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Runestone Dragon

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Runestone Dragon.png
Runestone Dragon.png
Runestone Dragon Baby.png
Runestone Dragon Egg.png
The Runestone Dragon's body is covered in mystical symbols said to be used for archaic spells when spoken aloud... Unfortunately, this trainer can't make heads or tails of how to pronounce them.

Rarity Rare
Earth Fire 
Health 208 Health Icon.png
Attack 61 Attack Icon.png
Gold/Hour 310 Gold Icon.png
Experience 520 Experience Icon.png
Selling Cost 4,500 Dragon Selling Icon.png
Base DCP 55 Dragon Collector Points Icon.png

Availability Breeding Token
Method Breeding or Purchasing
Breeding Token Permanent Breeding Token Icon.png
Unlocked Trainer Level 4
Trainer DCP Required 10,000 Dragon Collector Points Icon.png
Cost 999 Gems Icon.png


Breeding Time 10 Hours [1]
Hatching Time 16 Hours
VIP Breeding 8 Hours [1]
VIP Hatching 12 Hours & 48 Minutes
Game Update Update 2.6
  1. 1.0 1.1 This Breeding time is merely representative as this Dragon can only be bred during special events.


The Body Shape of the Runestone Dragon is Stout. It has a gray body that almost consists of rocks. Six triangular stones of varying sizes, with the four largest being etched with royal blue, swirling patterns, float above its head. A blue swirl with five lines beneath it is etched on the nose bridge, while the eyes are royal blue. A long, rectangular rocky formation juts from the side of the jagged lower jaw that looks slightly cracked. On the Runestone Dragon's back sit three flat, stacked stony plates, with the upper one being etched with a blue swirl and line. The lower plates have blue lines painted on their visible side. The craggy underbelly is blue and appears to shimmer, and three plates, including one etched with three lines, sit on each side. The front legs are a stack of three stones, with the upper one being etched with blue runes. The hind legs consist of two stones, with the upper one being the largest and showing a blue vein. Each foot shows three blunt, gray claws. The Dragon's tail consists of three large stones, with the two front ones being triangular and showing veins. The tail tip is a large, faceted block, with a blue swirl and four lines surrounding it, and rests detached from the rest of the tail. A small, round hole can be seen on the side that faces the tail.

Enchantment Materials Requirements

Enchantment Star 1.png Enchantment Star 2.pngEnchantment Star 2.png Enchantment Star 3.pngEnchantment Star 3.pngEnchantment Star 3.png Enchantment Star 4.pngEnchantment Star 4.pngEnchantment Star 4.pngEnchantment Star 4.png Enchantment Star 5.png Enchantment Star 6.pngEnchantment Star 6.png Enchantment Star 7.pngEnchantment Star 7.pngEnchantment Star 7.png Enchantment Star 8.pngEnchantment Star 8.pngEnchantment Star 8.pngEnchantment Star 8.png Enchantment Star 9.png Enchantment Star 10.pngEnchantment Star 10.png Enchantment Star 11.pngEnchantment Star 11.pngEnchantment Star 11.png Enchantment Star 12.pngEnchantment Star 12.pngEnchantment Star 12.pngEnchantment Star 12.png
10 Average Materials - Earth.png 15 Good Materials - Earth.png 18 Excellent Materials - Earth.png 20 Extraordinary Materials - Earth.png 18 Extraordinary Materials - Earth.png 20 Extraordinary Materials - Earth.png 23 Extraordinary Materials - Earth.png 25 Extraordinary Materials - Earth.png 28 Extraordinary Materials - Earth.png 30 Extraordinary Materials - Earth.png 33 Extraordinary Materials - Earth.png 37 Extraordinary Materials - Earth.png
15 Fair Materials - Fire.png 23 Average Materials - Fire.png 23 Good Materials - Fire.png 28 Excellent Materials - Fire.png 28 Excellent Materials - Fire.png 20 Extraordinary Materials - Fire.png 23 Extraordinary Materials - Fire.png 25 Extraordinary Materials - Fire.png 28 Extraordinary Materials - Fire.png 30 Extraordinary Materials - Fire.png 33 Extraordinary Materials - Fire.png 37 Extraordinary Materials - Fire.png


Level Health Attack Gold/Hour
1 208 61 310
10 1,073 316 1,066
20 6,646 1,955 1,906
30 41,146 12,106 2,746
40 254,760 74,959 3,586
50 1,577,410 464,122 4,426
60 9,766,902 2,873,724 5,266
70 60,474,085 17,793,337 6,106
80 374,439,600 110,171,651 6,946
90 2,318,431,310 682,153,827 7,786
100 14,355,115,584 4,223,716,701 8,626
120 550,340,678,122 161,927,161,063 10,306
125 1,369,423,716,184 402,926,593,416 10,726
120Enchantment Star 12.pngEnchantment Star 12.pngEnchantment Star 12.pngEnchantment Star 12.png 43,750,348,798,469 12,872,698,781,088 10,306
125Enchantment Star 12.pngEnchantment Star 12.pngEnchantment Star 12.pngEnchantment Star 12.png 108,864,867,922,210 32,031,393,830,957 10,726


The Runestone Dragon is a Limited-Time Dragon for which a permanent Breeding Token is given only once if a score of 10,000 points is attained on the Dragon Collector Leaderboard. The Breeding Token is activated instantly upon being received, after which the Dragon can be obtained through the breeding of two Dragons having together the Earth and Fire Elements or through purchasing it from the Main Shop in exchange for 999 Gems Icon.png Gems. Both methods require the Trainer to have reached Level 4.

Breeding for this Dragon takes 10 hours while incubating and subsequently hatching the resultant egg takes 16 hours. With an active VIP Status of Level 2 or higher, the breeding time is reduced to 8 hours while the hatching time is reduced to 12 hours and 48 minutes.

No combination is guaranteed to result in this Dragon. Multiple breeding attempts may be necessary to obtain it.

Recommended Combination

Earth Dragon Breeding Button.png Fire Dragon

Campaign Map Encounters

Map Quest Level
Normal 250 67Enchantment Star 7.pngEnchantment Star 7.pngEnchantment Star 7.png
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