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Emerald Wars (19/08/19)

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Emerald Wars Event Generic Promotion.jpg
Emerald Wars is an event in which the participating Clans compete over possession of 5 Emerald Mines. The Clan that reaches a higher score than the rival comes out on top at the end of the event.
Started: 19 August 2019
Ended: 23 August 2019
Duration: 4 Days
Type: Clan
MVP Reward: 3,000 Clan Coins Icon.png

Recommended Clan Dragons:
Striker Icon.png Striker
Kutter Icon.png Kutter
Feather Icon.png Feather

The requirements, milestone rewards, and Clan Coins rewards stated in this article are that of Clan League 5.

Emerald Wars is a Clan Event in which two participating Clans compete for control of 5 Emerald Mines throughout the event. All mines produce emeralds at a different rate every minute for the controlling clan, and the objective is to collect more Emeralds Icon.png Emeralds than the rival Clan. The Clan that holds the highest number of emeralds at the end of the event is the winner.

Progress Rewards

Milestone Card Pack.png
1 (5 x Card-Segment Dragon Cards Icon.png)
Milestone Card Pack.png
1 (5 x Card-Segment Dragon Cards Icon.png)
Milestone Card Pack.png
2 (5 x Card-Segment Dragon Cards Icon.png)

Victor Reward

Clans must earn a minimum of 400,000 points to be eligible for receiving the grand prize. The winner is awarded a Grand Prize Card Pack containing 3 Dragon Pieces for Clan Dragons.

Explanation of Mechanics


Emerald Wars runs for 4 days. All participating, qualified Clans in the game are split into groups of two, in accordance with the Clan League they are currently in.

Trainer's must fight Battles compete to control (and keep control of) five emerald mines. Controlled mines produce Emeralds Icon.png Emeralds every minute for the controlling clan. The Emeralds earned from this production and Emeralds rewarded from battles is what comprises the Clan's Score. Mines controlled by the Trainer's Clan are shown with a yellow background notification above the mine, whereas those controlled by the opposing Clan have a red background notification above the mine. Each mine has a Battle Score counter, and it is controlled, at any given time, by the clan with the higher Battle Score. Clan members increase the Battle Score by attacking mines and defeating Trainers from the opposing Clan.

Trainers must select the Dragons to take into battle, then choose from three opposing Trainers with different levels of difficulty (as in Arena Battles). If the Trainer is victorious, they will be awarded Battle Points for the mine's Battle Score and a number of Emeralds Icon.png Emeralds for the Clan's Score. The points rewarded increase with difficulty and earning of win streaks. Once enough battles are won to overtake an opponent-controlled mine, the red background notification color above the mine changes to yellow, indicating the Trainer's Clan now controls it.

Attacking a Mine

Emerald Battle Log Icon.png

Each battle costs one Emerald Energy Icon.png Emerald Energy. Similarly to Arena fights, one opponent has to be selected out of an Easy, a Medium, and a Hard rival. Defeating Hard opponents gives a higher Battle Score, but it’s also more challenging. Once the opponent is chosen, the fight begins and the opponent team needs to be defeated to receive the reward for the fight. Opponents can be refreshed for 5 Gems Icon.png Gems.
The Battle Score calculation is based on the following parameters:

  • Opponent difficulty (Easy, Medium, Hard)
  • Enemy Dragons Bonus (defeating opponent dragons with higher levels is more rewarding)
  • Win Streak Bonus

All Battles and the outcomes are available in the Battle Log, accessible via the Emerald Battle Log Icon.png Emerald Battle Log Button.

Battle Energy

See Emerald Energy for detailed information on Emerald Energy.

Revitalization Tokens

Emerald Wars Revitalization Token Icon.png

Revitalization Tokens are a Resource used to fill Emerald Energy Icon.png Emerald Energy for the Emerald Wars Clan Event. These tokens revive resting, battle-tired Dragons to go back into battle immediately, instead of waiting 8 hours. Resting time can also be skipped in exchange for 20 Gems Icon.png Gems.

Each Revitalization Token is equivalent to one Emerald Energy, and is obtainable only by completing Clan Quests. Unlike Arena Energy Icon.png Arena Energy, Revitalization Tokens are not held in Inventory Icon.png inventory, they appear only in the Emerald Wars interface. Unused tokens expire when the Clan Event ends.

