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Update 6.0

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Release Date[edit source | VE]

  • 1 February 2021 - All Platforms

Noteworthy Changes[edit source | VE]

  • Renewed Interface
The most noticeable change was on the main island screen, with some buttons now having their positions moved or made smaller or larger. A new 'Combat' button got introduced in the bottom-left corner, which leads to an all-new 'Battle Menu' from where one is able to access the Campaign Map, Sigil Campaign, Arena, Bottomless Dungeon and Enchanted League.
  • Sigil Reward Doubler
The reward screen when completing a Sigil Campaign battle got updated to properly clarify the 2x bonus rewards unlocked with an active Reward Doubler.
  • Cake Craze Improvement
A "trash" option was added to any Cake Craze quest that has been completed. This means that if one accidentally completed a quest not wanted while playing DML normally, there still is the option to remove it and only wait for the shorter refresh time.
  • Improved Inventory
A "NEW" filter got added into the Egg Inventory screen. Selecting this will reveal only those Dragons that have been newly acquired and are unique, making it easier to find and hatch the latest dragon collected. Duplicate eggs are not displayed.
  • Leaderboards
A Player's place in any leaderboard can only be checked after the minimum requirements for the event have been met, e.g. 1 Gem for Gem Spending Events or the minimum score of Happy Dragons for a Reward in Arcade Events.

New Features[edit source | VE]

  • Sigil Contest
The Sigil Contest is a leaderboard event that runs throughout the duration of a Sigil Campaign. Winning battles adds points that will contribute to a Trainer's final score, with more points being earned for better performance during a battle. Multipliers based on the difficulty of the battle get awarded, with the harder battles at the end of the Sigil Campaign rewarding the highest multiplier.
The leaderboard remains locked until the final battle of the Sigil Campaign, at which point all other players in the leaderboard, a Trainer's position within the table and which rewards entitled to win based on this get visible.
The faster the map is finished the more bonus points get added to the final score. Any battle within the Sigil Campaign can be repeated, which will add to the total score at the end of the Sigil Contest.
Note: repeating a battle that has already been won with three stars will not earn bonus Sigil Trinkets.
  • Habitat Swapping
Added an option to quickly select the next or last dragon in a habitat. Simply tap the left or the right arrow beside a Dragon while in the Dragon Habitat screen and automatically another Dragon inside the same habitat is displayed.
The Sale Whale is a separate kind of special market that appears in Dragolandia periodically, in place of the regular Whale-Mart.
When completing the win side quest battles and conquer 2 mines quests the next possible battle is indicated on the campaign map screen border now.

New Dragons[edit source | VE]

The number of unique Dragons increased from 768 to 786.

Other Updates[edit source | VE]

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