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Dragon Board (23/10/23)

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Dragon Board (23.10.23) Promotion.jpg
Roll your two dice and make your Dragon progress on the board. Roll pairs to make the story unfold. Collect keys to open chests with parts for different dragons.
Started 23 October 2023
Ended 6 November 2023
Duration 14 Days
Type Dragon Dice
Scarf Dragon Scarf Dragon Icon.png N
Fifth Dragon Fifth Dragon Icon.png N
E'mun Dragon E'mun Dragon Icon.png N
Haunted Armor Dragon Haunted Armor Dragon Icon.png N

Badge Return to Void Badge.png Return to Void

The event took place during the Ancient Troublemakers Ancient event series.


Roll two dice and move through the spaces to progress on the board.
Roll pairs to activate the battle story and defeat the elite opponents to win rewards.
Collect keys to open chests with parts for different Dragon rewards.


Dragon Dice events are limited-time competitions with individual goals and battle story content. Trainers work individually, using event currency to move around the board, collecting Dragon Pieces and other prizes from chests. Each roll of doubles accumulates until the Trainer is eligible to enter combat in the battle story; the double count is reset to a new goal once the current battle level is won. Instead of rolling dice, there is also the possibility to accumulate stepping stones and directly spend a multiple of 3,000 on one or more sets of chest rewards and double trouble points.

Trade Offer Set
4 Dragon Dice Chest (Rare).png Rare Chests
4 Dragon Dice Chest (Epic).png Epic Chests
3 Dragon Dice Chest (Ancient).png Ancient Chests
3 Double Dice.png Double Dice points

Event Currency

Voidstone Icon.png

Every six hours, from the beginning of the event, Trainers can earn a set amount of currency (referred to as stones) specific to the event by doing various tasks throughout Dragolandia. A maximum number of stones (appearance changing to the event thematic) that can be received each iteration from a task in this event is 200.

This event's currency are referred to as Voidstones.

Earning Event Currency (no Limit).jpg


There are six different actions that can earn Voidstone Icon.png Voidstones to navigate through the game board. Each move costs a number of Voidstones to navigate through the game board. There is a limit of 200 Voidstones per task that can be earned within a 6-hour period, totaling 1,200 per pool. Voidstones are earned by collecting Gold (only when the Gold icon appears atop a Habitat), harvesting Food from Farms, breeding Dragons, feeding Dragons, winning battles, and catching flying creatures; more information on how to fulfill each task can be seen by pressing the i button.

Important Icon.png Voidstones obtained from food-collecting tasks are awarded upon collecting the Food and not planting it, whereas Voidstones acquired from breeding tasks are awarded upon selecting the Breed button inside the Breeding Den and not upon moving an egg to the Hatchery.

# of Actions required to obtain Maximum Voidstone Icon.png per Cycle
Collect Gold Feed Dragons Win Battles Catch Creatures
50 Yellow-Bordered Gold Icon.png 25 Feeding Event Icon.png 8 Attack Icon.png 10 Flying Creature - Voidstone.png
Points for Collecting Food

The maximum amount of Voidstone that can be received from a task in this event is 200 Voidstone Icon.png, thus, no higher number can be obtained. Any values over 200 are merely representative.

