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Origin of Plants

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Origin of Plants.png

Updated in Update 6.0, Origin of Plants was a small island located south of the Main Island that was once again visible between the 5th of February and the 8th of March 2021 for the fifth of the Ancient Events with a Plant theme. The island could also be accessed through the Ancient Event Button - Purple.png button located in the bottom-right corner of the screen. The Origin of Plants Island was the hub for the Ancient Plant Thematic, which took place between the 8th of February and the 15th of March.

The period of time during the appearance of Origin of Plants displayed several menus, the time left for those, as well as its main prized Dragons and badges. Several Dragons, such as the Dragon of the Month or those from bundles independent from the island and its events, were also displayed among these rewards even though the method of obtaining said Dragons remained the usual one.

During the whole period of Origin of Plants events, the Foroskke Dragon and the Íolhan Dragon were obtainable, not in a single event, but as result of the other events in Origin of Plants. To get the Foroskke Dragon the Trainer had to complete the Foroskke Rising (21/02/08) collection and to get the Íolhan Dragon the Trainer had to complete the Íolhan Rising (21/02/08) collection.

Main Rewards Button - Origin of Plants.jpg Events Button - Origin of Plants.jpg Milestone Rewards Button - Origin of Plants.jpg
Ancient Chest Button - Origin of Plants.jpg Iolhan Rising Collection Button - Origin of Plants.jpg
Foroskke Rising Collection Button - Origin of Plants.jpg
Dragon Dice Button - Origin of Plants.jpg
Special Offers Button - Origin of Plants.jpg

Events[edit source | VE]

The main events of Origin of Plants were:

Year Month Day Event Type Dragon Prize Notes
2021 February 8 Foroskke Rising Collection Foroskke Dragon Icon.png Foroskke Dragon
Íolhan Rising Collection Iolhan Dragon Icon.png Íolhan Dragon
Knowledge Collector Collection Lilith Dragon Icon.png Lilith Dragon
Leafstones Use Milestones N Breeding Token Frankie Dragon Icon.png Frankie Dragon
Reward Taiga Dragon Icon.png Taiga Dragon
Breeding Token Pixie Dot Dragon Icon.png Pixie Dot Dragon
Reward Tundra Dragon Icon.png Tundra Dragon
Ancient Chest Chest Opening Iosghar Dragon Icon.png Íosghar Dragon
Peach Dragon Icon.png Peach Dragon
Garden Dragon Icon.png Garden Dragon
Bionic Dragon Icon.png Bionic Dragon
Ratatoskr Dragon Icon.png Ratatoskr Dragon
Northern Dragon Icon.png Northern Dragon
Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Ancient Ticket (Plant) Icon.png
Dragon Board Dragon Dice Laser Hammer Dragon Icon.png Laser Hammer Dragon N
Orange-Wing Dragon Icon.png Orange-Wing Dragon N
Puenwyn Dragon Icon.png Puenwyn Dragon N
Ox Dragon Icon.png Ox Dragon N
Dragon Pieces Icon.png
Ancient Ticket (Plant) Icon.png
Leafstone Icon.png
12 Dinnertime! Feeding Jiang Dragon Icon.png Jiang Dragon Leafstone Icon.png
Golden Opportunity Gold Spending Carnival Dragon Icon.png Carnival Dragon Leafstone Icon.png
15 Boss Challenge Relay Splotch Dragon Icon.png Splotch Dragon Leafstone Icon.png
Ancient Ticket (Plant) Icon.png
Breeding Blitz Chain Breeding Bonsai Dragon Icon.png Bonsai Dragon
19 Dinnertime! Feeding Eagle Dragon Icon.png Eagle Dragon Leafstone Icon.png
22 Cocoon Quest Solo Caterpillar Dragon Icon.png Caterpillar Dragon Leafstone Icon.png
26 Farming Fanatic Food Gathering Events Duskwing Dragon Icon.png Duskwing Dragon Leafstone Icon.png
Golden Opportunity Gold Spending Aquatic Dragon Icon.png Aquatic Dragon Leafstone Icon.png
March 5 Dinnertime! Feeding Redflower Dragon Icon.png Redflower Dragon Leafstone Icon.png
Golden Gatherer Gold Collecting Xylophone Dragon Icon.png Xylophone Dragon Leafstone Icon.png

Ancient Chest[edit source | VE]

Ancient Chest (Origin of Plants).png

Ancient Chest (21/02/08)

Leafstone Shrine[edit source | VE]

Leafstone Shrine.png

Milestone Rewards[edit source | VE]

Leafstone Use Milestones (21/02/08)

Ancient Tickets[edit source | VE]

Pile of Ancient Tickets (Plant).png

Ancient Tickets Ancient Ticket (Plant) Icon.png are available throughout the whole event and have the sole purpose of opening the Ancient Chest. These can be purchased in exchange for Gems or can be obtained from various bundles, from the Dragon Board, from other events running during the period, and from the Divine Chest itself.

