...
Arya.png What was that? Our dragon friend's looking at you funny -- it can see through lies, you know! Better watch what you say!

Ned.png Huh? Don't tell me the Chang'e Dragon is on Eliza's side! I thought at least Divines from OUR time would defend us!
Arya.png It must be some sort of misunderstanding. Nothing a good battle can't clear up!
Eliza the Masculine.png I'll ALWAYS be mystified by that logic of yours. Anyway, let's go, Chang'e Dragon! There's extra treats in it for you if we win!

Eliza the Masculine.png Hmph. Looks like you're only getting the NORMAL amount of treats today, Chang'e Dragon.
Arya.png Nooooo! Eliza, you're too cruel!
Eliza the Masculine.png Oh please. Look how happy the Chang'e Dragon is just being around me! And before you say anything: No, I don't get it either!

Arya.png Where to next, Erlang Shen Dragon? Are you going to lead us to Eliza again? It seems like a lot of your friends are on her side -- even YOU from the future!
Ned.png I keep wracking my mind to figure out why that is... If I could just... Oof!
Arya.png Ned, you're a genius! You've tripped right over the key we need to keep exploring the Rift!

Ned.png Whew, it's hot in here. How is that possible? Isn't space supposed to be cold?
Arya.png Oh, you feel it too? I thought it was just my wild fighting spirit. Sometimes it really heats me up!
Ned.png Sometimes I wonder how exactly I ended up with such a big crush on-- I mean... I hope we, uh, crush Eliza...!!!

Arya.png Ah-ha! That explains the heat! Eliza's got her hands on a rare Furnace Dragon!
Ned.png I-I guess all kinds of dragons have gotten lost -- or stuck -- in this Rift... I can't WAIT to get out of here!
Eliza the Masculine.png I don't care how they got here, as long as they keep obeying ME! Hehe -- this is great!

Eliza the Masculine.png Hmph! Fine! Go cool down, Furnace Dragon... You three haven't beaten me yet! I'll kick you out and rule over this Rift!
Ned.png E-Eliza, I don't think that's such a good idea... We don't know enough about this place to--
Eliza the Masculine.png Be quiet, Neddy! Go follow your little girlfriend and useless dragon while I rule the Rift!
Arya.png Eliza! That was super rude and-- Aw, hey, don't cry, Ned!

Arya.png All this power sure is going to Eliza's head. It's making her into a big jerk! I thought we were sorta becoming friends...
Ned.png Sorry, Arya. I guess she's still a Viking at heart... But there's gotta be a bigger reason why all these Rift dragons are on her team...
Arya.png In the meantime, our Erlang Shen Dragon pal's found another key! Way to go!

Arya.png Whoa! To think I called that OTHER part of the Rift a palace...! THIS part's like a... a mega-palace! Do the future Divines get to hang out here all the time?
Ned.png I suppose so -- but I bet they liked it way better when it wasn't all broken and stuck in a Rift...
Arya.png I wonder what the Erlang Shen Dragon thinks of all this. Poor thing -- I hope it's not too stressed out!

Arya.png Uh-oh -- the Erlang Shen Dragon's getting really steamed!
Eliza the Masculine.png Of course it is! Its future self is here to teach it a lesson!
Arya.png The only one who needs a lesson here is you, Eliza!

Eliza the Masculine.png No! Chrono Erlang Shen! Ugh, you won't be so lucky next time. You'll NEVER believe who else I've got on my side!
Arya.png Try me! I'll believe ANYTHING!
Ned.png *sigh* Arya...

Ned.png I'm worried, Arya... If Eliza has all these Chrono Divines on her side, that kind of power is nothing to toy around with...
Arya.png Sure, but WE'VE got the original Erlang Shen Dragon, and I hear it can cut mountains in half! Isn't that right, buddy?
Ned.png I guess it can find keys, too! It pays to have multiple talents...

Arya.png Hey Ned, if Eliza really does manage to kick us out of here, what do you think will happen to her?
Ned.png Well, that's the problem. The dragons and their lands are all displaced and jumbled up in here.
Ned.png If the Rift closed with those dragons and Eliza inside, they could get stuck. Or Eliza could be tossed into the future...! All I know is, I've got a bad feeling.

Arya.png Eliza, why don't you give this up? If you stay in the Rift with all these dragons, you might never be able to leave!
Eliza the Masculine.png Quiet, Dragon Girl! I don't care! I finally have power! For once, I'm respected! I'll never give that up!
Eliza the Masculine.png Now, Chrono Pangu Dragon, show these fools the power of a dragon who can rend earth from sky!

Eliza the Masculine.png No! I don't believe this! I bet the Chrono Pangu held back because it recognized an old comrade...! But I've got one more ace up my sleeve. See ya, losers!
Ned.png I have to admit, I kind of feel for Eliza...
Arya.png Well I don't! I think she's powerful! I respect her plenty! Why can't she see that and stop acting like a big jerk?!

Arya.png Hmph. You know what? I don't care if Eliza gets stuck here forever -- I just want to get the dragons safely out of the Rift!
Ned.png Hehe. Arya, the Erlang Shen Dragon's looking at you funny. Could you be telling a lie?
Arya.png N-No way! It just looks like that 'cuz it's found a key!

Arya.png Ah! It's so bright! What's the ball of light, Ned? Or does the Erlang Shen Dragon know?
Ned.png I'm not sure... But I think I might have figured out the answer to our OTHER problem. I'll know for sure when we find out what that "ace" up Eliza's sleeve is!
Arya.png We're lucky you're so good at solving mysteries, Ned!

Eliza the Masculine.png Meet the Chrono Nezha Dragon! It's one of the most devoted, most powerful dragons out there, and it's chosen ME as its master! NOW will you leave me alone?!
Arya.png No! We're getting you AND all these dragons out of this crazy Rift!
Eliza the Masculine.png You... are... so... annoying!

Eliza the Masculine.png I... I really lost...?
Ned.png Ah-ha! I knew it! I was worried about being right, but this might be the only explanation: See, the Nezha Dragon is the Taiyi Zhenren Dragon's disciple...
Ned.png ... During our time on the Island of New Beginnings, Eliza wanted to kidnap the Taiyi Zhenren Dragon, the ruler of the Island Divines...
Ned.png What if, in the future she actually managed to do it?! Ack -- stop pushing me toward the exit, Erlang Shen Dragon! I want to see if I'm right!

Arya.png There's something that doesn't sit right with me. If Eliza KIDNAPPED the Taiyi Zhenren Dragon in the future, how come the other dragons all WANT to obey her?
Arya.png Wouldn't they be mad? Wait -- Eliza... maybe you TAMED the Taiyi Zhenren Dragon! These dragons aren't bad, and neither are you, Eliza!
Eliza the Masculine.png N-No way...! Do you really think...? Could I really befriend such a powerful dragon...?
Arya.png In any case, can't you come home with us? If you do, I bet all your dragon friends will follow. And... I'd rather you didn't get stuck in space-time.
Eliza the Masculine.png I... I guess I owe it to them to take them out of danger. Fine. For now, let's go back to our own time...
Ned.png I'm a little worried about the future after all this... but only the past is written in stone. Anything can happen -- for better or worse!

Time Rift III

Afterlife Adventure

Professor Hogwin.png Interesting tidings, my young Trainer friends. Can you guess what they are?
Ned.png Please don't say Space-Time Rift, please don't say Space-Time Rift, please don't say...
Arya.png Oh, boy! It's another Space-Time Rift, isn't it?
Professor Hogwin.png Indeed it is! And this time, an unusual friend has shown up to deliver us the news. I don't believe I recognize this beastie...
Arya.png I do! It's the Anubis Dragon. Eliza and I met it at the Golden Pyramid. What have you come to show us, old pal...?

Ned.png I REALLY don't like the looks of this place. W-why are those statues' eyes glowing?!
Arya.png No need to be afraid, Ned. The Anubis Dragon will protect us. After all, it led me safely through the underworld!
Ned.png Yes, Arya. I will trust the big scary dragon who dragged you to the underworld. *sigh* How do I always get caught up in this craziness?!

Arya.png Huh? What's that awful sound?
Dunkelviking.png *TWANG* Oh, hello you two. I've *TWANG* been trying to get this dragon to sing along with my lute, but it just doesn't sound right...
Ned.png That's one heck of an understatement! Can't you cut it out before our ears fall off?
Dunkelviking.png Cut it out? You can't censor my art, insolent whelp!

Dunkelviking.png Pah! If you don't like my sound, I'll go practice elsewhere! *TWANG*
Arya.png How weird. The Osiris Dragon is supposed to judge peoples' souls. Is it saying the Dunkelviking is on to something with his terrible tune?
Ned.png It may be a great judge of souls, but it's a terrible judge of talent! I don't know what the Osiris Dragon wants... but I know I don't like it!

Ned.png Hm, looks like the Anubis Dragon found something... N-no, I don't wanna play fetch with you!
Arya.png Looks like you two are getting along great! But we probably shouldn't play fetch with that key -- it'll help us get deeper into the temple!

Ned.png Hot springs in space-time?! Tell me you're seeing these gravity-defying pools of spring water, too...
Arya.png I sure am. And I wanna take a cosmic dip! Think I can outdo my cannonball splash radius record?
Ned.png Looks like I won't have to stop you this time. The Anubis Dragon seems to be doing a pretty good job of keeping you on track...!

Dunkelviking.png Tweedleedlee! Oh, it's you two again. Come to rag on my art, you philistines?
Arya.png Actually, no! You're sounding a little better now, Dunky. What's your secret?
Dunkelviking.png This powerful dragon showed me some patience and kindness, and suddenly my sound... changed. Let me show you hatchlings what I've learned!

Dunkelviking.png *TWAANG* ARGH! You made me break a string!
Arya.png But that Hathor Dragon believes in you, and it's a Divine Dragon of love, so... that must count for something!
Dunkelviking.png Maybe you're right, Dragon Girl. Perhaps it's telling me to... write a love ballad? I need to go think!
Ned.png Wait! It's not safe! *SIGH* How come nobody ever listens when I say that? Hello? Are you listening? Is anyone listening? Ahhhhh...

Ned.png I know it's kind of redundant to say that something weird's going on in a Space-Time Rift, but... something WEIRD's going on!
Ned.png Why do these Ancient Divines seem so invested in the Dunkelviking's lute-playing skills? I just don't get it...
Arya.png For now, let's just follow the Anubis Dragon's lead. It hasn't led us astray in the past OR present. Plus, it just helped us find a key to the next chamber!

Ned.png Wh-whoa! This room is totally collapsing! Watch your step, AryaaAAAGH...!
Arya.png Whoops! Don't worry, Ned; I got you!
Arya.png But you're right -- we DO need to be careful. The Anubis Dragon looks pretty on edge, too...

Dunkelviking.png *TWANG* *SKRRTCH* You Trainers won't believe it. This dragon's opened up a whole new world of sound for me! Hear that beautiful dissonance? *SKREECH*
Ned.png Ow, my ears! There's nothing beautiful about it, Dunkelviking! G-get away from that dragon before someone gets hurt...!
Arya.png I don't know, Ned... there IS something sort of appealing about that wild sound... But the Apep Dragon of Chaos isn't an ideal jam partner!

Dunkelviking.png Amazing! My sound keeps evolving with each fight! Listen, I've got a bandmate deeper inside that I've got to meet up with, but I'll catch up with you folks later!
Arya.png Play us some more weird stuff when you do!
Ned.png Arya, I can handle scary dragons and space-time and near-death experiences, but I will not stand for another measure of dissonance! I WON'T STAND FOR IT!

Ned.png Arya, I REALLY don't like ANY creature of chaos having influence over the Dunkelviking's music...
Arya.png Well, the Apep Dragon gave us trouble for sure, but it's not EVIL. It just makes sure chaos exists along with order. Everyone needs a bit of BOTH in life.
Ned.png ... That was a surprisingly deep thought! I guess I'll trust your judgment for now.
Arya.png Trust is the ticket, Ned! Now, let's use this key to figure out what ol' Dunky's up to!

Ned.png And I thought the LAST temple chamber was falling apart. This place looks like it was totally torn up...!
Arya.png And it's DARK, too. I can't even see the stars anymore... Let's be careful, Ned.
Dunkelviking.png *twang* ... *twang* ...
Ned.png D-did you hear something...? Something... twangy?

Dunkelviking.png Ha! All I did was strum a bit, and this amazing dragon made all the lights go out AND tore up the temple! I wonder what else I can make it do with my tunes...
Ned.png Th-this is no joke, Dunkelviking! That Ra Dragon protects light and order, and we can't let you snuff either of those out!

Dunkelviking.png *GADUNKADUNK* GRAH! Just when I had found an enthusiastic audience! Well, I won't let that Apep Dragon's lessons go to waste! *TWAAANG*
Arya.png I know your musical career is important, Dunky, but don't you think you're going too far? Your sound is unique, but it's starting to make the Divines batty!
Dunkelviking.png But, Dragon Girl, imagine if I could create unique music, AND command the Divines! Huh, conquest sounds pretty good right about now.

Arya.png I'm so disappointed...! I thought for sure Dunky had finally given up on his awful family business...
Ned.png All this has got me thinking: What if order and chaos aren't two sides of the same coin, but more of... a balancing scale?
Ned.png Could the Apep Dragon and... whoever it's working with... be using the Dunkelviking's music to tip the scale? Could chaos be trying to topple order?!
Arya.png Nice thought, Ned! See? Having you along on adventures is "key"! Ha! Get it? I just found one.

Ned.png Agh! Is that smoke?! That building's on fire! And what are those creepy glowing tendrils?! I wanna go home already!
Arya.png Haha, I can't believe you aren't used to this kind of thing yet.
Ned.png I'm a sensitive little boy with a brave little heart. Now let's just set things right and get out of here before the Dunkelviking's lute destroys the universe...

Dunkelviking.png *TWANG-TA-TWANG TWANG* Guten tag, shmoopies! The moon heralds tidings of melon-tasting bonanzas and deep dark dolphin dugouts!
Ned.png ... I think he's lost it. Ugh -- whatever that dragon is, it's making MY mind all fuzzy too!
Arya.png That MUST be the Chrono Apep Dragon -- the Apep Dragon from the future! Its helmet is... gumdrop good like a fishing pole security scarf!
Ned.png Say WHAT?! Oh, no. N-not you, too, Arya! Anubis Dragon, please help?

Ned.png We defeated the Chrono Apep Dragon, but the Dunkelviking and Arya are as loopy as ever!
Ned.png Poor Arya... Let's get her to safety.
Arya.png Wheeeeee!

Ned.png Arya, will you please stop tap dancing for HALF a minute?!
Arya.png My toes are hatching and I gotta set 'em free!!!
Ned.png *SIGH* At least YOU'RE keeping a level head, Anubis Dragon... Huh, never thought I'd get along with a dragon.
Ned.png What's that? You've found a key to the next chamber? Hey, you really are a steady creature.

Ned.png Eep... it's so dark in here... But I've got to be brave!
Ned.png Arya can't help me in the state she's in... Anubis Dragon, I'm putting all my trust in you, okay?
Ned.png Help us solve this mystery, and save all our friends!

Dunkelviking.png *tweedle-twang* Owl flower peanut power! Prepare to be masticated, young larvae! *strummm*
Ned.png What NOW?! Arya, please, I don't know what this dragon does! I can't--
Ned.png Wait... did the Dunkelviking's music just get a LITTLE easier on the ears?

Dunkelviking.png Whuh? Huh? What happened? I feel like my ears just popped... *strumm* Lute sounds good, though.
Arya.png Hogwin's beard! Ned, did we just fight the Chrono Seth Dragon?
Arya.png The Seth Dragon is a dragon of chaos, like the Apep Dragon, but it KNOWS the importance of balance!
Arya.png Chrono Seth Dragon, were you trying to "balance the scale"...? (Speaking of, I feel WAY sturdier on my feet!)

Ned.png I'm so glad you're doing better, Arya! I was worried...
Arya.png Well, thanks to you and the Anubis Dragon, I'm safe. And is it just me, or do I see you two getting along?
Ned.png I... I guess we are! But, uh, can we talk more about how I kept you safe and--
Arya.png Let's go find Dunky! I'm still a little worried about his apparent change of attitude...

Arya.png Oh Dunkyyyy, where are youuuu? We want to hear more tunes!
Ned.png Actually, we want to rescue the Divines and get out of here, Dunky-- I mean, Dunkelviking...
Arya.png Wherever he is, we might as well take our time. This chamber is HUGE! There's so much to explore!

Dunkelviking.png This is the biggest chamber yet, so you must be the head honcho, dragon! I have... *deedleestrum* come to play you a song.
Arya.png This must be the Chrono Isis Dragon! It's supposed to guard fate itself... but something's wrong with it. Now THAT'S foreboding!
Ned.png Arya, I say we let the Dunkelviking play his song. I've got a feeling it'll help the Chrono Isis Dragon feel a little less chaotic...

Dunkelviking.png "Chrono Isis Dragon, you are free to fly. You hold our fates in your clawed hands, and... we should share some pie!" *strum-de-dum* *TWANG*
Ned.png Weird lyrics, weird melody, but... like you said, Arya, life needs a bit of order AND a bit of chaos.
Arya.png And it looks like the Chrono Isis Dragon is all evened out. Whew! Now let's explore the rest of the Rift before heading home!

Arya.png The Divines are all calmed, Dunky's come to his senses, and all's right with space-time.
Ned.png Actually, Arya... *gulp* I think space-time is in for a rude awakening. Remember the prophecies you found at the Golden Pyramid? I found one that's... different.
Ned.png "Since time began its wicked turn, primordial fires burn and burn. If Chrono Dragons raise concern, the Proto Dragons soon return."
Arya.png Burning fires... PROTO Dragons? What on Dragolandia does THAT mean?! We'd better get everyone out of this Rift and warn Professor Hogwin -- c'mon!

Heaven & Earth

Arya.png Is it true, Professor? Have the Divine Dragons from the Island of New Beginnings invited us to a PARTY?
Professor Hogwin.png It IS true! A party to celebrate the anniversary of their arrival in Dragolandia, many, many moons ago: The Festival of New Beginnings!
Professor Hogwin.png Dragons under protection of the Eastern Divines gather at their sacred party grounds -- the enormous Kaishi Castle. There, they eat, dance, and battle!
Professor Hogwin.png How lucky we are to be invited! On the guest list is you -- Arya -- and Ned, of course. Myself as a plus-one, and... Eliza?!
Arya.png She DOES have a special sort of relationship with the Eastern Divines, you know. Don't you worry, Professor, this will be so much fun!

Ned.png Okay. I hate parties. I'm afraid of dragons, AND I'm afraid of Eliza. What exactly am I doing here?
Eliza the Masculine.png I second that question, actually. Mother would keel over if she saw me cavorting with a bunch of do-gooders like you.
Professor Hogwin.png This is an INCREDIBLE opportunity, my young friends. For battle, for research, and maybe even for Trainer-Viking relations!
Arya.png Look, everyone! A baby Green Lion Dragon's come to be our party chaperone! Let's all have a blast, right, little one?

Professor Hogwin.png Ah, a Moon Rabbit Dragon! They're quite loyal to the Chang'e Divine Dragon. I wonder if it's here to meet its Divine friend post-party?
Arya.png Our little green buddy looks like it's raring for a battle! What better way to start a celebration, right?
Eliza the Masculine.png Strangely enough, we agree. Come, Arya, let's begin the festivities with a pulse-pounding battle!

Arya.png Thanks for a great first battle, everyone. I knew you'd have fun if you came along, Eliza!
Eliza the Masculine.png I'll admit, that got me into a... festive mood. Lead the way, Dragon Girl; I trust your party instincts.
Ned.png Um. Hey, Arya? Can I battle you next?
Eliza the Masculine.png Ha! Even the puppy wants to play.

Professor Hogwin.png A fine job -- we've found the pass to the next room of the castle!
Professor Hogwin.png Come, I'm sure there's excitement on every floor. I can't wait to examine the different sorts of dragons that have gathered here!

Ned.png Look at the boxes and jars piled up... Are we sure this is a party palace? It's more like a storehouse!
Arya.png EVERY party palace needs a storehouse, Ned. Where else would they keep their party hats and noisemakers?

Professor Hogwin.png Oho! It's a sturdy Terracotta Dragon, no doubt here to help with heavy lifting. Let's give this beast a break, shall we?
Ned.png I-I'll try helping it battle against you, Arya! I mean, maybe I'll learn something...
Eliza the Masculine.png Pfft! Neddy's just jealous his little girlfriend likes battling ME better!

Ned.png That was... TERRIFYING.
Professor Hogwin.png A fine job, my boy! Pay no heed to the naysayers!
Eliza the Masculine.png Grr...

Arya.png Key GET! Now we can look forward to more partying and more battles!
Arya.png Speaking of, it was really fun to battle you, Ned. You don't need to be jealous of anything!
Ned.png It's just a bit hard to keep up sometimes... b-but that's okay. I'm having fun! I'm TOTALLY having fun...

Professor Hogwin.png Looks like we're about to enter the castle proper. Ah, and a lovely garden marks our entrance! Take care not to trample the lilies, Eliza.
Eliza the Masculine.png Stupid Trainers... I'll have you know I LOVE lilies-- Ah-CHOO!
Ned.png Haha! A Viking with a pollen allergy! That's-- Um... Never mind, I don't quite know how to make a joke out of that...

Professor Hogwin.png So even the stoic Monk Dragon is here to celebrate! I wonder if it's come to meditate, or if it's a little lost...?
Eliza the Masculine.png Who cares! It's here to battle, and I'LL aid it. Come on, Dragon Girl -- you're facing ME!

Eliza the Masculine.png A rousing battle that was! Way better than Neddd'saaAAHCHOO!
Arya.png Let's get you away from the lily pond, Eliza -- and help the Monk Dragon find its way to the party!

Eliza the Masculine.png We found the key, so let's get out of here already.
Arya.png Are you okay, Eliza -- I mean, aside from the sneezing? I thought you LIKED battling me.
Eliza the Masculine.png I'm just FINE, you dimwit...!

Arya.png NOW it's starting to look like a real party! Anybody wanna dance?
Ned.png ...
Eliza the Masculine.png ...
Professor Hogwin.png Oh! Me! I do!

Professor Hogwin.png Wonderful! The Fut San Dragon is an accomplished dancer. It's said that watching one perform will bring you luck!
Ned.png Luck? I-I'll take this battle!

Ned.png Whew! Thank you, Fut San Dragon, that was-- Uh, p-p-please don't dance so close to me--
Arya.png That was so great, Ned! You were barely afraid at all! And I think your dragon pal has taken a shine to you.
Ned.png (That's NOT who I want taking a shine to me!)

Professor Hogwin.png Ah-ha! A key to the next party chamber. I'm excited to encounter new guests, but you don't look as ready, Arya...
Arya.png *sigh* It's just that Ned and Eliza don't seem to be having as good a time as I am -- and I really want them to!
Professor Hogwin.png Hm. I can't quite speak to their feelings, but... I will go easier on our Viking friend. I promise! Your friendship with her speaks volumes.
Eliza the Masculine.png Friendship, huh...

Ned.png AAGH! Wh-Wh-What was that loud noise? Are the dragons firing cannons? Can they DO that?!
Arya.png Wahoo! Fireworks!
Eliza the Masculine.png This is... fun?

Professor Hogwin.png Here's the creature responsible for those fireworks -- a Sparkler Dragon: an indispensible guest to any celebration!
Arya.png Hey, Professor, would you like to try battling this round with me?
Professor Hogwin.png I'd be delighted to test my apprentice's skill!

Ned.png It was a little loud for my taste... but great battle, guys!
Eliza the Masculine.png I was especially fond of the explosions.
Professor Hogwin.png (Don't look now, Arya, but I think our friends just MIGHT be getting along...!)

Arya.png Who's this, Professor? This one dragon here seems to really want to come with us!
Professor Hogwin.png That, my dear, is a Sunrise Dragon, and it seems like it's looking for something. How can we help, Sunrise Dragon?
Eliza the Masculine.png Why don't we visit the rooftop? It's the best part of every party.
Ned.png Maybe the Sunrise Dragon will find what it's looking for up there? (More importantly, I can get some air...)

Arya.png Wow, a rooftop garden! The little Green Lion Dragon really seems to appreciate the fresh air. And so does Ned! Ned? Where'd he go?
Ned.png Hey, Eliza, uh... sorry I've been weird. I don't really DO parties, and feeling how I feel about Arya, well--
Eliza the Masculine.png Save it. I'm just interested in finding out what the Sunrise Dragon wants...

Arya.png Sunrise Dragon, is this who you wanted to see? This dragon looks like it's the partier supreme! I wonder if it won all its battles...
Professor Hogwin.png Now I see! The Pigsy Dragon and the Sunrise Dragon are lifelong pals. They probably flocked from across Dragolandia to see each other!
Ned.png The party brought them together, huh... Hey, Eliza, d-do you want to battle me this round?

Eliza the Masculine.png That was surprisingly well fought, Neddy. I... Thanks.
Arya.png You two looked sooooo cool!
Professor Hogwin.png It couldn't have been a better battle! Now, let's go enjoy the rest of the Festival of New Beginnings, my friends!

Professor Hogwin.png At last, the party is drawing to a close, and look who's come to herald the ending ceremony: the Azure Dragon!
Professor Hogwin.png The Divines must have appointed it as party planner... and I believe it wants to thank us personally for attending.
Arya.png We sure livened up the party with some great battles. And I bet if we party some more, we could get the Green Lion Dragon to come with us!
Ned.png Man, Arya really loves battles. They might be the most important thing to her! But I have to live with that for now. I'm glad I came, anyway.
Eliza the Masculine.png I can't believe I'm saying this but... I am, too. I guess friendships truly are forged in the fire of parties. ... N-NOT THAT WE'RE FRIENDS!

The First Fire

Dragon Board

Ned.png "Since time began its wicked turn, primordial fires burn and burn. If Chrono Dragons raise concern, the Proto Dragons soon return."
Ned.png I couldn't get that prophecy out of my head, ever since I touched it on the wall in the Rift... But now the Rifts are closed, and Chronos isn't giving me any answers.
Chronos Icon.png (That's right, pup. I've given you enough to work with -- the rest is yours to figure out.)
Ned.png AND its VOICE won't get out of my head either! AGH! I feel like I'm going nuts!
Otto the Dungeon Master.png ... It's a good thing I found you before Chronos transported us here. I don't know what it was thinking, but...
Otto the Dungeon Master.png Now that you're, er, yelling at yourself, I don't know if I'd trust you navigating this strange place alone.

Ned.png I've... never seen a dragon like that before -- at least, not in Dad's Codex.
Yamad Dragon Icon.png (What is a "Codex"? Is it edible? And what are your names? Who are you? Are you edible?)
Ned.png Wait, wait, wait! I can hear YOU, too?! Otto -- help! There are dragons in my brain! This is LITERALLY my worst nightmare!
Otto the Dungeon Master.png Sorry... I'm not sure what to do. I've flown the great seas in my balloon, but I've never encountered anything like THIS...
Yamad Dragon Icon.png (There's nothing to be afraid of, little human. The magma here makes life good for your kind and mine. It's what New Dragolandia is famous for.)
Yamad Dragon Icon.png (Did you not know that? What else do you not know? Will I find out if I battle you?)

Ned.png That dragon we fought told us we're in "New Dragolandia"... Otto, have you ever been to a place like that?
Otto the Dungeon Master.png I can't say I have... But maybe we'll get some answers from this creature -- it looks like it wants to tell you something, boy!
Priestess Dragon Icon.png (Your guardian is correct! I am called Zoli -- here on behalf of the Divines of the Pyramid. They wish to deliver you a message, hatchling.)
Ned.png I don't wish to hear it!
Priestess Dragon Icon.png (When you touched the ancient prophecy, the age-old bond between yourself and my kind was restored. Hooray!)
Priestess Dragon Icon.png (It is good, because we will need human help in the future. The future that your kind have irrevocably marred...)

Ik'ez Dragon Icon.png (Hello! Are you the new Scaleless? We're all very confused about you. Some are happy, some are scared. Me? I'm neither -- I'm Ik'ez.)
Ned.png I-I'm... um... I'm Ned. A-And this is my friend, Otto. (I can't believe I'm doing this...)
Ik'ez Dragon Icon.png (Okay! I'm gonna fight you and scare you away now. My hatcher will surely praise me if I do!)
Ik'ez Dragon Icon.png (But if I don't, my hatcher might be angry... They're scary when they're angry. It's bad! That's why I have to beat you!)
Ned.png I really don't like that logic!