Mine Specifications & Restrictions

Emerald Mine.png

Each mine has specifications and restrictions. Mines with lower level restrictions produce less Emeralds and give less battle points, while mines with higher level restrictions produce more. Furthermore, Clan Leagues affect the production level of Emerald Mines and the number of Emeralds rewarded for winning a battle.

The number on top of the mine shows the maximum level allowed for the dragons attacking it.

Mine Clan League Mine Level Production Battle Points
Emerald Wars - Mine 1.png
League 1 Level 10 Emerald Icon.png 8/m Emerald Icon.png 120
League 2 Level 15 Emerald Icon.png 15/m Emerald Icon.png 225
League 3 Level 20 Emerald Icon.png 45/m Emerald Icon.png 675
League 4 Level 25 Emerald Icon.png 60/m Emerald Icon.png 900
League 5 Level 30 Emerald Icon.png 100/m Emerald Icon.png 1,500
Emerald Wars - Mine 2.png
League 1 Level 20 Emerald Icon.png 10/m Emerald Icon.png 150
League 2 Level 25 Emerald Icon.png 20/m Emerald Icon.png 300
League 3 Level 30 Emerald Icon.png 50/m Emerald Icon.png 750
League 4 Level 35 Emerald Icon.png 70/m Emerald Icon.png 1,050
League 5 Level 40 Emerald Icon.png 110/m Emerald Icon.png 1,650
Emerald Mine.png
League 1 Level 30 Emerald Icon.png 15/m Emerald Icon.png 225
League 2 Level 35 Emerald Icon.png 25/m Emerald Icon.png 375
League 3 Level 40 Emerald Icon.png 55/m Emerald Icon.png 825
League 4 Level 45 Emerald Icon.png 80/m Emerald Icon.png 1,200
League 5 Level 50 Emerald Icon.png 120/m Emerald Icon.png 1,800
Emerald Wars - Mine 4.png
League 1 Level 40 Emerald Icon.png 20/m Emerald Icon.png 300
League 2 Level 60 Emerald Icon.png 30/m Emerald Icon.png 450
League 3 Level 80 Emerald Icon.png 70/m Emerald Icon.png 1,050
League 4 Level 80 Emerald Icon.png 100/m Emerald Icon.png 1,500
League 5 Level 80 Emerald Icon.png 150/m Emerald Icon.png 2,250
Emerald Wars - Mine 5.png
League 1 Level 100 Emerald Icon.png 25/m Emerald Icon.png 375
League 2 Level 100 Emerald Icon.png 40/m Emerald Icon.png 600
League 3 Level 100 Emerald Icon.png 80/m Emerald Icon.png 1,200
League 4 Level 100 Emerald Icon.png 110/m Emerald Icon.png 1,650
League 5 Level 100 Emerald Icon.png 180/m Emerald Icon.png 2,700


Points are earned for each match completed, win or lose. If a Trainer loses the battle, they will only receive 5 points in total. If a Trainer wins a match, they will receive a base of 10 points plus any bonus points earned from the battle.

Win Streak

Battle Points.png

Bonus points are added based upon the difficulty of the battle, the level of the opposing Dragons and the Trainer's winning streak. 10 points are given for winning a match.

Win Streak - Bonus points are given for defeating multiple opponents in a row within a given time frame. The bonus points increase with the Win Streak and are added to the Trainer's score. Each time a match is won, a win streak is started or continued. If a match is won in the next 31 minutes, the streak will continue. Consecutive victories, up to the 15 win streak, in addition to the bonus to the battle score from the upcoming victories, earn a reward, which depends on the Clan League.

Win Streak Panel.png

The amount of Food or Gold awarded depends on Trainer Level, the highest Level Modifier amount is displayed.

Win Streak Reward
  • +30%
  • Emerald Wars Revitalization Token Icon.png 5
  • +50%
  • Emerald Wars Revitalization Token Icon.png 6
  • Food Icon.png 7,500
  • +75%
  • Gems Icon.png 1
  • Scrolls Icon.png 2
  • +100%
  • Gems Icon.png 1
  • Dragon Fury Essence Bottles.png 1
  • Gold Icon.png 150,000
  • +150%
  • Emerald Wars Revitalization Token Icon.png 6
  • Scrolls Icon.png 3
  • Food Icon.png 15,000
  • +200%
  • Gems Icon.png 1
  • Food Icon.png 15,000
  • Gold Icon.png 225,000
  • +300%
  • Dragon Fury Essence Bottles.png 2
  • Gems Icon.png 5
  • Scrolls Icon.png 10
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