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This page allows wiki staff to track and monitor pages that are flagged for needing updates and changes, all in one place. See also Workflow.

Review Template[edit source | VE]

The {{review}} template can be added to any page that has outdated information or may need changes, to cause that page to appear on this workboard.

|notes=This is a note

On edit completion, remove lines except for |update=x.x (leaving notes is optional).


Workboard[edit source | VE]

The following pages have had the {{review}} template added with |status= set (with exclusions for older pages marked as already {{review}}.

Page Priority Working
Notes Reviewed Against
To-Do-List 3 - Low needs quests list fixed/finished Update 6.2
Whale-Mart The offer examples here are probably outdated and need review. Also, section about Sale While needs finishing Update 6.6
Dragon League 1 - High Battle teams can be stored in 3 slots, selected from pre-battle screen now, needs description for the slots. The "Dragons Knocked Out" heading is empty (need information for). Page also proofing for style, conciseness etc. Update 6.6
Decorations 3 - Low This page will be made automatic eventually when Crys and Lori have spare time (it is low priority) Update 6.4
Primal (Element) 3 - Low element unlocks reverted - needs checking. Update 6.8
SkillProperty 3 - Low Check Primal skills Update 6.6
EventBox Changes needed for Castle event leaderboard addition? For those that finish event early and extra prize? Need sigil campain added: proposed Sigil Campaign content; Need Movie Marathon added, proposed content: {{#lsth:Movie Marathon|}} Update 6.9
Dragonmaster Pass Need to add booster section and upload booster image/icon, once we know the details on that. Check the "Premium Pass Plus" section to see if any clarifications or additions must be made once it released. Update 6.9
Breeding Need to add some blurbs in each relevant section about the new halving of breeding time for (what appears to be Limited-Time Dragon dragons. Can confirm occurs with breeding tokens and DOTM, so likely also occurs with DOTW. Unclear if it also occurs for event dragons that involve breeding, if it doesn't please amend the update note once known. Crys has high-res screenshot of the dialog to add later Update 6.9
DragonBox Need a method/available manual entry option, so text is not incomplete when something is manually entered, so dragon page body text doesn't get messed up. See Cave Dragon for example that needs fixed. Update 5.1
Dragon Dice Events Double-check after a few events that this ancient market info is still correct Update 6.6
Fountain of Youth Need to review this page during a babification festival to determine if any buttons, icons, info dialogues (get screenshots), or descriptions have changed Update 6.9
Clan Siege MVP Bonus Reward section - Check if MVP rankings menu and sections, and tabs still exists (suspect they don't) and rewrite and remove buttons accordingly
Emerald Wars 3 - Low If ever reintroduced, screens, instructions and buttons need to be rechecked Update 6.9
Sugar Rush If ever reintroduced, the buttons and instructions need checking on all clan event pages, as they look possibly out of date Update 6.9
Elements Is it still true that if parent elements are unlocked, that element can't be passed to offspring? And, that they can't be bought for gems until elements are unlocked? Update 6.6
Otto's Lotto Is this part still correct, and if not, please change/remove: "The Lotto offers higher amounts of a particular type of reward on some occasions (usually double). Otto's Lotto may include special items relating to events, such as Divine Tickets, for the duration of the Divine Island or other large events." Update 6.9
Sweepstakes Someone needs to have a look through official FB/Insta/Youtube accounts to update this list Update 6.9
Manual of Style This will need an overhaul at some point and updating Update 6.9
Calendar Events Next calendar event, we need to review this page against its interface options, as the text and buttons here are likely incorrect. Also need to update dialogue images if changed Update 6.9
Babified Dragon Snapshot.png New image needed, supposed to be a codex snapshot but it's missing skills, skill levels, sigils etc., and wrong border color for an uncommon Update 6.9
Uploadtext 4 - Done
Clan Dragon Power Token We need to suggest to GL that they rename this item to be "Clan Fortress Power Token" as this seems to have slipped through the cracks in update 5.0. If/when that happens (and it should because having two different names is nonsensical) then the image and all links to it need to be searched and changed as well as links to this page Update 6.9
Clam We need the VIP points for the other two packs (first and third) and, we need to know if anyone has even seen the first pack anymore--I haven't but I've encountered the first and third... this may be platform specific though? Update 6.9
Dragon Interactions Do we want this page kept? Will anyone maintain? Need to ask the staff y/n and act accordingly Update 6.9
Totem of Friendship Need to recheck the upgrading data Update 6.9

Updated Images Needed[edit source | VE]

The following pages need {{BuildingBox}} applied and text made mercilessly concise:

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