Otto the Dungeon Master.png Are you okay, Ned? Hoggie would never forgive me if I let anything happen to you.
Ned.png I wish Dad were here right now, honestly. He'd handle this way better than I ever could. I bet he'd give up his Codex to have this power I don't even want!
Amazon Dragon Icon.png (Quiet your noisy snout, Scaleless! Your kind is so loud, so disruptive, so ungrateful! I can't stand your kind!)
Ned.png W-Wait, what? Um, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you mad -- I don't really know what to do about my... scaleless-ness.
Otto the Dungeon Master.png It's rare for a dragon to show true anger at a human. How odd... Or is this how dragons have thought all along?!

Pokra Dragon Icon.png (Oh, hello, sweet little humans! It's nice to see your species thriving, but I do hope you're not here to dig up my nice earth, like some of your kin...)
Otto the Dungeon Master.png This one seems a little friendlier than the last. What's it saying, boy?
Ned.png W-We're not here to dig up anyth-- Wait... YOUR earth?
Pokra Dragon Icon.png (Well, I made it, didn't I? All the soft soil and soaring mountains -- those're mine! So please don't hurt them, okay?)
Pokra Dragon Icon.png (Of course, my nice earth would be nothing without magma and heat. That's why I have to battle you, before I let you meet my leader!)

Rathorn.png There you are! Are you two the newcomers that've got our dragons all worked into a tizzy? Ah -- and Audo, is that you?
Ned.png RATHORN?! What in Dragolandia are YOU doing here? And who's Audo?!
Otto the Dungeon Master.png ...
Rathorn.png Eh? Who is this "Rathorn"? My name is Delith, and it seems like I've misnamed you, my familiar-looking friend.
Rathorn.png Well, confusion aside, I'm sure you two are here for some of New Dragolandia's famous dragon battles.
Rathorn.png Unfortunately, I've only got time to entertain you with a single one! Strange things are afoot, and my presence is needed elsewhere.

Ned.png So, either Rathorn's got another personality, and I'm hallucinating all this, or dreaming, or... Have I lost my mind, Otto? I'm scared.
Darkfire Dragon Icon.png (Scared? Of me?)
Ned.png Huh...? NOW THAT YOU MENTION IT: YES! I am VERY scared of you, and I want to go home!
Darkfire Dragon Icon.png (I have never understood your human fears. Why fear the dark -- especially when it cools the oppressive heat around you?)
Otto the Dungeon Master.png I don't know what that Darkfire Dragon is saying, boy, but we don't need to fear it. When we battle dragons, we understand them better...
Otto the Dungeon Master.png And if you take a moment to understand someone, no matter what they look like, you'll find you're less afraid...

Ned.png *sigh* I've been thinking about what you said, Otto... I'll try to understand dragons -- I mean, I have that ability now, I guess.
Titan Dragon Icon.png (Can you understand? That's good -- my human can't! I used to be able to talk with her, but she can't hear me anymore...)
Ned.png That's--! (Take a deep breath, Ned, you can do this...)
Ned.png *sigh* That's really sad, actually. It hurts to be misunderstood by someone you love. Um... is there anything we can do to, uh, help?
Otto the Dungeon Master.png (Yes! Way to go, boy! Ah, if only Hoggie could see you now...!)
Titan Dragon Icon.png (Well, you could tell my human I'd like more fruit for breakfast... And you can battle me! My human never knows when I want to play anymore!)

Oyar Dragon Icon.png (You must be the strange Scaleless from another realm, new to my lively caldera your kind call "New Dragolandia.")
Otto the Dungeon Master.png Hm. This one looks important. What's it saying, Ned my boy?
Oyar Dragon Icon.png (I am called Oyar. It was I who crawled forth from the earth's egg, split the land, and created this place where Scaleless and Scaled co-exist.)
Ned.png Um... Otto, I think we're meeting God.
Oyar Dragon Icon.png (Not God -- Oyar! You Scaleless can be so presumptuous. Come now, battle me so that I may know who you truly are!)

Oyar Dragon Icon.png (It is strange -- I cannot get a proper read on you. I know the rest of the Scaleless here like the pads of my claw, but I sense chaos in you two...)
Rathorn.png Oyar! Are you bothering these humans? You must remember to treat them as equals, with respect and empathy.
Oyar Dragon Icon.png (Hmph. It is difficult, Delith, when so many of them turn away from us in favor of their futile industry. Why, we cannot even speak as we used to.)
Rathorn.png I apologize, Audo, and you, young man. Oyar is frustrated that we humans have recently had difficulty "hearing" our dragon compatriots.
Otto the Dungeon Master.png I... *sigh* It's Otto, not Audo. Otto.
Oyar Dragon Icon.png (Let us battle again. I want to know more about these Scaleless. I sense they are from farther away than I once thought.)

Ik'ez Dragon Icon.png (Oh, hello again! Did you just battle my hatcher, Oyar? No wonder you look like wobbly hatchlings!)
Ik'ez Dragon Icon.png (But if you battled Oyar, and you're still here, that must mean you're "good." Good Scaleless can stay. I like them because they're fun -- like me!)
Ik'ez Dragon Icon.png (I LIKE playing with their machines. Sometimes, I make them explode, and the Scaleless run all around like ants! Say, Tall One, can I make YOU explode?)
Ned.png Um, Otto, you might want to step back. This one's a little unstable...
Ned.png Yeah, I think I'm beginning to understand why it's so important for people and dragons to understand each other.

Yamad Dragon Icon.png (I see you two've mingled with my more brutish comrades. They've become especially annoying since our understanding of humans grows thinner.)
Yamad Dragon Icon.png (It's a shame for me, too. I enjoy learning about your kind. I always want to know more.)
Yamad Dragon Icon.png (But I am young, and I'm told that before I was hatched, humans and dragons spoke much and were tightly intertwined.)
Ned.png If... if it makes you feel better, where I'm from, I have lots of friends who love your kind, and take care of them...
Yamad Dragon Icon.png (I see. It sounds like a beautiful future I can only dream of. Now, allow me to battle you. I am growing fond of you two.)
Ned.png *sigh* All right... Wait, future--?!

Otto the Dungeon Master.png Fill me in, Ned. It seems we've stumbled on quite a complicated situation -- and by some miracle, you're the one bearing the brunt of it.
Ned.png Based on everything we've been told... AND everything I've read in what little written history I can find...
Ned.png I think we're FAR in the past, like, at the beginning of everything we know... And I think that humans and dragons were ALL able to talk to each other.
Ned.png But the humans can't really hear the dragons anymore, and it's making everyone sad, and confused...
Ned.png Speaking of... Otto, you've been acting a little weird around Delith (and don't get me started on that Rathorn lookalike!) What's that abou--?
Warden Dragon Icon.png (Hey! Your clumsy claws are tromping too close to my nest! You Scaleless never listen to anyone but yourselves, do you?!)

Ned.png Otto, you... Will you tell me what's going on? Why does Delith keep calling you "Audo"? Who IS Delith?
Otto the Dungeon Master.png ... There are a few things you and your dad don't know about me. What I can tell you is: I think-- no, I KNOW Delith is a distant relative of Rathorn.
Otto the Dungeon Master.png I'm sorry, boy, I'm not ready to say much more. And I've got no clue what made Delith's descendants eventually turn their backs on dragons...
Ironcast Dragon Icon.png (Ah-ha! Humans! I positively adore humans! They used the caldera's magma to give my scales this GORGEOUS shape! Isn't it magnificent?)
Ironcast Dragon Icon.png (Won't you battle me, you darling humans? It'll be such fun to show off my moves!)

Molim Dragon Icon.png (You're looking less fearful than the last time I saw you, little human. I'm glad, although it makes me want to give you a fright...)
Molim Dragon Icon.png (Forgive me. As a being of shadow, I enjoy a trick or two! But I am much more interested in unusual specimens like you and your guardian, and Delith...)
Rathorn.png And I am grateful for your fondness, Molim! This dragon is an excellent ally in my efforts to ease the growing divide between our species...
Rathorn.png Alas, this crusade of understanding is why I've been so busy. How can we live together when humans and dragons look ever-away from each other?
Ned.png This... this is exactly what Dad fought for all those years ago! Delith, I think I understand you, and I think I get why dragons are so special...
Molim Dragon Icon.png (The hatchling is growing before my eyes. Won't you humans entertain me with a battle of brain and brawn, in celebration?)

Pokra Dragon Icon.png (Delith! My earthquake made a whole new island! I think I'll call it "Arto." Will you ask the other humans to start planting trees upon it?)
Ned.png Arto! Otto, did you hear that? They just MADE Arto! Is this really how the Dragolandian islands began?!
Otto the Dungeon Master.png Delith, this might be hard to understand, but... Ned and I are from the far future of Dragolandia. We've been sent here, but we're not sure why.
Otto the Dungeon Master.png And the boy's suddenly been given the ability to understand dragons, as you can see. It's... probably a good thing, but there's a lot we don't know.
Rathorn.png That's... er... quite a lot to take in, although it's in line with Oyar's suspicions of you.
Pokra Dragon Icon.png (Enough of this serious talk -- I'm so excited, I want to battle!)

Molim Dragon Icon.png (Hatchling Ned, I sense great reluctance, but also great resolve in you. I am drawn to creatures like you and your guardian, who exist between worlds.)
Ned.png That's pretty spot on... I think I know what I have to do now. Like the prophecy said, I need one -- or all -- of you guys to come with us to the future.
Molim Dragon Icon.png (It's as I thought. The oddest of us always have the best stories. I can only urge you to do what's right with your knowledge and your gift.)
Ned.png I... I will. I'll try.
Molim Dragon Icon.png (Come, it does no good to frown. Let us have a rollicking battle to send you off on your great destiny!)

Ik'ez Dragon Icon.png (Molim told me you two are leaving, so Oyar is going to put me in charge while they accompany you!)
Ned.png Oyar is coming with us...? Wow-- Wait, YOU'RE gonna be in charge?!
Ik'ez Dragon Icon.png (Yeah. Yamad doesn't think I can do it, but I can! I can help humans with their machines, and make sure everything's hot, and... stuff.)
Ned.png Um, Ik'ez, right? I know what it's like to be different from your dad. Or hatcher. It's hard, but I hope you do what's right. And not explode stuff.
Ik'ez Dragon Icon.png (If that's what it means to be a good leader, then... I guess I'll try! Hey, Ned, will you battle me again?)

Yamad Dragon Icon.png (I hear Oyar is going to the future with you two. I'm worried what it will mean for us, but I know it's important.)
Yamad Dragon Icon.png (I like to worry, and I like to think. Others say that's unusual, but I don't care. I want to see the future one day. I hope it's interesting.)
Ned.png It's... definitely interesting. And I think it's good to think hard about stuff, Yamad! Here, I'll give you one of my books so you can study the future.
Yamad Dragon Icon.png (... Thank you. I like you, Ned, and your quiet guardian. Will you battle me before you go?)
Ned.png Yeah -- we'd be happy to!

Ned.png Oyar, if my thinking is right, we need your help to stop a really bad future from happening -- a future that threatens dragons, and all Dragolandia.
Rathorn.png *sigh* I can't help but be anxious about all this, but I know it's for the best. Tell me, at least, has my work mattered at all in your future?
Ned.png It... ... Actually, yeah, it has. It mattered a lot, a-and I'll make sure it continues to matter, Delith!
Otto the Dungeon Master.png Come on, Ned. We've got a lot of work to do.
Oyar Dragon Icon.png (Indeed. I'd like to battle one last time before we get to it! Scaleless-- no, humans, let us celebrate!)

Blizzard Buddies

Ned.png Gwuh...? Where... where am I? I was asleep, in my bed, and... Why am I on the edge of Frosty Woods all of a sudden? What's going on?!
Dunkelviking.png I'll tell you what's going on: You've been KIDNAPPED! The Battling Bard has need of you, boy...
Ned.png Eep! T-T-The Dunkelviking! But what are you--... Are you going to use me as dragon bait? No... As target practice?!
Dunkelviking.png HA! Don't be ridiculous! You, my lad, are going to help me write my first-ever Frost Festival holiday album!
Ned.png ... What?

Dunkelviking.png It's simple! "Frost On My Lutestrings: A Battling Bard Celebration" will have six songs on it, each inspired by a wintry dragon of yore!
Dunkelviking.png But I can't be INSPIRED by those dragons if I can't find them and battle them, can I? And to do THAT, I need YOU to tell me all about them!
Dunkelviking.png Well... you or your father, really. But the last time I kidnapped ol' Hogwin, it didn't exactly go as planned, now, did it?
Dunkelviking.png Anyhow: That's why you're kidnapped, the first dragon is here in these woods, and MY ALBUM WILL BE UNSTOPPABLE. That about covers it!
Ned.png ... What?!

Dunkelviking.png HALT!!! Whoa there, lad! That majestic specimen before us... it's the first of the six wintry dragons! Tell me what you know of it -- quickly!
Ned.png Uh... It's... uh... Well... It's... red?
Dunkelviking.png ... Good enough for me! TASTE THE POWER OF MY POWER CHORDS, FOEDRAGON!!!

Dunkelviking.png "Like cherry blossoms in the breeze, my foe was blown away with ease..." HA! I like that! But where'd that dragon run off to anyhow?
Ned.png O-Oh! The Cherry Ice Dragon is very reclusive... but if we gather up enough shiny stuff, it should come out of its den and befriend us. I think.
Dunkelviking.png HA! See? And here YOU thought you wouldn't be any good at this!

Dunkelviking.png Well? What are we waiting for? Time's a-wasting, and we have five more dragons to battle before my holiday album is done! Let's forge ahead!
Ned.png Uh... Well... I guess I'm not getting back to my bed anytime soon, so... okay... One question, though: What actually IS a "holiday album"?
Dunkelviking.png You know: an ALBUM! Like a book full of festive engravings -- only with the sheet music for my songs in it! Doesn't Hogwin teach you anything?
Ned.png Uh... Yes? I mean... um... N-Never mind...

Dunkelviking.png Hush, boy... We've arrived at Gustyvale Village: the fabled stalking-ground of the legendary Frost Dairy Dragon! Stealth is of the essence...
Ned.png Uh... actually, it's called the Frost Fairy Dragon? The "Frost Dairy Dragon" is a subspecies of the possibly apocryphal Gelato Dragon--
Ned.png Y-Y-Y-Yessir, Mr. Dunkelviking, sir!

Dunkelviking.png There it is, boy! I KNEW my masterfully stealthy yelling would draw its attention... What do you know of this fabled beast?
Ned.png Uh... It's said that, if you look into its eyes, it can cause visions of sugared plums to dance in your head...?
Dunkelviking.png HA! Informative AND delicious... and just the piece of lore I need to face this Frost Fairy and TRIUMPH!

Dunkelviking.png "Fairy dragon made of snow... I beat you just now. You can go!" A fine first line for a power ballad, wouldn't you agree?
Ned.png Uh... actually, if you're open to constructive criticism, I... um... have a few notes, and... uh... N-Never mind.

Dunkelviking.png Courage, my lad! Twinkle Village is just over that ridge -- we'll have to hurry if we're to climb Frostytoes Peak by dawn!
Ned.png Uh... I've actually been here before, so I... uh... I know that already...
Dunkelviking.png What's that, boy? If you want to be as strong OR as stealthy as me, you'll have to learn to speak up!

Dunkelviking.png Look around you, my lad: Twinkle Village! Home to our next battle... and my next award-winning song!
Ned.png (And my Great-Great-Aunt Hogwinona, if I remember right...)
Dunkelviking.png Haven't you been listening AT ALL, boy!? We're not here to fight your great-great-aunt -- we're here to fight a DRAGON! AND SPEAK UP!
Ned.png O-Okay! I'll... uh... ... ... I'll try?

Dunkelviking.png Right! Now--
Dunkelviking.png Ha-HA! NOW you're getting it!

Dunkelviking.png "An Angel fought with harmony... but now it's hanging out with me! Oh, what a striking twist this be!" ... And then there's a 20-minute lute solo.
Dunkelviking.png Well? How's THAT for a third song in my holiday album? Remember what I've told you, boy: Speak up!
Ned.png *cough* ... I... *hack* ... I would... but after the last time I did that, I... *AHEM* ... I think I need a lozenge...

Ned.png Ah-HEM... Uh... I was gonna say this earlier, Mr. Dunkelviking, sir... but you don't really have to keep calling me "boy." "Ned" is just fine.
Dunkelviking.png Ned, eh? Well, brave of you to push through your sore throat to say so! In that case, you may call me "Duncan."
Ned.png Duncan... Wait... That's your name? You have an actual NAME?!
Dunkelviking.png Of course I do, Ned, my boy! "Duncan-the-Viking!" You Dragolandians just keep pronouncing it with an "L" for some reason...
Dunkelviking.png Pft... HAHAA! Ohh, the look on your face! Joking aside, though: Dunkelviking may be my title, but Duncan IS my name. Call me by it if you wish!

Dunkelviking.png Right... SOME holiday albums sag in the middle when the songwriter runs out of material. I swear by my beard... THAT WILL NOT HAPPEN THIS DAY!
Ned.png YEAH!!! I mean... uh... Hooray...?
Dunkelviking.png Ha! Your first instinct was the right one, Ned, my boy! This IS a joyful occasion -- it deserves enthusiasm! AND LOUDNESS!!!
Ned.png YEAH, DUNCAN! LET'S GO FIND US A REINDEER DRAGON!!! (Whoo! That was actually sorta fun...)

Ned.png Okay: the Reindeer Dragon of Cracklecrunch Lake comes in EIGHT distinctive subspecies: the Dasher Dragon, the Dancer Dragon, the--
Ned.png ...aaaand there he goes.

Dunkelviking.png Ahhhhh... Another battle well fought, and another song well written! As it turns out, there are a LOT of good rhymes for "reindeer."

Dunkelviking.png On to Frostytoes Peak, Ned, my lad! And don't try to stop my singing on the way, either -- many have tried, and few have succeeded!
Ned.png Heh... I know the feeling. I used to have to read my history books after my dad was asleep... but I still read them!
Ned.png Wait... You didn't just kidnap me so we could hang out and talk about the stuff we like to do... did you?
Dunkelviking.png WHAT?! NO! That's-- NO!!! That is SILLY, and I am going to write a SONG about how SILLY that is! Harrumph, Ned, my boy! HARRUMPH!!!

Dunkelviking.png Focus on the task at hand, Ned, my boy! The Yeti Dragon of the Frostytoes Foothills is a fearsome opponent indeed...
Dunkelviking.png Which is why YOU must hold my cape while I charge its hiding place, hollering a challenge-song at the top of my lungs! "COME OOOUT, YETI--"
Ned.png Uh... Mr. Duncan, sir? You said you wanted me to speak up, so... I have a suggestion. I know you're good at fighting, but I'm good at history...
Ned.png why don't you actually stop and listen to what I know this time? BEFORE you charge. It might even help you write a better song!
Dunkelviking.png Hrrrrrmmmm... Well, I DO love charging... but I love writing better songs just as much! Very well, Ned, my lad... let's try things your way.

Ned.png ... So, in Ancient Dragolandian, "Yeti" roughly translates to "Dragon of the Rocky Place"... but it's usually called "The Abominable Snow-Dragon"!
Dunkelviking.png Must... not... charge... immediately...!!!
Ned.png Haha! It's okay, Duncan -- that's all I had to say! You can go and fight it now if you want.

Dunkelviking.png "I faced the mighty Snow-Dragon Abominable, and..." And... Hrmmm.
Ned.png How about "But its attacks were deflected by my muscles abdominal!" I mean... I know it's not a perfect rhyme, but...
Dunkelviking.png Ha HA! Well-composed, Ned, my lad! We'll make a bard of you yet!

Ned.png Let's get up to the top of Frostytoes Peak, Duncan! I can't wait to see who the last dragon is... I bet I'll get SO many good lyrics ideas!
Dunkelviking.png And I bet I'll be inspired by your lore-mastery in turn, Ned, my boy! In fact... why don't we credit you as co-writer on the final song?
Ned.png Duncan... I wouldn't have even known that was something I wanted yesterday... but OH MY GOODNESS YES, PLEASE.

Dunkelviking.png All right, Co-Writer Ned: the summit of Frostytoes Peak -- and the finale of our album -- features the mysterious Avalanche Dragon in all its glory!
Dunkelviking.png Now... what do you know about this beast that might lend itself to a face-meltingly triumphant musical spectacular?
Ned.png SO MANY THINGS, Duncan! You start looking for the dragon -- I'm gonna get my notebook out and write down everything I can remember about it!

Ned.png Okay: fun fact! Did you know that, in certain parts of Dragolandia, the Avalanche Dragon is more commonly known as the "Snowslide Dragon"?
Dunkelviking.png I do NOW, Ned, my lad! Did YOU know that I plan to best it with an effortlessly timed Battling Bard Battering Barrage, singing all the while?
Ned.png Haha! I do NOW, Duncan!

Ned.png "Call it an Avalanche or call it a Snowslide..."
Dunkelviking.png "...defeating it soundly was reason to show pride!"
Ned.png Twenty-minute lute solo?
Dunkelviking.png TWENTY-MINUTE LUTE SOLO!!!

Arya.png NED! Thank goodness you're safe! I heard the Dunkelviking kidnapped you, and I came here to RESCUE you, and--
Arya.png ... And... you're fine. And in the middle of singing a duet? With Dunky. What even is happening right now?
Dunkelviking.png What's HAPPENING is that me and my co-writer are putting the final touches on our holiday album! And, may I add, having GREAT fun doing it!
Ned.png Yeah!!! Happy Frost Festival, Arya! Hey -- wanna sing backup vocals on our grand finale? I know you'd be great at it!
Arya.png Uh... I'm still REALLY confused right now, but that kind of sounds amazing? Count me in -- and Happy Frost Festival to you guys, too!


Origin of Metals

Dragon Board

Ned.png Well, we're back. Back, or wherever THIS is! I thought Chronos would send me and Otto back to the past to unravel more mysteries, but...
Ned.png Now I'm stuck in this wasteland, with ELIZA of all people! What in Dragolandia could Chronos be thinking?
Eliza the Masculine.png Hm. Probably something along the lines of "that very talented Viking warrior ALSO touched the ridiculous wall paintings that let her hear dragon thoughts"!
Eliza the Masculine.png At least I can use my new abilities to become more powerful...unlike a certain spineless Trainer I know! Now, let's try to get out of here in one piece.

Copper Dragon Icon.png (Hullo humans--)
Eliza the Masculine.png AAHHHH! I CAN HEAR IT IN MY HEAD!
Ned.png Don't mind her-- Wait, dragons aren't calling us "Scaleless" anymore?
Copper Dragon Icon.png (Oh, some of us do, but we're not s'posed to anymore now that Grolim's in charge. He says it's disrespectful.)
Copper Dragon Icon.png (Anyway, haven't you two got any treats for me? I've been working in the mines all day, and if I can't have a treat, at least gimme a battle!)
Ned.png H-Hold on - who's Grolim?

Eliza the Masculine.png Ahem! Let me try this whole 'psychic communication' thing again... Hello, dragon, as you can see, I understand you perfectly, and--
Dark-Tech Dragon Icon.png (!#%^&((%%$#^)
Eliza the Masculine.png Huh--!? Did I do it wrong? I can barely tell what it's saying at all... Its thoughts are as jumbled as oatmeal on a stormy sea!
Ned.png I don't like this at all - this place, these dragons, OR that weird metaphor!

Ned.png that you? What are you doing with that dragon?
Otto the Dungeon Master.png Otto? I know no Otto. I am GROLIM, leader of the industrial capital of the world: Tyrantlandia!
Ned.png ...WHAT!?
Otto the Dungeon Master.png I do not detect a satisfactory level of simpering and groveling. I fear I'll have to sic one of my synthetic dragons on you!
Eliza the Masculine.png What HAVE you gotten us into, Ned?

Eliza the Masculine.png So, somehow, Chronos has sent you and me to a place that doesn't exist, ruled by a crazed Tyrant that looks exactly like your dungeon-crafting friend...
Ned.png Ugh... I wish Otto were really here. He always knows the right thing to say, or the best time for an awkward silence...
Zephujin Dragon Icon.png (Children! Are you unhurt? I was commanding the wind to move the smog clouds away when I saw your conflict with Grolim.)
Eliza the Masculine.png Commanding the wind? Hm! I was wondering whether the air had gotten clearer, or if I was simply relieved Ned was interrupted by a dragon god.
Zephujin Dragon Icon.png (It is difficult making sure we can all breathe...but it's a talent of mine, so I must do it. Would you kindly allow me to blow off steam with a battle?)

Ashkelon Dragon Icon.png (You. I know you. You were a friend of my parent - Molim.)
Ned.png "Were"? "Friend"? "Parent"? ... You mean the Ancient Dragon of Fire and Shadow? THAT Molim?
Ashkelon Dragon Icon.png (Oyar's flame! You're a nervous one. Yes, of course. And you are Ned of the Future...with a companion in tow.)
Eliza the Masculine.png "Companion" is pushing it. So is "in tow".
Ashkelon Dragon Icon.png (I have no time nor pity for human nonsense, but I owe you my parents' gratitude, so before we battle I will say one thing: "Seek Carnelia".)
Ned.png That's two things!

Eliza the Masculine.png Who is this "Molim" you mentioned, and "Carnelia"? And why did that dragon call you "Ned of the Future"? More importantly, when can I go home?!
Ned.png It's, uh...a lot to explain. Basically, I think we might be in the past, again, and chatting with the descendants of dragon gods that I met last time.
Ned.png But as for Carnelia...I'm just as lost as you are!
Hazmat Dragon Icon.png (Move along, humans! I've got to clean up all the toxic tar Ashkelon leaks, or I'll never hear the end of it from Grolim.)
Eliza the Masculine.png This Grolim fellow has his own personal dragon cleaning crew?! Intriguing...
Hazmat Dragon Icon.png (I say it's a bother! Every day there's more slime and sludge from Grolim's mines and factories... It's enough to make me want a battle!)

Otto the Dungeon Master.png You two! Have you seen that bothersome brute Ashkelon around? I have reason to believe it's been collaborating with Carnelia Carnage...
Eliza the Masculine.png Well, we just--
Ned.png N-Nope! Who the heck is ash-canyon? We're, uh, just a couple of mindless tourists! (Sorry, Eliza, but I don't trust this guy...)
Otto the Dungeon Master.png Well, no matter. I've bred this weaponized dragon specifically to target Vikings, so it will lead me to her in no time! Now, allow me to test it on YOU.
Eliza the Masculine.png (Wait - Carnelia is a VIKING?!)

Eliza the Masculine.png A Tyrant at war with a Viking, and all in the distant past...
Ned.png Ugh. A past like this doesn't give me much hope for the future. I just hope everything back home is still intact...
Mutant Dragon Icon.png (Battle me! Battle meeeee!)
Eliza the Masculine.png O-Okay?!
Mutant Dragon Icon.png (I used to be a Potion Dragon 'til I splashed around in that toxic lake - now I look AMAZING, and I can't wait to try my new powers!)
Ned.png Dad's gonna have a field day with this one...

Eliza the Masculine.png I can accept time travel, toxic mutants, et cetera... But what is a LOKI DRAGON doing here!?
Loki Dragon Icon.png (I seek your attention, child! And I offer this bit of advice: despite what anyone may say, trust Carnelia, even in the future.)
Loki Dragon Icon.png (Or not! You are, after all, masters of your own fate. Or perhaps I am your master! Who knows? The march of time is baffling, and you've made it more so.)
Loki Dragon Icon.png (I think you two deserve a bit of punishment for your chronological shenanigans. Just a bit!)
Ned.png But, i-it's not our fault, it was Chronos who sent us here! Ugh, never mind, I am NOT arguing with a Divine Dragon.

Eliza the Masculine.png MOTHER?! What are you doing here?! If this is about the blind date I stood up--
Gunhilda.png Odin bless ye, poor lost duckling - I ain't yer mother! Though If I DID have a daughter like ye, perhaps it'd make my work a little easier!
Gunhilda.png Now scoot! I'm tryin' ta make this wee dragon tell its boss to let me invade Tyrantlandia. If I were in charge, there'd be big changes!
Laser Hammer Dragon Icon.png (Loud ancient human, I am merely implying that my Lord Koth'ez might not approve of an "invasion"... )
Gunhilda.png Why shouldn't Koth'ez approve? It's a dragon, for sea's sakes! Ach - you two wide-eyed whelps are distracting me! Leave me be!