Ancient Ticket (Plant) Icon.png

Ancient Ticket

Sack of Ancient Tickets (Plant).png

Sack of Ancient Tickets

Bucket of Ancient Tickets (Plant).png

Bucket of Ancient Tickets

Chest of Ancient Tickets (Plant).png

Chest of Ancient Tickets

Cave of Tickets (Not Offered).png

Cave of Ancient Tickets

Island of Tickets (Not Offered).png

Island of Ancient Tickets

1 Ancient Ticket (Plant) Icon.png for 10 Gems Icon.png 15 Ancient Ticket (Plant) Icon.png for 150 Gems Icon.png 55 Ancient Ticket (Plant) Icon.png for 500 Gems Icon.png 175 Ancient Ticket (Plant) Icon.png for 1,500 Gems Icon.png
Not Offered

Dialogues[edit source]

Ned.png CHRONOS!!! I'd really appreciate it if you didn't send us to the ancient past in the middle of new year's breakfast!
Arya.png I don't think Chronos can hear you anymore, Ned... And anyway, we don't know exactly where we are, do we?
Arya.png Wherever we are, it MUST be important. And HOT! Ugh, suddenly I feel overdressed. Is this that infamous humidity I keep hearing about?
Bromelia Dragon Icon.png (Oh, my! What unusual-looking humans I see. The ones that scamper around our woodlands look much different.)
Pitaya Dragon Icon.png (Perhaps they are new to the Foros Jungle?)
Bromelia Dragon Icon.png (Impossible -- Foros Jungle is the whole world! Come, let's chase them away!)

Ned.png So, we're in the Foros Jungle... but apparently, the whole WORLD is the Foros Jungle? Does that make you uneasy, or is it just me...?
Arya.png At least we're not in that stuffy light land, like last time. Speaking of, I wonder what happened to that dragon city in the clouds?
Bounty Hunter Dragon Icon.png (If the human is referring to the world of light, it has been 100 summers since it fell, returning the Solar Rock to Terra.)
Gloom Lady Dragon Icon.png (Many of my kind blame you creatures for the fall. I, for one, think it was well-warranted, but, well -- a job is a job!)
Ned.png A-A job? What do you mean?
Bounty Hunter Dragon Icon.png (The lords of the jungle have hired us to hunt you down... in exchange for their juiciest fruits, of course!)

Arya.png That was close! I don't get the feeling those last dragons were playing around, Ned. They REALLY wanted to fight!
Ned.png I didn't think dragons could be any unfriendlier than the ones from the world of light, but... Well, I don't want to jinx myself.
Arya.png Hey, those dragons look a bit out of place, too -- don't they? I wonder if they can help us get our bearings...
Taiga Dragon Icon.png (The lords of the jungle have been very gracious to us, letting us wander around their territory!)
Avalanche Dragon Icon.png (Unfortunately, to thank them, we can't extend the same courtesy to these human creatures!)
Taiga Dragon Icon.png (Lords of the jungle! We've found them! And now we attack!)

Ned.png Whoa! What happened? My head's spinning...
Arya.png Did we just time travel, again? Or get transported elsewhere? These dragons don't look anything like the ones from Foros Jungle.
Arya.png What are they saying, Ned? They seem rowdy! Like they wanna party!
Jinqiu Dragon Icon.png (Welcome! Could you two be here for the New Year's celebration?)
Bamboo Dragon Icon.png (Do come join us. All are welcome to ring in the New Year.)
Jinqiu Dragon Icon.png (And we celebrate by battling!)

Arya.png Ned! Look up! Isn't it beautiful? A Jiang Dragon is dancing in the sky!
Ned.png You're missing out -- there's a Fut San Dragon dancing right in front of us!
Arya.png A battle is kinda like a dance, isn't it? I wonder if these dragons will treat us to more of one or the other!
Ned.png S-Sure, but I'd rather dance with you than battle--
Arya.png Oh, awesome -- they heard us! Here they come!
Ned.png *SIIIGH*

Ned.png If I remember Dad's Codex entry correctly... that Azure Dragon heralds tidings of spring. It's super important to a New Year's celebration.
Arya.png And springtime must be super important to dragons from the Foros Jungle, but...
Arya.png Where are they? I thought for sure the "lords of the jungle," whoever they are, would be here to celebrate.
Ned.png If this is like our other time travelings, those "lords" SHOULD be the Ancient Plant dragons.
Arya.png But, so far, this isn't quite like any of our other time travelings!
Azure Dragon Icon.png (Alas! Too much talking -- not enough partying! Let us rectify that!)