Duration Food Voidstone Icon.png per Farm Voidstone Icon.png per 15 Farms Maximum Voidstone Icon.png per cycle[1]
30 seconds Spiky Cherry - Level 1 Farm 1 Voidstone Icon.png 15 Voidstone Icon.png 10,800 Voidstone Icon.png
5 minutes Purplemon - Level 1 Farm 1 Voidstone Icon.png 15 Voidstone Icon.png 1,080 Voidstone Icon.png
30 minutes Sour Cone - Level 1 Farm 7 Voidstone Icon.png 105 Voidstone Icon.png 1,260 Voidstone Icon.png
1 hour Spring Cherry - Level 3 Farm 15 Voidstone Icon.png 225 Voidstone Icon.png 1,350 Voidstone Icon.png
2 hours Blue Hazel - Level 2 Farm 31 Voidstone Icon.png 465 Voidstone Icon.png 1,395 Voidstone Icon.png
6 hours Dragonscale - Level 2 Farm Squarey Berry - Level 4 Farm 93 Voidstone Icon.png 1,395 Voidstone Icon.png 1,395 Voidstone Icon.png
12 hours Dragolandic Berry - Level 2 Farm 187 Voidstone Icon.png 2,805 Voidstone Icon.png 1,402.5 Voidstone Icon.png
1 day Star Fruit - Level 3 Farm Royal Fig - Level 4 Farm 375 Voidstone Icon.png 5,625 Voidstone Icon.png 1,406.25 Voidstone Icon.png
2 days Sweetroot - Level 3 Farm Candied Pear - Level 4 Farm 750 Voidstone Icon.png 11,250 Voidstone Icon.png 1,406.25 Voidstone Icon.png
  1. These values are calculated based on perfect cycles, assuming that there is no loss of time in between re-planting Food. However, one must take into account that collecting and planting Food does consume a certain amount of time, which depends on the Trainer's speed, therefore, the amounts will vary (lower than shown).
Points for Breeding Dragons

The maximum amount of Voidstone that can be received from a task in this event is 200 Voidstone Icon.png, thus, no higher number can be obtained. Any values over 200 are merely representative.

The listed Dragons are maximum two examples for breeding - there may be more than two available breeding options.
If only one Dragon is listed, this is the only option.

Breed Time VIP Breed Voidstone Icon.png per Breed Recommended Offspring[1] Parent
Other Dragon(s)[2]
30 seconds 24 seconds 1 Voidstone Icon.png Fire Dragon Icon.png
Wind Dragon Icon.png
Fire + (FirePlant)
Wind + (WindEnergy)
1 minute 48 seconds 1 Voidstone Icon.png Earth Dragon Icon.png Earth + (EarthVoid) -
5 minutes 4 minutes 2 Voidstone Icon.png Water Dragon Icon.png Water + (WaterMetal) -
30 minutes 26 minutes 16 Voidstone Icon.png - Smoke Dragon Icon.png
45 minutes 36 minutes 25 Voidstone Icon.png - Bee Dragon Icon.png
1 hour 48 minutes 33 Voidstone Icon.png Plant Dragon Icon.png Plant + (PlantFire) Lava Dragon Icon.png
1h 30m 1h 12m 50 Voidstone Icon.png Metal Dragon Icon.png Metal + (MetalWater) Tribal Dragon Icon.png
Elephant Dragon Icon.png
2 hours 1h 36m 66 Voidstone Icon.png Energy Dragon Icon.png Energy + (EnergyWind) Dust Dragon Icon.png
3 hours 2h 24m 100 Voidstone Icon.png Void Dragon Icon.png Void + (VoidEarth) -
4 hours 3h 12m 133 Voidstone Icon.png - Breeze Rock Dragon Icon.png
Elemental Dragon Icon.png
6 hours 4h 48m 200 Voidstone Icon.png War Dragon Icon.png Fire + Metal Seed Dragon Icon.png
Tree Dragon Icon.png
The breedings below give only 200 points while taking longer.
8 hours 6h 24m 200 Voidstone Icon.png Lumino Dragon Icon.png
Mist Dragon Icon.png
Fire + Void
Wind + Void
Leaf Dragon Icon.png
Armored Dragon Icon.png
10 hours 8 hours 200 Voidstone Icon.png Shard Dragon Icon.png
Solar Dragon Icon.png
Metal + Void
Fire + Light
Brick Dragon Icon.png
Nightshade Dragon Icon.png
12 hours 9h 36m 200 Voidstone Icon.png Jungle Dragon Icon.png
Reaper Dragon Icon.png
Plant + Light
Metal + Shadow
Prickly Dragon Icon.png
UV Dragon Icon.png
14 hours 11h 12m 200 Voidstone Icon.png Missile Dragon Icon.png
Nightmare Dragon Icon.png
Energy + Light
Void + Shadow
Lightning Dragon Icon.png
Rust Dragon Icon.png
16 hours 12h 48m 200 Voidstone Icon.png - Orange Dragon Icon.png
Black Armor Dragon Icon.png
18 hours 14h 24m 200 Voidstone Icon.png - Coral Dragon Icon.png
Blueflame Dragon Icon.png
  1. Recommended Offspring indicates those Normally-Breedable Dragons with guaranteed combinations as well as Base Dragons that share the specified breeding time. It is suggested to breed these to obtain Voidstone Icon.png because there is at least one combination that will result only in the desired outcome, avoiding unwanted offspring with breeding times different than the one looked after.
  2. Other Dragons include Normally-Breedable Dragons that share the specified breeding time with the exception of Dragons with guaranteed combinations and Base Dragons. Dragons with breeding times over 18 hours non-VIP are not shown, as obtaining them will award the maximum of 200 Voidstone Icon.png within the highest level. They take longer to breed, but yield the same amount of Voidstone Icon.png as shorter options, making them a less efficient alternative.