Eliza the Masculine.png We should find Carnelia again, and soon. I have a good feeling about her...
Ned.png You're just saying that because of your mommy issues... But I guess two big, scary-looking dragons did ALSO tell us the same thing.
Eliza the Masculine.png Oh, YOU'RE one to talk, little mister daddy issues--WHOA!!
Ned.png (sigh) Look, I know it's bad, you don't have to yell...
Eliza the Masculine.png No, you fool - look! There's an angry dragon on our tail!

Missile Dragon Icon.png (Target locked. Preparing to initiate Grolim's orders: exterminate!)
Eliza the Masculine.png Hmph! I suppose he's sending his dragon goons to attack us directly now. No more beating around the radioactive bush...
Eliza the Masculine.png Buck up, Neddie - it's time to fight! Or do you ALWAYS wear that expression around dragons?
Ned.png It's not that, it's just-- It feels weird that someone who looks just like Otto is doing all this awful stuff.
Eliza the Masculine.png I think your quiet friend might be hiding something from you. Trust me, I have a lot of experience on the subject.

Ned.png Don't get too close, Eliza - that Toxic Dragon is potent!
Toxic Dragon Icon.png (Is that any way to treat a creature who has simply come to check on your wellbeing?)
Eliza the Masculine.png Yeah, Ned, jeez. And don't patronize me! Also...what?
Toxic Dragon Icon.png (I come on behalf of Ashkelon to test your mettle. Ashkelon believes you are worthy of saving dragon-kind, but wants to make sure your hearts are true.)

Gunhilda.png Ahoy, you two! I see you've been busy dealing with Grolim's nonsense, eh? And pretty lamely at that!
Ned.png Hey...! We've been doing just fine!
Eliza the Masculine.png Is that an Elkhound Dragon? I thought they only lived far to the north, up by Vikolandia...
Gunhilda.png Little missy's a brainy one! Truth be told, the Vikings've just been blessed by a new tribe o' dragons callin' themselves the Northern Divines...
Gunhilda.png With our new power, I plan on overthrowin' the Tyrants and invading this land for the glory of Vikolandia! Care to join us, wee pups?
Gunhilda.png O' course, ye'll have to prove yerselves first! Eehehehehe!

Eliza the Masculine.png I love to be the bearer of bad news, but, Ned, I think we have to join forces with Carnelia.
Eliza the Masculine.png Aside from being a FAR superior mother figure to my own, I believe she's our only ticket to saving this place, and ourselves.
Ned.png I don't know... The Tyrants are really bad, but to side with you guys... I mean, Vikings invaded our homeland, and scared the pants off of me, NUMEROUS times.
Rust Dragon Icon.png ((cough cough) Excuse me, could you guys battle with me real quick? The water around here makes my body rust, so it's hard to move and get exercise...)
Ned.png ...In retrospect, I see your point about joining the Vikings and saving this place.

Gunhilda.png Oho, it's you again! I'd stop to gab, but this Geiger Dragon and I're markin' off radioactive bits o' land. Safety first, invasion second!
Eliza the Masculine.png Gunhild-- I mean, Carnelia! We'll join your cause, for Viking and dragon-kind!
Ned.png AND for, um, other people, too! Point is, we want to help you save the world... ANYTHING is better than this.
Gunhilda.png Ehehehe! That's great news, my little hatchlings! You're strong, and methinks you're hiding even stronger secrets! Now, let's have a celebratory battle!

Eliza the Masculine.png There's one thing that worries me (and you KNOW I am not prone to worry)...
Eliza the Masculine.png The Northern Divines disowned my people sometime between now, and the present... It was before my time, but now, maybe, I can fix it.
Ned.png Changing the past to affect the future? I don't know. That's risky...
Eliza the Masculine.png Neddy boy, I believe that's what we've been sent here to do anyway.
Northern Dragon Icon.png (Hm? Do you have a message for my Divines? Battle me first and then we'll talk. After all, to Northern Divines and Vikings, strength is everything!)

Otto the Dungeon Master.png That's enough! I'm sick of you two little mice running around and causing trouble! It's pure lunacy to even THINK of standing up to a Tyrant!
Otto the Dungeon Master.png The Viking uprising is meaningless! Tyrants will forever rule over people and dragon-kind! Even the Ancient Fire Dragons turned tail and fled...
Otto the Dungeon Master.png And my pathetic ancestor Delith was powerless when his precious Oyar left! NOBODY can dethrone me!
Ned.png Oh...Chronos above, I was the one who made this happen! I convinced the Ancient Fire Dragons to come to the present...and Grolim rose to power!
Ned.png I don't know how to fix my mistakes...or if they were even mistakes in the first place...but I can start by beating you, you jerk!
Eliza the Masculine.png Heh. Let's defeat this blowhard and pave the way for the rise of the Vikings!

Koth'ez Dragon Icon.png (Ned of the Future, and Eliza the Viking, I have been hearing tales of your exploits... I am Koth'ez, the lord of metal.)
Koth'ez Dragon Icon.png (My parent, Ik'ez, raised me to value humans and dragons as equals, but it's clear that Grolim has taken advantage of my beliefs, and of the land itself.)
Koth'ez Dragon Icon.png (Please, battle me so I may know you are worthy. If you defeat me, I will do anything I can to help, with dragon-kind by my side.)
Ned.png W-Well, uh...thank you, Koth'ez. We'll need all the help we can get if we want to stop Grolim's influence from messing up the future.

Artoba Dragon Icon.png (Excuse me, are you Ned? If you are, I want to thank you: the book of knowledge you gave my ancestor Yamad has taught me much.)
Ned.png O-Oh! Um, you're was just an old history book I had sitting around.
Artoba Dragon Icon.png (It gave me knowledge of the future. I am just one dragon, but, because we understand each other, I can share my knowledge...and help save our world.)
Artoba Dragon Icon.png (I will teach Carnelia, and I will accompany you to the future with my family. Whatever happens, I must protect this land's precious life...)
Eliza the Masculine.png I've got to hand it to you,'ve been remarkably composed for someone dealing with a world-altering prophecy.
Artoba Dragon Icon.png (Nobody can resist destiny. Also, nobody can resist a battle. How about one, before we get to work?)

True-Blue Challenge

Ned.png Arya -- there's trouble!
Arya.png Huh? Now? I was just about to gorge on the candy basket the Sweet Thistle Bunnies sent us as thanks for last year. And then sleep the whole day...
Ned.png That sounds... nice. But I just saw Brant sneaking into Mirage Woods -- and wherever Brant sneaks, trouble follows!
Arya.png Wellllll... *sigh* I guess that's true. Let's go make sure he isn't plotting our downfall. But then you have to leave me alone with my candy!
Ned.png In exchange for a springtime forest adventure with you? Sign me up!
Ned.png Oh-- She's already gone.

Brant.png WAAUGH! Dragon spit! You scared me!
Brant.png You're a weird sorta dragon, aren't you? Usually dragons aren't so interested in being my friend -- because I'm so scary, of course.
Brant.png But I GUESS I can let you travel with me. Your shiny tail will help light my way, so you get a pass.

Brant.png Arya?! What are YOU doing here? And Ned, aren't eerie forests like this too hardcore for you?
Arya.png ... ... *drool*
Ned.png Sorry, she's been distracted by this Sweetie Bunny Dragon ever since we got here.
Ned.png But that doesn't matter! We're here to put an end to your fiendish plans... whatever they are!

Brant.png That's right. Stay out of my way, fools! Now I can go back to finding bunnies... and my treasures.
Arya.png Huh? Did he say "treasures"? And what could he possibly want with the Mirage Woods bunnies?
Ned.png I knew he was up to something! We'd better stay on his trail.

Brant.png Now we can go deeper into the forest, just as planned.
Brant.png I appreciate your dedication to my cause, dragon. You'll get a cut of the profits -- I promise!

Brant.png NOW we're talking! I'm so excited to look for my bunny friends... Teehee!
Brant.png *ahem* Dragon, tell nobody about my giggling.
Brant.png Now... where did mom and dad hide those treasures...

Brant.png One bunny, two bunnies, three bunnies-- HEY! What did I tell you two about getting in my way?
Arya.png Pixie Dot Dragons love to party, so I'm surprised this one led us to you, ya little stinker.
Arya.png Whatever you're up to, we'll help the Pixie Dot Dragon get you out of its forest -- and back home where good little boys belong!

Brant.png That'll teach you! My faithful forest dragon and I are unstoppable!
Brant.png It knows the importance of my quest better than you two ever could! Now, begone!
Ned.png *sigh* He sure talks big for a little kid.

Brant.png I'm getting pretty sick of those big bullies popping up to disrupt my hunt.
Brant.png But you'll never get in my way, right? My trusty dragon steed?
Brant.png Look! Just now you've showed me the way! We've got more bunnies to find and treasures to seek.

Brant.png If I'm not mistaken, this is where the witch of the woods lives! My parents weren't fooling around when they arranged this hunt...
Brant.png Be wary, dragon friend. If we're gonna find all the springtime eggs my parents hid, we'll need to ask the witch's permission.
Brant.png What's that dumbfounded look for? You knew you were escorting me on my annual solstice egg-and-bunny hunt, right?

Brant.png Get away from the witch of the woods, you... you... interruptors!!! I must ask for its guidance!
Ned.png Wow....
Arya.png Pretty sure this Wood Witch Dragon just wants you to stop mucking around in its woods, Brant.

Brant.png I did it! I wonder... Was this the witch's test? If so, I passed with flying colors!
Brant.png Come on, dragon buddy -- we're in the clear to continue our hunt, with the witch's permission!
Arya.png Arrghh! Get back here, Brant!

Brant.png I can't understand why Ned and Arya keep getting in my way... Haven't they ever been on a springtime egg hunt before?
Brant.png The bunnies of Mirage Woods help your parents hide the eggs, and then you have to find them all, and get a prize.
Brant.png I mean, it's not rocket science! At least YOU understand, dragon. Now, let's keep looking.

Brant.png *sniff sniff* Do you smell that? There's something sweet in the air.
Brant.png Maybe it's the chocolate eggs... or that sparkling river... or the flowers and trees...
Brant.png Ahhh. This is my favorite time of year! There's nothing better than egg hunts in Mirage Woods.

Brant.png *sniff sniff* Ah-ha, so THAT'S what I was smelling -- a Caramel Dragon!
Ned.png Huh? How'd you know it was a Caramel Dragon? According to my dad's Codex, these creatures are super rare...
Arya.png Well, it DOES smell like Caramel-- Blech! But it tastes like a moldy purplemon.
Ned.png Stop licking the dragons, Arya!!!

Arya.png Ah-ha! I figured it out! The sweet part of the Caramel Dragon is its HORN! Tastes a bit lime-y, though...
Ned.png While you were busy figuring out how to lick our best battle strategy, we totally lost!
Brant.png Serves you two right for interrupting my innocent childhood lark-- I mean, my important mission!

Brant.png To be honest, dragon buddy, I'm getting a little upset.
Brant.png I only get to do my springtime egg hunt ONCE a year. It's very important to me, and Arya and Ned keep ruining it...
Brant.png But I can't tell them what I'm REALLY up to. They'll think I'm some weak little baby...!
Brant.png Hmph! All we can do is keep beating them up, and eventually they'll leave us alone.

Brant.png What's up, dragon? You seem excitable. Are you interested in this place?
Brant.png Don't tell me -- have we almost found all the bunnies and eggies?!
Brant.png Ooooo, I wonder how much candy I'll get? Maybe I'll even get a fluffy bunny of my own! I can't wait!

Brant.png Out of my way! I'm in the home stretch here!
Arya.png Sorry to do this, Brant, but unless you come clean and get out of the woods, we're gonna have to get the Pink Bloom Dragon to stop you and your friend!
Ned.png Blue Bloom Dragons like your friend there are subservient to Pink Bloom Dragons. That means it has to listen to what our dragon says.
Arya.png And our dragon says "Quit sneaking around!" ... probably.

Brant.png *s-sniff... sniffle...* W-Waahhhhhhh! *sob*
Arya.png Oh no, Brant! But, why are you crying? You won!
Brant.png Y-You two just won't let me enjoy my most favorite day of the year! The only day I can act like a kid! And find candy! And count bunnies!
Ned.png Arya, um... Maybe we should just let Brant go for now.

Brant.png *sniffle* Those losers... totally ruining my vibe... *hic* And now they know my secret!
Brant.png B-But I'm glad you stayed by my side, Blue Bloom Dragon -- even when we battled a dragon who always tells you what to do.
Brant.png Whatever! I won't listen to bigger kids OR grown-ups who boss me around. Today is MY day, and I'm gonna keep having fun!
Brant.png Let's head deeper into the woods. I know we're getting close to conquering our candy quest...

Brant.png Jackpot! We found where all the Mirage Bunnies live! They'll help us find the rest of the candy eggs, and get prizes from mom and dad.
Brant.png Blue Bloom Dragon, I suppose you've proven yourself worthy of sharing my chocolatey spoils...
Brant.png But first, let's complete our springtime egg hunt!

Brant.png AGAIN with you two?! Didn't your parents ever make an egg hunt for you? What do you have against them?!
Ned.png Actually, my dad's always been too preoccupied with dragons, and my mom passed away before I knew her...
Arya.png I ran away from home a long time ago...
Ned.png Oh-- Uh...
Arya.png But let's forget that, Brant! We realized we were being major jerks to you. For this battle, we'll just have fun! How does that sound?

Arya.png You did it, Brant! Now the Meadow Dragon will give you free rein in the woods to finish your egg hunt.
Ned.png And we'll even help out, if you want! I mean, neither of us has gone on a springtime egg hunt in a long time...
Brant.png I... I guess that's okay. And you won't tell ANYBODY about how I cried, or how much I love bunnies and candy?
Arya.png Our lips are sealed, kiddo. But for what it's worth, there's nothing wrong with any of that!

Brant.png We did it! I can't even imagine the size of the candy basket my parents are gonna make me...
Brant.png I... owe you all a debt of gratitude. Especially you, Blue Bloom Dragon. You never doubted me.
Arya.png By "debt of gratitude," do you mean a share of your candy spoils?
Ned.png Arya, you have your own candy basket! You're such a little kid, sometimes... but I guess there's nothing wrong with that!

Instagram / Facebook Interactive Story

Bursting from the portal, Eliza returns to present-day Dragolandia after her unexpected adventure with the Metal Ancients... but there is no time to waste!
She must fix the problems of the past and help pave the way for the rise of the Vikings!

Charging into Hogwin's home, Eliza demands that he listens to her warnings!
"We must unite, old man!" she bellows, panting as she tries to catch her breath. "And there is no time to wait! Together we must reclaim the honor of the Northern Divines to prevent a terrible future!"
"There is trouble up north in Midgarden," admits Hogwin, "but we must take our time to discover the true problem. Fools rush in—"
"NO!" Eliza insists, "we do not have time to wait! We must act now!"

Just as Hogwin is about to accept Eliza's plan and head out to look for the Northern Divines, a dark, draconic figure surprises them both by leaping out at them!
Eliza has no time to think, only react; what should she do in this situation?

Taking time to listen to the dragon, Eliza discovers its true identity.
"Come with me, Eliza!" says the Odin Dragon, speaking with her inside her mind.
"Where are we going?" asks Eliza, hoping to ask more before being whisked away by the Odin Dragon through another portal. She reappears in the midst of a dark forest, with Odin's final words lingering in her mind...
"There is precious little time to explain..."

Instagram Ending

As Eliza follows the cryptic, glowing runes that lead out of the forest she comes to a clearing, with the Great Yggdrasil Tree at its center!⁠
But it is clear that not all is right, this is not the Midgarden that Eliza remembers. As she ponders the changes, a futuristic version of the Odin Dragon enters the clearing.⁠
"It is time for the Nordic Divines to leave this earth," says Chrono Odin, "we have seen the power of the Tyrants and the destruction they will cause. They are just too powerful, and we Nordic Dragons must save our kind."⁠

Facebook Ending

Eliza follows the route deeper into the dark forest, hoping to find herself some fortune. But as she grabs at the Gems and Gold pieces that litter the forest floor, they vanish into thin air!
With each attempt she becomes increasingly frustrated, grabbing at the disappearing treasure. It isn't until Eliza takes a breather that she realizes just how focused she had been on her greed... and that she had no idea whereabouts she was. The forest's dark and winding paths had gotten her lost!
Eventually she arrives at a clearing in the forest and spots a chest at its center.
"Finally!" she bellows, "the reward I've been searching for!"
However, as she creaks open the treasure chest, her heart sinks with disappointment, since all that was inside was a note with a simple message: "My trick to lure you deeper into the forest worked! Good luck escaping!"
Eliza begins to panic, which trickster had fooled her with greed and temptation? And how would she ever escape the forest...?

Time Rift IV

A Chilly Redemption

Eliza the Masculine.png You've got to LISTEN to me, mother! When Chronos sent me to this land's past, I saw firsthand what our future could be!
Gunhilda.png What nonsense are you spouting, girl? Your rambling sounds like a desperate ploy to get out of the VERY respectable blind date I set for you!
Eliza the Masculine.png RRRGH! MOM, we MUST regain our favor with the Northern Divines in order to stand a chance against the Tyrants when they return!
Gunhilda.png Feh! Beg to beasts when we could be doubling our conquering efforts? What a colossal waste of--
Thor Dragon Icon.png (Come with me, you petty, squabbling humans! There is precious little time to explain.)

Gunhilda.png Un-claw us, you stinky beast! Where in the seven seas have you taken me and my useless daughter?!
Eliza the Masculine.png *SIGH* Mother, this is Midgarden, where the Northern Divines live. Though it looks STRIKINGLY different since I saw it last.
Eliza the Masculine.png Everything is all jumbled up. What's happened here, Thor Dragon?
Gunhilda.png Eh? You're talking to that dragon as though you understand it! Finally lost your marbles, have you?
Thor Dragon Icon.png (Your parent is as annoying as a hungry dragonfly, Eliza. Come, follow me -- you will understand in due time.)

Chrono Loki Dragon Icon.png (You shouldn't have come here, but I'm happy you did. Now we get to have some fun before Midgarden disappears from this world!)
Eliza the Masculine.png Midgarden will disappear?! Hmph! You're not the Loki Dragon I remember if you think that'll happen!
Thor Dragon Icon.png (That's right -- it's different from the Loki Dragon we know. As annoying as our Loki is, this one is even worse...!)

Chrono Loki Dragon Icon.png (A rousing battle! You may have beat me this time, but you won't stop the rest of the Chronosian Divines!)
Chrono Loki Dragon Icon.png (We'll lift the Great Tree and all of Midgarden up into the heavens. It's all a little grave for me, but your Earth has become too troublesome.)
Chrono Loki Dragon Icon.png (It's for the best, you see! We know of the destruction the Tyrants will cause. We must ensure our safety...)
Eliza the Masculine.png So it's true, then! What I learned in the past is true! The Tyrants will return with more power than ever before!

Eliza the Masculine.png Do you believe me now, Mother? We must convince ALL the Northern Divines to stay and unite against the Tyrants...
Eliza the Masculine.png Or they'll turn our world into a nightmare! I'm talking FAR worse than the mandatory traditional Viking dance lessons you wanted to impose!
Gunhilda.png For all I know, you could be playing one of your little pretend games -- remember how you used to do that? Your best friend was a pebble named Peebo.
Eliza the Masculine.png MOM! Can we PLEASE just listen to the god dragons?!

Eliza the Masculine.png Ugh. I'd recognize this stench anywhere -- we're in Hel's Swamp. If one can call this maze of disintegrating wetlands a swamp...
Gunhilda.png What, suddenly you're a dragon swamp expert? A tip from your mother: Don't lead with that on your blind date.
Eliza the Masculine.png Mother, did you conveniently forget that one time I nearly won a tournament right here in Midgarden?
Gunhilda.png "NEARLY," my dear, is the key word!

Eliza the Masculine.png Be careful, mother -- the Hel Dragon will take your soul if you keep loudly and incessently nagging!
Gunhilda.png Don't you lecture me on my own patron Divines, whelp! I know very well what the Hel Dragon is -- it punishes unruly little girls like you!
Hel Dragon Icon.png (...)

Hel Dragon Icon.png (Now that I have seen your strength, Vikings, my mind is somewhat soothed.)
Hel Dragon Icon.png (The Chronosian Divines are more powerful than any soul I have ever encountered. I understand their actions, but we cannot let them win.)
Hel Dragon Icon.png (Perhaps my kin were too quick to denounce your people... Perhaps what the world needs, once more, is a wily Viking savior.)
Gunhilda.png Are we done here, Eliza? The stench is worse than your brother Olaf's sock drawer.

Eliza the Masculine.png We're on to something, I know it. The Thor Dragon and Hel Dragon are already on our side -- we can convince the rest to join us!
Gunhilda.png I still say this is a fool's errand. Bargaining with dragons is a waste! They're swayed by treats, a good head thwomp, and little else!
Eliza the Masculine.png I've learned that dragons are far smarter than you may give them credit for, Mother... If only you could actually listen.
Gunhilda.png Hmph... Well, lead on if you're so smart.

Gunhilda.png Ah! Look, over there!
Eliza the Masculine.png What? More trouble?
Gunhilda.png No, no, it's a longhouse there in that tree. And lookout towers! Just like the village I grew up in as a girl...
Gunhilda.png I remember running up and down those towers, staring at the sea, and dreaming of the places I'd explore. I suppose I've reached the final frontier...
Eliza the Masculine.png ... I'm sure that little girl you used to be would be proud of you, Mom.

Thor Dragon Icon.png (We've come across a very old type of dragon. These cousins of mine originated in the ancient past, when your human Tyrants first seized power.)
Eliza the Masculine.png Could it have come through a time portal?
Thor Dragon Icon.png (Perhaps. Maybe it arrived the same way the Chronosian Divines did. Either way, it must hold valuable information. Let's battle it!)
Eliza the Masculine.png Hmph! Couldn't have said it better myself!

Eliza the Masculine.png Look at this -- the Rune Tech Dragon's got circuitry on its underbelly...
Rune Tech Dragon Icon.png (Hehehe! Stop! That tickles!)
Eliza the Masculine.png I know of a certain tech expert who can examine this when we're back on Earth. I'll get Ned to call on Otto... IF he can be trusted!

Gunhilda.png You know...
Eliza the Masculine.png I know what?
Gunhilda.png You've become fairly capable, Eliza. I'll admit, I'm impressed by your abilities. You're... ALMOST as strong as I was at your age.
Eliza the Masculine.png Err... Thanks, Mother. I think.

Gunhilda.png Ahh, feel that unbearable heat? All this magma reminds me of your poor late father.
Eliza the Masculine.png Why on earth is that?
Gunhilda.png When the old codger tried to tell me I wasn't seaworthy, I pushed him right in to--!!! Er, I mean... he was hot?
Eliza the Masculine.png I'm going to pretend I never heard any of this.

Eliza the Masculine.png Heimdall Dragon! Forgive our past transgressions and join our fight against tyranny!
Thor Dragon Icon.png (... Well-spoken as that was, human, Heimdall cannot hear you. It's far too focused on listening across dimensions for more signs of danger.)
Thor Dragon Icon.png (It is a mighty task my cousin has undertaken... but we might be able to snap it out of it with a rousing battle!)

Heimdall Dragon Icon.png (Urgh... my head... I thank you for bringing me back to our present reality. I hate to say it, but I am truly overtaxed...)
Heimdall Dragon Icon.png (I feel I can no longer adequately protect Midgarden. But... despite everything, I do feel I can trust you Vikings to do the right thing...)
Heimdall Dragon Icon.png (Am I correct? Can I put my trust in you, our allies of yore? If so, I will lend you my remaining power.)
Eliza the Masculine.png For the first time in history, I vow that you can trust us!

Eliza the Masculine.png How are you faring, Mother? We're nearing the top of the Great Tree, and the going will only get more difficult...
Gunhilda.png Don't pity me, child! I'll get this over with and return to my Dragolandia-reconquering efforts in no time!
Eliza the Masculine.png *sigh* I wish I could make you understand -- we need to stand TOGETHER with the Dragolandians, insufferable as they are!!!
Eliza the Masculine.png I know that "listening" is your one weak point, Mother, but you'll need to do it if we want these powerful dragons on our side!

Gunhilda.png Now THIS is interesting. It seems the laws of gravity don't even apply up here! I'm starting to appreciate the power of these Chronosian Divines...
Gunhilda.png To do THIS to the Great Tree is... well, I didn't think it possible. And I think of everything!
Eliza the Masculine.png NOW do you see how serious this is?! I swear, Mother--
Gunhilda.png Hush! Do you hear that...? A faint, sad roaring on the wind... Let's find out what it is, and beat it up!

Eliza the Masculine.png O-Odin Dragon! I... *gulp* I allied with you once in the past! You recognized my power! I-If you remember anything at all, I--
Thor Dragon Icon.png (Speak with confidence, human!!! Be like a dragon, and show no fear! Our foe is strong, but we are tenacious!)
Gunhilda.png Speak up, child! You are a Viking, and fearlessness is in your blood! This dragon is strong, but we're stronger!
Gunhilda.png Eh? Why is the Thor Dragon looking at me like that?

Thor Dragon Icon.png (Chronosian Odin -- if you ARE Odin -- was that you making that mournful cry? Why? Aren't you getting exactly what you want?)
Chrono Odin Dragon Icon.png (My whole life has been a glorious search for knowledge... but I've been altered. Every bit of knowledge has been programmed into my brain by Tyrants.)
Chrono Odin Dragon Icon.png (I can wonder and ponder no longer. I am cursed with knowing all, cursed to be a knowledge base for the Tyrants.)
Eliza the Masculine.png Wh-What did you say? The TYRANTS did this to you?! Just what are they capable of?!

Chrono Odin Dragon Icon.png (Human child, I can only offer you what I have in my database: Chronosian Divines like me are simply the Divines you already know, but changed forever.)
Chrono Odin Dragon Icon.png (In the future I am from, the Tyrants captured us and altered us with their technology. They sent us through time rifts to create havoc.)
Chrono Odin Dragon Icon.png (It shames me to admit: We are afraid of the Tyrants. This is why we wish to retreat with our homeland far into the heavens...)
Eliza the Masculine.png Odin Dragon, if you join us, I promise you we can crush the Tyrants and undo all this damage--
Chrono Odin Dragon Icon.png (My database doesn't support this claim. But I am not the one you must convince. Go, further up the Great Tree...)

Eliza the Masculine.png This is the seat of the Odin Dragon, if I remember right. But who could be here now? Whoever they are, they'll HAVE to listen to me...
Gunhilda.png ...
Eliza the Masculine.png Mother? It's PAINFULLY strange for you of all people to be at a loss for words.
Gunhilda.png I'm just thinking; perhaps I'll cancel your blind date...

Chrono Frigg Dragon Icon.png (Grrrrgh! Leave me be, you fools! You must let me concentrate--)
Eliza the Masculine.png Chronosian Frigg Dragon, I know that you can see the fate of all things! Please, listen to me and your old comrades--
Chrono Frigg Dragon Icon.png (I said LEAVE ME BE!!!)

Chrono Frigg Dragon Icon.png (... I've been wracking my brain in the private solace of the Great Tree... trying to find any fate... in any timeline or dimension... where the Tyrants lose.)
Chrono Frigg Dragon Icon.png (I think -- maybe, just MAYBE -- I have found that single fate right here.)
Chrono Frigg Dragon Icon.png (I thank you for defeating me. I hope you don't prove me wrong, humans -- my whole family is at stake.)
Eliza the Masculine.png Er. Mine, too...

Chrono Odin Dragon Icon.png (Humans -- we have put a stop to our escape efforts. You've convinced us. We will stay, ally with you and our past selves, and fight the Tyrants.)
Chrono Frigg Dragon Icon.png (As of this moment, the ancient bond between the Northern Divines and the Vikings has been re-established!)
Eliza the Masculine.png *SIGH* Oh, thank CHRONOS! For a moment there I didn't think it would work out! Now we can-- Huh? Mom? Are you... crying?
Gunhilda.png *sniffle* Don't look at me! I got a glob of dragon spit in my eye is all!
Gunhilda.png You've turned out very different from me, Eliza. Maybe that difference will change the world... or at least land you a better date.