Ned.png Correct me if I'm wrong, but there sure seem to be a lot of VIDs here, you know? "Very Important Dragons."
Arya.png Nice wordplay, Ned! But you're totally right. I get the feeling this celebration is a big deal.
Longgui Dragon Icon.png (The human would be correct. This is our first New Year celebration, for the first EVER new year!)
Ned.png WHOA... Arya, we are DEFINITELY still in the ancient past.
Longgui Dragon Icon.png (Travelers, I see. You've come a long way. Would you like a customary New Year's battle?)

Arya.png Hey, it's a Green Lion Dragon! You can always trust one of these, Ned. Maybe it'll answer a question for us...
Arya.png I mean, if this is the first New Year's celebration EVER, that's a pretty big deal. So...
Ned.png Where are the Ancient Plant dragons, right?
Green Lion Dragon Icon.png (Ancient Plant dragons? We know of no such creatures.)
Sunrise Dragon Icon.png (If they existed, surely they'd come to our celebration!)
Arya.png Now THIS is a problem...!

Ned.png Could it be possible that the Ancient Plant dragons don't EXIST where we are?!
Arya.png I wonder if any of these dragons would know what happened...? Speaking of, I think the star of the party is over that way -- maybe it has an answer!
Rat Dragon Icon.png (Humans! What a wonderful surprise! Welcome to my party -- can I help you? Or... perhaps you can't understand me?)
Ned.png W-We were actually wondering what happened to the Ancient Plant dragons, from Foros Jungle...!
Rat Dragon Icon.png (I see. The legends say they disappeared after failing to make peace with humankind. Beyond that, we don't know what happened to them...)
Rat Dragon Icon.png (But let's save such sorrowful discussion for another day. For now, we'll celebrate the new year with a battle!)

Orchid Dragon Icon.png (Oh! Humans! Out of thin air! Are you two witches, perhaps?)
Tree Dragon Icon.png (Now, now, I'm sure they can't hear you.)
Ned.png N-No, I can! I can hear you! Um, are we by any chance back in Foros Jungle?
Orchid Dragon Icon.png (Indeed, we are all in Foros Jungle -- the most wonderful place in the world for dragons like us!)
Ned.png Arya... we're back, I think. But if that's the case, where WERE we?
Arya.png We were about to treat these dragons to a battle, I think!

Ned.png We know Chronos enjoys shuffling us around in space and time, right?
Ned.png I wonder if Chronos was showing us an alternate timeline to let us know the Ancient Plant dragons are in danger...
Arya.png So, we'll have to make sure the Ancient Plant Dragons learn to coexist with humans, or else they'll disappear. Right?
Ned.png Right. *sigh* No pressure or anything...
Arya.png No worries, Ned -- I noticed a dragon flying around nearby. Let's ask if it'll get us a meeting with the Ancients!
Ned.png Somehow I think it'll just get us into a battle...

Ned.png (A-Arya! Hide! I think one of the Ancients just found US!)
Iolhan Dragon Icon.png (Oh. Humans. I felt as though Foros' pure waters were being sullied, and now I have spotted the source of the impurity.)
Arya.png Ned, what's it saying? It doesn't seem too fond of us, but it's making the river all sparkly and clean!
Ned.png (Whatever you do, DON'T mention the purplemon juice I accidentally spilled in the water when we first got here!)
Iolhan Dragon Icon.png (I am Íolhan, and my purified waters keep Foros lush and endlessly thriving. I cannot allow your kind to risk sullying our world again.)
Arya.png I think we better take responsibility for that juice, Ned!

Ned.png The Ancients don't like us because they're afraid humans will ruin their jungle... I guess I can't blame them, considering what the Tyrants did.
Ned.png A few hundred years before this, they almost poisoned the entire world! I saw it with my own eyes thanks to Chronos, Arya... Arya?
Arya.png Sorry, Ned! This Skullhelm Dragon is sooo friendly. It really wants to play, and I am not about to refuse!
Skullhelm Dragon Icon.png (I'm a friend to the humans of Foros! Many of us wish for the unity of humans and dragons, you know...)
Ned.png D-Do you think you could tell your friends to spread the word?
Skullhelm Dragon Icon.png (I will. But first, may I battle you and your companion?)

Arya.png I've noticed something interesting. The fruits on the trees here are HUGE! Any explanation for something like that, science boy? Magic?
Ned.png Actually, uh, I think the plants and fruits got so big because of the water's purity. Or something like that. I've been taking notes for my books.
Arya.png That's great, Ned! Are you gonna show Doctor Hogwin?
Ned.png Y-Yeah, I think I will. I'd like to write about everything we've been through in the ancient past...
Arya.png Well, I've got my own theory about the big fruits. I'm thinking maybe they evolved into dragons at some point. I mean, check THAT out!
Peach Dragon Icon.png (Huh?)