Dragon Dice Board (Void).jpg

The Trainer is provided with a pair of dice. Rolling these dice cost a set amount of Event Currency. With each roll of the dice, they can then select which of the two dice outcomes they would like to use first to progress around the game board – aiming to land on colored tiles that match the Key type they require to open the relevant Chest. They can then use their second dice roll to move again.

In addition, there are three checkpoints across the board (the two big green tiles and the starting field) that, when passed through, will remove all the unused Keys the Trainer has accumulated. However, landing upon this checkpoint will award the Trainer with a Key of their choice. Any unused Keys at this point are converted into Event Currency.

A die can be rerolled for free up to 5 times in each lap. After using up the five free rerolls, each subsequent reroll of a die costs Event Currency that can be gathered by completing tasks.

Rolling a dice value of six will grant the Trainer with 2 Keys of the tile type they land upon. In this case, landing upon a checkpoint will grant the Trainer 2 Keys of their choice.

Completing one full lap of the Dragon Dice Board will grant the Trainer the ability to open one of each Chest, and five free dice rerolls to use at any time within the duration of the next lap.


Acquired Keys from around the game board correspond to tile colors landed upon. Collecting three of the same Key type unlocks a corresponding Chest and grants a reward.


There are three Chest types available, each containing Dragon Pieces relevant to the Chest type. Once all pieces for a Dragon are collected, the chest offers different rewards.

Dragon Dice Chest (Rare).png
Rare Chest
Dragon Dice Chest (Epic).png
Epic Chest
Dragon Dice Chest (Ancient).png
Ancient Chest

Chest Rewards

Dragon Dice Chest (Rare).png Dragon Dice Chest (Epic).png Dragon Dice Chest (Ancient).png
Each Chest
50 - 200 Voidstone Icon.png
per chest
1 - 300 Silver Horn Icon.png
Silver Horn
per chest
2 out of:
1 - 500 Dragon Pieces Icon.png E'mun Dragon Icon.png
4 - 20 Excellent Materials - Fire.png 1 - 5 Extraordinary Materials - Fire.png
4 - 20 Excellent Materials - Plant.png 1 - 5 Extraordinary Materials - Plant.png
4 - 20 Excellent Materials - Void.png 1 - 5 Extraordinary Materials - Void.png
4 - 20 Excellent Materials - Shadow.png 1 - 5 Extraordinary Materials - Shadow.png
4 - 20 Excellent Materials - Divine.png 1 - 5 Extraordinary Materials - Divine.png
4 - 20 Excellent Materials - Ancient.png 1 - 5 Extraordinary Materials - Ancient.png
After All Dragon Pieces Icon.png
(relevant for Ancients)
Guaranteed Dragon
After Opening:
175 Chests