Dragon Board

Professor Hogwin.png Summertime! When Dragolandia heats up, it's time to gather 'round and tell spooky stories. The chills down our spines will cool us right down!
Ned.png That's all well and good, Dad. But, uh, where ARE we?! Last thing I remember was a Familiar Dragon offering us some sort of sweet juice...
Professor Hogwin.png Ahh, yes! The witches of Numa must have sent their trusty Familiar Dragon to deliver an illusion potion!
Professor Hogwin.png This will make our "10 Scary Battles" game all the more interesting. If we can spook our battle buddies, they'll give us ingredients for an antidote!
Professor Hogwin.png Here, I'll show you how it's played... by telling this Crone Dragon a horror tale!
Professor Hogwin.png I call it... "The Day the Fruit Trees Stood Still"...

Professor Hogwin.png Do try to stop trembling, my son. The witches mean no REAL harm -- and I'm sure the potion will wear off EVENTUALLY.
Ned.png You really worry me, Dad...
Professor Hogwin.png No need to worry. Why, look, the Crone Dragon gave us some pungent Claw Wart! Perfect for a potion.
Ned.png I... I hope it doesn't taste as bad as it looks... and smells.
Professor Hogwin.png Arya, my dear girl! Why don't you try telling this Nightmare Dragon a spooky yarn? It doesn't look like it scares easily!
Arya.png Sounds fun, Professor! Get ready for "The Cask of Spoiled Milk"...!

Professor Hogwin.png Delightful -- some dried Royal Grub Dust! And just in time... it seems as though we have some visitors of great import.
Professor Hogwin.png Even the soul-stealing Hel Dragon and its envoy have left the swamp to play "10 Scary Battles"!
Arya.png Ned? You've gone white as a sheet... Don't tell me the Hel Dragon already stole your soul?
Ned.png N-no, I'm just remembering how awful its swamp smelled... Which gives me an idea!
Ned.png Okay, Envoy Dragon, Hel Dragon, get ready for my story: "The Stench of Olaf"!

Professor Hogwin.png We got a very fine gift from our Divine friends: Thorny Death Bloom! Take care when you touch it...
Ned.png S-s-s-speaking of--!
Professor Hogwin.png Oh, Ned, don't fear the Reaper Dragon! See those gorgeous roses adorning its back? There is beauty even in fear.
Professor Hogwin.png Ah-ha! Perhaps this is the perfect opportunity to tell the tale of the haunted Royal Fig garden!
Professor Hogwin.png It's called... "The Tale of the Haunted Royal Fig Garden"!

Professor Hogwin.png Our spoils from the last battle seem to be Heedless Grapes! They'll be a fine garnish for our potion, but eat them slowly, or your tongue will burn!
Professor Hogwin.png And right on time -- a Revelry Dragon has shown up to the party! It's said these dragons are responsible for some pretty wild jamborees.
Professor Hogwin.png Yes, indeed... Numa's witches sure knew how to party.
Ned.png H-how do you know that--?
Arya.png In THAT case, how about an urban legend I once heard... "Dancing with the Demonic Dragon"!

Professor Hogwin.png Mmm! Some Heavenly Swamp Salts! These sure pack a punch... Here, Ned, have a smell!
Ned.png G-G-G-G-G-G-G--
Professor Hogwin.png Erm. What's that, my boy? "Good"? I'm not certain that's the adjective I'd use, but...
Arya.png Way to go, Ned! Your ear-piercing scream totally scared the plants right off that Gloom Lady Dragon!

Professor Hogwin.png How odd. The Gloom Lady Dragon gave us one of its clovers and simply retreated. I've never heard of THIS being used in a potion...
Professor Hogwin.png Perhaps potions have changed since the time I was a young man. I wouldn't be too surprised!
Ned.png Dad, did you, like, used to party with witches...?
Arya.png Say, Professor, maybe the Briar Dragon will give us one of its thistles if we tell it a scary enough story?
Professor Hogwin.png Let's find out! I'll be reciting an old favorite: "The Young Professor and the Witch's House Party"!
Ned.png Oh, come on!

Professor Hogwin.png Seems that Briar Dragon did indeed give us one of its thistles. Fascinating! I can't wait to discover its magical properties...
Professor Hogwin.png And just in time: It seems our friendly Familiar Dragon wants its own scary story.
Professor Hogwin.png Perhaps afterwards it will help us mix our illusion antidote potion! Although I'm certain I remember a few details of the recipe myself...!
Ned.png (Hey, Arya, don't you think it's a little strange how much my dad seems to know about witches? And, like, BEING a witch?)
Arya.png (Hmm... not especially! I mean, Hogwin is a professor -- shouldn't he know tons of stuff?)
Ned.png ... Fine. This one is called "My Dad: The Secret Witch"!

Professor Hogwin.png That last tale was truly special, Ned! A real spine-tingler. Did you come up with that one on the spot?
Ned.png ... ... Never mind that -- why won't the Familiar Dragon give us our potion?!
Professor Hogwin.png I've been wondering the same thing. Perhaps we haven't quite finished the witches' game yet! What else might they have in store for us?
Arya.png Well, battling this Darkfire Dragon for starters. This one looks like it's gonna be a hard scare!
Professor Hogwin.png Hm?! A Darkfire Dragon... Why, a Darkfire Dragon was my erstwhile companion, back in my youth. Could this be merely coincidence?
Professor Hogwin.png Much like witches, this dragon is feared without reason. I would love a chance to battle it once more!

Professor Hogwin.png It seems the Darkfire Dragon has led us here... to find a Capricorn Dragon?! Why, this was your mother's...
Ned.png Dad, you're doing a really bad job of being sneaky. If you used to run with witches, just tell me now -- or wait till I'm older!
Professor Hogwin.png Sharp as a tack, my boy! I wasn't sure the best way to tell you... and I can't help but wonder if this is a special greeting from my old friends.
Professor Hogwin.png In fact, as you might have guessed, I met your mother... Well, no, that's a story for another time. But I promise I will tell you, Ned.
Professor Hogwin.png And I might even add a few spooky embellishments, just for fun!
Arya.png All right, you two; enough with the chitchat -- we've got a dragon to battle and a spooky tale to tell! Let's put our heads together and think of one...!

Origin of Water

Dragon Board

Tropic Dragon Icon.png (Welcome to the Endless Sea, strange ones! We don't usually see creatures like you anymore. How lucky for me! )
Ned.png Um, th-thank you, but that sounds pretty ominous... Did Chronos send me to the past again, or is this a whole other planet?!
Arya.png What sounds ominous? Wait, Ned... are you... actually TALKING to that dragon?
Ned.png A-Arya?! What are you doing here?! Don't tell me you followed me to the past...?
Arya.png I had to do something! You've been acting so WEIRD, Ned! But this is on a whole other level...!
Tropic Dragon Icon.png (Your kind sure are talkative. I hear you're good at battling, though! I'd love to find out for myself!)

Ned.png I'm so lost. That Tropic Dragon said this place is called the "Endless Sea," but if Chronos sent us to the past... Well, where in the past did it send us?
Arya.png So, Chronos has been sending you back in time! But why YOU, Ned? I thought you were terrified of dragons -- you always have been.
Ned.png W-well, I still am, SORT OF, but--
Angler Dragon Icon.png (Hello. You two look pretty tasty. Glad I crawled out of the sea in time to meet you!)
Ned.png EEEEK!!!

Arya.png That's the Neddy I know -- jumping straight out of his Cowpoke Dragonhide boots at the very sight of wings and fangs!
Ned.png Arya, quit it!
Arya.png ... Huh?
Ned.png I might still be afraid -- heck, I might ALWAYS be afraid -- but Chronos chose ME, for whatever reason. S-so please don't treat me like a kid...!
Arya.png ...
Aquatic Dragon Icon.png (So it's true what they say about humans: loud and so rowdy! Always fighting! If I send you two packing, I'm sure I'll be rewarded.)

Ned.png Um... Arya, I'm sorry I yelled at you earlier. I'm pretty confused, and the dragons here act weird...
Arya.png No, Ned! It's okay. You were right... I didn't really think about your feelings. You know, I'm pretty confused, too...
Ned.png Heh, I guess we're in the same boat then, for once.
Deep Light Dragon Icon.png (Humans?! What are you two doing? You shouldn't be here! I thought there were almost none of you left...)
Deep Light Dragon Icon.png (What to do...? Ah-ha! Quick, before somedragon reports to Baha'jir, let's make it look like you were battling me!)
Ned.png W-wait! Who is Baha'jir? And why don't I like the sound of it?!

Arya.png *sigh* I wish I could understand what the dragons are saying... I thought becoming a Dragon Master would help, but--!
Ned.png You've got me around for that! Honestly, though, all I can gather is that they really don't seem to want us here...
Ned.png And they're telling us to watch out for someone -- or something -- called Baha'jir...
Arya.png "Baha'jir"? Is that a person, do you think? You did mention meeting some pretty interesting folks in the ancient past.
Oi'ra Dragon Icon.png (To think of the mighty Baha'jir as a mere human! Laughable! I should whip up a storm and send you two right back to the bottom of the Dragon's Throat Whirlpool!)
Oi'ra Dragon Icon.png (I, Oi'ra, dragon of raging sea storms and disciple of Baha'jir, will keep troublesome humans where they belong: at the bottom of the Endless Sea!)

Arya.png Earth to Ned? You look pale as a Cloud Dragon! I know it must've been bad, but you gotta tell me what that dragon Oi'ra said to you!
Ned.png I-it... *gulp* it hinted at why there are no other humans around. According to Oi'ra, people like us are all "at the bottom of the sea"... under that huge whirlpool.
Ned.png And it seems like whoever this Baha'jir is, it wants us to STAY down there!
Arya.png WHAT?! That's horrible! There's no WAY dragons would do that to humans! Unless...
Spinefin Dragon Icon.png (Maybe humans aren't as dumb as I thought -- Baha'jir said they can't think straight, but this one's trying to figure out why we exiled them!)
Ned.png ... I'm not gonna translate. I think this dragon's just overdue for a good Arya-style battle.

Arya.png We have to get more info on just what's going on here! Ned, c'mon, go talk to that dragon over there.
Ned.png B-but--! *sigh*
Ned.png Um, hey there. We're wondering why you guys sorta exiled all humanity to the bottom of the sea? S-sorry, bit of an abrupt request.
Yellow Crown Dragon Icon.png (Hmph! That's an easy one -- with your stinking machines and factories, your kind were ruining our world! So, Baha'jir flooded it.)
Yellow Crown Dragon Icon.png (All the smog made my lovely coral crown shrivel up. It's back to normal now... but I'm still not over it! Now, I hope you won't get over this battle!)

Arya.png Ned? You okay...?
Ned.png This Baha'jir... it FLOODED Dragolandia because of what the Tyrants did...! Th-this is horrible!
Ned.png I tried to fix things last time, but here everything's worse than before. Or better? And what does it mean for OUR time?!
Arya.png You've always thought so hard about stuff, Ned. Sometimes TOO hard! I think Chronos knows what it's doing... and we'll figure out just how to help.
Arya.png Besides, can't you understand what the dragons are thinking? I mean, if I could do that, too...
Ned.png I WISH you could! Then YOU'D be the one dealing with that unhappy Leviathan Dragon who wants a piece of us!

Submarine Dragon Icon.png (Are you the humans everyone's been gabbing about? I'm supposed to take you down the whirlpool to be with the other humans -- on behalf of Ho'mala.)
Submarine Dragon Icon.png (Frankly, I'm surprised you even made it to the surface. That's a whole lot of swimming for weak creatures like you!)
Ned.png J-just hold on a second! Who's Ho'mala? Is it anything like Baha'jir? And if so, can I opt out of meeting it?
Arya.png Don't look so worried, Ned! I might not be able to speak dragon... but I can speak "battles" -- and I think this dragon is looking for just that!
Submarine Dragon Icon.png (Ooh? What's this? Maybe you humans aren't as weak as I thought! Let's battle!)

Ho'mala Dragon Icon.png (... ... ... )
Arya.png WOW! Check this dragon OUT, Ned! It looks so FANCY! Can you ask it if it wants to battle? Heh, it probably already does.
Ho'mala Dragon Icon.png (... *blush*)
Ned.png Uh, this one's not super-talkative, believe it or not.
Ho'mala Dragon Icon.png (I am not supposed to be here. I, Ho'mala, rule over the bottom of the sea. But when I heard of you two, my curiosity overcame me...)
Ho'mala Dragon Icon.png (I have a special feeling about you humans. You are strong, smart, and kind. I would like to battle you... before I get in trouble with Baha'jir.)

Ned.png So that last dragon we battled was Ho'mala -- the one who APPARENTLY rules over... humans like us, trapped at the bottom of the ocean.
Arya.png I can't believe it! I just can't believe there was a time where people and dragons didn't get along...
Ned.png Speaking of, there's a dragon over there, giving us the stink-eye, but...
Ned.png It's weird. I can't hear this one talking in my head like with the other dragons we've met. Maybe it's... shy?
Arya.png It sure doesn't LOOK shy! I'd know that body language anywhere -- this dragon's looking for a battle.

Ned.png ACK!!! A-Arya, it's coming right at me, and I don't know what it's thinking!
Ned.png It's got claws... EVERYWHERE!!!
Arya.png It's okay, Ned! I can tell it's just looking for some treats. Even in an age like this, dragons still love their fruit. That NEVER changes!
Ned.png Oh... Y'know, Arya, you can tell what a dragon is thinking just as well as I can. And you didn't need any weird magic prophecy to do it.
Arya.png Ha, well, that's sort of a relief...! N-not that I was jealous or anything!
Arya.png ANYWAY, this Coco Crab Dragon TOTALLY wants to battle -- so let's dispense with the chit-chat and get on with it!

Arya.png Any luck with this one, Ned? Can you hear it?
Ned.png No... I can't. This is bad, Arya!
Ned.png How are we supposed to save our future and defeat the Tyrants when we don't even know how to get the dragons on our side?!
Arya.png It's okay -- dragons can tell when somebody wants to help. We need to have faith in them, too!
Arya.png This Narwhale Dragon seems like it wants to lead us somewhere... I bet it'll help us after an entertaining battle!

Poseidon Dragon Icon.png (Ah, good, I see you've found me! I've been looking for you, little humans!)
Arya.png Poseidon Dragon! I remember you from when Professor Hogwin and I went to Mount Dragolympus, and kicked Rathorn's butt!
Poseidon Dragon Icon.png (Hmm? Erm... perhaps you are confusing me with some other Poseidon Dragon? There are no humans on Mount Dragolympus, but...)
Poseidon Dragon Icon.png (My kind are very keen to ally with yours... You interest us. We're no longer content to see humans waste away at the bottom of the sea.)
Poseidon Dragon Icon.png (But we needed to make sure there were still humans who were pure of heart -- fine warriors and smart thinkers. Please battle me so I might know!)
Ned.png Arya, I know you can't understand what it's saying -- but I can! And I guarantee you'd be happy about it!

Ned.png I wonder why I can't understand some dragons, but hear others just fine. Like the Poseidon Dragon... it had a lot to say about helping us.
Ned.png If only the Ancient Dragons here could feel the same way...
Momo'tu Dragon Icon.png (...? Hello? You... hear me?)
Ned.png Huh?! Uh, yeah, I can hear you! Do you... need help?
Momo'tu Dragon Icon.png (I Momo'tu. I make land... for humans. And dragons! We live... together. Someday! On Momo'tu's islands...!)
Momo'tu Dragon Icon.png (Momo'tu... is new. But Momo'tu understands you... because I open heart to humans. I... Momo'tu... want to play with humans, too!)

Arya.png If that battle with Momo'tu was anything to go by, it seems like we DO have some tried and true allies here!
Ned.png I guess we do. I wonder if Momo'tu will eventually remake the Dragolandian archipelago... Or if it's already started!
Sandcastle Dragon Icon.png (You humans talkin' about Momo'tu? I advise you to keep your voices down, or Baha'jir might hear you and put a stop to it!)
Sandcastle Dragon Icon.png (Momo'tu has been a big help to us dragons who like to live on land. Not every dragon wants an endless sea, after all!)
Sandcastle Dragon Icon.png (So I guess you and me are kind of alike. Say, do ya like to battle as much as I do?)

Ned.png So Momo'tu HAS been making islands on the Endless Sea... against this Baha'jir's wishes. I had no idea dragon politics were so brutal...
Arya.png You're telling me! I bet everyone would get along a lot better if we all just remembered the staples of human-dragon relations...
Ned.png Let me guess... battles and fruit?
Sea Turtle Dragon Icon.png (Hm? Whazzat? You young humans say somethin' about battles and fruit? Well, what're you waiting for?)

Ned.png Huh... Arya, do you hear that...?
Arya.png You mean the relaxing roar of the waves? 'Cuz I could get used to it!
Ned.png N-no, it's like... something's calling me to the water...
Siren Dragon Icon.png (Come to the ocean, human... Let me... take you down... deep down...!)
Arya.png Hey! That Siren Dragon's acting real fishy! Stand back, Ned -- sometimes a good battle solves everything!

Pirate Dragon Icon.png (Say, you two the humans everydragon's been whispering about? Rumor has it you've got the Ancients all in a hubbub!)
Ned.png Is that... a good thing?
Pirate Dragon Icon.png (Couldn't rightly tell ya. All I know is that, er, Baha'jir wants to see you two. I'll take you to Baha'jir, but first...)
Pirate Dragon Icon.png (Do y'think I could battle ya? Everydragon's saying you're great at it, and I hear there's nothin' like battling a Trainer!)

Melusine Dragon Icon.png (Ah, the humans are here. I do so enjoy your kind. I also enjoy my own kind, so I'm at a bit of an impasse.)
Melusine Dragon Icon.png (Lucky for you two, I can translate your thoughts to Baha'jir. It's closed its heart off to humans and can no longer hear your wishes.)
Melusine Dragon Icon.png (But you've made such a splash here, I can tell our Ancient leader is intrigued...)
Melusine Dragon Icon.png (Anyway, you'll have to battle me before I take you to your final trial!)

Ned.png H-holy Chronos... THIS is Baha'jir?!
Arya.png HEY! You! Listen up: I know we humans are messy, and sometimes we get things wrong, but YOU'RE not perfect either! We've got to work together!
Ned.png ARYA! W-what she means, is... Baha'jir, there's a whole future that's in danger... f-for both humans AND dragons. We'd, um, we'd love your... help.
Baha'jir Dragon Icon.png (... ... ... )
Arya.png Go on, Ned. Tell Baha'jir what else we'd love. Don't worry. Between me, you, and all the dragons we've met, I'm sure it'll understand.
Ned.png O-o-okay... We'd... also love to share some fruit with you, a-and a battle.

Dragon Board

Arya.png *GULP* Oh, we're back here again? I figured the witches were done with us, but I'm always up for a game!
Ned.png Arya!!! I TOLD you to stop drinking potions, and to keep them out of my breakfast cereal!
Arya.png I'm sorry, Ned... but how could anyone resist taking a sip from a potion offered by a Potion Dragon?
Professor Hogwin.png Well, for better or worse, we're back in the illusory realm of witchery...
Professor Hogwin.png And if our dragon opponents are any indication, things may be of a more whimsical nature than last time!

Professor Hogwin.png A Light Dragon and Moth Dragon -- the perfect combination!
Professor Hogwin.png Hmm... If my theory is correct... Last time we told scary stories to our dragon friends, so this time...
Professor Hogwin.png Ned, Arya, can you think of any fond summer memories when you look at these two dragons?
Ned.png A light and a moth...
Ned.png I remember sitting outside while the sun set, reading a book with a lantern nearby... When it got dark, moths would quietly flutter around...
Ned.png D-did that memory work?

Arya.png That was a nice memory you mentioned last battle, Ned. It made me feel so peaceful!
Professor Hogwin.png Indeed -- it seems like these dragons are seeking out stories of summer. Arya, does anything come to mind when you see these two?
Arya.png Lumiplant and Firestorm Dragon... Sure!
Arya.png I remember wandering away from a dying campfire as a kid, looking for more firewood...
Arya.png I got lost, but a Lumiplant Dragon guided me through the dark woods and led me back home! There sure is something magical about a summer night...

Ned.png *sniff* *sniff* Do you guys smell smoke...?
Arya.png I love the smell of a fire on a warm summer night!
Professor Hogwin.png And where there's smoke, there's often... Smoke Dragons! But this one's not alone. Oh my, the sight of a Firestar Dragon is so nostalgic!
Professor Hogwin.png As far back as I can remember, Dragolandians have set off fireworks on summer nights...
Professor Hogwin.png But we weren't always good at it. Why, these dragons remind me of a particular fireworks show that went awry! I was so young then...!
Professor Hogwin.png But can you really call yourself "young" if you don't sabotage at least one celebration with your rowdy dragon pack? Hoho!

Ned.png Sounds like you were kinda wild as a kid, Dad... I couldn't be more different. I was always afraid of fireworks!
Ned.png But when I see dragons like this, it reminds me of the first time I sat through an entire fireworks show without getting scared...
Professor Hogwin.png I remember that well, my boy! It was a peaceful dark night, as deep and dark as that Midnight Dragon.
Professor Hogwin.png I was so proud of you. You don't have to be a troublemaker like this old man -- your summer memories are just as precious!
Ned.png It is a really nice memory, isn't it...

Arya.png Ah! It's a Bamboo Dragon and a Gondola Dragon! These guys remind me of spending time on the Island of New Beginnings...
Arya.png Dangling my feet in the water, surrounded by bamboo... What a nice surprise that Eliza invited me there! She must've known I'd like it.
Ned.png Wait, what? You guys went back to the Island without me?!
Arya.png Err... s-sorry, Ned! I can't help what becomes a precious summer memory!

Professor Hogwin.png A Love Dragon, and a Perfume Dragon... Hmm...
Ned.png ... ...
Professor Hogwin.png Well, children, when two people, or dragons, love each other very much--
Ned.png Okay, FINE! One time I chased Olaf all around Arto, trying to make him give me a perfume for Arya, so I could tell her--
Arya.png Wow, look! Are those magical witch illusion fireflies?!
Professor Hogwin.png Ahahaha... Better luck next time, son...

Arya.png Say, Hogwin, do you think I could become a witch?
Professor Hogwin.png If you did, Dragolandia would lose itself a very powerful Trainer! There aren't many who can be both a Trainer and a witch at the same time...
Professor Hogwin.png Witches have a different sort of relationship with dragons. Some say they can communicate with each other as easily as we are right now!
Ned.png (*gulp* Am I a witch...?)
Professor Hogwin.png But when a witch and a Trainer unite... well, they can make quite a team. It's astonishing what a mix of freedom and discipline can do for a dragon's power!
Professor Hogwin.png This Hellion Dragon and Bright Dragon -- two opposites... They remind me of my own old teammate... and when I met her many summers ago!

Ned.png A Coconut Dragon and a Palm Dragon -- this should be easy! We must have plenty of summertime beach memories, right?
Ned.png But... Wait, why can't I seem to remember? I KNOW I've been to the beach with you guys at least once...!
Arya.png Ohh... Professor, remember when we went to the beach one summer, and a coconut fell right on Ned's head?
Professor Hogwin.png Knocked the poor lad out cold. I don't think I could ever forget!
Ned.png Augh... The dragons are getting a kick out of this one.

Professor Hogwin.png It seems the dragons have enjoyed our nostalgic trip down a summery memory lane.
Ned.png I gotta say, I did too. There's something about summer that makes you a little wistful...
Arya.png But... a Taurus Dragon and a Leo Dragon? They're both Zodiac dragons, right? They don't quite remind me of anything, though.
Professor Hogwin.png These two dragons have very different personalities, but they both care about the same things. Namely... treats and naps!
Ned.png Th-then... are they here to remind us of summer romance? Unlikely, star-crossed love against all odds?
Professor Hogwin.png Well... maybe something like that!

The Final Time Rift

The Final Journey Part I

Ned.png I've been able to hear the thoughts of Chronos and other dragons for a while now... But lately, Chronos isn't making any sense.
Ned.png I'd be happy if it meant I could get dragons out of my head for good, but it just makes me worried! What's going on with Chronos?
Eliza the Masculine.png Urgent news, you dolt! The Northern Divines have told me a horrible truth: Those beings we know as the Chrono Divines are mechanical creations of the Tyrants!
Eliza the Masculine.png I'm sure you've felt it too, Neddy -- the Divines of our time, AND those of the future need our help...
Eliza the Masculine.png It pains me to team up with you again... but the idea of a Tyrant-controlled future pains me even more. Let's go!

Eliza the Masculine.png Ah? Where are we? I figured we'd need to do some detective work first, but it appears we've gone directly into a Space-Time Rift.
Ned.png Ugh, these trips always make me nauseous. I haven't heard a word from Chronos, but I guess it sent us straight here... totally unprepared, of course...
Loki Dragon Icon.png (Ah-ha! I remember you children. But where are the others? The wise father? The cunning mother? The yellow-maned prodigy? )
Ned.png S-Sorry. It's... uh... it's just us.
Loki Dragon Icon.png (Hm... An interesting choice on Chronos' part, but I suppose you two ARE the only living humans who can understand our thoughts.)
Loki Dragon Icon.png (It will have to do. Come with me! There's NOTHING I hate more than the idea of Tyrants controlling me, and we must put a stop to it!)

Eliza the Masculine.png It's the Isis Dragon -- and it looks furious... I wonder what could have made it so angry? It seems the Tyrants have left it alone!
Loki Dragon Icon.png (No, I'm sure they've done something awful. That's fairly bad news, since Isis is supposed to protect our earth, sky, and fate itself.)
Ned.png Kinda hard to tell what's earth or sky anymore... But as for fate? I see a battle in ours!

Isis Dragon Icon.png (Oof... Thank you for making me see reason. I was in a terrible fury. You see, something's happened to my mate...)
Isis Dragon Icon.png (... And the fate of all living things hangs in the balance. Please, find my mate!)
Ned.png Oh, so no big deal then!!!

Ned.png Hey, I found a way forward! Now we can search for the Isis Dragon's mate... Hey, who IS the Isis Dragon's mate?
Loki Dragon Icon.png (I'm unsure. I don't often interact with the Ancient Divines. A very "orderly" lot, they are...)
Ned.png Eliza, don't you know? You went to the Golden Pyramid, after all.
Eliza the Masculine.png That was a long time ago, in every sense of the word! There's nothing we can do but move forward.

Eliza the Masculine.png This looks -- and smells -- like the Hel Dragon's swamp. But, of course, the Hel Dragon is nowhere to be seen. Because nothing makes sense. *sigh*
Loki Dragon Icon.png (... ... )
Ned.png What's wrong, Loki Dragon? You were so, uh, talkative until just now.
Eliza the Masculine.png Dragons work in mysterious ways, I suppose. Perhaps it just has gas.

Ned.png But if THIS is a Loki Dragon, and THAT is a Loki Dragon... then who's driving the bus?
Loki Dragon Icon.png (This is no time for jokes, human! Do you know what this means? Those Tyrants captured ME in the future! )
Loki Dragon Icon.png (They captured and controlled me with their foul machines! How could it be so?! I refuse to believe it!)
Loki Dragon Icon.png (And now we must even defeat ME! GRRR! I'll tear those Tyrants to ribbons!)

Chrono Loki Dragon Icon.png (Krrzzztt... kzxxtt... Find... C-Chronos...!)
Ned.png Huh?! Did it say something? Eliza, did you hear it?
Eliza the Masculine.png No... Well, just barely. The important thing is, we defeated it!
Loki Dragon Icon.png (Hush, children! I heard it well through our shared mind! My future counterpart is telling us to find Chronos...!)

Ned.png So, remember how the Chrono Loki Dragon told us to find Chronos?
Loki Dragon Icon.png (Of course -- how could I forget, child?)
Ned.png Well, I've been trying to reach out to Chronos since we got here, but it's not answering... even though it sent us here.
Eliza the Masculine.png As always, whimpering gets us nowhere. We must keep moving forward!

Eliza the Masculine.png We have our goals: Find the Isis Dragon's mate, find Chronos... and find a way out of here that includes freeing the Chronosian Divines.
Ned.png *gulp* S-Sounds easy...
Loki Dragon Icon.png (Take heart, hatchlings -- if we fail, we can simply toy with reality a bit and-- Oh, wait, never mind, I forgot your kind can't do that.)
Ned.png You don't have to rub it in!

