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Boss Habitat

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Boss Habitats are Buildings that houses only Boss Dragons Icon.png Boss Dragons. It has a unique appearance themed to Boss Dragons, and it changes as the habitat is upgraded.


The Boss Dragons Icon.png Boss Habitat is obtained in the Main Shop Icon.png Main Shop, by pressing the Construction Icon.png Construction tab, the Habitats subsection filter, and then paying the amount of Gems Icon.png Gems required to purchase it.

Habitat Details

A big home for the BIG bosses.
Level Cost Building Time Experience Reward Trainer Level Needed Dragons Sell Value
Level 1 Gems Icon.png 50 1 minute Experience Icon.png 500 Level 4 1 Gold Icon.png 6,250
Level 2 Gems Icon.png 150 Instant Experience Icon.png 1,500 2 Gold Icon.png 27,000
Total Gems Icon.png 200 1 minute Experience Icon.png 2,000 -

Inside Appearance

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See Habitats for history notes involving habitats.

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