Arya.png Look at that! I wonder if one of the dragons from that alternate dimension managed to sneak through as well.
Ned.png U-Um... Hey, dragon, are you, uh, from around here?
Ox Dragon Icon.png (One moment I was at a party, and the next, I find myself in a lush jungle...!)
Ox Dragon Icon.png (If THIS is what the Ancients can do with their powers, then... I wish they hadn't gone away back where I'm from.)
Ned.png Don't worry. We'll do our best to make them stick around this time.
Arya.png But before that, how about we bring the party to us with a battle?

Arya.png It's already humid in this jungle, but... did it just get even hotter? ... Ned, duck!!!
Ned.png Huh? OOF! W-What... Oh, th-the big scary flaming dragon. I see it now...
Iosghar Dragon Icon.png (Fear not, little hatchlings. Though my power is ferocious, I mean you no harm.)
Iosghar Dragon Icon.png (I am Íosghar. My fires terrify, but using them wisely, I clear the rotted old growth and make room for new life in Foros.)
Iosghar Dragon Icon.png (Much in the same way, my companions have been stuck in their ways for too long. Their prejudice must be burned, and new thoughts must arise from the ashes.)
Iosghar Dragon Icon.png (I feel that you two can help me achieve this goal, but first, I must test your abilities...! Can you face the flame, little ones?)

Budding Dragon Icon.png (Pardon me, are you humans?)
Ceremony Dragon Icon.png (I think they are...!)
Budding Dragon Icon.png (We have learned much from your kind -- how to make various things, and find all kinds of delicious treats!)
Ceremony Dragon Icon.png (I help out -- it's nice being bipedal!)
Ned.png O-Oh, well, it's sure nice to be appreciated, too! Maybe you guys can help us make sure the Ancients and humans get along?
Ceremony Dragon Icon.png (We'd be happy to, but first -- might we have one of those delightful battles we've heard so much about?)

Tree Bark Dragon Icon.png (There they are... the humans...)
Ned.png Um -- hi there. Y-You don't have to be afraid of us.
Arya.png We're on a diplomatic mission, you see!
Tree Bark Dragon Icon.png (We've alerted the lords of the jungle to your location... We're sorry, but we can't risk allying with you.)
Ned.png *sigh* Hold off on the diplomacy, Arya -- I don't think it's gonna fly here.
Arya.png They just haven't experienced my unique and slightly brutal style of friendship yet. We'll win 'em over!

Puenwyn Dragon Icon.png (You are unlucky to run into one such as I: Puenwyn, who sacrificed my body to soak up the poisons your ilk carelessly left behind!)
Puenwyn Dragon Icon.png (For hundreds of years I have been absorbing human-made poison, clearing the way for the great Foroskke's lush jungles and forests...)
Puenwyn Dragon Icon.png (I will protect Foroskke, the Ancient Divine of the Plants, with my whole being. Prepare to be eliminated, along with all of your kind!)
Ned.png N-No! Wait! G-Great Puenwyn, please... w-we humans may be shortsighted sometimes, but we learn from our mistakes...
Ned.png And my books will help us make sure that humans will never hurt you so badly again! I'll do everything I can!!!
Arya.png Ned... you're really growing up. But sometimes actions speak louder than words. Let's show this Ancient how we feel with a battle!

Nidhogg Dragon Icon.png (Amazing. You humans survived an encounter with Puenwyn. You must be either incredibly strong, or incredibly persuasive.)
Ned.png W-We, um... we just want to help. We hope all of you in Foros, and the humans, can be friends again.
Nidhogg Dragon Icon.png (A lofty goal! I will take you both to Foroskke if you can prove your worth in battle.)
Nidhogg Dragon Icon.png (Just make sure you don't screw anything up! Foroskke makes such delicious trees to gnaw on!)
Arya.png Somehow, I get the feeling we can help make this dragon's hopes into reality.

Foroskke Dragon Icon.png (Humans. I see you approach me with a book. A compendium of the crushed remains of my trees. No matter. I will grow more.)
Foroskke Dragon Icon.png (I am Foroskke, and you walk in a world of my creation. I have heard of your plight, and I wish to hear it again, from your own mouths.)
Arya.png I can't understand you like my friend can, but I hope you'll hear us out: In the future we come from, dragons and humans love each other very much!
Arya.png I may not be able to speak with you, but I want to show you what's in my heart! I want to show you how much I love dragons!
Ned.png F-Foroskke... I understand why you don't trust us. I promise, I'll keep writing and I'll keep listening -- and I'll help make sure we stay friends!
Foroskke Dragon Icon.png (Fascinating creatures you are... I will leave it to a final battle to cement the fates of the so-called "love" between our species. Let us commence!!!)

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