Chrono Hades Dragon Icon.png (GZZRRRRT... WELCOME... TO... THE NEW... UNDERWORLD...)
Loki Dragon Icon.png (*SIGH*)

Loki Dragon Icon.png (See? It's not so scary once you emerge victorious.)
Ned.png That's easy for you to say! You're a dragon god!!!
Loki Dragon Icon.png (Quite. I wonder what Chrono Hades meant by "the new underworld," though. Morbid, no? And mysterious.)

Eliza the Masculine.png Let me get this straight: Tyrants are mind-controlling Divine Dragons into creating a NEW underworld. But why?
Eliza the Masculine.png It PAINS me to admit it, but these Tyrants give my family a run for their money in terms of sheer villainy.
Ned.png W-We HAVE to stop them... I guess we really can't afford to fail...
Loki Dragon Icon.png (I must admit I'm surprised: Humans love to bicker -- and so do Divines -- but it seems for once we're all aligned in purpose.)

Loki Dragon Icon.png (This area is huge -- not even my own temple is as grand as this. I'm a little offended!)
Loki Dragon Icon.png (Hey, humans, why didn't your species make me a bigger temple? Aren't you supposed to be good at that?)
Ned.png ... ANYWAY, I... huh?
Ned.png I thought I heard something like... a dragon speaking. But maybe it was just my imagination.

Ned.png I DID hear a dragon: the Hou Yi Dragon! Seems like the Tyrants haven't touched it, but--
Hou Yi Dragon Icon.png (FOUL HUMANS! Here to shackle my kin with more of your cursed machines, are you?! Tell me, what have you done with my mate?!)
Ned.png Y-Y-Y-Your mate? W-We don't--!
Eliza the Masculine.png It must be talking about the Chang'e Dragon, who we haven't seen. In any case, we can't reason with this dragon till we battle!

Hou Yi Dragon Icon.png (*huff... huff* What awful beasts you are... Heartless monsters... To think we ever aided you...)
Loki Dragon Icon.png (I'll be the first to admit I am a self-serving beast, but it pains me to see my Divine comrades suffer so... Be at ease. These humans are allies.)
Ned.png I'm so sorry, Hou Yi Dragon... I promise we'll do everything we can to find the Chang'e Dragon!
Eliza the Masculine.png And we'll CRUSH the Tyrants who dared to mess with our Divines! I swear it!!!

Loki Dragon Icon.png (I must say, it's refreshing to be understood by humans again, even if it's a mere two children.)
Loki Dragon Icon.png (Of course, you two know that long ago, humans and dragons understood each other perfectly... Perhaps we will return to such understanding once more.)
Loki Dragon Icon.png (But humans like the Tyrants make that return seem ever farther off... Ah well, so it goes.)
Loki Dragon Icon.png (In the meantime, I can use our shared communication to tell you I've found a way forward into the Rift. Huzzah!)

Ned.png This area reminds me of where we received our power to understand dragons... Sometimes I wish it never happened to me!
Loki Dragon Icon.png (You can undo it, you know -- if you truly wish it. All you need to do is close off your heart to dragons, and voilà! No more chats with me or my ilk.)
Ned.png Huh... I guess it would make this whole "saving the world" business a lot harder...
Ned.png But it sure would be easier on my nerves.

Loki Dragon Icon.png (I think, perhaps, we have found the Isis Dragon's mate, and also an answer to what the Chronosians are trying to do here.)
Loki Dragon Icon.png (Osiris is a judge of departed souls. Now that the Tyrants have control of Hades -- an underworld Divine -- AND Osiris... well...)
Eliza the Masculine.png So, what you're saying is, we need to beat that Tyrant tech right out of this Chrono Divine, or we're all going to the underworld, right?
Loki Dragon Icon.png (Essentially... yes.)

Ned.png W-We did it!
Loki Dragon Icon.png (I don't give in to anxiety easily, but I'll say I can certainly breathe easier now that we've quelled this Chronosian Osiris...)
Eliza the Masculine.png And hopefully, we've spoiled those rotten Tyrant plans!

Ned.png So, we rescued the Isis Dragon's mate. Now all we have to do is find Chronos, and get out of here! E-Easy, right?
Loki Dragon Icon.png (I hope that plan includes giving the Tyrants a good scorching. How odd that we've not seen hide nor hair of them.)
Eliza the Masculine.png Odd indeed -- and a little foreboding! But we've no choice but to keep looking. And don't forget, we've got to find the Chang'e Dragon, too!

Loki Dragon Icon.png (I sense a strange and powerful presence... And it's picked a fitting nest, atop the Great Tree.)
Loki Dragon Icon.png (I get the feeling it's not any of my kin, nor even another Divine. Odd... But since when have I been a stranger to the odd?)
Eliza the Masculine.png Yes, I think we're all quite well-acquainted with the odd at this point.

Ned.png Chronos' claw, it's... IT'S CHRONOS! No -- it's CHRONOSIAN CHRONOS!!!
Loki Dragon Icon.png (No, it's not. Well, it IS Chronos' body, but--)
Ultimate Chronos Dragon Icon.png (You meddling children and your dumb beasts have gone far enough! Now sit still while I use the god of time to destroy you and complete my plan!)
Ned.png Th-That... That sounds like Rathorn's voice! Could he be using his technology to speak through AND control Chronos?!

Ultimate Chronos Dragon Icon.png (Nooooo! You've RUINED my mind control device! I-- kxxrzzt! I will be-- kssshkxt! Bzzzzt! ... ... ... )
Ultimate Chronos Dragon Icon.png (... ... Thank you, Loki, Ned, Eliza. You've severed the neural link between myself and the Tyrants.)
Ultimate Chronos Dragon Icon.png (But your task is not over. In another corner of space-time, Tyrants have used my powers to enact a terrible backup plan.)
Ultimate Chronos Dragon Icon.png (I urge you to heed the request of the Hou Yi Dragon. Until then, I will attempt to contact your Chronos and undo the damage done to time here.)

Ned.png We rescued Chrono Osiris and found Chronos! All that's left to do is find the Chang'e Dragon...
Loki Dragon Icon.png (I suppose this is goodbye, then. I will stay here to assist my kin, before we return to our realms to heal.)
Eliza the Masculine.png W-Wait, really? But I worked so hard to ally with you! A-And I... well...
Loki Dragon Icon.png (Heheh. I know expressing emotions is difficult for you. Fear not, we'll always be there in spirit, keeping the world in balance.)
Loki Dragon Icon.png (And who knows? Perhaps one day all dragonkind and humans will truly come together in understanding... )
Loki Dragon Icon.png (In the meanwhile, I think there are other dragons who need your help! Fight on, my human friends.)

Boss Challenge

Professor Hogwin.png Eh? Where have we found ourselves this time? It appears to be the Golden Pyramid, or someplace like it.
Arya.png Must be one of those Space-Time Rifts, Professor. I bet we'll run into some fierce dragons here -- we better be ready for battle!
Professor Hogwin.png And perhaps we'll find out where Ned and Eliza have run off to. So odd for those two to have anything to do with one another!
Arya.png I get the feeling they're doing something really important... I hope they saved some world-changing conflict for us! Bring it on!

The Final Journey Part II

Eliza the Masculine.png Back in another Space-Time Rift... and with a new mission: to find the Chang'e Dragon, for whatever reason.
Ned.png And with no Divine Dragons to help us...
Nezha Dragon Icon.png (Hello? Have you come to help me rescue my family? Come on, come on -- no time to delay!)
Ned.png Y-Your family's in trouble? I think we might have the same problem, but if YOU need our help, I have a feeling WE might be the ones in trouble!

Eliza the Masculine.png EH?! Y-You've led us... straight to the Chang'e Dragon? (Perhaps our mission here was easier than we'd thought, Ned!)
Nezha Dragon Icon.png (My friend has been trying to protect the sacred moon from those future thieves, the Tyrants. But it can't hear us right now, it's too angry...)
Ned.png If Arya were here, she'd have a huge grin on her face and say something like: "A battle solves everything!"
Eliza the Masculine.png Foolish as she is, she makes a good point.

Chang'e Dragon Icon.png (N-Nezha? Is that you? I was so furious, I couldn't see straight...)
Chang'e Dragon Icon.png (You've brought some humans of great destiny to help! Please -- you two can hear me -- I implore you to put aside any differences and help my kin.)
Chang'e Dragon Icon.png (I've been holding my ground, but I sense that something isn't right. Nezha is young and impetuous, but it will help you find the root of evil here.)
Nezha Dragon Icon.png (I... I won't let you down, Chang'e! We will work together -- I trust these humans!)

Ned.png So...that was definitely the real, actual moon we saw in this room, right? I wasn't just seeing things?
Nezha Dragon Icon.png (No time to gawk at the precious moon, although I'd love to stay and watch it awhile, too!)
Eliza the Masculine.png Come on, you two. We've got a whole earth to worry about if the Chrono Divines enact their plans here... whatever they are.

Nezha Dragon Icon.png (Hurry! Please, hurry! The way this place distorts time and space worries me, and I must make sure my friends are safe!)
Ned.png How did you get here anyway, Nezha Dragon? The same way as me and Eliza?
Nezha Dragon Icon.png (Chronos sent us here without a word. We found future versions of ourselves doing horrible things, trying to upset time, and break through to our world!)
Ned.png I wonder why we haven't run into any of those "future versions" yet-- Oops! I shouldn't jinx myself!

Nezha Dragon Icon.png (It's my master! Master, can you hear me? I need your help!)
Eliza the Masculine.png No use. The Taiyi Zhenren Dragon is in a rage just like the Chang'e Dragon. I wonder, does the student stand a chance against the master?
Nezha Dragon Icon.png (Eliza Human -- you once battled with my master. Will you help me?)
Eliza the Masculine.png M-Me?! I... Okay, I will help! I suppose even dragons have things to learn...!

Nezha Dragon Icon.png (Master, are you all right?! Did I hurt you?)
Taiyi Zhenren Dragon Icon.png (My student... I am so proud of your incredible strength and resolve! I now have complete faith that you'll be able to save us, even without my help.)
Ned.png Wow. I wish I could hear that kind of thing from my dad... but I'm still too scared to tell him about my newfound power.
Eliza the Masculine.png Sometimes your own power is your best comfort, Ned. And we'll need all the power we can get.

Nezha Dragon Icon.png (My master told me we must keep going. Something in the future needs our attention! I'm a little nervous, but... well...)
Ned.png I hear you, Nezha Dragon! Eliza, any luck finding a way forward?
Eliza the Masculine.png Of course! Let's get a move on!

Eliza the Masculine.png This looks just like the Golden Pyramid! Ugh, all these annoying times and spaces melding together! Can't space-time just calm down?
Ned.png Not when there are Tyrant-controlled god dragons meddling with it, I guess...
Ned.png Haha -- you know what? It's kind of nice to have someone to complain with! Usually Dad and Arya just try to cheer me up!
Eliza the Masculine.png Well, when you've got a family like mine, someone like Arya is a breath of fresh air... Don't tell her I said that.

Eliza the Masculine.png Remember when we were wondering why we hadn't run into any Chrono Divines? Those were simpler times...
Ned.png Wh-Which one is this? I've never seen it before, and I can't seem to understand it!
Eliza the Masculine.png It looks like the Seth Dragon, but I can't hear a thing it's thinking either. I thought I could understand Chrono Divines just fine! What gives?!
Nezha Dragon Icon.png (Its mind is too far altered by the Tyrants! Their mind control is like a vice... I bet they've sent it just to get in our way. Poor Seth!)

Chrono Seth Dragon Icon.png (... ... ... )
Ned.png H-Hello...? Chrono Seth Dragon? D-Do you think we freed its mind?
Nezha Dragon Icon.png (Not yet, Ned Human. But we HAVE calmed its mind, for now. We must try to sever the connection between my Chrono kin and the Tyrants!)

Ned.png What's wrong, Eliza? Um, are you okay? I know this is kinda scary and all, but at least we found a way forward.
Eliza the Masculine.png I'm just frustrated! I thought I had a perfect link with the Chrono Divines that would make me unstoppable! Now only the Tyrants get their power...
Ned.png *sigh* Whenever I think you're coming around, you go and start talking like that... Once a Viking, always a Viking, I guess.
Nezha Dragon Icon.png (Any heart can change, Ned Human -- why, just look at you, who fear dragons, and see how we work together!)

Eliza the Masculine.png We're in Midgarden now? I feel like I was just here, securing alliances with the Divines and getting nagged at by Mother...
Ned.png It's impossible to know exactly where we are... I can't believe I'm saying this, but it's better to trust the Nezha Dragon than our own senses!
Nezha Dragon Icon.png (I thank you, Ned Human! As a sworn protector, I promise I won't lead you astray!)

Eliza the Masculine.png Chrono Frigg Dragon, don't you remember me?! You said you'd found a fate in which we were victorious -- but is this it?
Nezha Dragon Icon.png (No use, Eliza Human -- Frigg can't hear you. Sometimes we must battle instead of chat!)

Chrono Frigg Dragon Icon.png (Krrzzt... bxxxt...)
Eliza the Masculine.png When I spoke with it last, Chrono Frigg said it thought THIS could be the timeline where the Tyrants lose.
Eliza the Masculine.png But now I don't know, and I can't understand Chrono Frigg. Grrrr! I feel like I don't know anything!
Ned.png (Ahh, I shouldn't kick her when she's down...)

Nezha Dragon Icon.png (You humans seem troubled -- but why? As long as there's a way forward, there is hope. And there IS a way forward!)
Ned.png Nezha Dragon, you're so optimistic, even though you're younger than your friends, and less experienced...
Ned.png I feel like we have a lot to learn from each other, I guess. Stuff you can't learn from a book.

Ned.png From what Arya and Dad told me, this place is starting to look like the temples of Mount Dragolympus...
Ned.png I hope we run into some of the... uh... helpful Divine Dragons. Y'know, the non-Chrono variety...
Eliza the Masculine.png You'll end up jinxing us again, Ned!
Eliza the Masculine.png Although, I guess we HAVE to find the Chrono Divines if we're going to get any answers about the "evil" that's here.

Chrono Poseidon Dragon Icon.png (Tides... swell... Islands... swallowed...)
Chrono Poseidon Dragon Icon.png (Ocean... will... consume... all! Please-- xzzrrt! Help!)
Eliza the Masculine.png Did you hear that?! The Chrono Poseidon Dragon's real voice broke through!
Nezha Dragon Icon.png (It used its strength to tell us the Tyrant's plans! Now we must quell it before it's forced to act on them!)

Ned.png Phew. Boy, that felt sort of like a final boss, didn't it?
Eliza the Masculine.png Defeating a mind-controlled future Divine Dragon that was trying to flood the world? Yes, sure, but...
Eliza the Masculine.png I haven't heard a word out of Chronos, and we're STILL stuck here.
Nezha Dragon Icon.png (Whatever Chang'e was worried about is still here somewhere... Let's let Chrono Poseidon rest, and keep looking!)

Eliza the Masculine.png Something's changed. There's a weird heat coming from ahead. What could it mean...?
Nezha Dragon Icon.png (Something quite bad -- something that needs our help. I can feel it! Please, humans, come with me and we'll protect what's precious to us!)
Ned.png *sigh* I can't argue with that, I guess. Let's keep moving...!

Ned.png I-It's the moon! And it's EXPLODING!
Ned.png The moon controls the tides... Is this what the Chrono Poseidon Dragon meant when it said the ocean would swell?! Talk about a dastardly plan...
Eliza the Masculine.png What's going on here? I thought we'd rescued the Chang'e Dragon AND the moon already!
Nezha Dragon Icon.png (Time is almost meaningless here. Even if we protected the moon in the past, as long as the Tyrants are in control of Divines, it matters not!)

Nezha Dragon Icon.png (Chang'e! No! Is this the evil you felt? Your own capture and transformation by the Tyrants? Oh, my friend...)
Eliza the Masculine.png Ggh! I may've been taught to be tough on my dragons, but this is beyond cruel! This cannot be considered "training" in the least!
Ned.png My dad told me that Tyrants don't care about dragons at all... dragons, and people too, are just tools to them.
Chrono Chang'e Dragon Icon.png (Brrzt-- Heheh. You're right. EVERYTHING can be used! I, Rathorn, will blow up the moon and DESTROY all my past obstacles, including you all!)

Chrono Chang'e Dragon Icon.png (Xxrrztkt! N-NO! You've RUINED my plans! You've--!!! Beeeeeep!)
Nezha Dragon Icon.png (Chang'e...? Chang'e, answer me! Is it you? Are you back?)
Chrono Chang'e Dragon Icon.png (Nezha... you and your friends have saved me. It seems everyone was so worried...!)
Ultimate Chronos Dragon Icon.png (It's all right now -- it appears our young friends have completely removed the Tyrant Rathorn's influence, and, indeed, have saved the world!)

Ultimate Chronos Dragon Icon.png (Are you ready to return to your own time and space, young humans?)
Ned.png I... I guess so, but what about all the dragons here? Will they be... um... safe?
Ultimate Chronos Dragon Icon.png (Little Hogvanhog, I preside over all time, and I never thought I'd hear the day you'd grow concerned over your greatest fear. You have grown.)
Nezha Dragon Icon.png (Don't worry, Ned Human, Eliza Human, we'll be okay! Now that the trouble is over, we Divines will return to our own realm.)
Eliza the Masculine.png That means we won't see you...? I almost thought the Loki Dragon was joking when it said it would retreat from the world of humans...
Nezha Dragon Icon.png (Just like Loki said, we'll always be there in spirit: in the seas, winds, mountains, roaring flames, and even in your heart! We thank you so much!)

Sinister Quest

Arya.png Eliza! You're here! I'm so happy you could make it -- I was beginning to think we'd NEVER get to hang out.
Eliza the Masculine.png Hmph. I only came because you promised we'd share a feast... But this place doesn't exactly kick-start my appetite. What's going on here? Is this an ambush?
Arya.png No, silly -- we're gonna feast on CANDY after we go on a ghost hunt! If we find tons of ghosts, we'll get a mother lode of treats!
Eliza the Masculine.png W-what?! What nonsense is this?
Arya.png You're one of the strongest warriors I know -- and the Professor is busy! -- so I figured we'd be the perfect pair for this kind of thing. Let's go!

Arya.png Hey, a Sinister Dragon's come to show us around! What's wrong, Eliza? You're looking a little jumpy... Don't tell me you're scared of--
Eliza the Masculine.png N-NO! I just don't like being surprised! I STILL don't know what we're supposed to be doing here. How does one HUNT ghosts?! They're not real!
Arya.png Huh? Of course they are! At least, dragon ghosts are real -- and they're just as rambunctious as living dragons. They love to play!
Arya.png The Muerte Dragon lets them run around in our world every year around this time. But sometimes they get a little too excited, and lose their way home.
Arya.png It's fun to help them out, and we get candy as a reward! Plus, this Sinister Dragon is a pro ghost-hound. I'll show you!

Arya.png We found our first ghost -- a Ghost Dragon! Hey, buddy. Did you lose your way home?
Eliza the Masculine.png AAAAAAAGH!!!
Arya.png WHOA! Eliza, you must've jumped four feet straight in the air! A-are you okay...? I think you freaked out the Ghost Dragon!
Eliza the Masculine.png I-I just stubbed my toe on one of these blasted jack-o'-lanterns, that's all!

Eliza the Masculine.png Phew... we defeated it...
Arya.png I'm sorta surprised we did, considering you hid behind me the whole time...!
Arya.png Aaanyway, I'm sure we gave the Ghost Dragon a battle it won't forget for the rest of its afterlife!
Arya.png Ready to come find the Muerte Dragon with us, ghostly pal?

Eliza the Masculine.png A-Arya... the Sinister Dragon is staring at me... MYSTERIOUSLY!
Arya.png Well, it knows its way through the Haunted Woods better than anything -- it's probably just making sure we're following it.
Eliza the Masculine.png Arya, it's called the SINISTER Dragon -- deception is right there in its name! How are you so sure we can trust it?
Arya.png Well... I trust YOU. If I can have a Viking for a friend, can't I trust a Sinister Dragon?

Eliza the Masculine.png Bones... those are bones... wh-why are there bones?!-- *snap* WHAT WAS THAT?! Oh, I stepped on a twig...
Arya.png Apparently witches do rituals around here sometimes. Don't worry; I'm sure all those bones are ethically sourced!
Arya.png Jeeze, though -- Eliza, I asked you to come with me 'cuz Ned was too scared. But if you--
Eliza the Masculine.png I'm NOT scared! I'm just CAUTIOUS. Y-you'd be wise to be more careful as well!

Eliza the Masculine.png What IS that putrid smell? It's like rotting-- uUWWUUAUAAGH!!! What is THAT?!
Arya.png Eliza! Don't be rude! The Zombie Dragon doesn't smell any worse than your brother Olaf!
Eliza the Masculine.png Rude? RUDE?! That thing is worse than DEAD! It's UNDEAD! How are you not freaking out?!
Arya.png *sigh* You went and made it upset...

Arya.png Feeling better, Zombie Dragon? Now that you're all tuckered out, let's go see the Muerte Dragon together!
Arya.png I promise that mean ol' Viking won't say anything mean about you... RIGHT, Eliza?
Eliza the Masculine.png ... ...
Sinister Dragon Icon.png (*snicker*)

Eliza the Masculine.png The Sinister Dragon's led us to some sort of gate... Is there a structure hidden in these woods? Some sort of civilization?
Arya.png Civilization? I don't think so... I'm pretty sure it's just a swamp. And a graveyard. Pretty atmospheric, huh?
Eliza the Masculine.png Oh, great... atmosphere.

Eliza the Masculine.png A swamp... I hate swamps.
Arya.png As much as you hate ghosts?
Eliza the Masculine.png I NEVER said I hated ghosts! Hmph! Hurry up, now; we've got a WHOLE SWAMP to explore!
Arya.png A ghostly swamp at that! The air's thick with dragon ghosts... Looks like we've got our work cut out for us!

Arya.png How're you doing, Eliza? You've gone white as, well, a ghost -- but I guess we've found plenty so far!
Eliza the Masculine.png ... ...
Arya.png OH! Took me a second to spy that Bone Dragon. This one looks like it won't go back to the Muerte Dragon quietly, huh?
Arya.png C'mon, Bone Dragon -- let's shake, rattle, and roll!

Arya.png Did it! C'mon, Bone Dragon, aren't you tuckered out?
Eliza the Masculine.png *shiver*
Arya.png Eliza...? I should've known you'd be scared -- it says right in this dragon's Codex entry that it chills Vikings to the bone. Sorry...
Eliza the Masculine.png W-what doesn't kill you... makes you s-stronger...

Sinister Dragon Icon.png (Human, can you not admit to your companion that you fear all manner of spectral spirits?)
Eliza the Masculine.png (Hush! I'm not listening to you, and I don't trust you! I don't need Arya to know ANY of my secrets or weaknesses!)
Arya.png Looks like you're getting along with the Sinister Dragon, huh? I knew you had it in you, Eliza.
Arya.png You'll be a "BONE-afide" ghost hunter in no time. Haha... get it? Eliza?

Arya.png Hey Eliza, didn't you befriend a Ba Jiao Gui Dragon back in the day? What was that about?
Eliza the Masculine.png What do you mean? It was a powerful ally, and it frightened Ned most entertainingly.
Arya.png But the Ba Jiao Gui Dragon is a ghost... You knew that, right?
Eliza the Masculine.png O-o-of c-course I knew that! W-what are you i-i-implying?

Arya.png A Scarecrow Dragon! Were you guarding this abandoned hut, buddy? Sorry, but it's time to see the Muerte Dragon.
Eliza the Masculine.png Surely this is no ghost, Arya. Why should we waste our time with it?
Arya.png You know there's absolutely nothing under all that burlap fabric, right?
Arya.png ... Ah! She fainted!

Arya.png Eliza? You awake? I think the Scarecrow Dragon's gonna cooperate with us now.
Arya.png It's kinda sad. I bet that hut meant something to this dragon's spirit when it was alive. This time of year, it can visit its old stomping grounds.
Arya.png Thoughts like that make me want to help the ghosts instead of being afraid of 'em... Anyway, let me help you up.
Eliza the Masculine.png ... ...

Arya.png Looks like we found the path ahead to the graveyard! Oh, but, um...
Arya.png It's okay, Eliza, we can take it slow. I was hoping tonight would be fun for us -- I didn't think to ask if you were afraid of ghosts!
Eliza the Masculine.png I'm NOT-- ... Okay, okay, FINE! Ghosts are my WORST and ONLY fear! I hate, hate, HATE ghosts!!! There -- are you happy?!
Arya.png N-no, I'm not happy! Well... I'm happy you were honest with me, actually. I promise I'll keep the ghosts away from you, if you stay close!

Arya.png Okay, deep breaths, Eliza! I guess a place like this is kinda your worst nightmare... and I can tell by how hard you're gripping my hand!
Eliza the Masculine.png I-it's fine... your annoyingly fearless attitude is actually making me feel more at ease...
Arya.png Then... could you ease up on my hand so I can catch ghosts a little easier?
Eliza the Masculine.png *blush* I-I'm not THAT at ease!

Treater Dragon Icon.png (Welcome, humans, to the Ghostly Graveyard. I've got one li'l question for ya before you see the Ruler of the Dead: trick or treat?)
Eliza the Masculine.png TREAT! I mean-- Arya, do we have any treats? This little goblin of a beast will play a trick on us if we don't comply...!
Arya.png That's part of the fun, Eliza. Spooky stuff is so exciting, 'cuz you never know what's coming next -- it's like a wild ride!
Eliza the Masculine.png *sigh* I can make a guess.

Treater Dragon Icon.png (Thanks for the battle, humans! It was a fright! Now, can you find your way out of the graveyard...?)
Eliza the Masculine.png *mumble* It's all part of the fun... it's all part of the fun... it's all part of the fun...
Arya.png You're doing great, Eliza! Now that the Treater Dragon will let us move on ahead, we'll be meeting the Muerte Dragon in no time!

Eliza the Masculine.png I've been thinking about what you said earlier... How ghosts should be pitied, not feared.
Eliza the Masculine.png I've never been great at the whole "pity" thing, but... I suppose I can become less afraid of something I understand a little better.
Arya.png That's great, Eliza... but, uh, scary stuff is so much fun BECAUSE you can't really understand it!
Eliza the Masculine.png ARGH! I will NEVER understand the appeal of this! A-and make the Sinister Dragon stop smirking at me!!!

Arya.png This is the deepest, darkest part of the forest, where the Muerte Dragon stays while its ghostly flock plays around. Pretty freaky, right?
Eliza the Masculine.png Listen, I'd like to live long enough to at LEAST conquer my fear.
Arya.png You'll be fine, Eliza. I'm right here -- and we found plenty of ghosts for the Muerte Dragon!
Eliza the Masculine.png Only one of those facts brings me any peace.

Sinister Dragon Icon.png (Oh, great Ruler of the Dead, I bring these humans to you, so that you may do with them as you please...)
Eliza the Masculine.png WAIT, WHAT?!
Arya.png Huh? Why does it look like the Muerte Dragon wants to battle us?

Muerte Dragon Icon.png (Well done, humans... If you can understand me, please forgive me -- I only meant to give you a little scare. Hee hee.)
Muerte Dragon Icon.png (You have proven yourselves worthy ghost shepherds, even overcoming your fears... Well, sort of.)
Arya.png Ha! I gotta admit -- that gave me a fright! Seems like the Muerte Dragon's accepted our help after all...
Eliza the Masculine.png I don't even want to think about what else it had in mind...

Arya.png Welp, we found tons of ghosts, battled some spooky dragons, and got piles of chocolate as a reward!
Arya.png Best yet, I think my good buddy Eliza might've conquered some fears! Right...?
Eliza the Masculine.png I... suppose. Maybe. I am a LITTLE less afraid of ghosts. A-at least when you're around.
Arya.png (She's still gripping my hand... I almost wish I was as scared as she is -- it seems kinda fun!)

Origin of Light

Dragon Board

Ned.png Back to the past - AGAIN! I wonder how many times Chronos is gonna do this to me...and if it knows I get indigestion.
Arya.png Where - or WHEN - could Chronos have sent us this time? It's nothing like the water world we had to paddle through--
Ned.png WHOA! Watch your step, Arya! W-We're so high up, I can't even see the ground from here...!
Arya.png ACK! How does anybody live up here, I wonder?'s just dragons?
Light Dragon Icon.png (Hello. Welcome to the world of light. Now...LEAVE!)