Silver Horns

Amount Chance
1 Silver Horn Icon.png 49.95 %
5 Silver Horn Icon.png 44.66 %
10 Silver Horn Icon.png 5.09 %
100 Silver Horn Icon.png 0.2 %
300 Silver Horn Icon.png 0.1 %

Double Dice

Battle Story

Double Dice Meter.png

When two dice of the same value (doubles) are rolled, a Double Dice point is given. A meter fills with each successful Double Dice and, upon reaching the level's required amount, the Trainer is prompted to enter a Double Trouble battle. Completing such battles awards different prizes and unfolds the Battle Story, which usually ends with obtaining a unique Dragon and/or Badge. Skipping the battle in exchange for stones is also possible.

Opponents and Milestones

Chapter Opponent Reward Element restriction # Of Doubles
# Of Doubles
for Haunted Armor Dragon Icon.png
1 Unknown Dragon Icon.png lvl. 40% 5 Ancient Ticket (Void) Icon.png All Icon.png 1 90
2 Unknown Dragon Icon.png lvl. 40% 5 Ancient Ticket (Void) Icon.png All Icon.png 1 89
3 Unknown Dragon Icon.png lvl. 40% 10 Ancient Ticket (Void) Icon.png All Icon.png 2 88
4 Unknown Dragon Icon.png lvl. 50% 10 Ancient Ticket (Void) Icon.png Earth Water Plant Void Shadow Legendary Primal Divine Ancient Tyrant 2 86
5 Unknown Dragon Icon.png lvl. 50% 10 Ancient Ticket (Void) Icon.png Fire Wind Plant Metal Shadow Legendary Primal Divine Ancient Tyrant 3 84
6 Unknown Dragon Icon.png lvl. 60% 10 Ancient Ticket (Void) Icon.png Fire Wind Plant Metal Shadow Legendary Primal Divine Ancient Tyrant 5 81
7 Unknown Dragon Icon.png lvl. 60% 10 Ancient Ticket (Void) Icon.png Wind Plant Energy Shadow Legendary Primal Ancient Tyrant 7 76
8 Unknown Dragon Icon.png lvl. 60% 15 Ancient Ticket (Void) Icon.png Fire Wind Earth Plant Shadow Primal Ancient Tyrant 7 69
9 Unknown Dragon Icon.png lvl. 60% 15 Ancient Ticket (Void) Icon.png Wind Plant Energy Shadow Legendary Ancient Tyrant 7 62
10 Unknown Dragon Icon.png lvl. 60% 15 Ancient Ticket (Void) Icon.png Wind Plant Metal Shadow Legendary Primal Ancient 10 55
11 Unknown Dragon Icon.png lvl. 70% 15 Ancient Ticket (Void) Icon.png Wind Earth Shadow Legendary Divine Ancient 10 45
12 Unknown Dragon Icon.png lvl. 70% 15 Ancient Ticket (Void) Icon.png Wind Plant Metal Shadow Primal Ancient 10 35
13 Unknown Dragon Icon.png lvl. 70% 15 Ancient Ticket (Void) Icon.png Wind Water Shadow Divine Ancient Tyrant 10 25
14 Unknown Dragon Icon.png lvl. 80% Haunted Armor Dragon Icon.png Haunted Armor Dragon Wind Metal Void Shadow Primal Ancient 15 15
15+ Unknown Dragon Icon.png lvl. 85% 15 Ancient Ticket (Void) Icon.png All Icon.png 10 n/a

Ancient Market

The Ancient Market button provides a selection of time-limited offers where Silver Horn Icon.png Silver Horns, collected from Epic Dragon Dice Chests, can be spent on various items such as: Relics, Food, Sigil Chests, VIP Tickets, Arena Energy, Decorations from past events, and Dragons.The Dragons available in the market are as follows:

Dragon Cost In Stock
Scarf Dragon Icon.png Scarf Dragon 300 Silver Horn Icon.png 1
Fifth Dragon Icon.png Fifth Dragon 500 Silver Horn Icon.png 1

Other items available in the market are as follows:

Item Cost In Stock
1 Premium Sigil Chest Icon.png +
10 Scrolls Icon.png
100 Silver Horn Icon.png 2
1 Double Egg Relic Icon.png 125 Silver Horn Icon.png 1
2 VIP Ticket Icon.png 30 Silver Horn Icon.png 3
1 Extra Den Relic Icon.png 100 Silver Horn Icon.png 2
7 Portal Energy Icon.png 15 Silver Horn Icon.png 3
2 Relic of Farming Icon.png 5 Silver Horn Icon.png 5
2 Relic of Breeding Icon.png 20 Silver Horn Icon.png 5
300,000 Food Icon.png +
5 Scrolls Icon.png
50 Silver Horn Icon.png 2
1 Decoration - Unearthly Mass.png 10 Silver Horn Icon.png 10
1 Decoration - Tile of Void.png 5 Silver Horn Icon.png 20


Ranger Dragon Icon.png There it is -- the fearsome E'mun, the Ancient Void Dragon of Fire! We've finally tracked it down...
Ancient Emissary Dragon Icon.png It's the only member of the Ancient Void Tribe we've been able to find in this place, unfortunately... but it's our duty to defeat it, for the good of all.
Ranger Dragon Icon.png Perhaps finding just one is for the best. These Ancients are powerful, and we cannot hope to reason with the Void Tribe. I'm relieved we haven't seen Nihl, or Solum!
E'mun Dragon Icon.png ... ... ...
Ancient Emissary Dragon Icon.png Careful! It has its eerie eyes trained on us! Prepare for a battle, Ranger!
Ranger Dragon Icon.png I-I can't help but be a little frightened... but no matter what happens to us, many dragons have allied to stop you, E'mun -- including other Ancients! I'll be fair and wish you "good luck"!

Nul Seed Dragon Icon.png (You... you are like me...?)
E'mun Dragon Icon.png (You can understand me... Yes. We must be alike.)
E'mun Dragon Icon.png (You are small and weak. Many dragons want to destroy things like us.)
E'mun Dragon Icon.png (You come with me. I will protect you. Soon we will be reunited in spirit in the Void.)
Nul Seed Dragon Icon.png (I am not so weak. I will prove it to you!)
Nul Seed Dragon Icon.png (We will battle to know each other. Then I will come with you, and see this world.)

Fundiju Dragon Icon.png What a terrible place I've awoken in... I suppose hibernation is as unpredictable as it is restful.
Fundiju Dragon Icon.png I wonder if Polveles and the rest of my kin will wake up here as well, or perhaps someplace in the future, or the past...
Fundiju Dragon Icon.png Whatever the case, I see other Ancients have united against you... so I will follow suit.
E'mun Dragon Icon.png ... ... ...
Fundiju Dragon Icon.png Not very talkative are you? I can't understand a thing you say or think.
Fundiju Dragon Icon.png Are you even an Ancient like us? Perhaps I'll find out with a battle!

Nulvind Dragon Icon.png Finally, I meet one of the original Void Ancients...! Please don't be frightened -- I just want to understand you.
Nulvind Dragon Icon.png I believe I hear the voices of your kind in my head. But it's all indecipherable to me. It disturbs me. I've found just one other Void Ancient who seems to understand me...
Nedertohl Dragon Icon.png (The Wind Ancient Nulvind is talking about me. I have the burden of being the translator between us Void-born and the others. It's annoying, but Nulvind desires peace.)
Nul Seed Dragon Icon.png (I'm afraid. I don't understand.)
E'mun Dragon Icon.png (We do not need to be afraid of anything. I am intrigued.)
E'mun Dragon Icon.png (Tell the Wind Ancient we will begin to understand each other... with a battle!)

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