Ned.png A world of light, huh? I guess Chronos could've sent us to worse places, for sure. As far as time traveling goes, this doesn't seem too bad...
Arya.png Maybe. But something about this place just doesn't feel right!
Soft Dragon Icon.png (I can hardly believe my eyes. We've not seen creatures like you for hundreds upon hundreds of years!)
Soft Dragon Icon.png (I'd like to help you...but I'm not sure if I trust you. A battle will decide my course of action for me!)
Arya.png What's it saying, Ned?
Ned.png (sigh) Exactly what you'd expect it to.

Arya.png What's wrong? You've been making this scrunched up sort of face ever since we battled the Soft Dragon.
Ned.png Erm... said something weird. It hadn't seen "creatures" like us for hundreds of year.
Ned.png Are human beings gone in this part of the past? And...did our time meddling cause it?
Solar Dragon Icon.png (Of course human beings are gone. This is a place for beings of justice and light ONLY!)
Solar Dragon Icon.png (So I'll have to send you two creatures away with a great flick of my righteous tail!)

Amphibian Dragon Icon.png (Humans! You ARE humans, right? You must be from down on earth! Oh, this is so exciting...)
Ned.png C-Can you tell us more about that? Are you from earth too?
Amphibian Dragon Icon.png (Yes, I am. I live in the swamps down below, but the Great Lysk let me into the world of light, on account of my good behavior!)
Ned.png The...the "Great Lysk"? Arya, do know anything about that?
Arya.png If anybody did, it'd either be you or your dad. I'm in the dark here!
Amphibian Dragon Icon.png (No, no, you're in the light! Ugh, I guess what they say about human intelligence is true. But what about human battle prowess?)

Ned.png A-Arya - I don't think we're welcome here.
Arya.png What are you talking about? This looks like the friendliest place in the world! Besides, the Ancient Dragons from the Great Sea didn't trust us either, right?
Ned.png Maybe you're right... I mean, it IS really nice here. It's all warm, and colorful. There's nothing scary in sight...besides the dragons, of course.
Arya.png Aw, Ned - what's so scary about a Sunfeather Dragon? Isn't it so cute and soft? I'm gonna go give it a hug!
Sunfeather Dragon Icon.png (Begone, foul sinners!)
Ned.png Uh - you might want to back away from that dragon, Arya.

Ned.png Phew...I thought for sure that Sunfeather Dragon we met back there was gonna bite your head off...
Arya.png Don't worry, Ned - I've got a hard head, even without a helmet like yours. But I wonder what's making these dragons so aggressive...
Lightwing Dragon Icon.png (Are you running into trouble here, humans? How strange - and how strange, too, to see folk like you.)
Lightwing Dragon Icon.png (We don't usually have trouble here in the clouds. We all like to flit amongst the rainbows, sing songs, eat til our bellies are full...)
Lightwing Dragon Icon.png (But I've never battled with humans or trained dragons before... Say, can I try it?)

Golden Dragon Icon.png (I see humans! Out for a stroll, maybe? Not for long, though...)
Ned.png Huh?
Golden Dragon Icon.png (The dragons of the world of light are all whispering about you. You're causing a bit of a stir!)
Golden Dragon Icon.png (In fact, I hear Valkov is on the lookout for you. I'd love to get a battle in before it finds you two!)
Arya.png Ned? You're getting all pale again!

Arya.png Hey, hey, are you okay, Ned? You've gone as pale as that Cloud Dragon!
Ned.png Someone, or something, named "Valkov" is after us... And no matter how pretty this "world of light" is, I'm terrified!
Arya.png But we've never met this Valkov before, right? What if they're super nice? What if they want to make us honorary world of light-ers?
Cloud Dragon Icon.png (Oh...I don't know about that. Valkov is pretty strict. Valkov is Lysk's guardian, after all - it protects us from dark thoughts.)
Ned.png B-But we don't have any dark thoughts! At least, I don't think we do...! Do we, Arya?
Arya.png Dark thoughts? I'm just thinking of battling this dragon!

Arya.png I know you're scared, Ned. I don't really know what's going on either, but we don't need to jump to conclusions or anything!
Ned.png Chronos always sends us back in time for a reason... I just wish we knew what it was before "Valkov" or "Lysk" or whoever catches us!
Indigo Dragon Icon.png (Pssst... Over here...)
Arya.png Hold on - I hear something whispering from under that archway. A dragon...?
Indigo Dragon Icon.png (I see you're asking questions. Good! If you start letting your mind wander, you'll be facing down Valkov in no time. And I'd like to see what you can do!)

Valkov Dragon Icon.png (THERE you are!! Mischievous humans, scuttling about the world of light like little bugs!)
Ned.png H-Hey! That's not...really nice...
Valkov Dragon Icon.png (Your dark thoughts have upset the Great Lysk, and that is the one thing I cannot abide!)
Ned.png Dark thoughts?! Wh-What's all this about dark thoughts?! We're GOOD guys! We don't have dark thoughts!
Valkov Dragon Icon.png (ALL humans have dark thoughts. Even dragons. But this world of light is no place for creatures like that. )
Valkov Dragon Icon.png (I will cast you down to the world below - for the glorious Lysk and the world of light!)

Arya.png That Valkov dragon REALLY didn't seem to like us... It's pretty unusual to run into that kinda hatred in dragons, Ned. What was it saying?
Ned.png It kept mentioning how people and dragons with "dark thoughts" aren't welcome here...that dark thoughts bother the "Great Lysk"...
Ned.png B-But how can I make these dragons understand that we don't have dark thoughts!?
Dark Matter Dragon Icon.png (Of course you do.)
Ned.png Now where'd YOU come from?!
Dark Matter Dragon Icon.png (All living things have dark thoughts. Even the desire to battle can be a dark thought - and that's what I'd like to do right now!)

Ned.png I'm so confused! What the heck are "dark thoughts"?! Are they good or bad?! Are WE good or bad?!
Arya.png Um...I feel like the dragons are really getting to your head, Ned-- YOW!
Arya.png It's okay! This Rogue Dragon just poked me...! But, it's sort of strange - there aren't many dragons that look like the Rogue Dragon around here...
Rogue Dragon Icon.png (You two're interesting! Fight me!)

Witch Dragon Icon.png (Hehehe! How wonderful! If humans like you can tromp around in the world of light, then so can dragons like me!)
Ned.png A-Are you saying you're...evil? You ARE a Witch Dragon, after all...
Witch Dragon Icon.png (Silly human boy! There's nothing evil about witches - or humans, or dragons like me! Although some dragons here don't quite understand that.)
Witch Dragon Icon.png (It's all a bit hypocritical - considering this world was created from the Solar Rock: stolen from human witches!)
Ned.png WHAT?! These dragons stole the Solar Rock from witches down on earth?!
Arya.png Huh? The same Solar Rock they worship on Illumina back in our time? This is amazing, Ned!!

Shadowpuff Dragon Icon.png (Is it true? Is it true? Some humans have come from down below to shake things up in the world of light?)
Ned.png Well, not exactly "down below", a-and we didn't want to shake things up!
Shadowpuff Dragon Icon.png (Too late for that! Just by being here you have made many dragons remember things that the Ancients prefer we forget...)
Shadowpuff Dragon Icon.png (...Things about humans, and different ways of thinking. Many dragons love to think, you know! About all kinds of things!)
Shadowpuff Dragon Icon.png (In fact, I believe Luzra will be paying you a visit soon. Luzra is like me - Luzra believes you must have a bit of mischief in life.)
Shadowpuff Dragon Icon.png (Human boy, I think your friend agrees with me. She's been itching to battle this whole time, and I have too!)

Luzra Dragon Icon.png (Hello, humans. I thought at first you'd come to return the Solar Rock to the witches down below, but now I see you were unaware of our stolen magic.)
Luzra Dragon Icon.png (Perhaps it's better this way: you two can figure out on your own what you want to do in this world. Mistakes are good. Doubt is good.)
Ned.png Um...there's a powerful dragon we know who sent us here to get your kind to help us in the future. At least, that's what I thought, but now I'm not so sure.
Luzra Dragon Icon.png (How interesting. Instead perhaps it is you that will help us. My kin must understand that they cannot have light without shadow.)
Luzra Dragon Icon.png (Permit me a battle with you, if you please. I do so love creatures like you!)

Arya.png So you're telling me that the Ancient Light dragons have made the world of light SO perfect, that there's no room for any other ways of thinking?
Arya.png You can't play any tricks or make mistakes or... I guess if I thought this way, I'd never have become friends with Eliza.
Ned.png And maybe dragons would never have become friends with humans... And then, my dad would kinda be out of a job.
Ned.png And I never would have met you...
Halcyon Dragon Icon.png (UGH, are you two done squawking? We dragons of light have a perfect world up here, and we don't need you muddling it!)
Halcyon Dragon Icon.png (Oops - I had a dark thought!)

Ned.png WHOA! That arrow nearly hit me!
Arya.png What're you-- ACK! Me too!
Arya.png The culprit couldn't be that innocently whistling Cupid Dragon, could it?
Cupid Dragon Icon.png (Tee hee! If you're scared now, just you wait until the Great Lysk gets ahold of you!)

Sovereign Dragon Icon.png (Ah, humans, breaking the peace - just like back in the old days, when we dragons coexisted with you on earth.)
Sovereign Dragon Icon.png (Funnily enough, life was rather exciting down there. It's peaceful up here, but, well...)
Sovereign Dragon Icon.png (I shouldn't be entertaining these thoughts, but perhaps I miss some of the old ways. Humans like you, at least, made life a joy.)
Sovereign Dragon Icon.png (Battle me, won't you? Win or lose, it'll be an experience!)

Ned.png I keep wondering why Chronos sent us here. Maybe it was to fix things? To get the dragons here to return to earth?
Arya.png And embrace other kinds of dragons? And people like us? I didn't even know there was a time in history like this...
Ned.png Maybe I could write about it!
Arya.png Ned, that's a great idea!
Twilight Dragon Icon.png (I hear the sounds of new ideas! Well, not so much new as not heard in a long time. I've always enjoyed sounds like this!)
Twilight Dragon Icon.png (And I haven't had the opportunity to stretch my wings against humans in a while. Shall we battle?)

Arya.png Ned, don't look now, but this dragon's been following us for a WHILE now - I think it's finally got the courage to talk to us...well, talk to you.
Solden Dragon Icon.png (I've been watching you two this whole time. I think you're finally ready to confront the Great Lysk, and perhaps change its mind. )
Solden Dragon Icon.png (My name is Solden - I am the only Ancient Light dragon born on earth, and not here in the clouds. Long have I tried to get our kin to return to our origins.)
Solden Dragon Icon.png (With your coming, perhaps it is finally time to return the Solar Rock to the humans, and rejoin our old friends down below.)
Solden Dragon Icon.png (But before all that, I'll need to give you one last test - to see if you are ready to face Lysk. Lysk will read your thoughts and know all your intentions.)
Solden Dragon Icon.png (Now, face me, if you are ready!)

Lysk Dragon Icon.png (... ... ... )
Ned.png Urrgh... I can't understand this dragon. It's's thinking in images, or maybe feelings - but not words!
Arya.png It's OK Ned! If we just be ourselves, it'll know what our intentions are.
Arya.png I know you're afraid of dragons, and Lysk is afraid too - but there's a lot of love in both of you. And I love you, and dragons, too!
Ned.png *blush*
Ned.png L-Lysk's thoughts are's saying that it might enjoy a battle...and befriending new sorts of people...

Holiday Reunion

Dunkelviking.png Ha HA! Welcome, welcome, my family! I'm so glad you could all be here to share this year's Frost Festival joy with me!
Olaf the Pungent.png Huh? You told me and Melvin that Mom was calling a meeting to discuss our yearly allowance...
Eliza the Masculine.png And you told ME you were going to teach me how to exponentially increase my bicep size. And why is HEINRICH here, Dunky?!
Heinrich the Hideous.png Well, Duncan told me he'd meet me here for a LMAB convention. You know, Lonely Men and Boys--
Gunhilda.png And I was told we were FINALLY going to plan our second conquest, but I suppose I can never count on my useless children for anything!
Dunkelviking.png Now, now. We're all BASICALLY family. And it's natural for family to be together during the Frost Festival. We're all gonna get along, OR DIE TRYING.

Dunkelviking.png Here we are: Twinkle Island. Site of Frostytoes Peak, and the Summit Star waiting above! Now we make the traditional Dragolandian pilgrimage to the mountaintop...
Dunkelviking.png ...where we'll make a wish, together, as a family! Everybody BETTER make a good one!
Melvin the Malevolent.png Here, Mother, do you need help getting out of the boat?
Gunhilda.png I don't need any help from anybody, whelp. Out of my way -- I'll leap out of this boat quicker than you can say "mommy"!
Eliza the Masculine.png Well, this is going smoothly already.

Melvin the Malevolent.png STAND BACK, MOTHER! I'll vanquish this terrible beast and clear the way for you!
Gunhilda.png Oh, come off it, you big baby. Can't you see this Sweater Dragon is just a hatchling?
Dunkelviking.png Perhaps Melvin has a point, though -- this particular youngster looks like it's got plenty of spunk! Why don't we entertain it?

Dunkelviking.png What a battle! I dedicate this song to you, young one: It's called "The Tiny Terror of Twinkle Island," and it goes like this--!
Eliza the Masculine.png Hold on, there's something wrong with this hatchling! I think it's lost its parent...
Melvin the Malevolent.png L-lost? You mean like...?!
Eliza the Masculine.png No! Its parent is still alive! In fact, it's somewhere on this mountain; I'm sure of it.
Gunhilda.png Do NOT tell me the most feared Viking family in the seven seas is about to do a good deed!

Dunkelviking.png The Sweater Dragon has led us forward. And good thing, too. I have NO idea where I'm going, but at least I trust my heart!
Olaf the Pungent.png *sigh* I'm surrounded by fools. But, Eliza, how did you know the Sweater Dragon was searching for its parent?
Eliza the Masculine.png That's a story for another dysfunctional family gathering...

Heinrich the Hideous.png This is... Gustyvale Village, if I'm not mistaken. It seems it's barely changed over the years. I used to visit family here for the holidays...
Olaf the Pungent.png Really? The thought of you spending time in such a cheery place is almost eerie.
Heinrich the Hideous.png It was nothing of the sort! No, wait, "eerie" was the nickname I earned from flirting with all the village maidens! Ah, memories.
Eliza the Masculine.png You hear that, Sweater Dragon? You just do your best to avoid growing up into a person like Heinrich, okay?

Heinrich the Hideous.png Behold! A dragon native to this frosty clime -- and it wants to greet us!
Eliza the Masculine.png It wants nothing of the sort, fool! The Avalanche Dragon is trying to get us off of its land!
Olaf the Pungent.png A sign of rocky times ahead, no doubt...

Dunkelviking.png Now we continue, unobstructed! That Avalanche Dragon was out of luck-ted!
Gunhilda.png Cripes! Lyric skills like THAT are why you gave up a promising conqueror career?
Dunkelviking.png ... Sticks and stones, mother.

Heinrich the Hideous.png Goodbye, Gustyvale Village! Perhaps if I declare, before BOTH of my exes, that I'm ready to reform, you'll welcome me back!
Eliza the Masculine.png We NEVER DATED!
Gunhilda.png WHY did you invite him, Dunky?
Dunkelviking.png Because ALL ALLIES ARE FAMILY! Even little tagalong dragons, right? We must stick together to get this hatchling to safety!

Melvin the Malevolent.png Is this Twinkle Village? It's pretty... All the families look so happy, getting ready for the Frost Festival together...
Olaf the Pungent.png ...
Eliza the Masculine.png ...
Gunhilda.png ...
Dunkelviking.png Why so quiet, family? Let's hustle and search for the Sweater Dragon's parent!

Eliza the Masculine.png A Tundra Dragon... They live in tight-knit groups and attack anyone who threatens the peace.
Gunhilda.png Since when do you know oh-so-much about dragons? If only you applied that knowledge to finding a husband!
Heinrich the Hideous.png What? Eliza's still single?
Eliza the Masculine.png ARGH! Shut up and help fight off these dragons, or I'm leaving!
Melvin the Malevolent.png Y-yeah! We must come together to persevere -- just like the Tundra Dragons!

Olaf the Pungent.png Well, that was taxing. But why do these dragons see us as enemies? Don't they know we're trying to do something good?
Melvin the Malevolent.png Perhaps they distrust us because of the whole, um... invasion... thing.
Olaf the Pungent.png Good point.

Dunkelviking.png Come on, hurry; the Sweater Dragon is leading us this way!
Gunhilda.png Do you think perhaps the dragons of this island are testing us to see if we are worthy of looking after this hatchling?
Eliza the Masculine.png That was shockingly thoughtful, Mother. Weirder still, I think you might even be correct...

Heinrich the Hideous.png Ah, the infamous Cracklecrunch Lake... where it appears the populace has thrown all its unwanted presents...
Dunkelviking.png This is RIFE with metaphor! Let me get out my inspiration notebook...
Olaf the Pungent.png You carry one, too? I'm always taking notes for new scent-ual experiences to concoct.
Eliza the Masculine.png You two are supposed to be WARRIORS! What's with the scrapbooks?!
Olaf the Pungent.png Please, Eliza. We're CREATIVE warriors, and there's nothing wrong with that, unless you're a certain overbearing mother!

Melvin the Malevolent.png Aww, look! The Sweater Dragon is trying to lick the ice...
Dunkelviking.png AHH! Its tongue got stuck... to a Cherry Ice Dragon! FEAR NOT, YOUNG WARRIOR! WE WILL MAKE THIS DRAGON SORRIER!
Olaf the Pungent.png Does it taste like cherry? Actually, does it SMELL like cherry? Either way, this is going in my scent book.

Gunhilda.png The Cherry Ice Dragon let us leave without much trouble. Perhaps my useless children CAN still hold their own in battle...
Melvin the Malevolent.png And the Sweater Dragon is safe! It's just a little cold... so thank goodness for that sweater.
Eliza the Masculine.png You're awfully sweet on that little dragon, Melvin. I've only ever seen you like this with Mother.
Melvin the Malevolent.png Yes, well... Mother's almost like a dragon herself, isn't she?

Dunkelviking.png (Call it wishful thinking, but I think perhaps this family reunion is taking a turn for the better.)
Dunkelviking.png (And it's a good thing, too -- because I was going to start throwing them into the lake if they didn't stop bickering!)
Gunhilda.png Hey, you lunkhead of a son, what are you doing whispering to the Sweater Dragon? We've got a mountain to climb and these old bones aren't getting any warmer!
Dunkelviking.png (I spoke too soon... but I will NOT GIVE IN!)

Gunhilda.png *grunt* Ugh, do people really come all the way up here for some backwoods holiday superstition?
Heinrich the Hideous.png Well, no. Only the bravest do, apparently. In fact, when we were very young, my cousin--
Gunhilda.png WHAT?! If this arduous hike is not absolutely necessary, I DEMAND you take me to a warm hearth and serve me hot chocolate grog!
Dunkelviking.png Come on now, Mother -- are we not the bravest, strongest family who ever conquered the seven seas?! We DESERVE to reach the summit!
Gunhilda.png FINE, fine. We'll carry on. But only if we get to gloat about it to our rivals and enemies.

Eliza the Masculine.png *gasp* Is that a Frost Fairy Dragon?! Legends say it grants holiday wishes!
Melvin the Malevolent.png I wish Mother loved me!
Heinrich the Hideous.png I wish your mother loved me!
Gunhilda.png UGH! Shut your sniveling traps! We have a more pressing wish -- to conquer all of--!
Olaf the Pungent.png Eh? Aren't we wishing for the baby Sweater Dragon to find its parent?

Olaf the Pungent.png Looks like the Frost Fairy Dragon had to test us before granting our wish-- OH, why didn't I wish to get rid of my body odor?!
Dunkelviking.png The dragon is pointing toward the summit! That must be where our young charge's parent awaits us. What a coincidence!
Melvin the Malevolent.png I guess we're going to the top, Sweater Dragon. I liked your wish better, anyways...

Gunhilda.png Are you cold, little Sweater Dragon? I suppose if you settle down I can button you into my coat.
Melvin the Malevolent.png Huh? But it was my turn to hold the Sweater Dragon!
Olaf the Pungent.png No, it was Eliza's turn.
Eliza the Masculine.png I-it's okay... The hatchling can go where it pleases...!
Dunkelviking.png *chuckle* We're almost at the summit, everyone. If we go this way, we'll get there in no time.

Melvin the Malevolent.png Whoa... is that the Summit Star way up there? I've never seen anything like it...!
Olaf the Pungent.png Mmm, smell that air! The brisk wind blows away every hint of my B.O.! I could really get used to this!
Eliza the Masculine.png The Sweater Dragon is getting excited... I bet its parent is searching for it somewhere around here.

Dunkelviking.png AAAAAAAAAAAH!!!
Gunhilda.png GRRAAAHHH!!! Ugh! Why are you screaming?! And since when did you have perfect pitch?!
Dunkelviking.png It's the Sweater Dragon's parent! We've tracked it down at last, but it wants to fight us...!
Eliza the Masculine.png It must think we kidnapped its child. It won't listen to reason until we STOP YELLING and battle it.

Eliza the Masculine.png Do you understand now, Sweater Dragon? My family and I have been escorting your child to safety.
Melvin the Malevolent.png What's with this dragon? It's still so persistent! Doesn't it realize we've done the right thing? Or... did we mess up?
Eliza the Masculine.png That's not it... Errm, it seems like both parent and child want to accompany us to the Summit Star... as a family.
Dunkelviking.png (I've done it! My greatest conquest yet: my family's hearts!)

Dunkelviking.png We made it to the Summit Star! Now, I'd like to treat you all to a power ballad I'll be freestyling about our journey today--
Gunhilda.png BEFORE you do that, let us wish on the danged thing, Dunky. You made us come all the way up here, after all!
Melvin the Malevolent.png Uh, let's not say our wishes out loud though. They'll only come true if we keep them in our hearts!
Olaf the Pungent.png My brother, the poet... But Melvin's right. Let's quietly -- for once -- make those wishes.
Heinrich the Hideous.png Very well, everybody QUIETLY wish on 1... 2... 3...
Eliza the Masculine.png (I-I wish that Arya and I could--)
Dunkelviking.png Shhh!


6th Anniversary

Dragon Board

Ned.png Hey, Dad? It's great that you made Arya a cake to celebrate her sixth anniversary as a dragon trainer, but... what did you put in it, exactly?
Professor Hogwin.png Oh, dear. In my attempt to "spice things up" I may have added a hearty dose of some mysterious potion or another. But one must be daring in the kitchen!
Arya.png I get to spend my trainer-versary in the dream realm?! This is so cool -- thanks, Professor! I wonder what kind of stories the dragons want to hear this time?
Professor Hogwin.png Hmm... Judging by the looks of this hardboiled pair, perhaps they want tales of strife and adventure?
Arya.png Oh, I've got PLENTY of those. Remember all the times I had to track down and foil Viking plots across the archipelago?!

Ned.png Sheesh, sometimes I can't believe just how many nefarious schemes you had to squash, Arya... It's amazing.
Arya.png I couldn't have done any of it without your help, Ned. And other really strong Trainers helped me, too!
Arya.png In fact, these dragons remind me of some TRULY wild adventures that we went on together, Ned. To the far future, and distant past--
Ned.png Y-yep, yep, distant pastures! Sure saw a lot of cows there!
Arya.png Huh...? No, I mean when we saw the Ancient Water dragons, and--
Ned.png Shh! I don't want my dad knowing about that just yet...

Arya.png These dragons remind me of our adventures with the Divines -- especially our first couple, on Mount Dragolympus, and the Island of New Beginnings!
Arya.png Man, that trip to Dragolympus with the Professor is something I'll never forget. It was my first brush with Divine Dragons!
Arya.png And of course, taking down Eliza with Ned on the Island! We didn't have Hogwin's help on that one, so it was a little scary!
Arya.png I'm sure this battle will be another nice medley of scary AND fun.

Arya.png OoOoOoOoOo! Spooky dragons!
Professor Hogwin.png It's okay, Ned -- there's no shame in hiding behind your papa!
Ned.png ...
Arya.png We've had plenty of scary adventures, haven't we? Eliza and I even went to the underworld at the Golden Pyramid!
Arya.png And I can't forget my eerie strolls through the woods, or the times I thought I couldn't save the day.
Arya.png All in all, being scared isn't so bad -- especially when you're surrounded by loved ones, and loved dragons.

Arya.png Aww, these two dragons make me remember all the fun and happy times I've spent with everyone.
Arya.png I didn't have many friends back home on Crysto... But since meeting Hogwin and Ned here on Numa, I've gained more than I'd ever thought possible.
Arya.png I've befriended amazing Trainers, and even made friends with our enemies!
Arya.png I think I've laughed and smiled more in the past six years than I ever did when I was younger...
Arya.png I have all of you to thank for that!

Arya.png Oh, oh, these dragons remind me of the time I spent as a milkmaid on Numa, before I met you two!
Arya.png You should've seen me -- out wrangling cows in the fields, tripping over thorny bushes and chasing cattle thieves...
Arya.png Sometimes I think it was even harder than dragon training! It was definitely good practice, at least.

Arya.png Ha ha! These dragons remind me of LAST year's anniversary party. We danced around and sang songs -- and Ned even freestyled a couple verses!
Ned.png Um... I don't remember that at all.
Arya.png What?! Could it have been a dream? Or did I accidentally give you another potion last year?
Ned.png I mean... was I good at it?
Arya.png How strange... It felt so real...
Ned.png A-Arya? Hey, Arya, was I any good?

Arya.png These two remind me of listening to Hogwin's stories and eating snacks around the fire...
Arya.png No offense, Cookie Dragon -- we don't want to eat you!
Ned.png That WOULD be how the Cookie Dragon crumbles, wouldn't it? Ha ha!
Professor Hogwin.png That was insensitive, son...
Ned.png S-sorry...

Arya.png Heheh, these dragons remind me of how far I've come...
Arya.png I feel like I've done so much. I've become so much stronger, and learned so many new things.
Arya.png And I've had so many people help me along the way! I'd like to thank the Dragon Academy!
Ned.png Wrap up that speech, Arya -- these dragons want to battle!

Arya.png Now these dragons remind me of this little shindig right here -- the festive stroll down memory lane you arranged for me, Hogwin!
Ned.png Dad, please let me handle the baking next time.
Professor Hogwin.png Well, intentional or not, I think this has been a wonderful sixth trainer-versary indeed. And it appears these last two dragons are here for the festivities!
Arya.png Let's party!
Ned.png Happy anniversary, everyone!
Professor Hogwin.png We hope you'll party with us for many years to come!

Origin of Plants

Dragon Board

Ned.png CHRONOS!!! I'd really appreciate it if you didn't send us to the ancient past in the middle of new year's breakfast!
Arya.png I don't think Chronos can hear you anymore, Ned... And anyway, we don't know exactly where we are, do we?
Arya.png Wherever we are, it MUST be important. And HOT! Ugh, suddenly I feel overdressed. Is this that infamous humidity I keep hearing about?
Bromelia Dragon Icon.png (Oh, my! What unusual-looking humans I see. The ones that scamper around our woodlands look much different.)
Pitaya Dragon Icon.png (Perhaps they are new to the Foros Jungle?)
Bromelia Dragon Icon.png (Impossible -- Foros Jungle is the whole world! Come, let's chase them away!)

Ned.png So, we're in the Foros Jungle... but apparently, the whole WORLD is the Foros Jungle? Does that make you uneasy, or is it just me...?
Arya.png At least we're not in that stuffy light land, like last time. Speaking of, I wonder what happened to that dragon city in the clouds?
Bounty Hunter Dragon Icon.png (If the human is referring to the world of light, it has been 100 summers since it fell, returning the Solar Rock to Terra.)
Gloom Lady Dragon Icon.png (Many of my kind blame you creatures for the fall. I, for one, think it was well-warranted, but, well -- a job is a job!)
Ned.png A-A job? What do you mean?
Bounty Hunter Dragon Icon.png (The lords of the jungle have hired us to hunt you down... in exchange for their juiciest fruits, of course!)

Arya.png That was close! I don't get the feeling those last dragons were playing around, Ned. They REALLY wanted to fight!
Ned.png I didn't think dragons could be any unfriendlier than the ones from the world of light, but... Well, I don't want to jinx myself.
Arya.png Hey, those dragons look a bit out of place, too -- don't they? I wonder if they can help us get our bearings...
Taiga Dragon Icon.png (The lords of the jungle have been very gracious to us, letting us wander around their territory!)
Avalanche Dragon Icon.png (Unfortunately, to thank them, we can't extend the same courtesy to these human creatures!)
Taiga Dragon Icon.png (Lords of the jungle! We've found them! And now we attack!)

Ned.png Whoa! What happened? My head's spinning...
Arya.png Did we just time travel, again? Or get transported elsewhere? These dragons don't look anything like the ones from Foros Jungle.
Arya.png What are they saying, Ned? They seem rowdy! Like they wanna party!
Jinqiu Dragon Icon.png (Welcome! Could you two be here for the New Year's celebration?)
Bamboo Dragon Icon.png (Do come join us. All are welcome to ring in the New Year.)
Jinqiu Dragon Icon.png (And we celebrate by battling!)

Arya.png Ned! Look up! Isn't it beautiful? A Jiang Dragon is dancing in the sky!
Ned.png You're missing out -- there's a Fut San Dragon dancing right in front of us!
Arya.png A battle is kinda like a dance, isn't it? I wonder if these dragons will treat us to more of one or the other!
Ned.png S-Sure, but I'd rather dance with you than battle--
Arya.png Oh, awesome -- they heard us! Here they come!
Ned.png *SIIIGH*

Ned.png If I remember Dad's Codex entry correctly... that Azure Dragon heralds tidings of spring. It's super important to a New Year's celebration.
Arya.png And springtime must be super important to dragons from the Foros Jungle, but...
Arya.png Where are they? I thought for sure the "lords of the jungle," whoever they are, would be here to celebrate.
Ned.png If this is like our other time travelings, those "lords" SHOULD be the Ancient Plant dragons.
Arya.png But, so far, this isn't quite like any of our other time travelings!
Azure Dragon Icon.png (Alas! Too much talking -- not enough partying! Let us rectify that!)

Ned.png Correct me if I'm wrong, but there sure seem to be a lot of VIDs here, you know? "Very Important Dragons."
Arya.png Nice wordplay, Ned! But you're totally right. I get the feeling this celebration is a big deal.
Longgui Dragon Icon.png (The human would be correct. This is our first New Year celebration, for the first EVER new year!)
Ned.png WHOA... Arya, we are DEFINITELY still in the ancient past.
Longgui Dragon Icon.png (Travelers, I see. You've come a long way. Would you like a customary New Year's battle?)

Arya.png Hey, it's a Green Lion Dragon! You can always trust one of these, Ned. Maybe it'll answer a question for us...
Arya.png I mean, if this is the first New Year's celebration EVER, that's a pretty big deal. So...
Ned.png Where are the Ancient Plant dragons, right?
Green Lion Dragon Icon.png (Ancient Plant dragons? We know of no such creatures.)
Sunrise Dragon Icon.png (If they existed, surely they'd come to our celebration!)
Arya.png Now THIS is a problem...!

Ned.png Could it be possible that the Ancient Plant dragons don't EXIST where we are?!
Arya.png I wonder if any of these dragons would know what happened...? Speaking of, I think the star of the party is over that way -- maybe it has an answer!
Rat Dragon Icon.png (Humans! What a wonderful surprise! Welcome to my party -- can I help you? Or... perhaps you can't understand me?)
Ned.png W-We were actually wondering what happened to the Ancient Plant dragons, from Foros Jungle...!
Rat Dragon Icon.png (I see. The legends say they disappeared after failing to make peace with humankind. Beyond that, we don't know what happened to them...)
Rat Dragon Icon.png (But let's save such sorrowful discussion for another day. For now, we'll celebrate the new year with a battle!)

Orchid Dragon Icon.png (Oh! Humans! Out of thin air! Are you two witches, perhaps?)
Tree Dragon Icon.png (Now, now, I'm sure they can't hear you.)
Ned.png N-No, I can! I can hear you! Um, are we by any chance back in Foros Jungle?
Orchid Dragon Icon.png (Indeed, we are all in Foros Jungle -- the most wonderful place in the world for dragons like us!)
Ned.png Arya... we're back, I think. But if that's the case, where WERE we?
Arya.png We were about to treat these dragons to a battle, I think!

Ned.png We know Chronos enjoys shuffling us around in space and time, right?
Ned.png I wonder if Chronos was showing us an alternate timeline to let us know the Ancient Plant dragons are in danger...
Arya.png So, we'll have to make sure the Ancient Plant Dragons learn to coexist with humans, or else they'll disappear. Right?
Ned.png Right. *sigh* No pressure or anything...
Arya.png No worries, Ned -- I noticed a dragon flying around nearby. Let's ask if it'll get us a meeting with the Ancients!
Ned.png Somehow I think it'll just get us into a battle...

Ned.png (A-Arya! Hide! I think one of the Ancients just found US!)
Iolhan Dragon Icon.png (Oh. Humans. I felt as though Foros' pure waters were being sullied, and now I have spotted the source of the impurity.)
Arya.png Ned, what's it saying? It doesn't seem too fond of us, but it's making the river all sparkly and clean!
Ned.png (Whatever you do, DON'T mention the purplemon juice I accidentally spilled in the water when we first got here!)
Iolhan Dragon Icon.png (I am Íolhan, and my purified waters keep Foros lush and endlessly thriving. I cannot allow your kind to risk sullying our world again.)
Arya.png I think we better take responsibility for that juice, Ned!

Ned.png The Ancients don't like us because they're afraid humans will ruin their jungle... I guess I can't blame them, considering what the Tyrants did.
Ned.png A few hundred years before this, they almost poisoned the entire world! I saw it with my own eyes thanks to Chronos, Arya... Arya?
Arya.png Sorry, Ned! This Skullhelm Dragon is sooo friendly. It really wants to play, and I am not about to refuse!
Skullhelm Dragon Icon.png (I'm a friend to the humans of Foros! Many of us wish for the unity of humans and dragons, you know...)
Ned.png D-Do you think you could tell your friends to spread the word?
Skullhelm Dragon Icon.png (I will. But first, may I battle you and your companion?)

Arya.png I've noticed something interesting. The fruits on the trees here are HUGE! Any explanation for something like that, science boy? Magic?
Ned.png Actually, uh, I think the plants and fruits got so big because of the water's purity. Or something like that. I've been taking notes for my books.
Arya.png That's great, Ned! Are you gonna show Doctor Hogwin?
Ned.png Y-Yeah, I think I will. I'd like to write about everything we've been through in the ancient past...
Arya.png Well, I've got my own theory about the big fruits. I'm thinking maybe they evolved into dragons at some point. I mean, check THAT out!
Peach Dragon Icon.png (Huh?)

Arya.png Look at that! I wonder if one of the dragons from that alternate dimension managed to sneak through as well.
Ned.png U-Um... Hey, dragon, are you, uh, from around here?
Ox Dragon Icon.png (One moment I was at a party, and the next, I find myself in a lush jungle...!)
Ox Dragon Icon.png (If THIS is what the Ancients can do with their powers, then... I wish they hadn't gone away back where I'm from.)
Ned.png Don't worry. We'll do our best to make them stick around this time.
Arya.png But before that, how about we bring the party to us with a battle?

Arya.png It's already humid in this jungle, but... did it just get even hotter? ... Ned, duck!!!
Ned.png Huh? OOF! W-What... Oh, th-the big scary flaming dragon. I see it now...
Iosghar Dragon Icon.png (Fear not, little hatchlings. Though my power is ferocious, I mean you no harm.)
Iosghar Dragon Icon.png (I am Íosghar. My fires terrify, but using them wisely, I clear the rotted old growth and make room for new life in Foros.)
Iosghar Dragon Icon.png (Much in the same way, my companions have been stuck in their ways for too long. Their prejudice must be burned, and new thoughts must arise from the ashes.)
Iosghar Dragon Icon.png (I feel that you two can help me achieve this goal, but first, I must test your abilities...! Can you face the flame, little ones?)

Budding Dragon Icon.png (Pardon me, are you humans?)
Ceremony Dragon Icon.png (I think they are...!)
Budding Dragon Icon.png (We have learned much from your kind -- how to make various things, and find all kinds of delicious treats!)
Ceremony Dragon Icon.png (I help out -- it's nice being bipedal!)
Ned.png O-Oh, well, it's sure nice to be appreciated, too! Maybe you guys can help us make sure the Ancients and humans get along?
Ceremony Dragon Icon.png (We'd be happy to, but first -- might we have one of those delightful battles we've heard so much about?)

Tree Bark Dragon Icon.png (There they are... the humans...)
Ned.png Um -- hi there. Y-You don't have to be afraid of us.
Arya.png We're on a diplomatic mission, you see!
Tree Bark Dragon Icon.png (We've alerted the lords of the jungle to your location... We're sorry, but we can't risk allying with you.)
Ned.png *sigh* Hold off on the diplomacy, Arya -- I don't think it's gonna fly here.
Arya.png They just haven't experienced my unique and slightly brutal style of friendship yet. We'll win 'em over!

Puenwyn Dragon Icon.png (You are unlucky to run into one such as I: Puenwyn, who sacrificed my body to soak up the poisons your ilk carelessly left behind!)
Puenwyn Dragon Icon.png (For hundreds of years I have been absorbing human-made poison, clearing the way for the great Foroskke's lush jungles and forests...)
Puenwyn Dragon Icon.png (I will protect Foroskke, the Ancient Divine of the Plants, with my whole being. Prepare to be eliminated, along with all of your kind!)
Ned.png N-No! Wait! G-Great Puenwyn, please... w-we humans may be shortsighted sometimes, but we learn from our mistakes...
Ned.png And my books will help us make sure that humans will never hurt you so badly again! I'll do everything I can!!!
Arya.png Ned... you're really growing up. But sometimes actions speak louder than words. Let's show this Ancient how we feel with a battle!

Nidhogg Dragon Icon.png (Amazing. You humans survived an encounter with Puenwyn. You must be either incredibly strong, or incredibly persuasive.)
Ned.png W-We, um... we just want to help. We hope all of you in Foros, and the humans, can be friends again.
Nidhogg Dragon Icon.png (A lofty goal! I will take you both to Foroskke if you can prove your worth in battle.)
Nidhogg Dragon Icon.png (Just make sure you don't screw anything up! Foroskke makes such delicious trees to gnaw on!)
Arya.png Somehow, I get the feeling we can help make this dragon's hopes into reality.

Foroskke Dragon Icon.png (Humans. I see you approach me with a book. A compendium of the crushed remains of my trees. No matter. I will grow more.)
Foroskke Dragon Icon.png (I am Foroskke, and you walk in a world of my creation. I have heard of your plight, and I wish to hear it again, from your own mouths.)
Arya.png I can't understand you like my friend can, but I hope you'll hear us out: In the future we come from, dragons and humans love each other very much!
Arya.png I may not be able to speak with you, but I want to show you what's in my heart! I want to show you how much I love dragons!
Ned.png F-Foroskke... I understand why you don't trust us. I promise, I'll keep writing and I'll keep listening -- and I'll help make sure we stay friends!
Foroskke Dragon Icon.png (Fascinating creatures you are... I will leave it to a final battle to cement the fates of the so-called "love" between our species. Let us commence!!!)

Easter Adventure

Professor Hogwin.png Ahh, spring is springing and the sprouts are sprouting. With that hint of warm weather on the breeze, it's the perfect time to scout for ingredients!
Ned.png Ingredients for what, dad? I've been brushing up on my baking skills, you know...
Professor Hogwin.png As much as I'd love one of your Sweetroot scones, I'm talking POTIONS, my boy! Mirage Woods must be bursting with ingredients this time of year.
Arya.png Ooh, if we're taking a trip to the woods, can I come along? I've always been curious about potion-crafting!

Professor Hogwin.png Mmm! Smell that cornucopia of wondrous scents!
Ned.png I smell...dirt?
Arya.png Yeah, but it must be really GOOD dirt. Potion dirt, right?
Professor Hogwin.png No, no - open your minds and your nostrils! There's the aroma of Sweet Thistle in the air, and perhaps the rabbits will lead us to it, if we keep an eye out.

Arya.png Look out everyone, there's a dragon that seems interested in our foraging!
Professor Hogwin.png To be expected of an Herbalist Dragon - but who's that cowering behind it? Not my son, surely!
Ned.png No! Jeez! It's Olaf!
Olaf the Pungent.png Urgh. I should've known I'd run into you disruptive lunkheads during prime foraging season. Luckily, my friend and I can take you on!

Olaf the Pungent.png Dragon's spit! You might've bested me, but I've already got a handful of Sweet Thistle, and now I'll be on my way - thank you VERY much!
Ned.png Did you hear that? Olaf already found our first ingredient - with a dragon's help! Whatever he's planning, I don't like it...
Professor Hogwin.png Hmm, I don't either. The thought of a Viking concocting such an advanced potion as mine certainly doesn't set me at ease.
Arya.png Well, if anyone can stop his schemes, it's us! Let's go track him down!

Ned.png Dad, I think I found some Sweet Thistle!
Professor Hogwin.png Not quite, son. That's SOUR Thistle! They appear almost identical, except for the odor, which you can release by--
Arya.png Oh. Professor, I think I just stepped on a patch of Sweet Thistle...
Professor Hogwin.png Yes! You release the telltale sweet smell by crushing it! Now, let's hurry deeper into the woods, where more ingredients await!

Professor Hogwin.png Now, the next ingredient we'll need is a bit trickier to acquire, but you'll see what I mean later!
Ned.png Can't you just...tell us now?
Professor Hogwin.png I wouldn't be a very good doctor, or professor, or father, if I couldn't turn this into a teachable moment, would I?
Ned.png I mean, I'd still like you!

Professor Hogwin.png And here we have it - our next ingredient is shavings from the bark of a Tree Bark Dragon's scales!
Professor Hogwin.png If we ask nicely, I'm sure this dragon will allow us a quick trim--
Arya.png Or not. Looks like Olaf got here first, again!
Olaf the Pungent.png That's right - and you won't take my hard-won ingredient! I had to bargain with this dragon for HOURS!

Olaf the Pungent.png I'm not sure why you're so intent on stopping me...but I've already got my first two ingredients, so make like the Tree Bark Dragon and LEAF!
Arya.png Olaf...that was pretty funny.
Ned.png No it wasn't! Stop stealing our ingredients!
Professor Hogwin.png Now, now, Ned - as much as I hate to admit it, Olaf DID get here first... We'll just have to carry on!

Arya.png It's a shame Olaf got to the Tree Bark Dragon first... Now we're gonna go without an ingredient!
Professor Hogwin.png Not so, Arya! Both of you, come take a look at this... Here, by the base of this tree!
Professor Hogwin.png It's the exact shavings we were looking for! The Tree Bark Dragon must have shed them off after scratching itself against a tree.
Professor Hogwin.png Mirage Woods is truly a bounty of treasure, if only you know where to look. Now THAT'S a teachable moment!

Ned.png I feel a little chill in the air... It's not from the river, I don't think. What could it be?
Professor Hogwin.png Perceptive, my boy! There's a dragon here who can bring a tingle to your spine.
Professor Hogwin.png But worry not, I have every faith that we'll be brave enough to get our next ingredient from it!
Ned.png Speak for yourself, please...

Professor Hogwin.png Olaf! With the Wood Witch Dragon?! I'm shocked it decided to grant you use of its ingredients for your nefarious purposes!
Olaf the Pungent.png "Nefarious"!? How do I know YOU'RE not planning some awful something-or-other?
Arya.png Olaf, the Professor basically saved Dragolandia. I don’t' think he's planning anything awful!
Olaf the Pungent.png So you say, but getting in my way IS pretty rude.

Olaf the Pungent.png Fine! So you beat me! The Wood Witch Dragon already gave me a satchel-ful of Shadow Mold, so it doesn't even matter!
Ned.png Ugh, Shadow Mold? Do we really want something like that anyway?
Olaf the Pungent.png Shows what you know, whelp. Shadow Mold is the cornerstone of this concoction!
Professor Hogwin.png A minor setback. We will do what we set out to do, and have fun doing it. That's a doctor/professor/father guarantee!

Ned.png What are we gonna do? N-Not that I'm losing sleep over a potion, but we can't exactly make it without that Dark Moss or whatever it's called...
Wood Witch Dragon Icon.png (... ...)
Arya.png Whoa! It looks like the Wood Witch Dragon was impressed with how we battled. I wonder if it'll give us the Night Grass!
Professor Hogwin.png It's "Shadow Mold", my pupils, and it appears this dragon will allow us to take a sample from the old well! How fortunate! Onwards!

Professor Hogwin.png Our next ingredient grows in this part of the forest. Keep your eyes trained on the trees, young ones!
Arya.png Why's that? Are we getting our ingredient from some kind of man-eating tree?
Ned.png Or some gross fungus that grows up in the canopy?
Professor Hogwin.png Nope. We simply need cherries from a cherry tree!

Ned.png I found it, dad! A cherry tree-- WHOA! Nevermind, that's a Cherry Dragon!
Olaf the Pungent.png Yep, and it's just offered ME a motherlode of cherries!
Olaf the Pungent.png Sadly for you, I'm not exactly the sharing type. ESPECIALLY not after how you lot have treated li'l ol' me!

Olaf the Pungent.png You're rotten, you know that? Rotten as the old cherry I found under my bed last weekend!
Arya.png Is that why you're bothering the Cherry Dragon? Need some replacements?
Olaf the Pungent.png Well...yes. But as your chaperone knows, cherries are an important part of our shared goal.
Professor Hogwin.png Of course that's true. What I'm wondering is, what do you plan to use it for...?

Arya.png Professor, what's this potion for anyway?
Professor Hogwin.png It grants strength, you see. My plan was for each of us to use it whenever we needed an extra boost!
Professor Hogwin.png But with Olaf taking most of our ingredients, we might not have enough. Of course, the REAL problem is what Olaf plans on using his strength for...
Ned.png Well, on the bright side, it looks like the Cherry Dragon left us a couple of cherries anyway. Consolation prize, maybe?

Ned.png We're deep in the forest now... I guess potion-making is more labor-intensive than I thought...
Professor Hogwin.png Not to worry, Ned - as long as we follow the Sweet Thistle Bunnies, we'll never be led astray.
Arya.png Could we follow them right to the next ingredient?
Professor Hogwin.png They might indeed know something about it. Our penultimate ingredient is a doozy to acquire, so let's put our trust in them!

Professor Hogwin.png We've found the Realm Dragon, the source of our next ingredient, but... Olaf, what are you doing with it?
Professor Hogwin.png Only the pure of heart can obtain Mini-Dust from the fairies living upon the Realm Dragon's back!
Professor Hogwin.png If you're coercing that Realm Dragon, Olaf, I'll have to put a stop to it!

Arya.png Um...Professor, it doesn't look like Olaf's doing any coercing. In fact, the Realm Dragon seems to LIKE him!
Professor Hogwin.png I admit, I'm baffled... To think a Viking would be recognized for purity of heart...
Olaf the Pungent.png Hmph! Maybe thinking like THAT is why the Realm Dragon isn't giving you any Mini-Dust, old man!
Professor Hogwin.png ...You may have a point there, my friend. I'll have to work to prove myself worthy of the Realm Dragon's gift!

Ned.png We didn't manage to find any Mini-Dust... Should we call it a day, dad?
Olaf the Pungent.png Hold it! I want to know why you ingrates keep trying to foil my plans! I mean, since when have you been against me making perfumes?!
Arya.png P-Perfume?! Is THAT what you've been trying to make with all these ingredients, Olaf?!
Professor Hogwin.png Ah, he ran off. Perhaps he's shy? Let's be after him; I'm curious about this perfume business!

Professor Hogwin.png Now where did that Viking go? I wonder if he really intends to make a perfume out of the potion, or if he was simply tricking us...
Arya.png I don't know, Professor... Olaf may be a Viking, but he's not as tricky as the rest of his family. In fact, he's always been pretty straightforward!
Arya.png The whole time I've known him, he's only ever wanted one thing: to make perfume! He doesn't even care about the family business anymore...
Arya.png That's why I kinda believe him. Maybe we owe him a proper talk!

Professor Hogwin.png Olaf! There you are! I wanted to apologize for--
Olaf the Pungent.png Not now! I needed some citrine for my masterful potion, but all I got was this Citrine Dragon...and it is NOT the same thing.
Professor Hogwin.png Allow me to assist you. After all, Olaf, we both want the same thing: to make a wonderful potion!
Olaf the Pungent.png Weird. But I won't refuse a fellow fine scent afficionado.

Olaf the Pungent.png FINALLY! You people gave me enough trouble, I didn't think you'd ever actually lend me a hand.
Olaf the Pungent.png But the Citrine Dragon wouldn't give us any citrine, so...I guess we're both stuck.
Professor Hogwin.png Let's not give in yet, my unlikely friend - we'll continue to search this forest clearing . I'd like to see this project through to its conclusion!

Olaf the Pungent.png Ah-ha! The citrine! Let's combine all this, and then I might even consider giving you a sample...
Professor Hogwin.png I daresay it...smells TERRIBLE! I-Is this "perfume" really what you wanted to make? Or are you planning something evil like I'd thought?
Olaf the Pungent.png Huh? No! I've given up on nice smells and decided to lean into the nasty side of the scent world! It's what I'm good at, after all!
Professor Hogwin.png Somehow, I guess you are rather pure-hearted in a way, Olaf...

Divine Fest - Red & Green

Divine Party Drama

Ned.png Look at this, Dad -- we got some sort of weird letter in the mail...
Professor Hogwin.png Hmm... This writing, could it be dragon language? I've rarely seen anything like these scrawlings!
Arya.png If the Porcelain Dragon scratching at our door is any indication, I think we may be getting summoned somewhere!
Ned.png Great...

Ned.png Wh-where are we...?
Professor Hogwin.png If I'm not mistaken, perhaps this is a habitat of the Eastern Divines -- but it's not one I've ever seen!
Arya.png Heh, the Porcelain Dragon keeps giving us a sly sort of look. I think it wants us to follow it!

Porcelain Dragon Icon.png (I've brought you three here at the behest of the Eastern Divines. They seem quite fond of you -- but first, a test!)
Professor Hogwin.png Oh-ho, it's looking at us quite intently!
Arya.png I bet it wants to battle!
Ned.png Somehow, you're always right.

Porcelain Dragon Icon.png (Good show! Your invitation to the Divine Party has officially been accepted.)
Porcelain Dragon Icon.png (I will be your guide. Everydragon knows Humans can't be trusted by their lonesome!)
Arya.png Well, thanks for the battle, Porcelain Dragon. But I'm still not sure what we're doing here...?
Ned.png Um, well, apparently there's a party!

Arya.png It sure is pretty here -- but it feels sort of otherworldly. Like we're not on Earth.
Professor Hogwin.png A perfect place to take a breather from our earthly responsibilities, I suppose!
Ned.png It's weird not to feel like the weight of the world is on our shoulders when Divines are involved!
Porcelain Dragon Icon.png (Come now! Enough dawdling! We must pay our respects to our hosts!)

Arya.png Wowww, what a fantastic grand hall! And look at all the dragons wandering around!
Erlang Shen Dragon Icon.png (Welcome, welcome! Say, you Humans must be important if you've been invited to our little party.)
Ned.png O-oh, not really...
Professor Hogwin.png Did you just speak to that dragon, my boy...?!

Nezha Dragon Icon.png (Ned Human! Is that you?! Oh, I've missed you very much, my friend!)
Ned.png N-Nezha Dragon! I didn't think I'd get to see you again after our run-in with the Chronosian Divines!
Nezha Dragon Icon.png (How about we celebrate our reunion with a battle? This is a party after all!)
Ned.png W-well... if it's for a friend, then I'll do it!

Nezha Dragon Icon.png (Ahh, that was great! I feel stronger after battling with you!)
Nezha Dragon Icon.png (Actually, Ned Human... I was wondering if you could, erm... stay by my side during this party...?)
Nezha Dragon Icon.png (My Master is here, and I want to show them how much I've grown, b-but I don't want to appear too eager...!)
Ned.png Huh. Yeah, I guess I could do that! I-I'll help you out!

Ned.png Um... Dad? You've been staring at me. Is there something on my face? I WAS digging into those hors d'oeuvres pretty enthusiastically...
Professor Hogwin.png Ned, my boy, are you... TALKING to the dragons...?
Arya.png I think you've been partying too hard, Professor -- of COURSE Ned isn't talking to dragons! Nobody can do that!
Arya.png (Don't worry, Ned -- I'll cover for you until you're ready to tell your dad about your new powers. Let's keep exploring the party!)

Pangu Dragon Icon.png (Hoho! It's you Humans again! I guess you've proven a few times over you can tussle with the best of us!)
Arya.png Haha! The Pangu Dragon sure is a party animal -- it's making a great beat by swinging its tail around!
Pangu Dragon Icon.png (And Nezha -- I see you're especially friendly with the littlest Human. I wonder what your Master would say about that!)

Arya.png Who's this dragon? I don't recognize you from my adventures on the Island of New Beginnings...
Longwang Dragon Icon.png (I am a distant cousin of the Eastern Divines, visiting my kin for their Divine Party...)
Longwang Dragon Icon.png (Parties aren't quite my scene... But I suppose it's customary to engage in celebratory battles.)
Arya.png I think we'll understand each other just fine, even if I can't hear what you're saying behind those fierce eyes!

Longwang Dragon Icon.png (Hm! I thank you, Humans -- that was a rousing fight indeed.)
Longwang Dragon Icon.png (It can be difficult fitting into settings like this, especially when you come from afar... or you are different species.)
Ned.png So parties can be difficult for dragons, too...?
Nezha Dragon Icon.png (Of course! Parties are battlegrounds -- arenas where the strong must prove themselves!)

Professor Hogwin.png (Ahem.) Arya, are my eyes deceiving me? Has Ned been CONVERSING with dragons?
Professor Hogwin.png Not long ago he'd burst into tears at the very thought of being surrounded by Divine Dragons like this...
Arya.png W-well, erm, maybe the party atmosphere has made him brave?
Professor Hogwin.png Oh, please. He's my son, not a party animal! Hold my punch; I'm going to follow him to the next room...

Ned.png What an amazing room... It looks like somewhere Eliza and I discovered in the-- WHOA!
Ned.png A-an arrow just shot right by my face!
Porcelain Dragon Icon.png (Please be careful. It appears Hou Yi is doing target practice.)
Arya.png Dragon parties sure are something else...

Professor Hogwin.png Hmm, this dragon certainly looks cross. I wonder what's soured its mood -- especially during a party!
Hou Yi Dragon Icon.png (Grr! Chang'e won't talk to me! And after I shot a distant star right out of the sky to impress them!)
Hou Yi Dragon Icon.png (Chang'e is ignoring me... It gets me so steamed! You! Battle me so I may be rid of these frustrations!)
Ned.png Looks like more party drama... Must get pretty intense around here if exploding planetoids are involved!

Nezha Dragon Icon.png (I'm sure Chang'e is not ignoring you, Hou Yi! Why, if we just go and find her--)
Hou Yi Dragon Icon.png (Hmph! What would you know? You cannot even get your Master to acknowledge you with all this ruckus going on!)
Nezha Dragon Icon.png (H-hey... That's not nice...)
Ned.png *sigh* THIS is why I don't like parties.

Professor Hogwin.png N-Ned, please, I must talk to you!
Ned.png NotnowDadgottago...!!!
Professor Hogwin.png My... With all the excitement we've been through lately, I haven't even had the time to check in with my son...
Arya.png Dragon families have as much drama as human families, seems like! Maybe you should go chat with Ned after all, Professor.

Arya.png Whoa... It's so beautiful in this room. And quiet, too! A nice place to get away from the party for a moment. *yawn* ...
Professor Hogwin.png Ned? Ned, my boy? It seems he and the Nezha Dragon ran off together... It's like I hardly know him anymore!
Porcelain Dragon Icon.png (And this is why I dislike parties... Zero decorum!)

Nezha Dragon Icon.png (Chang'e... what are you doing all the way up here, alone?)
Chang'e Dragon Icon.png (Oh, sweet Nezha -- and Ned Human, have you come to see me? I've just been enjoying a little break by the moonlight.)
Chang'e Dragon Icon.png (But I suppose I can abide by tradition, and offer you a bracing battle in honor of our Divine Party!)
Ned.png W-wait, we just want to talk to you about the Hou Yi Dragon...!

Chang'e Dragon Icon.png (My, my, that was fun! Now, what were you going to say about Hou Yi...?)
Chang'e Dragon Icon.png (Hou Yi is upset that I'm ignoring them? Ha! That silly fool; I simply decided to enjoy some time alone...)
Chang'e Dragon Icon.png (Perhaps I'll go let Hou Yi know. A party must make room for all sorts of enjoyment, after all.)
Ned.png I guess we may have helped them patch things up, right, Nezha Dragon...?

Professor Hogwin.png Ned! There you are! Please, answer me this--
Ned.png I-I don't have to tell you EVERYTHING, Dad! Just leave me alone for a second!
Nezha Dragon Icon.png (A-are you sure you want to speak to your Master that way, Ned Human? We're supposed to be having fun...)
Ned.png Well... I could say the same thing to you! But you want to prove something to your Master, right? Let's go find them...

Ned.png It's a way different vibe up here. I see dragons milling around, looking regal and refined...
Nezha Dragon Icon.png (I know my Master will be in this room, looking regal and refined along with the others.)
Ned.png Let's keep an eye out for him, then! We'll get him to see how strong you've become!
Nezha Dragon Icon.png (You're very intent on helping me, Ned Human... I'm a little taken aback, but I'm thankful, too!)

Nezha Dragon Icon.png (There you are, Master! I apologize for wandering around idly when I could've been--)
Taiyi Zhenren Dragon Icon.png (Woo-hoo!!! Par-tay!!! What's that, my student? You look so glum!)
Nezha Dragon Icon.png (Huh? But...)
Taiyi Zhenren Dragon Icon.png (That sullen face of yours isn't going to allow for any fun. How about a battle to get the good times rolling?)

Nezha Dragon Icon.png (Master, I'm confused... I thought you wouldn't approve of my slacking off and partying and...)
Taiyi Zhenren Dragon Icon.png (My student, to party is not to slack off! To party is a very important part of life. I wish you'd told me your worries...!)
Nezha Dragon Icon.png (I'm sorry, Master! I feel much better now, and I'm very much looking forward to partying with you!)
Ned.png Looks like everything worked out, but this reminds me of something... Dad! I've been treating him awfully... I better go find him.

Professor Hogwin.png Edward Hogvanhog, I have been chasing you around this whole Divine Party, and--
Ned.png Dad, I'm so sorry... I got all caught up in the excitement. I know I've been acting weird; I just didn't know how to tell you...
Ned.png I... I can understand what dragons are saying, and they can understand me too. It's been like this for a few months now!
Professor Hogwin.png N-now, THAT'S a party-stopper! Come, Ned; let's grab a treat, and you can tell me ALL about it!

Divine Party Foul

Eliza the Masculine.png What's this? An invitation... to Midgarden? From the Northern Divines, no less!
Eliza the Masculine.png Ha! I knew someone of my stature and power would one day be invited to a gathering of the Divines! Oh...
Eliza the Masculine.png ... They've invited the rest of my family, too... CURSES!

Gunhilda.png Well, here we all are again -- me and my useless children. Do me the favor of NOT embarrassing me in front of the Divines.
Olaf the Pungent.png I'm just here for the mead.
Dunkelviking.png AH, what a perfect trip on which to gain inspiration for my second rock opera: Midgarden Gospel, Volume II! Lead us forward, Fjord Dragon!
Fjord Dragon Icon.png (I TOLD the Divines this was a bad idea...)

Fjord Dragon Icon.png (Hold on... Before we go any farther, I want to test your intentions, and your battle prowess.)
Melvin the Malevolent.png Why'd the Fjord Dragon stop? Go on, I haven't got any treats for you...
Eliza the Masculine.png It wants to battle us. I figured we'd be tested if we showed up!
Gunhilda.png We'll play along. I'd NEVER turn down a battle offer!

Fjord Dragon Icon.png (Hmm... I don't quite trust you, but I like your battling style! Fine, I'll escort you Vikings to the party!)
Eliza the Masculine.png Party?!
Gunhilda.png Eh? What are you yelling about?
Dunkelviking.png WOO! PARTY!

Eliza the Masculine.png Apparently, we'll reach some sort of Northern Divine celebration if we follow the Fjord Dragon forward.
Gunhilda.png And HOW do you know that? Since when did you know everything?
Eliza the Masculine.png ... Because I can understand dragons, Mother. Since a few months ago.
Gunhilda.png HA!!! That's a good one -- at least you're funny, Eliza! Well, let's be off!

Hel Dragon Icon.png (Oooh, you're here! How nice it is to see you, Eliza Human, and your ever-entertaining family.)
Eliza the Masculine.png Yes, well, I'm glad you at least get a kick out of them...
Hel Dragon Icon.png (Heh. My hatchling, I know all about complicated families. Why, if you mill about the party some more, you'll see what I mean.)

Freyr Dragon Icon.png (Halt! I demand you party with me, Humans!)
Freyr Dragon Icon.png (I have not partied in an eternity! And nobody else will battle me!)
Melvin the Malevolent.png How odd. For some reason, I feel like I can relate a bit to this dragon. It's jumping around in desperation!
Eliza the Masculine.png You're both try-hards?

Freyr Dragon Icon.png (GRAHH! I LOST! This party is terrible! I'm going home!)
Eliza the Masculine.png Err... Is this not your home?
Freyr Dragon Icon.png (Well, technically it is, but I've not been back in a long time, and now my kin treat me awkwardly...)
Gunhilda.png Eliza -- stop talking to yourself. You're scaring your brothers, and any potential suitors, I'm sure.

Freyr Dragon Icon.png (There you are! Hey... can I hang around with you for the party?)
Fjord Dragon Icon.png (What are you doing, Freyr? Why not socialize with your kin?)
Eliza the Masculine.png Hey! If the Freyr Dragon wants to party with me, the Freyr Dragon CAN party with me!
Melvin the Malevolent.png No fair... All the cool dragons like Eliza...

Thor Dragon Icon.png (Oho! The Vikings are here! Trying to get back in our good graces, are you?)
Eliza the Masculine.png We were INVITED here, Thor Dragon!
Thor Dragon Icon.png (I see... Well, your kind could always get rowdy with the best of them. Here's to you, then!)
Dunkelviking.png Divine Dragons certainly can throw a party! Say, Thor Dragon, do you know how to sing?

Frigg Dragon Icon.png (Hello, young ones, and welcome to our Divine festival -- we hold this to celebrate each other, and our allies...)
Frigg Dragon Icon.png (Of course, we've had difficulties in the past -- but nothing soothes wounds like a good battle.)
Gunhilda.png What's this? Some haughty dragon wants to battle us?
Eliza the Masculine.png It would be FANTASTIC if you could treat the Divines with just a bit more respect, Mother.

Frigg Dragon Icon.png (You battled most admirably! I think perhaps you will have a pleasant time at this party...)
Frigg Dragon Icon.png (But your fate can change in an instant. It all depends upon your actions. So think carefully.)
Frigg Dragon Icon.png (By which, I mean, commit no party fouls. Hoho.)

Eliza the Masculine.png Mother, why don't you believe that I can commune with dragons?! Stranger things have happened, haven't they?
Gunhilda.png The strangest thing that could happen is anyone marrying my nutty daughter and getting her off my case!
Eliza the Masculine.png GRRR! Mother...! You...!
Freyr Dragon Icon.png (Seems like you know a little something about being estranged from your family, Human... Let's leave these fools in the dust and carry on ahead!)

Olaf the Pungent.png It's pretty nice up here. There're all sorts of Northern dragons milling around in the snow, doing little dances...
Eliza the Masculine.png Isn't it pleasant? It's pretty nice being able to hear their words, too.
Olaf the Pungent.png Can you truly hear them? I've never been as passionate as you about these beasts, but it's a mighty amazing power to have.
Eliza the Masculine.png I can! I really can! Hm... Thank you for believing me, Olaf...

Eliza the Masculine.png Look, I'll PROVE I can understand dragons. The Fenrir Dragon is saying: "I want to hit that grumpy old lady in the face with a snowball."
Fenrir Dragon Icon.png (How did you know? Oh, you're that Eliza Human everyone's been buzzing about. Say, you could really--)
Gunhilda.png What a rude thing to say about your superior, Eliza! This dragon CLEARLY just wants a traditional battle!
Fenrir Dragon Icon.png (N-No, I want to throw a snowball at her. And now I REALLY want to, with an extra big snowball!!!)

Fenrir Dragon Icon.png (You battle excellently, even IF your parent is a drag to have at parties!)
Fenrir Dragon Icon.png (And Freyr! What are you doing here? Why are you hiding?)
Fenrir Dragon Icon.png (You should go greet Freyja. She'll be angry if you don't say hello. Most of us have been wondering where you've been.)
Freyr Dragon Icon.png (I... I will...)

Melvin the Malevolent.png I hear what you've been trying to tell Mother, Eliza...
Melvin the Malevolent.png I feel like it's too strange to be true, but I've never known you to tell lies. I mean, except when you pretended to be a boy and all...
Eliza the Masculine.png THAT was to avoid being married off! Ugh, I'm getting back to the party.
Melvin the Malevolent.png Wait! Um, whatever you do, whichever creatures you want to talk to... I suppose I'm your brother after all, and I believe you.

Dunkelviking.png Now THIS is an exciting room. The acoustics are unbelievable!
Dunkelviking.png Ahh, listen to the dragons chanting! I wonder what they could be growling about?
Eliza the Masculine.png They're singing about how "nice and warm" the lava is...
Dunkelviking.png I've been slacking in my training. I need to work HARDER to understand lyrics as obvious as that!

Eliza the Masculine.png Mother, why are you bowing-- OH! The Odin Dragon...
Odin Dragon Icon.png (Hello there, Vikings. I welcome you to our party. I am glad you seem to be behaving yourselves -- especially you, young Gunhilda.)
Eliza the Masculine.png Heh. The Odin Dragon just took a dig at you, Mother.
Gunhilda.png What?! Fight me, you trumped-up lizard!

Odin Dragon Icon.png (Hmm... Eliza, you still have much growing to do, but you've already become a fine Human. I think even your family would agree, despite their squabbling.)
Odin Dragon Icon.png (In fact, pay them no mind: This is a party! I think even members of my family would do well to remember that...)
Eliza the Masculine.png I think the Odin Dragon is talking about you, Freyr Dragon...
Freyr Dragon Icon.png (H-Hello, Odin... Good to see you again.)

Dunkelviking.png You know, after the whole near-conquest of Dragolandia, I like to think myself something of a dragon expert...
Dunkelviking.png But, Eliza, I think I underestimated you... To think you could understand dragons so well...
Eliza the Masculine.png Yeah, well, tell it to Mother.
Dunkelviking.png Ahh, you know her, she's probably jealous. Pay it no mind, and let's continue exploring this grand festival!

Eliza the Masculine.png On top of the Great Tree again... I can't believe we've been here more than once. Maybe the Northern Divines really have warmed up to us.
Gunhilda.png Hrrm. And yet they refuse to help us conquer land and sea.
Freyr Dragon Icon.png (I think your parent has odd ideas about us Divines...)
Freyr Dragon Icon.png (But I'd rather face your parent than my sibling...! I get the feeling it's around here somewhere...)

Freyr Dragon Icon.png (H-Hello... sibling...)
Freyja Dragon Icon.png (FREYR!!! I've been waiting for you up here! You said you'd meet me on the day of our Divine Party, but I've been here all alone...!)
Freyr Dragon Icon.png (I-I'm sorry, Freyja. It has been so long, I wasn't sure how to--)
Freyja Dragon Icon.png (I don't want to hear your excuses! I want you and your new little friends to battle me! You owe me at least that much, little sibling!)

Freyr Dragon Icon.png (WOOOO! It felt great to battle you again, Freyja! I don't know what I was so worried about...!)
Freyja Dragon Icon.png (You see? We're siblings -- it doesn't matter how long we've been apart, or how we've grown...)
Freyja Dragon Icon.png (It's our party today, and I want to see my sibling. So let us start making up for lost time!)
Eliza the Masculine.png I'm glad the Freyr Dragon has stopped feeling so awkward... Maybe now we can both enjoy the party.

Eliza the Masculine.png Mother! Stop dancing for a moment! I wish to tell you something! I CAN talk to dragons, and I don't care if you believe me or not!
Eliza the Masculine.png I know the truth, and my brothers SORT of believe me, and that's all that matters! So there!
Gunhilda.png I used to hear tales of people who opened their hearts to dragons, and could hear their thoughts. But...
Gunhilda.png I've been TRYING to tell you, this is no conversation for a PARTY! You've been so serious this whole time -- we need to cut loose, child! Come and dance!

Origin of Earth

Dragon Board

Eliza the Masculine.png Well, here we are again, Nedders. I won't pretend to know WHY Chronos decided it was MY turn to accompany you instead of Arya...
Ned.png Um, I mean, Arya has a sort of... "personability" that you kinda... lack? B-But you can understand dragons REALLY well! So I'm sure that's why Chronos--
Eliza the Masculine.png FAH! I've got PLENTY of "personability"! Watch -- I won't even make fun of that Cowpoke Dragon's ridiculous mustache!
Cowpoke Dragon Icon.png (Welcome to the New Dragolandian Settlement, travelers! We don't often get new humans, so this is a cause for celebration!)
Ned.png Let me guess -- to celebrate, you guys...?
Cowpoke Dragon Icon.png (That's right. We have a rootin'-tootin' battle! YEEHAW!)

Eliza the Masculine.png What's wrong? You look more worried than usual. Are you thirsty? It IS pretty dry around here...
Ned.png It's just, the last time Chronos sent us to the past, everything was covered in this big, lush forest... But now that's all gone.
Ned.png I hope nothing bad happened. When Arya and I left the forest, there were still tensions between the Ancient Dragons and people...
Eliza the Masculine.png And now, the trees are gone, and Dragolandia is a prairie. Certainly a dramatic change.
Farmer Dragon Icon.png (Nothin' dramatic about good, fertile earth, little humans. And with the farmin' knowledge your kind passed on to us, life's never been better.)
Farmer Dragon Icon.png (In fact, the only thing that'd make this day better is a rousing battle! What d'you two think? I could use a break from fieldwork anyhow!)

Ned.png Th-This is amazing... Dragons, tending the land? Using technology?! Dad would be totally blown away...
Eliza the Masculine.png You'd mentioned things were still messy between humans and dragons in the past. Could this mean that the conflict has been... patched up?
Garden Dragon Icon.png (Oh, good day to you, humans. If you're talking about our troubled history, it's not much of a concern anymore.)
Garden Dragon Icon.png (I mean, we've got the great Fundiju to watch over your kind and make sure they don't start making trouble...)
Eliza the Masculine.png The "great Fundiju"? Sounds just interesting enough to spell trouble. Say, could you point us to this... Fundiju?
Garden Dragon Icon.png (Hmm... well, I AM pretty busy with these flowers, but I'd give you a pointer in exchange for a battle!)

Rustwater Dragon Icon.png (Say, you're the humans they say are looking for Fundiju, right? No surprise there -- Fundiju knows how to handle you scaleless ones.)
Rustwater Dragon Icon.png (You're in luck! I was just going to deliver some ore to Fundiju. It'll smelt that ore into metal so the humans can make new tools.)
Eliza the Masculine.png This Fundiju sounds powerful indeed... Are they a dragon by any chance?
Rustwater Dragon Icon.png (Oh yes, and powerful indeed. Fundiju is an Ancient Earth Dragon!)
Ned.png An Ancient Dragon is helping make tech for humans? I almost can't believe it!
Rustwater Dragon Icon.png (Careful! Fundiju gets touchy over language like that. In fact, I should probably make sure you're worthy before you meet!)

Fundiju Dragon Icon.png (SO! You've sought out Fundiju, Ancient Earth Dragon of Metal, have you? Well, where are your offerings for the great melter of metals?)
Ned.png O-Oh, um, we don't have any -- we were just sort of wondering what you, er... do around here?
Fundiju Dragon Icon.png (What I DO? I am not some TOOL! I am a force of creation! You dare speak to me in such a casual tone?!)
Heinrich the Hideous.png EASY, Great Fundiju! These little humans aren't wise to your ways just yet -- they mean you no disrespect.
Fundiju Dragon Icon.png (Hmph. While I trust your words, Ouro, I just won't feel better until I show these scaleless children why dragons will always reign supreme!)
Eliza the Masculine.png No way -- is that Heinrich? And why is this bossy dragon calling him "Ouro"? I suppose I won't be getting any answers without a battle!

Ned.png Eliza, wait up! You're walking REALLY fast, and my boots are about to give out!
Eliza the Masculine.png You'll just have to keep up, Ned. I want to put as much distance between myself and that Heinrich lookalike as possible!
Heinrich the Hideous.png Oi! Hold it, both of you! I don't know who this "Heinrich" person is, but he's got nothin' to do with me.
Heinrich the Hideous.png I'm a descendant of people who used to be known as Tyrants... Together, my brother Prato and I are tryin' to atone for our ancestors' mistakes.
Heinrich the Hideous.png Working with the dragons of this land, we want to create a new world where technology helps all life. The fertile land is a happy bonus.
Heinrich the Hideous.png It makes for newcomers of all kinds -- like this Golem Dragon, who fancies a battle with you!

Ned.png You know, my dad once told me that the Tyrants didn't always used to be evil. For a while, their inventions really did help Dragolandia...
Ned.png I wonder if we're seeing all that history begin, firsthand. What if we could stop the bad stuff from happening afterwards?
Prairie Dragon Icon.png (Hah! All that talk of innovation and change -- it's useless! Nothing good can come of it!)
Eliza the Masculine.png The dragon has a point, all things considered...
Prairie Dragon Icon.png (Agree with me or not, I still don't trust your kind. Get offa my turf, or face my claws and fangs!)

Eliza the Masculine.png It's a strange and complicated moment in time we've been tossed into, it seems...
Ned.png For sure. But I wish I knew what happened to the Plant Ancients. It'd make me feel better about all this... tree-less expanse.
Prickly Pear Dragon Icon.png (Forest Lord Foroskke and the Ancient Plant tribe were my ancestors -- I know a little bit about their history!)
Prickly Pear Dragon Icon.png (Well, rumors, at least. The legends say they decided to leave these lands to avoid fighting with humans -- the tension was just too much.)
Prickly Pear Dragon Icon.png (No dragon knows where they went, but without their nurturing, the forests disappeared.)
Prickly Pear Dragon Icon.png (But I don't really mind -- this kind of climate is perfect for me! It makes me peppy enough to wish for a rousing battle!)

Eliza the Masculine.png I see you writing away in that journal of yours. Trying to piece together where the Ancient Plant tribe may have gone off to?
Ned.png Yeah... I think it'd be really valuable to get history straight from the source. Plus, a lot of the dragons here are willing to talk to us. Like these guys!
Reptilian Dragon Icon.png (The Ancient Plant tribe! We worship them as our ancestors -- they played a very important role.)
Reptilian Dragon Icon.png (Even though they're gone, their forests left the land able to support life, and paved the way for the Ancient Earth tribe.)
Reptilian Dragon Icon.png (We honor their legacy with exciting battles! Won't you join us, humans?)
Eliza the Masculine.png Put down your pen, Ned -- it's time to get scrappy.

Eliza the Masculine.png We haven't seen another Ancient Earth dragon in a while. I know you want to research the Ancient Plant tribe some more...
Eliza the Masculine.png But we should figure out what's going on here and now! After all, Chronos sent us to this specific time in history for a reason... I should HOPE.
Wasteland Dragon Icon.png (You wanna know what's going on? I'll tell ya -- they say Polveles is gonna wipe this settlement off the map.)
Eliza the Masculine.png Hm! Jot that down, Ned!
Ned.png I-I would, but my hand's started shaking s-suddenly!
Wasteland Dragon Icon.png (Yep, most of us are preparing for the worst. Beware Polveles, and get your battles in while ya can!)

Eliza the Masculine.png Steady your feet, Ned -- a Quake Dragon is approaching us. Many a house of cards have been rattled to pieces by their antics.
Quake Dragon Icon.png (I come only to give you a warning: Take all the humans you can find and go somewhere else far away, before Master Polveles takes action.)
Quake Dragon Icon.png (Perhaps the mines will make a fitting home for your kind, since you humans seem so interested in them.)
Quake Dragon Icon.png (You'll find Tezacueva of the Shadows skulking around in there. I know at least Tezacueva is sympathetic to your plight!)
Eliza the Masculine.png ... Somehow I'm feeling brave enough to take this dragon's down a notch.
Ned.png Weird. I just feel like running!

Eliza the Masculine.png I don't enjoy following orders issued by mouthy dragons, but I think we should at least investigate the mines, and this "Tezacueva" character.
Ned.png I'll agree with you there... Besides, we might ACTUALLY have to hide in there if Polveles -- whatever it is -- decides to attack!
Emerald Dragon Icon.png (Going to the mines, are you? They're a popular destination! I'll escort you two, if you'd like.)
Ned.png O-Oh, thanks! That's nice of you! Actually, we--
Emerald Dragon Icon.png (But I WON'T take you through Ruby's territory! No way, no how, am I dealing with that stuck-up dragon!)
Emerald Dragon Icon.png (Grrr! Just THINKING of Ruby really grinds my gems! Hey, you two better battle me so I can blow off some steam, you hear?!)

Ned.png That Emerald Dragon sure took us far after we battled it, but it left us in the middle of nowhere...
Eliza the Masculine.png What a strange creature. I wonder if we're in the territory of the Ruby Dragon it was complaining about incessantly?
Ruby Dragon Icon.png (Oh, hello -- did Emerald bring you here? I assume you humans needed an escort to the Riquezas Mines.)
Eliza the Masculine.png Indeed we do. It's odd -- for how ornery the Emerald Dragon was, you sure seem like a calmer specimen.
Ruby Dragon Icon.png (Ahh, Emerald's silly rivalry -- getting jealous of me for no reason. The mines sometimes have that effect on dragons... and humans, too.)
Ruby Dragon Icon.png (I admit I AM jealous that Emerald got to battle you two. Could I get a taste of that as well?)

Ned.png I hate the dark. I hate tunnels. I hate this!!!
Eliza the Masculine.png Oh, be quiet! Your whining echoes in these mine shafts, you know!
Cave Dragon Icon.png (Shh... Both of you, please growl and holler just a bit less... These tunnels are made for quiet appreciation.)
Cave Dragon Icon.png (But if you're here for an audience with Tezacueva... I guess I could take you there...)
Cave Dragon Icon.png (I know I may seem shy... But I'll have to test you before you can meet the shadowy keeper of these caverns...!)

Ned.png Oh, c'mon! What's with that face, Eliza? I KNOW you're just trying to s-scare me...!
Eliza the Masculine.png Ned... Behind you...!
Tezacueva Dragon Icon.png (There is no need to fear, little humans. So long as I, Tezacueva, the Ancient Earth Dragon of Shadow, control the darkness here, you are safe.)
Tezacueva Dragon Icon.png (While my siblings have left the cool confines of the earth to walk above, I much prefer the comfort of caves... and so do many others.)
Tezacueva Dragon Icon.png (I sense that things have become volatile aboveground... I advise you to seek my parent, Enroja, who filled these tunnels with riches.)
Tezacueva Dragon Icon.png (Yes... it would be wise to gain Enroja's trust before you confront my raging sibling Polveles. But first... you must gain my trust.)

Ned.png Tezacueva told us to get Enroja's help against whatever Polveles is planning... *sigh* All this is wreaking havoc on my nerves, but we don't have much choice.
Treasure Dragon Icon.png (HEY!!!)
Ned.png Ahh! My nerves!
Treasure Dragon Icon.png (I see you two sneaky humans, sneaking out of the mines! You've stolen our gems, haven't you?!)
Eliza the Masculine.png No, we haven't -- and even if we did, don't you CLEARLY have enough gems of your own? Sheesh. I thought dragons only got greedy around fruit!
Treasure Dragon Icon.png (Don't play dumb -- the Riquezas Mines make us all a little more... possessive!)

Otto the Dungeon Master.png Hoy there! You must be the kids my brother Ouro was telling me about! I'm Prato. Maybe you two can help me wrangle the rest of the humans in the settlement.
Otto the Dungeon Master.png We've been trying to work together with the Ancient Earth tribe for the benefit of all, but it's mighty hard...
Otto the Dungeon Master.png Seems like it's always one step forward, two steps back. In times like these, it's wise to know when to duck and run.
Ned.png Yeah, we'll help, by finding Polveles and Enroja. Someone's gotta talk to them, and we have... some experience.
Otto the Dungeon Master.png Hmm... Looking at the two of you, I get the feeling you might be telling the truth.
Otto the Dungeon Master.png But if you're gonna talk big like that, I'll have to test you -- with one of our state-of-the-art dragons!

Ned.png Whenever Chronos sends us to the past, there's always trouble going on. It makes me wonder if dragons and humans would be better off separate...
Eliza the Masculine.png I've wondered the same thing, but... who would I be without dragons? Certainly a LOT less cool and powerful...
Ned.png Yeah, sorry, it was a silly thought. Everyone I know -- heck, every dragon I know -- really wants to coexist. In the present, anyhow...
Eliza the Masculine.png Let's hope we don't mess that up with our time-traveling. Presumably, Chronos knows best, but--
Cyantail Dragon Icon.png (Lots of complicated things on your minds, huh, humans? I find that most of life's big questions can be answered with a battle!)
Eliza the Masculine.png At least ONE thing never changes.

Ned.png Hey, it's a Dust Dragon! These guys are pretty common back home. What are you doing here, fella--?
Dust Dragon Icon.png (SILENCE, MORTAL!)
Ned.png Uhh--
Dust Dragon Icon.png (I know not of what you speak, for I am the first Dragon of Dust -- or Dust Dragon, as you say! I am risen from the divine dust of Polveles itself!)
Dust Dragon Icon.png (I sense a strange energy from you two, so I will take you to my life-giver... But only after a ROUSING BATTLE!!!)
Ned.png N-No! Take us to Enroja instead! Argh, these dragons don't listen!

Polveles Dragon Icon.png (You little humans must be brave to approach me. A dust storm is coming to level the New Dragolandian Settlement, and I have no intention of stopping it...!)
Eliza the Masculine.png We don't care if you're a Divine Ancient, we--
Polveles Dragon Icon.png (Divine? No -- I am the Ancient Earth Dragon of Wind! But the fact that you called me Divine tells me everything I need to know.)
Polveles Dragon Icon.png (I am more powerful even than my master! Oh, you humans do tickle me! Here... I'll give your kind one more chance to prove your resolve.)
Ned.png Fine! If it's a battle you want, it's a battle you'll get!

Enroja Dragon Icon.png (The dust storm is raging... Polveles refused to listen to me, or anyone else. I suppose only I, Enroja, the Divine Ancient Earth Dragon, can stop it.)
Enroja Dragon Icon.png (I made the earth rich in nutrients and metals for the benefit of all life, but I can't help but wonder...)
Enroja Dragon Icon.png (Is it only natural for dragons to be masters of the earth? I've always done what I thought was right, but it ends in strife...)
Ned.png There's still hope, Enroja! My friend and I have seen the future, and we promise it'll turn out okay, as long as humans and dragons live together!
Eliza the Masculine.png If there's one thing I can't stand, it's that defeatist attitude -- coming from an Ancient Divine, no less! Come on, Enroja, show us YOUR strength!
Enroja Dragon Icon.png (Very well. Show me your strength, and prove to me that you truly believe what you say -- that we can find peace together!)

Divine Fest - Marble & Sand

Divine Party - Rooftop

Arya.png I didn't realize Divine Dragons had a party season! I'm sure the professor has been totally giddy writing about it... with Ned's help, of course.
Arya.png We thought they were gonna go into hiding after that mess with Chronos and Rathorn, but Ned thinks they want to understand us better!
Arya.png Well, I won't object to that! Especially since Ned had a headstart!
Arya.png Right on time, the Hermes Dragon's here to escort us to Dragolympus. Ahh... just like old times. This'll be great!

Arya.png Isn't it fantastic, Professor? The Divines of Mt. Dragolympus are so thankful for all our help over the years -- they've invited us to their summer party!
Professor Hogwin.png Indeed! And I've decided to bring my son as my plus-one. Hearing what these dragons are chatting about will bring me amazing new insight into Divine behavior.
Arya.png Oh... I thought it was just gonna be the two of us, reminiscing about the first time you took me to meet the Divines and all that... b-but I'm glad Ned's here!